Roshad Anthony, age 17

Lost to gun violence on March 8, 2021 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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  • Nickname:
    74 shaddy
    33 Shad
    56 shad or shaddy
  • Number of children:
  • Personality:
    83 Lit up the room with his smile
    44 Straight forward
    41 loving , caring, funny , sweet
    9 Very nice
    24 handsome
    9 goofy
    12 Smile🥰❤️
    10 very goofy 💔
    8 loving person
    8 very very goofy mann🥺💔
    8 smart
    3 intelligent
    3 Unique
    2 In his own lane
    4 Funny
    1 Outgoing
    2 Life of the party
    3 Honest
    3 Confident
    2 Loving
    1 Supportive
    1 very goofy ❤️
    7 amazing person
  • Occupation:
  • Workplace:
  • Schools attended:
    25 john f kennedy high school
    9 akili academy of New Orleans
  • Comments:
    10 Roshad was a loving person
    10 funny
    4 Sweet
    10 loved
    11 A blessing and a gift .
    36 Such a happy person, your smile could light up a room. My spoiled baby, mommy is broken without you.
    17 rip❤️.
    4 roshad was such a good person , I truly miss roshad
    2 shaddy was a out going person he loved being around his famliy and friend
    5 My Handsome Nephew 💔
    6 your smile❤️
    5 my funnny cousin 💔 love you
    5 i miss you shady you was the best bro fr 💔
    6 my baby i love you forever and always nobody could ever replace you
    4 NO better word to describe other than PERFECT
    4 my handsome nephew tee trell miss u an love u baby boy
    2 keep resting peacefully
    2 Forever my brother keep never throught i'll meet somebody like you ,
    1 i love youu gang 🥺💚💚
    1 i miss you💛,you was the big brother i never had💔i love you 4eva your best💛
    5 twin nem🙏🏾💚 watch over me gang
    5 your bright smile 💚
    9 love you more than life 😘 ~ tre'ion .
    8 Prayers from GA
    1 💔I love you forever.
    2 goofy, loving
    2 miss ya shawty
    2 💚
    5 im praying for yall 🥺
    2 i miss you sonn💔
    2 my dawg at them akili days son💚
    8 idk but RIP to u and to his family hope yall get better💔😔
    3 forever missing you love💚
    5 you are missed
    4 so funny and the coolest dude ever
    2 rest in peace💯🙏🏽
    1 RIP
    3 sweetest person ever. miss snd love you💕
    3 The best friend , uncle , brother , son , nephew , cousin , or boyfriend anybody could ask for ❤️🕊
    8 The perfect son, I love you Roshad Maurice. Forever broken 😞
    5 🕯🕯🕯
    1 nephew we love u .. tee trell missing her handsome face
    2 🕊💔 You will always live through us!
    2 I miss you dawg
    2 was so handsome 💔.
    4 may god rest your soul so sorry this happened💔
    1 Your cuz Shyne miss you💔
    1 Amazing , you ARE loved and ALWAYS will be
    3 Unique
    1 city full of hate lost for dont't know what to say we gone make em pay rest shad
