Brandon Rednour, age 31

Lost to gun violence on March 24, 2020 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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  • Nickname:
    4 beezy
    3 beezy lee
    6 stranger
  • Number of children:
    6 0
  • Personality:
    15 The Absolute Warmest Hug In The Room 💚💙
    9 Humble
    11 Music Lover
    9 A lover not a fighter🖤
    4 heart of gold
    4 Sensitive emotional
    1 friendly
    3 would save anyone life
    1 a teddy bear 🐻
    2 family man
    4 Gemini
    4 Best blue eyes
    5 Best friend you'd ever have🖤💔
    5 always a listening year without judgement
    5 never hurt a soul
    2 loved animals
    3 mommas boy 😇
    2 big brother 😭💔
    1 brother 💔
    2 lover boy 💙
    2 best brother
    3 my bestfriend ğŸŒŽğŸ’™
    2 The most bestest best friend ever
    2 Genuine good person
    1 Caring
    1 Sweet
    1 Forgiving
    1 True
  • Occupation:
  • Workplace:
    3 arbys
    2 fazolis
    2 pro clean
    2 lawn care
    4 5 guys
    1 jimmy johns
    1 Best Rentals
    2 Payless Liquors
    3 Security guard
    3 Atlantic Sealcoating
    2 wendys
    1 five guys
    2 Teleservices Direct
  • Schools attended:
    2 Emmerich Manual High School
    2 Southport
    5 Southport High School
  • Comments:
    4 late florida nights good music blaring..your warmth .. ~BlueBird
    5 I love you Brandon Rednour. Until I see you again Love Uncle
    1 We love you B. Shine down on us forever love you Nicole
    6 my brothers keeper 😭😭💔💔💔💔💙💜💚
    7 its ok you can be batman 😭
    2 Till we see each other again. I love you B. Marsha
    4 It isn't goodbye, it's see ya later. Love you B ❤️
    2 a legend
    2 crazy trips to the gas station was the best love you b - alyssa
    1 justiceforbrandon
    4 I love you "B" You have and always will have a very special place in my heart. Grandma
    1 you will be missed love you b
    1 Until we meet again, Love You B! -Laura
    1 R.i.p B. watch over all of us up there in paradise. ❤
    1 I will never understand why you had to leave us. I love you B
    2 You have a special placein my heart. Always have.
    6 I will light a candle for you, every single day! To Brandons family, justice WILL be served.
    1 i will light a candle for you to everyday b i miss u and we will get justice for u
    2 Justic for b still can’t believe your gone
    2 I Miss You So Dang Much, I'll Continue To Light A Candle Everyday Til We Get Your Justice!
    3 Wish I could burn one with you one last time. I fucking love you man. 😭
    2 fly high angel boy. RIP 💔.
    1 i miss u😭😭💔
    1 I love you, B. 😔
    1 i love you b ❤️ long live you always
    1 this is still so unreal i wake up everyday hoping this nightmare will end and go back to normal
    1 we will keep you alive through stories photos and memories no one will forget you
    1 I wish that it was a blunt being sparked with you; instead of a candle, for you. 😩
    1 one of the greatest friends i ever had
    2 Goodnight, B. 😓
    1 i love you b happy easter
    1 happy easter b gone but never forgotten always here w us we love u so much
    5 happy easter from your family!
    4 keeping watching over mom, sister, and brothers 🙏
    5 prayers to everyone's heart..especially cindy britt brothers and erin 💔
    1 😔🙏💔🕯
    3 Unbelievable. 🦋
    1 i love u b so much
    1 Goodnight. Rest well. You have many people to look over. 👣🙏🏼
    3 🕯 everyone misses you.
    2 I love you B. you will Always have a special place in my heart
    3 Everytime we fought you always found a way to get ahold of me and apologize. i love you B.
    7 💚🖤I love you🖤💚
    3 this still just doesnt seem real. It wasnt supposed to end like this 😔
    3 i love u brother so much i miss u everyday it hurts me i wish i could go back in time
    1 miss you so much
    2 one month feels like eternity 💔
    2 I know I'll see you again in Shangri-La . Mmfwacltdmf
    2 RIP B.. I know your watching over your Mom and Sis!
    9 Cindy, Brittany and Erin. my deepest sympathy to you! 💔
    2 No more than a few hours can pass and I'm sad then mad, all over again. JUSTICE, please.
    3 we will never die alone,juggalos will carry on -Kimmy
    2 b i miss u and love u so much its not getting better i need u this isnt right 💔😭😭😭
    3 You felt like Christmas morning
    4 I love you, the girls miss you!! life isnt the same without you💚🖤
    1 i do everything for u b
    1 thank you for keying me know your always here ğŸŒŽğŸ’™
    3 think about you daily.
