Chaz Zayvion Ross, age 14

Lost to gun violence on December 29, 2020 in McComb, Mississippi.

He passed away four days after the shooting, on January 2, 2021.

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    3 Rest In Love & Happy Heavenly Birthday Chaz
    1 Happy Birthday Chaz May you rest in perfect peace ❤️
  • Number of children:
  • Personality:
    9 Cool, respectful, and he was a REAL one. with a amazing soul! #FOREVERCHAZ💚
  • Occupation:
  • Workplace:
  • Schools attended:
    7 Mccomb high school
  • Comments:
    12 He came from good people he will be missed but never forgotten
    6 Love you from day 1 and will always love you. until we meet again💚💙
    9 The sweetest baby with the swetest little voice. I love you Chaz 💙💚
    6 iloveyouuu bay !! 4l💚💚💚💚
    4 12\29\2020 will never forget 💙💙
    4 i miss you chaz💚💚 .
    3 Forever loved it an understatement!
    3 I love you really wish I could talk to you to make sure you safe 💚💚
    3 I met this baby through my cousin, such a sweet spirit
    3 Loved Chaz, the first and only time we met! the most living young man.firever in my heart💙💚
    3 he was a very sweet person and loved his family and friends I love you cousin 😭💚💙🕊
    5 Today makes a month and my heart is heavier. Lord knows I miss you 💚 I lovw you Chaz -Panada💚
    11 this is my son! lord knows i miss u baby! today makes a month
    3 Chaz has a Very Large Family!! We all Love him Very Much!! LLCHAZ 💚💙💚💙
    5 Had to come light your candle before I went to bed I love you 💚
    2 so sad this happened to you chazzy! love you forever💚
    4 Baee i miss u so much 🥺💔i jss wanna tlk to u again i miss u stinkk 𝐢𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐲𝐨𝐮 🥺💚
    2 praying for chaz and his loving mom the most 💚💙
    4 Praying for u Chauncii❤️
    1 i miss you chaz 💚😭 watch over us baay - love ur laay 3️⃣🥺💚💚💚💚
    4 Happy Valentines Day Chaz 😘
    3 I love you Chaz. Im always thinking of you.💚💚💚💙rest up Superhero
    4 i miss you so much big head😪. today makes 2 months .. i love you sweet boy💚👼🏽
    2 had to come light you a candle this morning baaybaay your cousin love you forever 😭💚💙🕊
    3 Not a day goes by where i dont think about you. Miss you Chaz -Ms. Jessica
    3 My Chaztopher was always very loving. Auntee Cali
    3 I didnt know him like i should have but he was still my great nephew an my heart hurts for my niece.
    2 thinking of you Chaz, always will love you for being the most kindest young man💚💙
    2 thinking about uu 😭 I LOVE YOU FOREVER COUSIN 💚💙 -laaay
    1 still praying for u chaunci
    9 i miss my baby! mama loves u forever 🥺
    2 Wish you were here to feel all this love cousin!💙💚
    2 It’s not a day goes by I don’t think about you. I miss you soooo much Chaz. 💚💚💚💙
    2 Thinking about you this morning Chaz, praying for your Mother 🙏💚💙
    1 Chaz on my mind early this morning! strength God is needed 💚💙🙏
    1 Lord, I miss u everyday. i miss u dropping in to check on me and aleays expressing live
    1 💙💚💙💚you are so missed
    1 just stopping by to light u a candle baay baay I love and miss u 😭💚💙 - your cousin laay