    1 a fun person , always laughing when he was around never a dull moment 💔
    1 I love you 💔🕊
    2 You are loved
    3 We love you
    2 We miss you
    4 Praying for everyone who knows you
    1 To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.
    1 You deserve eternal peace. Blessing you have been. I❤️U 🕊
    3 Thank you God for allowing us to have him even if it was cut short.
    2 Praying for your Mother , Father , Brother , and Aunts
    4 The absolute best nothing less . I love you .
    1 Perfect best we could have ever asked of you.
    1 Our Angel , we wasn’t ready but your wings were.
    1 Heaven couldnt wait
    3 Your getting shown so much love , the city loves you
    2 Damn I miss you !!
    2 I love you until my heart stops , I miss you Roshad
    1 Always with me , I love for all eternity Teeky Teeky 💔
    5 To know Roshad was to love Roshad
    1 I love you . I promise to light one EVERYDAY
    2 Always my Chop😉, “really mother” . I miss you so much, it hurts sooo bad.
    2 miss you shad
    2 I’m sorry baby
    1 rest shad miss you
    1 you will be miss
    1 💔😔🕊😇
    1 good morning i love you keep resting
    3 get your rest✝️🤞🏾
    3 Missing you more as day go by. Love you handsome 🕊😔
    1 Miss you more as each day go by. Forever Shad , your family love you
    1 They’ll never understand our family love. Teeky Teeky love u
    1 i miss you so much i wish people knew
    2 love you lil cuz
    2 💔😥
    3 My love, my angel. Mommy love you forever😢
    2 Still lost for words . Missing you
    2 I love you shaddy, gone too soon😢💔
    3 My heartche daily for his parents
    1 i love you i wish i couldve helped
    1 this really hurts
    3 lets play the game shaddy
    4 My baby, I miss you every second. This family is broken without you. 💔
    1 i love you so forever, shad. thank you for being that light when i was surrounded by darkness.
    1 i miss you more than words could ever explain. please roshad. i love you so much.
    1 The unbearable pain , I love you.
    1 It’s been hard. You will live forever in my ❤️
    1 I love you Shaddy !
    3 I need you, I’m so lost. Love you more than life💔💔💔
    1 I miss you.
    1 Baby💔
    3 My beautiful man, I miss you with every breath. My angel.
    4 I always knew you were to good for this world. My perfect baby.
    2 Miss you everyday!
    1 Everyday I wait to see you again.
    1 it gets harder and harder every single day. i can’t do this without you -k
    1 Thinking about you , We all miss you so much !! 💔
    1 I love you so much, see you soon. I promise.
    2 good night shad, love you.
    3 Cashapp, car keys , handsome and beautiful how I miss those words. 💔
    4 What I wouldn’t give to hear you call me “mother” again.
    1 I just cant believe you're not here.
    1 Unbelievable
    1 I miss you baby
    1 i rember the geroge town days 😔 miss you lots ❤️❤️
    1 you was a pretty boy 🥺💙
    2 my friend , i miss you
    1 I love you more than anything.
    1 The best thing that ever happened to me, Forever thankful for you, and your love.
    1 My heart is forever broken.
    1 💔dat hurt my heart💔
    3 Simply impossible to forget. We may not see you but you are here ❤️
    3 rip
    1 Unforgettable!!!! We miss you Shad💔💔
    2 🥺💔
    2 I miss you la bro💔💚
    1 i miss you so much 😭
    1 your whole life ahead. rest in heaven
    2 miss you.
    1 So many smile you put on my face
    1 we love u buddy and miss you rest in heaven 🙏
    2 What I'd do just to hear your laugh and see your smile again. i love you until the end of time🤞🏽
    2 This is getting harder and harder each day. Hurts so bad😢
    2 You already know , no one compares to you. You topped everyone and became an Angel!
    2 A piece of me died with you.
    2 rest up soldier
    1 gone too soon💔
    1 ❤️
    2 tears won't stop, i miss u!!!!
    1 I miss you , it hit different everyday
    2 There is only one thought that eases my pain. It's knowing that one day We'll meet again.
    1 Hey shaddy💚you graduated today babyboyyy you did it! I love you 4L
    1 Congrats on Graduation Baby🥳👨🏽‍🎓🎓
    1 get your rest shad🥺.
    1 I hope youre watching over your family
    2 You're my angel. Come and save me.
    2 Still not able to say goodbye!
    2 I will never understand why you 💔
    1 so sad 🥺🥺🥺
    4 Pure torture, I’m physically hurting without you. I need you, I love and miss you. 💔💔
    3 It seems so unreal , I’m just waiting on the day to hear your voice again!
    2 I miss you my beautiful man💔💔🌹🌹
    2 I can’t ever let you go. 🤞🏽
    2 Unforgettable, I think of you everyday, all day. 💔💔
    3 Please know how proud I am of you. As close to perfect as one can get.
    1 👨‍🎓 I see you, rest angel.