    1 your always on my mind ğŸ’™ğŸŒŽ u are my world
    1 I miss you!!
    2 I love you B. I think about you everyday. I'm so sad I can't talk to you. 😭 Mmfwacltdmf
    1 iloveyouBLR
    1 i love you bub i miss u so much b i love u i cant believe this it doesnt get better or easier
    1 we had some much stuff to do togther still
    1 beaches anit the same w out u b 😭
    1 i needed u to grow old w me and help perpare me for life and w family
    3 what a shame you cant no respect still! 1day i promise
    1 still screaming justice for b till the end
    5 💚🖤I love you💚🖤
    4 i love you with all my heart ğŸ’šğŸŒŽğŸ–¤
    7 💙
    3 🌻forever🌙
    1 i comment here almost everyday. i
    1 and i love and miss you so much
    1 🖤💙🖤
    1 ALWAYS on my mind. 💙🖤💙
    1 i miss my brother 💔💔😭😭
    1 Every time that I have a moment to think, I remember you. I am pissed! Sick. 😭
    4 💚I love you.. Im not ready to see your soul day without you🖤
    1 not a moment goes by that your not on my mind. 💔
    2 your bday is coming up and i cant take it w out u here 💔😭
    1 i love u so much not a day goes by that i dont think of u
    1 heavy on my mind. always, 🖤
    1 screaming happy mf birthday first heavenly soul day i love u so much
    2 Happy Birthday, B. 💙 I just can’t shake this. 😭
    1 its so unreal 💔
    1 idk i i can go on like this being like this its so hard
    1 heavy on my heart 💙
    1 justice4B 💙
    1 ill forever keep your name alive 💙😇i love u b your sister 💔🙏
    1 most days, the weight is just too heavy. 💔🖤
    1 everyday the weight of this fucks me up 💔💔
    1 i want justice but ik karma is killing hik slowly
    1 celebrate for me b i love and miss u so much 💔
    1 When will justice *B* served?!?!?!?! 🥺😭
    1 you are lovedso much🖤 we miss you 💚
    2 💚I love you B💙
    4 🖤I miss you so damn much💚
    1 legends never die b ik your watching over me and guiding me i wish i could b w u tho 💔😭
    1 🤍🖤🤍
    2 nothing but consistant tears. you were (ARE) the sunshine for so many of us. <3
    2 tge weight is just so much. id do anything just to hold you one more time. just to feel you.
    1 i love you so much b and miss u forever till im there w u
    10 💔
    1 everyday b
    1 I miss you. 💔💙
    3 I was not ready to be alone, I miss you🖤💚
    1 u took a part of me i was a lil u and now im lost and in a bad place b please guide me
    1 i carry you in my soul! i miss you madly!
    1 I can't believe its been five months without you!! i miss you so damn much
    1 5 months still so new to b but it has felt like so long
    1 💔it doesnt get better
    1 bro i miss u 💔💙😭
    1 fuck. ğŸ˜ž
    1 b i love and miss so much tell jon hey for me i know yall watching over me rn
    1 u and jon are balling in pardise bro i miss yall i wanna b there
    11 🖤
    1 Tomorrow marks 6 months without you! I promise I do it all for you!💚🖤
    1 i cnat belive its been 6 months b i miss u kore and more omg help me
    1 I just miss you!! I love you so much!!💚🖤
    1 how i could use your soft kind ways right now!! 🖤💚
    1 Some days are just extremely hard without you here!! I love you💚🖤
    1 miss you so much B 💙
    2 I need ya spirit with me today my king💚🖤
    2 b save a good spot for me up there 🙏💙
    2 I love you so much!! I miss you so much! You’d be so proud💚🖤
    1 I miss you Brandon Lee💚🖤
    1 i miss u so much b everyday not a day pass i dont think of u
    1 trying to do better for u b
    2 💚🖤My king, I love you! I just wanna be with you🖤💚
    1 💚🖤 I love you, please watch over us😔😭
    2 You are missed so much!! A soul too kind for this evil world💚🖤
    3 B💔 not a day passes that you are missed!! 💚🖤 I love you!!
    1 imma do it for u b !! big things coming
    2 your everywhere. if you only new babe. 🖤 one day i hope to see you again
    1 loss of King turn your tears to gold !!!!
