Victor Cazares, Jr., age 27

Lost to gun violence on June 1, 2020 in Cicero, Illinois.

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  • Nickname:
    5 Vic, Cabrito, Maruchan
    3 you will always be Vicky. ♥️
  • Number of children:
    4 3 nieces who he loved very much
    3 His loving cat Gringo
  • Personality:
    3 Easy going, hardworking, loving, happy, homebody
    3 A great uncle
    2 He gave so much love to his family
    2 He cared so much for his friends.
    2 He had a great heart.
    1 We miss the way you always saw the positive things in life.
    1 You cared so much for fairness and peace.
    1 Such a beautiful person with a humble, caring, loving heart. ❤️
  • Occupation:
    4 Truck driver
  • Workplace:
  • Schools attended:
    3 Lincoln Challenge Academy
  • Comments:
    3 we did see each other a lot but you were my cousin and ill miss you dearly. rip
    2 We love you Vic! 💙
    4 I miss you so much tio and I will never forget you.
    2 Nunca te olvidaremos Vic! We miss you so much.
    2 You are loved by many.
    2 Vic, we miss your smile the way you would laugh. It’s a feeling no one could ever explain.
    2 Time doesn’t heal a broken heart. It Only teaches you how to deal with the pain.
    2 You were taken from us way too soon.
    2 I’m thinking of you even when people see me smiling.
    2 Sometimes I just want to sleep hoping you will show up in my dreams.
    2 Vic, I miss you so much.
    3 When I look at your beautiful face it saddens me to know we will never grow old together.
    2 It always helps to cry alone because no one really understand how deeply hurt you truly are.
    2 It hurts me more to be happy because I know you’re not here to share these moments
    2 That moment you’re just sitting down and tears start to roll down your face.
    2 Can’t help to question why it was you.
    2 It’s been three months Vic and I still can’t believe it.
    2 Thank you for being such a beautiful person inside and out.
    2 I wish that I could love you back to life a.a.giannone
    2 It shouldn’t have been you.
    2 You’re in my mind at all times. We miss you so much.
    2 you were my most reliable friend. I love you always.