    3 Why Shad?? Damn , it’s not the same without u
    1 I love you.
    4 Can’t do this much longer. I’m loosing it, need to touch you.
    4 I wish I could've saved you.
    2 rip ❤️🙏
    5 I need you here with me.
    1 we all miss you so much , this is a nver ending pain
    2 So handsome 🌹🌹
    2 My heart is in pieces. I can’t believe I lost you. I promise I’ll never let you go. 🤞🏽
    1 I miss you sooo much. That silly laugh, smile, everything. This is a nightmare💔
    2 I miss you so much. 😢
    2 It feels like it’s getting harder without you
    1 Oh my lord. I need you by my side.
    4 There ain't nobody better.
    1 until then i love 🕊
    1 You're all I had.
    3 I feel like I failed you. I don’t know how to live with that.
    4 I love you today and always
    2 I'll see you in a better place
    2 There’s no denying you are loved. No comparison
    2 You're your moms angel now.
    4 He's always been my angel. Since birth he was different, special kind of love.
    1 No one could stary mad at you, spouled brat. We love you sooo much💔💔
    1 😢😢
    3 I know you are at peace, I just don’t know how to make peace with it.
    1 See you soon baby
    1 I’ll never get over this
    1 You were the best part of me, I’ll be missing you until I see you again
    2 My love for you is endless. I hope you knew this.
    1 i’ll be here all the way
    4 doing whatever i have to, to keep your name alive.
    1 It’s so hard
    1 What words can't say, my heart will😔
    1 Constantly on my mind. Us forever😔
    2 I hate to admit it out loud that you’re gone.
    2 Its getting worse by the day.
    2 One of a kind. I miss you. Return if possible.
    2 I promise you have my love forever <3
    1 So close to gving up.
    2 You taught me to love myself , love you always !
    3 Watch over your mother
    3 And Father please.
    2 This can’t be the new normal. Missing you
    2 Unforgettable💔💔💔
    2 Life would be so much better with you here.
    3 im sorry this happened to you.
    1 Can't love anyone else as much as I love you.
    2 Truly the best.
    2 You were my sunshine, someone took my sunshine away and for that they must pay. 💔
    4 They will pay, an innocent life taken by jealous souls. You were an angel on earth💔
    2 i dream about you often and it gets me through some tough days keep coming to me i need them shad
    1 I miss seeing your face. You always kept a smile on your face.
    2 Missing you more and more. One last conversation could probably ease my weary heart.😔
    1 it seem wrong to move forward without you.
    2 Truly still hard to believe you're gone but we keep your memory alive everyday.
    2 You're my baby.
    3 I didn’t know I could hurt this bad. You were my life, my pride and joy. I miss you sooo much
    2 Dear God , I ask that you give all is strength and peace
    1 As we go through life trying to move on without Roshad .
    1 Never felt hurt as deep as this before
    2 I’ve been praying for peace for 3 months. It’s not getting better
    2 I’ll have so much to talk about the next time I see you , until then ❤️
    1 It’s not getting easier, I miss you so much. Love you my handsome nephew
    1 Don't know how much longer I can take this.
    4 Can’t wait to see you again. Forever Shaddy
    2 When I promised to never let you go, I meant it. Always
    1 Everyone will know your name I promise you.
    2 My angel, heaven couldn’t wait for you.
    4 Just one more kiss, can’t wait to see you again.
    3 Sorry for your loss 😤
    1 Always on my mind. Cant wait to see you again☺️
    5 I dream of you everynight. Hopefully I won't wake up this time.
    3 Those who took away his physical life forgot about his spiritual one.
    4 You should be here they shouldnt 💔🕯
    2 We all miss you.
    2 We think about you everyday, Shad. I promise we'll never forget you💔
    1 You were amazing. And will forever love through all of us! Love you!
    2 Rest easy you beautiful soul. ❤
    3 We didn’t have enough time. I miss you💔
    3 You are missed every second of every day.
    1 Swear that I can still feel you here.
    2 Some days are harder then others but I love you forever
    1 I miss you so much roshad💔
    1 Sooo much to say, but I don’t even know where to start. Im sorry. 😕

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