Kwann Henderson, age 20

Lost to gun violence on February 1, 2021 in Chester, Pennsylvania.

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  • Nickname:
    4 I miss you so much, your smile,your spirit. We truly miss you Kwann.😔😔🙄
    4 I miss you so much, I thanked God for you from the day you were born and still do thank Him
    3 My name on your arm forever, you in my heart forever, love you son
    1 Sorry lil brother been busy lately I haven't talked to you in awhile
    1 Haven't been to your grave yet, but I'll be there soon.
    1 ... just gotta be strong enough to go.
    1 Every time I think about you it takes my breath away.Love you
    1 I told you, it would be a FcKd up world 🌎 without you bro. Then you left ?
    1 Hey Kwann really woke up & forgot you weren't here, wanted to call you lil brother.
    1 Yo bro , missing you hard. ❤️💔💯
  • Number of children:
  • Personality:
    7 Cool guy
    7 Laid back,loyal and dependable
    6 Heart of gold 🧡
    4 Loyal ambition GO GETTA💪🏽
    2 Quiet
    3 Brave and always have your back. 💯❤
    2 Curious to explore the world.
  • Occupation:
  • Workplace:
    7 Amazon
    6 walmart
    2 doordash
    1 uber eats
    1 Acme
  • Schools attended:
  • Comments:
    6 He loved his family, and loyal he was.
    4 Miss you lil bro 💯😢💔
    5 Kwann, you really broke my heart lil bro 💔 love you always
    6 I miss your silly laugh bro 😔
    4 I wish you stayed playing Basketball 🏀
    4 Come home Kwann 😥💔❤
    5 Lil bro, please watch over us.
    4 I've gained an amazing angel called, Kwann. Miss you bro 😪
    4 You had BIG dreams!! I promise that they'll come true my guardian! ❤
    4 Check your inbox, always proud of you lil bro 💯 💪
    4 Hey lil bro, fly high baby boy ❤💔🥀🕊
    4 It's been 48 days bro 💔
    2 50 days, my love, my heart, my brother. 💔❤ missing your physical 😢 baby boy.
    2 I love you bro not a day goes by where u don’t cross my mind💔 I wish we had more time🤦🏽‍♂️
    1 Just checking up on you lil bro 😇
    1 Best dressed, Yes !!
    1 Mom is stronger than ever bro !! I miss how much you loved Mom.
    1 Lil bro, why did you do this to us?
    1 You are still here in our hearts ❤❤❤
    1 What's up bro? Your mail keep's coming,but your not here to pick it up 😇😔💔
    1 I was so proud of you, when you started working @ Amazon!
    1 Remember when I dropped you off @ work on my "MOTORCYCLE"!!
    1 Hey Kwann. I miss you 😘 baby brother.
    1 yo, yo, yo bro.