    2 I don’t think I will ever understand why you were taken from us.
    2 I love and miss you Vic.
    2 I am missing you every day tio love you 😍
    2 If I could only get a reply from you. I miss you so much!
    2 So much left undone. So many heart’s broken 🙁💙
    2 I love to see a beautiful sunrise and sunset because I know how much you enjoyed watching them.
    2 I miss you so much. These memories aren’t enough for me. I wish we could have shared so many more.
    2 Vic, I miss you so much!
    2 Who couldever decide we are capable of this pain
    2 I miss you every day
    3 It’s painful to have a good time life isn’t fair.
    2 I love you so and I miss you so much I will never forget you
    2 Vic, please visit once in a while. I would love to see you in my dreams.
    2 I miss you so much! I wish you were still here with us! It still hurts :(
    2 Every time she looks at your picture she smiles and kisses you. 💙
    2 Somethings are just unexplainable. We are left with no real reason.
    2 It still feels so unreal that you're gone. I miss you so much every day.
    2 Vic, will we ever find the person who took you from us.
    2 Every day this individual gets to enjoy life after taking your life from us.
    2 hatred is a valid emotion
    2 It’s so hard to see your picture on a Dia de los Muertos altar. It Shouldn’t have been you.
    2 We miss you so much!
    2 Missing you every day Vic. 🎃🍂
    2 Five months today Vic. Doesn’t feel real, I wish this wasn’t real.
    2 I hope you receive all the kisses she gives you every day.
    2 Why are the good ones always take first.
    2 Miss you so much ❤️😘
    2 Stay shining Vic, from wherever you are.✨❤️
    2 Always thinking of you. 💙
    2 We love you Vic!
    2 I imagine conversation with you and trick my mind to thinking you're still here...then reality hits.
    2 Green Bay played a good game today. They almost took the win.
    2 I wish you were here Vic.
    2 I take everything as a sign of your presence. 💙
    2 Happy thanksgiving Vic. 🤎🧡
    5 We miss you so much.
    2 Sometimes it feels like horrible nightmare. I feel you’re going to call, text, or just come by.
    2 It’s still so surreal, I don’t want to accept it. Why did it have to happen to you.
    2 There will never be justice.
    2 We will only be helping the person who has caused so much pain become a better person within them.
    2 Only those who do harm to others get a second chance in life
    2 Miss you and love you so much😘😍
    2 You will always be in my heart tio love you 😍 😘❤️
    2 Your life will alway matter Vic. 💙
    2 The world is injustice, humans are injustice the system has no justice.
    2 Víctor Manuel Cazares Jr. 🤍💫
    2 I’m still waiting for your visit. 💙
    2 I miss you everyday Vic.
    2 I wish I could see what your eyes saw that day.
    2 Good night love you 😘
    2 I wake up every morning hoping it’s a horrible nightmare.
    2 What happened to you wasn’t fair.
    2 We shouldn’t be turning on a candle for you Vic. We should be out buying you a gift.
    2 So unfair how the person that did this to you is out creating memories with his or her family.
    2 Merry Christmas Vic! We love you and miss you deeply.
    2 I love you so much. your friendship meant more than you'll know.
    2 Thanks Vic, I love all the signs you send.
    2 Right now I would have been texting or calling you to be careful driving home.
    2 Today Chicago is having its first real snow day.
    2 You would have been stuck in traffic annoyed at all the bad drivers lol
    2 , but chilling listening to your music and making the best of it.
    2 Sometimes I find myself staring at your picture
    2 Wondering if this truly did happen and why you? Why does this happen to great people.
    2 Missing you everyday
    3 “Maldito ańo nuevo” best past of the song. I think you would concur with me Vic
    2 This year has been a horrible year. It’s sad we have to share grief with so many people.
    2 Every New Year I would eat my 12 grapes and ask to keep everyone safe and healthy.
    2 Happy New Year tío it doesn’t feel the same but I know you are still here with us
    2 This year I will ask for the same, but I will also wish and hope to find the person responsible
    2 for taking you from us. We miss you immensely Vic.
    2 7 months today. So hard to believe it.
    1 Still can't believe this is not just a horrible dream
    2 Touchdown Packers!!! I could see your ass yelling and clapping of excitement.
    2 Touchdown Packers!!! 🙌🏽
    2 Touchdown packers!
    2 You must be laughing your ass off...touchdown Packers!
    2 I love you. thank you for coming to me in my dreams.
    2 Vic, let me be your eyes. Please show me who and what you saw that day.
    2 I will always remember you Vic. I love you and I miss you.
    2 A silent cry is a painful loneliness. You want to yell and show everyone how much it hurts,
    2 but you know they can’t truly understand.
    1 Sometimes I wonder who actually hears our prayers.
    2 Conversation on religion are always interesting.
    2 I would love to see your excitement right now.
    2 Touchdown Packers! 🙌🏽
    2 I wish I could have given you one last hug. I miss you so much.
    2 Your presence is much needed. ✨
    2 smiling through the pain sometimes hurts a little more.
    2 most days im in denial. I miss you so much. miss our talks and you hyping me up :( love u vic
    2 wish u didnt go out that day. how can I turn back time? we needed you here. te queremos 😢
    2 Always missing you Vic....Touchdown Packers!!
    2 This was for you Vic. I love you! ❤️
    2 I’m always thinking about you. I hope you know that.
    2 I don’t expect people to understand, because they never truly will.
    2 I hope you can hear my thoughts, because you are always in them. 💙
    1 I miss you very much, and every night I hope I see you in my dreams.
    3 I love you. this still doesn't feel real. I just want to see you again.
    2 8 months, I can’t believe it. You are missed every day.
    2 Every month is just as painful as the day your life was stolen from you.
    3 Thank you for adding more pictures.
    2 You're welcome. If you would like to add some, please email them to us at
    2 You are so special to us. We miss you very much.
    2 I miss you so much.
    3 Still can't believe you're gone.
    2 Vic, please guide us to the right person.
    2 Vic send me some strength please.
    2 thank you for the hello on my birthday. I love you.
    2 Everything will be incomplete with out you here.
    2 My heart has never truly felt physical pain until we lost you.
    3 happy valentine's day. I wish I could see you one last time.
    2 Happy Valentine’s Day! We love you and miss you every day. 🥀❣️
    4 ❤️
    2 There is not a day I don’t think about you. I wish you were here.
    2 Smiling through the pain can be mentally challenging.
    2 We miss you dearly. ❤️
    2 Thank you! ❤️✨
    2 Everything is so different without you. Life will never be the same.
    2 I'm so devastated to find out how they treated you.
    2 I wish this was all a horrible dream.
    2 you are loved beyond words.
    2 9 months ago today someone selfishly took you from us.