    1 my brothers keeper 🖤💙
    1 Happy Halloween my king💚🖤 we miss you so damn much!
    2 I love you, life hurts so much without your beautiful soul💚🖤
    1 You gave this earth such beauty, you are so loved an missed!!💚🖤 my king always!
    1 I just wish you knew how special you are.. I miss you madly💚🖤
    1 I hope you know how damn special you are!! I love you💚🖤
    1 theres still so much pain. 💔
    2 Brandon, please be with the girls today’s! We need you💚🖤
    2 💚🖤 I love you!💚🖤 thank you for giving me the best of you💔
    1 when will it not feel like yesterday. my heart has never felt so much pain. 💔
    1 i cant wait to see you again. not a day goes by, not a second your not on my mind.💔
    1 no matter what i do my mind does not ease.
    1 You are so missed BLR💚🖤 I love you, forever and always
    1 I try to live for you.. but nights like last night make it hard.. I need you💚🖤
    1 Everyday, I miss you more! I love you b💚🖤
    1 Life was beautiful with you!! I am so lucky to have all these years with you💚🖤 I miss you madly!
    1 i miss u sbe with me
    1 i miss u so much b 💔
    1 💔forever missed!! Never forgotten 💚🖤
    1 i missed so much today u have been on my mind so much i hope u flying high up there b
    1 I miss you so much. Wish you were to spit some of your wisdom on me. 💙💙
    1 💚what today would have gifted you🖤 I love you!! Miss you madly..
    1 i wish i could just talk to u 💔
    1 Not a day goes by that you missed, talked about or wanted.. I love you💚🖤
    2 id do anything to have you back. i cant wait, you have no idea love!
    2 Everyday all day it’s you I want!!💚🖤 my mf king😭 I love you
    2 I love you! Always and for ever! Even after the wheels fell off! 💚🖤 I miss you
    2 I just cant wait to see you again. 🖤
    2 The magic you gave this world is missing! I love you💚🖤💔
    1 💔 sometimes theres just so much that theres nothing i can say.
    1 everything, is you. 💔🖤
    2 the perfection in it was too much for the universe, i cant wait 4it again.
    2 What I wouldn’t give to feel your arms around me again💚🖤 forever my king💔I love you
    2 8 months without your beautiful soul💚🖤I love you
    7 🖤💔🖤
    2 💚just thinking of how much good was in our life🖤 I love you
    2 💜💚🖤 forever wasn’t long enough🖤💚💜
    1 i miss u so much i cant believe its been 8 months bro this shit is so hard save me a good spot ğŸ’¯ğŸ¤ž
    1 please watch over me and save me a good spot
    1 u will always live long within me ill forever keep your name alive as long as i live 💯
    2 I love you, and miss you like crazy💚🖤
    2 It’s 1:29am, I should be asleep but all I can do is think about you🦃💚🖤
    1 You should be here cooking with us, I miss you I love you🖤💚
    1 you are so loved, i miss you every second. still feels so inreal. 💔
    1 why? i just dont understand why.
    1 theres so manu things i question. you have no idea, this life is not real anymore.
    1 i just cant do this anymore💔
    1 I love you!💚🖤
    1 8 months 3 days and the pain is so strong💔💚🖤iloveyou
    1 if i keep my eyes closed...
    1 it was a hard day yesterday, but the sunset was beautiful next to you. thankyou!
    2 when will it not feel like yesterday? 💔🖤
    1 I miss you so deeply! I’ll never stop loving you💚🖤
    1 hqving a hard tome w out u
    1 i love you!
    1 time will never heal this for me 😭💔
    1 I love you!💚🖤 missing you madly
    1 Nothing is the same without you💚🖤 I love you
    1 the intensity if the pain from anger and sadness in body is unbaring. 💔
    1 my heart aches. everythingn breaks me down most days.
    1 i have so much anger for that dude that did this to u b i want justice so bad 😭😭💔
    1 I miss you so damn much💚🖤I love you forever and always
    1 I wish I could light your candle every time I visit this page 🖤💚
    3 sage misses you the most. 💜
    1 everyday. i love you beautiful!
