Joe "JoJo" Glennis Wheeler, III, age 33

Lost to gun violence on August 24, 2020 in Wichita, Kansas.

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  • Nickname:
    57 Cookie
    10 jody jo
    14 Glennis
    19 Magnificent
    4 Jose
    7 JoJo Dancer
    6 Joecephus
    4 Daddy
    3 Mama Boy
  • Number of children:
    18 4 boys even though one wasn’t blood we all saw him as family
  • Personality:
    47 humbled spirit
    43 beautiful soul
    35 family man
    19 giving
    25 caring
    28 Sense of humor
    28 Beautiful smile
    15 big kid
    14 joyful
    24 protective
    25 Momma Boy
  • Occupation:
    8 tray
    5 Can fix's Anything
  • Workplace:
    24 Babydolls
    4 Yorktown Apts
  • Schools attended:
    32 East High School
    16 Pratt,Ark City and Dodge Community colleges
    7 Mead Junior High
  • Comments:
    23 JoJo
    21 uncle jojo
    11 cookie
    16 i love you brother 💜- joanie
    13 momma boy
    16 Gone too soon😭
    14 Hello Mamacita
    16 Hello my famiiilllyyy
    16 I love you daddy
    21 forever in our hearts never apart we love you uncle joe
    9 keep flying high
    9 😢🙏❤️😇
    5 ❤️😇
    6 😇
    20 Heaven gained a guardian Angel,much love 2 u all😇
    18 RIP Joe. He lived a long life of 33 years and did not deserve what came to him. Rest in Paradise
    7 my love child
    7 One of a kind
    22 There's not a day that goes by that we don't think about you we love you to the moon and back
    6 JoeJoe.We love
    17 Lost my whole heart i love you JoJo
    5 i love you
    6 I Love you forever♥️
    16 Its tough out here without you beside me
    17 My life was wonderful when you were here I sure miss you so
    13 The best son a mother could ask for
    13 Seeing your signs everyday, helps me get by!
    11 Best daddy in the world best best love Jordan
    6 🤟🏼
    14 we miss you so much joe everyday 😫💙
    8 My son I love you ❤️
    10 happy Thanksgiving my brother
    16 We all miss you so much. Heaven is so lucky to have you
    14 Your voice and I just got Through putting up the Christmas decorations we love you son
    9 I love you and miss you so much momma❤️❤️❤️❤️
    8 love you Daddy
    9 love you son
    6 🥲🥲🥲🥲
    14 wish you a merry Christmas daddy Love li cookie
    14 Tough Holiday season without you! i love and miss you so much, CeeCee
    10 rest easy nephew. i'll cya at the top😘
    11 merry c-mas joe we still miss you down here-swirl
    7 Merry Christmas cuz. I love you 🥺
    8 Merry Christmas Bro , We Love You
    6 Merry Christmas Jojo. 💕😢
    10 Merry Christmas JoJo, we love you brobro! 😘
    7 i love you Joe! Happy New Year! ❤️CeeCee
    9 Happy New Year Son I miss you momma
    8 Happy New Years. We love you
    13 I miss you so much Son we were supposed to do everything together even grow old together
    10 missing you so damn much jojo!!! idk how im getting by. 💕ceecee
    9 I'm surely missing you. It doesnt feel the sane without you!
    6 love you
    10 rest easy sweet prince with your beautiful smile
    8 Your boys talk about you all the time❤️❤️❤️
    11 Sound I finally had my first dream about you and it was beautiful I got to hear your voice
    5 son
    5 Mamas boy
    7 I sure do miss you cook ❤️nelly
    9 I went out to the gravesite today your bench is beautiful just like you
    5 Love you Dad❤️❤️❤️
    5 Love you
    6 ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏
    7 Every morning I wake up I say hello Joe
    9 5months waaaay too long! we miss you JoJo sephus!! 🥰
    5 I love you. Missing you every single day💔
    7 not a day goes by i dont think of you, miss you more than anything!