    2 "There are some who bring a light so great to the world
    2 that even after they have gone, the light remains."- unknown
    2 You will forever be that light. ✨
    2 I love you so so much.
    2 I wish I could give you a huge hug and tell you how much we all love.
    6 As it gets closer to your birthday it gets more devastating. I miss you so much.
    2 happy birthday. I can't believe I'm posting this here instead of in person. I love you.
    2 Happy Birthday Vic! Life will never be the same.
    2 We miss you so much and we will never be able to physically hug you and tell you
    1 HAPPY BIRTHDAY VICKY BEAR! I wish you were here 😞
    2 Wherever you are in this universe, I hope you can feel our love for you.
    3 ♥️
    2 Happy Heavenly Birthday love! Wish you were here to tell you and give you a big hug. Love you!
    2 Why did they take your beautiful life from us. You still had so much more to give to us.
    2 People like you is what we need in this world you brought so much happiness to so many.
    2 ♥️✨
    2 Every day when I look at your picture I still can’t believe this happened to you.
    2 I wish we had the power to heal innocent people.
    2 To help them stay alive without putting their life in someone else’s hands to decide.
    2 I miss you, handsome.
    2 Love you so much Tio
    3 Love you Vic!
    2 We miss you so much Vic.
    2 It’s been way too long without you. We miss you every day.
    2 Looking at old messages from you. I miss you so much!
    2 I love you Vic! ❤️
    2 For a second just a second it felt like this was just a horrible dream.
    2 But then I realize, this horrible nightmare actually did happen and you really are not here with us.
    3 Life will never be the same without you.
    2 One wish that will never come true is having you physically with us again.
    3 I love you Vic!
    2 When will this end.
    2 I miss you so much. I've never hurt so badly.
    2 Nunca te olvidaremos.
    2 This is a scary world. So many senseless murders. 😔
    2 “IF ONLY” something we can’t help to think.
    2 If only Derek Chauvin would have walked away after putting Gorge Floyd in handcuffs.
    2 If only George Floyd would have pain with real money.
    2 If only George Floyd would have survived.
    2 If only people wouldn’t have taken advantage of a peaceful protest.
    2 If only Mayor Lori Lightfoot wouldn’t have lifted the bridges.
    2 If only people would fight with their fists and not guns.
    2 If only they would have blocked 14th St. instead of leaving it open.
    2 I know how upset you were for the unnecessary killing of George Floyd.
    3 vic, its so hard to not let my heart become bitter. I want to be happy, I just cant :(
    2 ❣️✨
    3 Miss you so much Tio love you ❤️💙🤍
    2 We miss you dearly.
    2 Nobody really knows the deep sadness I carry with me cause you're gone.
    2 Miss you, wish you were here 💜
    2 I still can’t believe this happened.
    1 I find myself questioning my mind all the time, In complete denial.
    1 I feel that at any moment you’re going to walk right through the door.
    1 I love you and miss you so much.
    2 though I've never met her I pray from your mom on mother's day and every day.
    2 Special days like today become a little more difficult to celebrate.
    2 Many times we wear a smile, but our heart still weeps inside.
    2 We will never become accustom to only having your picture to hold on to.
    3 We just hope you can hear our call to you and that somehow you receive our hugs and kisses.
    2 God I miss you so much today
    4 I miss staring at your face and feeling so proud of the man you have become.
    2 Very independent at such a young age you were a risk taker and excepted challenges.
    2 It wasn’t easy for you, but you never gave up and most of the time learned from your mistakes.
    2 Selfless, giving, loving, a wonderful friend to all.
    2 Happy moments bring sadness to our heart because you are not here to share them with us.
    2 As she kisses your picture goodnight tears roll down her face.
    2 You never hear her cry, but her heart is yelling inside.
    4 Why did it have to be you.
    5 I can't believe it's almost been a year without you. My heart hurts so bad.
    3 If only I could rewind time and have you be out of town. So many scenarios in my head.
    3 one year. I never knew my heart could hurt so much. I love you.