    1 I just wish I could go back🖤💚
    1 i love you. 🖤
    1 what is life w out u
    1 i never thought i would have to go thru life w out u
    1 I just want my family back🖤💚
    2 theres just so much i want you to know, i hope that you new. i hope u were living you best life.
    1 e/t feels like yesterday, yet we r in December. these upcoming months, idk how much more i can💔
    1 i miss you so much b😔💔
    2 Not a moment passes you are thought of💚🖤 I love you
    2 Our one year an it kills my heart!! I just wanna be with you
    1 🖤🌻🖤
    2 i love you
    1 i wish i knew what to do now that your gone but ill mever forever lost and confused 💔
    3 🤍
    1 You are forever my king, I love you forever and always💚🖤
    1 i miss u so much you will forever live thru me
    1 sun up to sun down, i love you. 🖤
    1 gosh, Brandon Lee
    2 we all knew to go see u last night the sun set was so beautiful ty
    1 i miss u so much
    2 The love you have given is so clear, you are loved 💚🖤
    2 💚faautwfo🖤
    1 💚🖤I wish I would have just given in💔
    2 Everyday is a battle! I stay fighting because of you! I love you🖤💚
    1 🤍💔🤍
    1 there is just so much to be missed with you! 💔
    2 I miss you so much!! I love you forever and always!!
    3 i wish i would have walked out that door. 💔
    1 💚🖤I miss you madly💔 I just want you to tell me what I need to hear💔
    1 💚🖤 I love you💔 I know you are with us!
    1 Everyday... I miss you more! This pain doesn’t stop! I love you💚🖤
    1 i miss you, cant wait to wake up next to
    1 you. 🖤
    1 I love you!💚🖤 I hope the truth comes out!
    1 I miss you🖤💚 I just wish I could hold you!
    1 💚I love you🖤
    1 💚everyday it’s the story yet told🖤 I love you my king!
    1 I love you an miss you beyond what words can express!
    1 I love you Brandon Lee I miss you so damn much!! It’s you💚🖤
    1 💚🖤I love you, I just wanna go back
    2 🌻
    1 💚🖤 I love you faautfo
    1 Everyday, I am here lighting this candle! I love you!💚🖤
    1 nothing feels the same. i just cant walk away from that day.
    1 💔 im sorry
    1 My king💚🖤 I love you
    1 Just miss you!💚🖤
    1 What I wouldn’t do to have you back in my everyday🖤💚
    1 I wish I was waking up to you! I just miss you I love you🖤💚
    1 💚everyday, I am here cause I can’t hold you near. I love you🖤
    1 🖤🖤🖤 i love u
    1 How special you will always be!💚🖤 I love you
    1 never thought i would lose u always looked foward to growing old w u
    1 I wish this world would have known your magic like I have💚🖤 I love you
    1 I just wish you could be here, it’s your season love🖤💚
    1 The holidays are dark without your beautiful smile 🖤💚 I love you my king
    2 💜
    1 I just want you, the day should be spent with you! I love you💚🖤
    1 The holidays don’t feel the same without your excitement for Christmas 💔💚🖤
    1 Merry Christmas Love! 🤍
    1 I love you🖤💚 is just not the same
    1 Just sitting here listening to you say I love you on repeat next to you💔💚🖤
    1 merry christmas b it just anit the same w out u 💔💔💔💔😭😭
    1 i love and miss yu so much celebrate up there w nana and all them
    1 all i wanted for chriatmas was my brother 💔😭
    1 firat christmas w out bro and it anit the same at all 💔😭
    1 i hope heaven had a great christmas w u b nana and gma and mama and all them
    1 💔 its still just heartbreaking everyday...waking up without you.
    2 i miss u so much b
    1 💚🖤unconditionally I love you💚🖤
    1 I miss you always but more on days like this💚🖤💔
    1 Everyday it’s a hope this nightmare will end💚🖤I love you
    1 I just wanna close my eyes and feel this 💚🖤
    1 ugh, i was almost there. i love you!
    3 i miss u
    1 I love you always my king 💚🖤
    1 Them eyes, that smile... the pure heart.. you should be here 💔💚🖤
    2 i love u b
    1 Never a moment without you in my mind.
    1 I love you Brandon Lee Rednour💚🖤
    1 I miss you!! I love you!! Forever my king always a legend💚🖤
    1 I wish it was you I was kissing 💚🖤
    1 its just not ok, nothing! i cant find joy in anything, im so sorry love
    1 🖤💔🖤 this year def was the worst, i cant wait 2b w you!