    4 I love you son❤️
    9 Miss you brotha. Damn... 😢Mr T
    6 Everyone misses you
    6 i love you, come see me! 🙏🏼
    5 I love you son❤️❤️
    10 Please come back. We need you😭
    7 Happy Valentine’s Day. We love you.
    10 happy valentines day we miss you joe so much 🙁
    8 Happy Valentine's Day son I love you with all my heart
    10 You would love all the snow you'd have a snowman everywhere
    5 i miss you ny friend ❤️
    8 waiting on you to see that beautiful smile.
    10 I love you
    6 I love you Joe wheeler
    6 I miss you so much Jojo
    8 Missing u cook good morning
    7 Miss you coming though the door❤️❤️
    10 not a day goes by that i dont think of you. i love you so much.
    5 GM Son
    5 I miss you so much❤️
    7 I love you so much
    7 i miss you so much big brother ❤️ Protect me from any negativitiy 🥺
    10 Joe I smell your cologne
    9 I need you to come see me😢😢
    9 Please watch over your siblings for me. They need you, I miss you.
    9 I know you would wanna be happy and laughing I'm trying to be that way but it's so hard
    9 came across tou jaquar book again.. i sure do miss alot. love you cook
    11 I wish you were here for my birthday I sure miss you cookie
    12 here in Florida with our boys!! they keep talking about you! you should be here! 😢
    7 I love you.
    7 GM Son i miss you so much
    11 I love you son I miss you so much I miss our conversations
    11 Easter wasnt the same without you. we miss you and love you Nelly
    9 i wish i could hear you laugh one last time Big bro💔
    6 I love you Im waiting on you
    9 I would give anything to bring you back. I love you so much.
    10 Miss you today and everyother day too! What I wouldn't give just to see you.. love u cook
    7 The house is so quiet without you here but I sure smell your cologne
    9 Headed south my brother be with us!! miss you so much..
    6 Love you son❤️❤️🙏🙏
    7 Take care of my boy❤️❤️
    7 i love you so much jojo. 🥺♥️
    6 wish you were here with me
    6 Not the same without you
    6 we miss u bro love u nelly
    11 Wish I could turn back the hands of Time
    5 I sure miss you Jojo I love you so much
    10 i miss you uncle 🦋 Hoildays havent been the same without you
    6 i love you.
    5 Missing you like crazy!
    6 I know you see everything I love you
    5 The boys are here they sure miss you
    5 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🥲🥲🥲🥲
    4 I need you back🥲🥲🥲🥲
    5 Missing you my brotha! nelly
    6 I love you for all eternity
    9 Happy heavenly Father’s Day to you 😔❤️
    4 Miss u cook
    4 Love you Son
    15 our son has your hair and your smile everything about him reminds me of you 💙
    8 words cant explain how much my heart misses you 🕊
    5 happy birthday. we love you❤️
    7 Happy birthady brotha. Miss you like crazy. Mr T
    4 happy birthday🥺❤️
    8 Wish you were here love you son🕊🕊🕊🕊
    7 Just thinking about us on the highway laughing
    10 youre on my mind from all the way in kansas city we miss you joe 🕊💯💙-swirl
    4 sure do miss u
    7 Love you Jojo see all your signs😢😢😢❤️❤️
    6 I miss you with all my heart
    9 weve started our journey. thank you for watching over the boys
    8 I have some of the best memories with you I love you with all my heart
    6 its been a year today,
    6 LongLiveJoJo🙏🏼
    8 Your brother named his twin daughters after you we love you son
    4 sure do miss you
    8 Man I miss you cookie life is crazy
    9 I'm never gonna be the same I love you so much
    5 I love you JoJo. 💕
    4 I love you♥️♥️
    5 missing you all the time my son😢😢😢
    7 Dimes everywhere
    5 I love you. I miss you so much
    7 You would've loved our Thanksgiving I miss you so much
    4 missing you brother! nelly
    4 😢😢😢😢
    4 love u big bro joe money
    9 You will Never be forgot I speak your name everyday
    6 God got us!!
    8 I didn't even feel like Christmas without you around
    6 I miss you so much. Merry Christmas.
    6 Happy New Year Son
    4 Miss you everyday
    8 Had a dream about you I know you're here
    7 Little Anthony plays basketball for maid
    8 Mead❤️Today was his first game we thought about you
    4 i already know cookie
    7 missing you! so damn much!