    2 Your presence is much needed. Life will never be the same without you.
    3 Every sunset and sunrise reminds me of your beautiful face. 💙🌅
    3 Vic, please help us find the person responsible.
    3 Let me be your eyes. We need to find the person responsible.
    3 It will never bring you back, but why should they live their life freely.
    2 Always thinking of you. 💫
    3 Today was one of those days. Like MY VIC? No. It couldn’t have been him.
    3 Miss you so much. I feel like I’ll see you here on earth. Knowing I won’t, shatters me to pieces
    3 Miss your dancing. Your laughing. Your optimism. Your resilience. Un corazón bien chingon❤️
    3 It doesn’t matter where I’m at; I’m always thinking of you.
    3 “Las piedras rodando se encuentran”🎤🎼
    2 Why should the actions of one person determine your destiny.
    2 Wish you were here.
    2 People can say many things, but unless you have lost a
    2 loved one you’ll never know the meaning of silent pain.
    2 I love and miss you so much.
    2 How did this all happen? I still have such a hard time understanding.
    2 I won’t forget you Tio miss you so much 💙❤️
    2 I go to sleep hoping that when I wake up this was all just a nightmare.
    3 I'll always love you. I miss you so much today.
    2 Oh Vic, how we all miss you so much.
    2 People can be so careless with their words. They have no idea the pain we carry within our heart.
    2 Even though we are not shedding visible tears our heart will never stop crying.
    2 How could this have happened to you. Why did it happen to you? I will always question it.
    2 Even though you didn’t have a uniform on you were out there protecting your community.
    2 Your life is just as valuable as everyone. You went out that day to protect your community.
    3 It’s heartbreaking, so many families are hurting because innocent lives are taken from us.
    2 Can’t help it, it hurts so bad to watch others celebrate their life
    2 while your life was brutally taken from us.
    2 Happiness will always be accompanied with sadness because you are not here to share the moment.
    2 They keep sending great innocent people your way.
    2 It makes me angry to see people hurt.
    2 It’s heartbreaking, disappointing, nonsense, a feeling of numbness.
    2 This is not ok. It needs to stop.
    2 I hope you know how much we love and miss you.
    2 I’m told not to be so harsh with my words I may sound cruel.
    2 But do they feel the pain we have to endure every day.
    3 I never want this pain to go away, because I never want to find comfort in not having you here.
    2 I'm missing you so much today. you were such an amazing friend. my heart hurts.
    2 I’m not always happy when I’m smiling it’s just a way to hide my tears from others.
    2 Thanks Vic! ❤️
    2 I’ve learn to cry in silence, some people are too selfish to understand the pain.
    2 Your life was taken way too soon from us. We still had so many memories to create.
    2 I don’t like talking about you being gone. I just can’t accept it.
    2 It doesn't get easier.
    2 I literally just thought I saw you. For a brief second I thought I woke up from this nightmare.
    2 Football is back and you are not here to talk shit to the Bears fans.
    3 thank you for coming in my dream. I miss you more than words can say
    2 We will never get to see you grow old.
    2 Packers win!!
    4 I miss you so much. this still doesn't feel real.
    3 I need you. I miss you so much.
    2 I will never stop thinking about you.
    2 days like today it doesn't feel real
    2 I can't bring myself to put up an ofrenda with you on it
    3 life without you is so hard
    6 I miss you. words cannot express how much I miss you
    3 We miss you so much. I will love you forever
    1 When it suddenly hits me that you are truly gone I can't breathe
    3 Can’t celebrate thanksgiving the same anymore. Forever thankful for u and our friendship 💙
    3 We miss you!
    3 You brought so much positive energy and happiness to people.
    3 Not a day goes by without me thinking of you.
    3 I wish I could have asked you so many more questions.
    2 I can't stop crying. still in disbelief. God I miss you.
    2 My smile hides a lot of pain, since the day you were taken away.
    2 I know you will always be with us. But it hurts not having you physically here.
    3 Merry Christmas Vic. We love and miss you. Still in disbelief 💔 TQM
    2 Merry Christmas Vic! We love you and miss you so much. ❤️
    2 Merry Christmas. I miss you so much. love you.
    2 I still can’t believe this happened to you.
    1 Vic, please visit me whenever you can. My dreams are always waiting for you.
    1 Another year without you. We miss you so much! ✨❣️
    1 We love you!!
    2 Happy New Years Tio
    2 happy new year my sweet friend. I miss you more than words can say.
    3 life is so hard without you. you brought more joy into my life than you will know.
    3 Just about everything makes me think about you.
    3 from foods, songs, phrases, sports, sounds.