    1 My bad bro. I didn't check here yesterday, but I thought about you the entire day.
    1 I stepped my dress game up a lil bit 💯 lol thinking about what you told mom.😇
    1 Sorry that I couldn't shield you from the evils of this world lil bro 😔 😇❤💔
    1 Hey bro I'm still working on my store, and thanks again for passing out my cards 🙂😇
    1 Bro, I'm not paying all your parking tickets!! smh💔😔😿👊🏼
    1 Long live my little brother 😇 Kwann C.J. Henderson.
    1 Got a new 🐶, bro. Well it's my gf's.I'm already attached 2 the pup lol 😆
    1 I talk to you everyday bro.
    2 I wish you had a chance to have children 😞.You would've been a great dad !!
    1 Why did you leave me like this, Kwann ?? I love you and miss you forever. ❤
    1 Forever 20 smh. Missing you everyday.
    2 Guess it really doesn't gets much easier.
    1 Love you bro.We're on vacation, trying to pick up the pieces.💔❤💯
    1 I still hear your goofy/silly irritating laugh 🤣, now I miss it "imagine that".
    1 Sad part is, you would've found a weird way to become cool with ...
    1 There's not a day that goes by, that I don't think of you, "lil bro".I Love you ❤
    1 Don't think that I actually accepted the fact that you're gone.💔
    1 I was so proud of you when you got your license bro lol
    1 I met a community leader, might get some cleaning work done in the hood bro.
    1 On my mind heavy ,lil bro. 😥
    1 You wasn't supposed to actually die before me.💔❣💯💯💯💯
    1 This new life without you, got me cleaning puppy 🐶 💩 💩 poop smh
    1 Long live Kwann Curell Henderson 😇
    1 I see they corrected your age on here.1 love lil bro until"Forever".
    1 Haven't been here for a couple days, but I'm here lil Bro 💯
    1 Way 2 soon, bro.I love you.
    1 Like yesterday.
    1 Not a moment that goes bye 🤧😪😔💔❤😏😌😴⛽💨🥳😇😭
    2 Congratulations on your High school diploma bro. Mom picked it up today. I'm so proud of you 👏
    1 Yeah boi, you did it Kwann 👏 🙌 💪 congrats on your high school diploma. No Ged.💪🏾
    1 was up, bro 😎
    1 love ya, bro 4eva
    1 Just wish I could have spent my older years with you.
    1 Yo bro 2:48 am thinking about you ♥ missing your irritating,silly laugh 😇💔
    1 Good night brother, 😴 love you.
    1 Bro's forever ♥❤ 🤘🏽💪🏾💪🏾
    1 Missing your face lil bro 😪 💔 but I'm keeping it tight.
    1 Just found some younger pictures of you, when I took you skating.
    1 Hey bro. Your 21st birthday is coming up!!😇
    1 I wish I would have hugged you one last time,bro.😪😔❤💔
    1 Life is short bro.We have to keep pushing 💪💯❤
    1 (Feb 1.?,M?,A?,M?June?) months bro 🤢💔😪🤯💬😇I Love you, king.
    1 👏 Kwann your graduation 🎓 is today!!
    1 Congratulations lil bro 💯 💪 you did it.
    2 Congratulations baby boy i love you soo much I’m so proud of you i really wish you was here 🥺💔
    2 I love you Kwann, congratulations baby 🎓😘 T.M.H.
    1 So proud of you baby bro.❤💯😇
    1 💪🏾💯💯💯 Cap, and gown bro lol !!! Way too go.
    1 Sorry you couldn't be here to enjoy the fruits of your labor 😇❣love you.
    1 Hey lil bro. ❤
    1 What's up Kwann. Good night bro.
    1 What up, Kwann. love you bro 💔❤
    1 Love you bro ❤
    1 Never forgotten ❤ 💔
    1 Haven't talked to you lately, but miss you heavy lil bro 💯
    1 Long live Kwann. love you too the moon and back lil bro.
    1 Missing you hard 😔
    1 yo yo yo, back bro ,what up!!😇
    1 good night, lil bro 😴
    2 Missing you.
    1 Here every night 🌙 like o.c.d, love you, bro.
    1 I just wanted you to atleast turn 21,bro.
    1 💔🖤🤎😇 love ya.
    1 My art thing is going well bro. Thanks for always supporting, lil bro💪🏾❤🖤
    1 You was always in the wind bro,this is the only place, I can talk to you every day 😇❤💔❤💪🏾
    1 good night
    1 what's up!
    1 good morning, bro.