    7 Happy Valentine's Day Son
    5 Happy V-Day cookie
    5 I love you Son💔💔💔
    6 💔💔💔💔
    7 i love you daddy, rest in peace ❤️ vaylin
    8 ❤️🍪🍪❤️🍪❤️❤️❤️❤️
    5 Vaylin
    9 Do you celebrate my birthday with me I love you Jojo I made it to 61
    9 Baby has a tooth
    7 Vay vay has a tooth 😜
    6 Come visit me♥️
    11 Layla has her first vb game and king has soccer it’s about to get real lol
    5 Boy I miss you so much😢
    3 Thinking of you!
    8 God got us!! I miss you Cookie! ❤️Nelly
    5 Best Father Ever
    6 We miss you ❤️
    8 Watch over me son Im going crazy without you
    4 Momma love you❤️❤️❤️
    4 GM SON❤️❤️❤️
    9 Thinkin about you cookie love you Nellie
    5 I love you son I see all you signs
    7 Happy Father’s Day bro!!
    9 Its a Family Affair love you Son
    8 Happy birthday cookie.. I sure do miss you
    6 I miss you so much. Life is so hard without you
    10 I miss you with all my soul I know you can hear all my prayers
    9 Had a crazy dream about you as a baby cookie… sure do miss you I love u. Nel
    5 I liove you Jojo
    10 missing you like crazy!!!!!! can't quit wishing for you to come back! 🥺
    11 missing you like crazy 💙 our baby boy has grown so much and rekinds me so much of you
    5 Finally We love you cookie
    11 Today marks 2 years 😭 man I sure miss ya bro luv Nel
    6 I sure wish you would walk through that door
    5 we love and miss you. ♥️ ceecee, vay, & jordy.
    4 love you so much
    9 Sure do miss ya my brother.. that damn jordy calls everyday lol imma let him stay the summa
    9 Joe they looking for that girl that killed you baby and they're gonna find her
    10 they got her Joe!!!!!!!!!! they finally got her!!!!!! 😢♥️
    7 🤍 beautiful soul, gone too soon.
    8 Man every time I hear dear mama I picture you walking through moms singing I miss you so much
    5 Morning my brotha I sure do miss you luv ya Nel
    7 Jojo I sure miss you but I know your here with us
    4 Thinking of you.. I sure do miss you cookie
    4 love you watch out for us🙏🙏🙏🙏
    3 I love you cookie Nelly
    8 dreamt of you during my nap today. ♥️ miss you more than ever!
    6 No one like you son sure miss you
    6 happy thanksgiving JoJo. ♥️ love you so much
    8 Happy Thanksgiving Glennis! Missing you my brother 😢
    7 Man I sure do miss you.. I’m about to lose my mind. Love you Nelly
    7 I know you see everything I love you son
    10 We are in the championship game! We gotta get this win! Miss you
    10 Ant took second. He cried but he will come stronger and faster now
    4 Merry Christmas Son
    11 Definitely a bday to remember lol love you miss you
    8 Christmas Is Here we love you the holidays get tougher without you here
    4 Merry Christmas my brother we miss you Nelly
    5 Sure miss you
    8 Happy Holidays to you up there! You are missed deeply. Keep watching over your family!
    6 Happy New Year’s my brother!! I miss you!
    4 sure miss you🥲🥲🥲
    4 Love you 🙏
    8 Dancing in the dark wanting on you
    4 waiting on you ❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏
    4 ❤️❤️❤️
    5 Morning my brother!
    9 Missing you so much. Idk what to do without you
    10 My heart is so broken, but I know one day I will see you when we were left again
    5 laugh again
    13 Your sisters team is about to play #Cowboys you know how imma act
    8 Heaven must be beautiful
    9 Valentine's Day is just around the corner wish you were here
    9 Uncle Joe counting down the days you've been gone
    10 Go Chiefs!!!!
    8 Thinking of you Cookie
    6 Love you Jojo home safe
    10 Son the Kansas City Chiefs won baby
    9 Happy Valentine’s Day Cookie! I miss you! Nelly
    9 Thank you for shutting that door.I miss you son
    10 I made a new song I think you would enjoy miss you every day dot
    3 Thinking about you ❤️
    7 I know Aunt Hannah there with you ❤️
    7 I love you cookie! Take care of aunt Hanna Nelly
    7 our oldest boy is 11 today! i wish you were here with us to celebrate! hes so much like you!