    3 It’s heartbreaking having to adjust to life without you physically here.
    3 I miss you so much. I don't know how to do life without you.
    2 If only I could have done things differently.
    2 Send her strength Vic. Her pain is felt, but it reminds silent.
    2 Thank you for always sending me little signs that you are with me. ♥️
    2 Hi Vic, I just wanted to let you know how much we miss you.
    2 Miss you so much Vic
    2 You’re kindness, loyalty, positive energy will never be forgotten.
    2 We miss you❤️
    2 I feel so angry at times not having you around.
    2 Please put the guns down. Too many innocent people are robbed from their life.
    2 Your presence is definitely missed. 💐
    2 I'm always thinking of you.
    2 I can’t imagine the pain a mother has to live with when loosing her son or daughter.
    3 I hate the coward who did this to you. I will never find it in my heart to forgive him.
    3 I need your positive attitude right now.
    2 ♥️🖤 we need peace in this world.
    2 happy birthday my sweet friend. I miss you beyond words.
    2 Happy Birthday,
    2 Happy Birthday. We miss you so much. I wish we could have you physically here.
    2 ♥️✨💫
    2 Vic, I know that was you. Thank you! ♥️
    2 Can’t wait to hug you in my dreams. Always hoping to see you.
    2 Always thinking of you. 🤍
    2 I wish I would have done more.
    2 I wish I could have been like you, always so positive.
    2 Una vida que jamas va hacer remplazada
    2 Love you Vic! ♥️✨
    3 April is National Donate life Month. At your young age you had unselfishly made that decision.
    2 Like always, you were willing to help out others.
    3 I miss you so much. I hate the 1st of each month. how has it almost been 2 years?
    2 I wish that day never happened. 💔
    2 You are always present in my mind. ♥️
    2 We need changes. 💔
    2 The clouds begin to weep for you. 💔🥺
    2 I can't believe it's been 2 years. I miss you more than ever.
    2 Thank you for a beautiful day yesterday. Hope you can see how much we miss and love you.
    2 Vic, I hope you know I’m alway thinking
    2 of you.
    2 Your presence is definitely missed. 💔
    2 Such a beautiful person.
    2 Miss you lots!
    2 I need more pictures and videos of you. What I have isn’t enough. 🙁💔
    2 I didn’t take advantage of your presence enough.
    2 There is NO Liberty there is NO Justice.
    2 Freedom has never been feared this much and justice is just a small punishment.
    2 I always think to myself why was it you 🙁
    2 Way too many families are living this immense pain.
    2 😘
    2 Miss you very much.
    2 Te extrañamos un chingo. ♥️💔
    2 I’m sorry for every moment I took for granted.
    2 Wish you were still here.
    1 When you’re in pain you study the selfish actions of those who don’t care.
    2 Many always think their pain is more important, so you just listen no need to compare.
    3 God I miss you. I need a hug and your smile
    4 Miss you very much!
    3 I miss you Vic 💔
    3 I miss you beyond words
    3 Hate that you're not here with us anymore.
    2 Miss you
    2 I'm always thinking of you
    2 The amount of strength it takes to hide the pain is unexplainable.
    2 Some people say things without processing how hurtful it can be.
    2 I’m very thankful for having you in my life.
    2 We miss you so much. 🧡
    3 No matter how much time goes by, it still doesn't feel real.
    2 This WIN was for you Vic! I love to see the bear fans stay quiet.
    2 Still wish this was all just a bad dream
    3 I hear your name constantly, I hope you know you are present every day in my heart and thoughts.
    3 I miss you so much, love. I just want one more hug
    3 You still had so much more to live.
    3 Feliz Navidad! Te queremos mucho.
    2 happy new year. I miss you so much.
    2 You're always on my mind. Miss you!
    2 I love you Vic! ♥️
    2 I think about you every day. ♥️
    2 Thanks for still being that energy that pushes me forward!
    2 It doesn't get easier. Miss you so much.
    2 I wonder how many new countries you would have visited by now
    2 Always thinking of you
    1 ✨🤍
    2 Miss you Vic!
    1 I love you and miss you so much
    3 Happy 30th Birthday!!! How I wish you were physically here.
    4 🥳💞😘🍻🥃🤍♥️
    3 happy 30th birthday. I wish we could celebrate together
    3 Life will never be the same.
    2 ♥️ Love you Vic!
    3 Went to see Mana and couldn’t help think of you 🥺😭 miss u
    3 Miss you!
    3 I can't believe it will be 3 years tomorrow. I miss you so much I can't stand it.
    2 We miss you Vic! ♥️
    2 I miss you so much Vic I love you
    1 We're back!
    2 ❤️🐻💙

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