    1 every night I see your face
    1 Wish you were here to explore the globe 🌎 like you wanted bro💔 ❤😇❤
    1 what up bro,I've been busy the past couple days,here now. GN 💤 ❤
    1 What up boi , love you too always baby brother ❤
    1 Always thinking of you bro ❤ ♥
    1 I'm starting to realize that you're not coming home 💔
    1 Miss you til the end. Long live Kwann
    1 My mind can't comprehend, that I would never see you again.💔❤
    1 I watched the game !! Eagles lost lol
    1 What up ,Broski. Love you.
    1 It's One day at a time 🙏
    1 Bro bro
    1 Wish me luck bro,Trying to get my life in order.
    1 It's tough bro. I think of you all of the time.
    1 Hard to forget that irritating laugh. Said it before but I would trade a lot to hear you again.
    1 I text you, when I need someone to talk to.
    1 If a God can make someone return, why not you?????? I love you Lil bro
    1 Hey brother.Wish you could hear the bs music coming out smh
    1 Watch over us lil bro/angel.
    1 It gets harder. Love you 😇
    1 Here. Chilling with the family, Kwann.
    1 Yizzoh,,, bro !!
    1 I miss you so much baby bro.
    2 I'll have that 21 year old drink with you.
    1 Can't talk to you the way I want,but atleast I can say hi.
    1 Hey lil bro 😇❤💔
    1 I think of you every day and almost every other minute bro.
    1 Hey lil bro ya 21st b-day is going to be hard. 😇💔
    1 So many young faces here.Wtf is going on ?!
    1 Wish you were here to celebrate your b-day tomorrow😭💔😢
    1 Can't believe that you missed your 21st birthday bro😭😢💔
    1 This stupid ish just gets harder.
    1 No such thing as justice if you're not here.
    1 I would wish you a happy birthday bro, but it's not.❤💔😇
    1 I thought you'd be here 4 ya b-day, now mine don't feel the same.
    1 It's crazy out here bro,just sickening. Miss you heavy 😢
    1 Love you bro
    1 It's hard 😪 😔
    1 You always on my mind lil bro. ❤
    1 This would not have happened if we moved to a better environment. 💔
    1 The ghetto mentality makes me sick 😷
    1 I wish blm, to bp.
    1 I just don't understand. 💔❤
    1 What up bro, trying to get ready for the holidays.
    1 Mom doesn't celebrate anything anymore. I know she's missing you.
    1 Today was really tough. I don't know why today.❤💔💔
    1 I really confused. How could this stupid sh$t happen to you.
    1 Bro I would trade mine for yours in a heart beat. 😑💯💯💯🤧😌❤
    1 Love you bro, haven't really been here in awhile.
    1 Long live K.C.H
    1 Kwann I miss you so much bro. This dumb culture is the blame 😇😔😪💔
    1 I don't wish this "pain" on anyone bro. like wtf
    1 I hear your voice everyday ,and night. I know that you're with here in some way.
    1 I hear your voice everyday and night. I know that you're here with us in some way.
    1 I love you baby bro. Wish I could have been by your side when you were taken from us.
    1 You weren't like these dckheads. I don't understand.
    1 1 luv always lil bro
    1 Still can't believe how stupid it is that you're not here.
    1 wtf gotta learn how to not have you alive in our future.
    1 Life is sooo weird now, but definitely short.
    1 Love your big brother.🫀🫀💔
    1 Close 2 a new yr,
    1 love you little brother
    1 I was always in your ear. I just wanted you to live.
    1 Kwann you had a lot 2 offer the world.miss you
    1 I wish I could wish you a Happy New year.
    1 love you bro.💔
    1 Hey bro, love you.
    1 Big hugs lil brother, love you
    1 hey Lil bro just checking in. 1 love
    1 Hey bro trying to get this biz off the ground. Wish you could be apart of it.
    1 I come here just to sleep at night.
    1 Miss you brother. I love you GN
    1 Can't believe today mark's 1 year ❤️💔😇😢
    1 Yo bro sorry I haven't been talking to you lately.Always on my mind.
    1 Hey Lil bro.Love you 😇💪🏽❤️ always.
    1 You mattered, and not just another number.❤️💔
    1 Missing you still always take my breath away 💔
    1 What's up little brother. I love you with all my heart ❤️
    1 ...but you know that already.

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