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National Gun Violence Memorial

Privacy Policy

We are a nonprofit organization with a charitable mission. Our goal is to serve the community, and we take your privacy seriously.

Family's rights

We create memorial pages for gun violence victims using information publicly available in new sources. However, we allow family members to remove or edited these pages. In other words, we do not ask for permission from the victim's family before creating a memorial page, but we allow the family to remove or edit a page that was created for their loved one. If you would like your family member's page changed or removed, please contact us and one of our volunteers will assist you.

Personal information

We do not collect, reuse, or distribute any information related to your activity on the website.

Posted content

If you choose to post a comment to a page, you are able to delete that comment by clicking the small red trash can icon next to it. In fact, you can delete a comment left by another visitor to the website if you feel that it is inappropriate.

If you posted a photo the website or if you appear in a photo that someone else posted, you can request that we remove that photo. Please contact us and one of our volunteers will assist you.

Facebook App

The National Gun Violence Memorial has a Facebook "app" simply to allow visitors to our website to share memorial pages on Facebook.

This app does not collect or store any Facebook user data.

The purpose of the Facebook app is to allow you to share memorial pages on Facebook.

You may request deletion of your data by contacting us. We will delete your data within one week.

If you have any questions, please contact us.