    4 Your boys are getting big I love you son
    3 Happy Easter
    8 we are now a family of 4 eyes. lol. vay and Jordan both got glasses yesterday! 😂 miss you babe. ♥️
    3 I love you Son I think about you every day
    7 Your son's birthday is coming up he's gonna be 2. Beautiful little boy cookie
    4 If I could only turn back the hands of time, it would be so different. I love you son.
    3 Missing you cookie ❤️ Nelly
    4 Mother Day isnt the same anymore 🥲🥲🥲🥲
    7 Wish you were here 🪽🕊️love you uncle joe
    3 Miss you so much
    6 Happy Memorial Day cookie. Sure do miss you!
    6 Love you Hope you're having a good time up there Jordan
    8 And all three of your sons today it was a beautiful feeling. I sure wish you were here.
    8 hey uncle I know you saw us having a awesome time on memorial day love you dot
    2 Happy Fathers Day Son
    4 Happy Father’s Day Cookie! I love you and miss you! Nelly
    4 happy Juneteenth uncle joe
    4 🥳🏳️‍🌈
    6 miss you I'm here talking to jasmine and I feel like we're both going to
    5 happy fourth Uncle Joe love you🧨🎉😭🥳😇🎇🎆
    6 I hope you enjoyed the wedding!! Nelly
    6 Happy Birthday Joe. You are missed!
    6 happy birthday forever 33 love you dot🎉🥳🥳😭
    4 Happy birthday son I love you so much
    4 Happy 🥳 birthday
    4 Its hard out here son
    4 hey uncle joe we got smores ingredients I miss you so much dot
    2 Getting ready to celebrate Berry's birthday I know you're gonna be here with us
    3 hey uncle just reminiscing through are memories
    3 I really miss you dot
    1 G kids are beautiful he got a little boy
    1 Im heartbroke
    1 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
    2 we have gained strength and lost
    2 the worst part about it is you're the one we lost
    2 love you.
    3 thinking about you heavy these past couple days.. i sure do miss you! Nelly
    1 I'm Blessed (Dont laugh)Miss you so much
    2 love you Son❤️
    4 Man these folks here be testing ya sister.. racism at its finest boy oh boy
    4 I sure do miss you!! Nelly
    2 missing you more than ever
    2 love you son😢
    3 Ant won his first freshman game!!
    2 On my way to ATL today come go with me 🙏🙏🙏
    3 Uncle James is cancer free🙏🙏🙏
    3 Man I miss you fool.. love you Nel
    1 Miss you Son
    1 🙏🙏🙏
    2 I made a new song you not being here is tearing me up unside
    1 inside love you dot
    2 Happy thanksgiving bro! Love Nelly
    1 come visit me waiting on you
    3 missing you so much lately our son is so beautiful hes got a heart of gold just like you 💙
    2 Tell plum to sit down somewhere tell her your mommy said it Omg
    1 nelly kids are coming to spend the holidays with me 🙏
    2 Happy birthday to me bro I sure miss you. We would be kickin it
    2 happy Christmas eve love dot
    2 I know how you have your light
    2 thanks for comforting me
    2 and visiting me every night and closing the door.
    2 love you to the moon and back your favorite dot.
    2 marry Christmas love you dot
    1 Merry Christmas JoJo I love you no more Christmas they aren't the same
    1 love you son missing you but you already know
    2 happy new year 🍾🎉
    2 trying to be the first to welcome you to the holidays love dot
    2 Happy New Year Son momma miss you
    2 I sure do miss you! Good morning brother! Nelly
    1 pls pick me up from school
    1 Good night son
    1 went over my songs last night and added a few lyrics think you'd like them dot
    2 forever & always miss you
    2 Love you 😢Miss you so much
    2 Happy Valentine's Day
    2 Love You cousin- Andy
    1 Miss you so much.

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