    3 rest in love
    1 Thinking about uu 😭💚💚 I wish we could have one more late night phone call LongLiveChaz 💚 - laay
    1 I just want my baby back I need you chaz!
    1 I just want my baby to lay with me calling me ma 💔
    1 Had to come light u a candle 🕯 baaybaay you on my mind heavy rn 😭💚💙
    1 gm chaz💕. i be here every morning for you lighting a candle . i miss you
    1 Thinking of you today Chaz, praying dor your Mother
    3 Mommy loves you Chaz Zayvion 😔
    1 missing u baaybaay 😭💔
    1 Dor you I light a candle, for us I pray dor strength 💔💙💚
    2 I miss you beyond words, another month without you. It hurts like no other 💚💙💙💙
    1 lord knows i miss u chaz😫💔
    1 Came to light u a candle on Easter I love u baaybaay🥺💚💚 -laay
    4 Happy Easter my baby mommy loves u so much missing you more 😞😞
    1 Just thinking about u baaybaay your cousin love you forever 😭💚💙 - laay
    1 My baby
    1 im so mad you gone😢
    1 came to light you a candle before i went to bed 😭💚💙 LongLiveMyBaayBaay
    2 Can’t sleep I miss my baby
    2 Came to Light You A Candle Young King! We Miss You Chaz💚💙
    1 i love you chaz and i miss you soo much
    1 missing you💚..
    3 I’m here everyday I miss you more more ily 💚
    3 They will never understand my hurt💙💚❤️
    1 I’m so lost atp! Time is making it worse 😞
    1 missing you baaybaay🥺💚💙
    1 💚💙
    2 120 days time don’t really heal or help that you just not comin back
    1 I’m miss you so so so much Chaz I love u
    1 imiss you so much man . 💔
    2 I miss u baaybaay 🥺💚
    2 It’s Mother’s Day and I’m in my feelings! U made me a mommy I miss my baby man 💔
    1 I Love uu Chaz FOREVER 💚🤞🏾 - laay
    1 I really wish I could switch places with you. 💚💚💚
    1 gkt im here everyday . i love you forever❤️
    1 🥺💚!! Heey baebae
    1 My baaybaay FOREVER 💚🤞🏾
    1 Played your song today Slime Mentality and I couldn’t do nothing but shed a tear 💚💚💚
    3 It’s mommy love u forever Chaz!
    1 Had to come light uu a candle baay 😭💚 iloveyouu FOREVER - laay
    1 ❤️hey bay . we miss you so much down here !
    1 Before I go to bed I had to light one for you 💚 iloveyouu baaybaay
    1 Love and miss you soo much 💚💚💚
    5 It’s your mom I’m tryna be strong but I miss my baby 💔
    1 ii miss uu baaybaay 🥺💚 ii will forever lovee you -laay
    1 I was late today but I’m here. Love you 💚💚💚
    3 Rest In Peace, nephew Chaz
    4 I love you 💚💚💚 not a day goes by I don’t think about you
    2 waddup li one💚. i miss you so much istg ! can’t wait to see you again my boy❤️
    1 know hour still loved💙💙💚💚 nothing changed!
    1 ii love and miss uu baaybaay 🥺💚💚
    4 Miss you 😘 your baby birthday today 💚💚 we love you 😘
    1 ii miss u so much baaybaay 🥺💚💚
    1 I’m missing you 🥺💔
    1 Goodmorning baaybaay 🥺💚💚
    1 im back again goodmorning baaybaay 💚🥺🥺
    3 RIL
    1 rest in peace baby boy💙😘
    1 Love you baby boy LongLiveZay -Cody$kully💙💚
    1 LLCHAZ miss u
    1 rest baby💚
    2 🙏🏽🙏🏽💚💚
    1 💙💚🙏🏽
    1 very much missed rest easy my baby 💚🤞🏾
    1 i missss you my baby . 💞🥺
    1 Nephew we have a birthday coming up. ❤️❤️😇😇😇😘
    1 sleep peacefully babyboy you didn't deserve what happened to you
    1 Mommy misses u soo much!! 💚💙🦍
    2 your birthday otw bbyboy🥳. BIG15💚
    1 🥺🥺🥺🥺
    1 I’m so angry that your birthday coming and you not here to celebrate. This one hurt so much 💚💚💚💔
    1 I miss you❤️💖
    1 We miss you long love you 💚💚💔
    1 I Love You
    1 gkt I’m turning up for our birthday baaybaay 🥺💚💚
    1 I miss you my guy coach mooky
    1 💚💙LLC💚💙 rest easy nep 💚💙
    1 miss u my boy fly high 💙💚
    1 I miss you big cuz
    1 I miss you big cuz 💔 yk li teejaay got you 3L 💚 !!!!!!!!!!!
    1 I miss u bestfriend rest easy 💚😭
    1 Chaz was my Great Nephew and I Love him!! 💚💙💚💙
    2 A hour until your birthday my baby!!
    2 Happy Heavenly Birthday my baby!! Maw maw misses you so much. 💚💚💚🕊🕊
    1 Happy Heavenly Birthday baay baay 🥺💚
    1 happy birthday li slimeee💕💚 love you !! -ari
    1 happy birthday chaz💝❤️, I Love You- hailey
    1 Happy Heavenly Birthday baby boy 🎊🎉🥳🙏🏽💙💚
    2 God I just want my baby back 😞💔
    1 i love you so much baby boy❤️.
    1 ii love you so much baay baay 🥺💚💚
    3 Some days are better but some days it hit me you really gone and never coming back 💔💚💚
    2 ii miss u so much baay baay 🥺😭 wish we could talk one more time
    1 ii love you Forever baay baay 🥺😭💚💚
    1 It’s mommy I miss u 🥺💚
    1 🥺💚
    1 Miss you sooo much ,another day that I’m so angry
    1 ii love and miss you baaybaay🥺💚
    3 love you Chauncey🥰
    1 missing you baaybaay 😭💔💔
    1 💚 I love you forever baay baay 😭
    1 Love you so much 💚💚💚
    2 It’s mom!! I miss you chaz! 😞
    1 longliveSliméé 💚 I miss you baaybaay
    1 Miss you baby boy , love you soooo much 💚💚💕
    1 rest up lit guy LLC
    1 cool kid and very respectful i enjoyed the converstion
    1 will always love ya chaz!!
    1 💚💚💚💚 the pain i feel for you is way more than stress
    1 Missing you and our conversations @ 3 in the morning 😭💚 long live my baaybaay
    1 love you lil guy
    1 R.I.L.
    1 LongLivebaaybaay💚
    2 It’s mommy! I miss u and love you! If my love was enough to save u then you’d be here
    1 Chaz you were so amazing to me we all miss you dearly I love you💙
    2 I hate it here!! I never imagined having a child to lose him In such a senseless matter
    1 I miss you baaybaay 😭💚
    1 Merry Christmas still feel unreal miss you so much man my last hug 2020
    1 1year without you I miss you baybay 🥺💔
    2 Forever is a long time, that's how long I'll love YOU💚💙
    1 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿
    1 i love n miss you Zay gone forever have a place in my hear 💚
    1 ii love yhuuu bayye it’s forever LONGLIVECHAZ 🥺🥺💔💔💚💙
    2 It's been a ling hard year without my Chaztopher ❤️💔💙💚
    1 We have to stop doing this to each other but especially the youth
    1 Miss you so much Chaz💖❤️❤️I Love You Forever
    3 hey law iiloveyou keep getting your rest - jerrica 🕊💔
    3 Oh Chaz, your Auntee Cali misses u so much 💔🙌🏽💙💚
    1 LLZ 🕊💚🤞 missing u dearly it's finna be a year I can't believe it 😭
    1 Maw maw misses you sooooo much. I love you Chaz ❤️❤️
    1 love you Chaz missing you so much, i hope you somewhere watching over us 💚💚💚
    1 RIL Chaztopher. U will forver be in my heart and mind
    1 365 days . 😢😢
    1 Miss you so much, I LOVE YOU SM💚💚❤️
    1 💚💙 rest easy nep
    1 Words cannot say how much I miss you if only you would listen to me
    1 Love you and miss you sooo much Chaz 💚💙💚💚
    1 Hey my baby this is chaz 💚💙🦍
    2 You
    1 Sending prayers and my deepest condolences prayers that Justice is served
    5 I saw your mom TickTock🥰♥️ May your soul continue to Rest In Peace 🙏🏾
    2 I miss u so much my Chaztoper. ❤️💔💙💚
    1 LLCHAZ
    1 I honestly still can't believe this.
    1 💚💚💚
    1 I miss you baaybaay 🥺💚💚
    3 I’m coming here everyday to light your candle my baby. I 💚 u and miss you sooo much
    1 I miss you so much stinka I swea💔💚💚-doll
    3 It’s mommy love u my baby 😔
    1 Sha**
    2 I miss you soo much bby 🥺💚💚
    3 Love you and miss you baby boy 💚💚💙 -Panada
    3 Im just dropping in to light a candle for u, My Chaztopher ❤️❤️
    4 It’s mama 🥺🥺
    2 💙💚Missing you 😔 😢 -Yata
    4 It’s mama chaz! I miss u and love u sooo much! I’m trying I promise 😞💔
    2 💚💚💚💚💙 just one of them days 🥺 I really wish things would’ve been a different outcome😢
    7 Today you got Justice. Maw maw loves u 💚🕊
    2 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚
    4 Love you so much Chaz💚💚💚glad you finally got justice
    2 get your rest nephew 🤎❤️
    2 💚💚💚🙏🏼
    3 Just know its a slime kinda day! You got your justice cuzzo💚💚💚🕊
    2 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚
    4 Today you got your justice ik your mama feel so much better even tho you gone 🙏🏽💚
    4 love ya chaz truly missed 💚💚🙏🏿..LadyMunch
    4 Miss yu n****.❤️💚❤️
    4 birthday otw . big 16💙💙💙
    4 Happy Heavenly Sweet 16 Birthday Chaz‼️😎💙🥳🎂✨God Bless Your Family🙏🏾🙏🏾#LLCHAZFOREVER💙💚🕊🦍
    5 Happy birthday to my firstborn! Sweet 16! I love you so much Chaz! Mama misses you 😞💔
    3 Happy Heavenly Birthday Chaz 🕊💙
    3 Happy Heavenly 16th Birthday BayBay 💚💙🕊
    2 Happy Heavenly 16th Birthday!
    2 Sending Love & Prayers to the Family. De'Andre Cortez Johns' mom
    2 Sleep in peace
    2 8207 Sending Love, De'Andre's Mom
    2 8241 With Love, De'Andre's mom
    2 Rest in heavenly peace 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
    2 💚💚💙
    2 Hey baby it’s mommy! I had to light a candle! Miss u so much it’s hard on me 😔
    2 Every day I’m coming to light your candle. You will never be forgotten 💚 -yata
    3 Miss you so much 🥺💚
    1 12/10/22, miss you so much Chaz💚💚☹️
    1 Wish u was here for baby I hate this time of year! Love u mamas baby! 😔💔
    3 2 years later, It hasn't gotten any easier. I love you handsome😔💚🫶🏾
    2 #LLCHAZ Lord Just Give His Mom Peace And strength that she needs🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
    1 Chaztopher, your MawMaw Auntee Cali luvs and misses u so much. ❤️💙💚
    1 Mom here!! 💚💙🦍🥺
    1 Just one of them days I can’t stop the water from flowing 😔💔💚 I miss you boy -Yata
    2 Hey baby it’s mama and I miss u so much. It’s really hard on me right now! If only …😞
    1 Heyy baby its doll imy so muchh iloveuu forever 💚💙
    1 Happy Birthday my baby 🥳 i miss you 💔💚
    1 Happy Heavenly Birthday Chaz‼️😎💚🥳🎂✨#LLCHAZFOREVER💙💚🕊🦍
    1 Happy Heavenly 17th Birthday couss 💚💙 ii love you forever baay baay
    1 Happy Heavenly Birthday Chaz🕊️💚
    1 Hey my baby! It’s I miss u sooo much..this life sucks without you! 🥺😔💔
    1 I miss you beyond words, I miss that last hug, wish I could’ve held you tighter& longer
    1 Merry Christmas baby! Mama hates the holidays cause you aren’t here! I miss u so much!! 😞💔
    2 6am on the 28th and I’m just up 💔😔😭 another year and it’s not getting any better. Imy 💚
    1 Polo
    1 Sleep Baby Boy 🕊️🕊️
    2 Came to light u a candle baby boy forever 14 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️rest in heaven❤️❤️❤️😘😘
    1 Miss and love u Chaz!! 🕊️💙💚 -Keshia Knox

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