    2 No one will ever understand the best life.. I just want it back💚🖤
    1 💚🖤01.01.21 just another day until I’m back in your arms
    1 I hold you to highest! I love you my king🖤💚
    1 doin it all for u b i love u
    1 Forever.. I love you💚🖤
    1 Forever and always!! I love you💚🖤
    1 I love you my king💚🖤
    1 Everyday you’re talked about, I will never let you fade💚🖤 I love you
    1 Forever you will be my king 💚🖤 I love you
    3 i miss u so much i had a dream about u last night
    1 i miss u b
    2 i love u
    1 i just want you back bro
    2 💚🖤 I wish I knew I was doing this right, I miss you so much I love you
    2 How I’d lay down my life to get a moment with you💚🖤 I love you forever!
    1 Missing you always B.
    1 Forever my king, I love you and miss you madly 💚🖤
    1 your everywhere, always. 💔
    1 the weight of somedays, i ache to see you. 🖤
    2 The best life lived was with you💚🖤 I love you
    1 theres so much to say, but i only want to say it to you! i know youd 🖤 that
    2 That man took so much when he took your life 💚🖤 I love you!
    1 I miss you every single day, B. I will never be able to comprehend this. 🥺
    1 I just want to hear you, feel you.. fuck I miss you💚🖤
    1 One day, we will finish what we started💚🖤
    1 💚🖤I love you 💚🖤
    1 💚🖤goodnight my blue eyed angel🖤 I love you💚
    1 Forever you are the one 💚🖤 I love you
    1 💚🖤forever I will speak your name, show your face.. because you live on through us I love you
    1 You are so missed.. fuuuuuuck!! I just want to be back in your arms💚🖤
    1 💚🖤 forever I’ll scream justice for B I love you
    1 i miss u b forever thinking about u
    2 💚🖤 I have never felt so much hurt I love you
    1 💚🖤 this world is dark since you left 💚🖤I love you
    1 💚🖤I wish I could just go back, I’d do it all so different with you I love you💚🖤
    1 I just want to be with you 💚🖤
    1 💚🖤 I love you
    1 i love u so much and miss u
    1 come back 😫
    1 i cant belive its been 10 months 💔💔💔😭😭😭😭
    1 still stuck in the aame day w the same emotions and feelings it will never go away
    1 I have anxiety so much so much anger i just miss u
    1 you! 💜
    1 you gave me so much light, 💔
    1 It’s been 10 months and you are missed more everyday I love you
    1 💚🖤faautfo💚🖤
    1 💚🖤 you’re so loved, we miss you madly💚🖤
    1 🌻🖤🌻
    1 💚🖤forever and always my king🖤💚 I love you
    1 i love u 💙
    1 💚morning night and all day I’m checking this page🖤 I love you
    1 💚🖤 everyday, I love you! Until I’m back in your arms again💚🖤
    2 🖤👑🖤
    1 i miss u so much b more then anyone will ever know 💙💔
    1 everyone is suffering, i hate to see it! im sorry! 🖤💔🖤
    1 everything just breaks my heart! 💔🖤 im so sorry!
    1 I love you forever my king💚🖤 please be with me today!! Big changes are coming love💚🖤
    1 💚🖤I love you B💚🖤
    1 i know that was you!! your amazing 🖤 i miss you the most!
    1 💚🖤 I love you.. please guide me💚🖤
    2 .. still marking off our goals.. I WILL MAKE YOU PROUD💚🖤
    1 💚🖤chin up chest out.. we beasting today💚🖤 I love you my king
    1 i cant fucking believe this 💔
    1 i misss u so much bro
    1 im ready to be w u
    1 i hope u saved me a good spote
    1 im coming
    1 💚🖤 I love you my king💚🖤
    1 💚🖤I miss you madly.. so do the girls💔 we love you so much 💚🖤
    1 💚🖤 when I dream of you, I can feel you.. I love you b💚🖤
    1 I often wonder if it’s your voice waking me up at 3💚🖤 you can visit me always, I miss you my king
    1 02.05.21 I just wish I was doing this with you... Forever you are loved my King
    2 💚🖤 I just wish I could go back.. and to think it’s almost been a year.. fuck B!! I love you
    1 💚🖤I love you Brandon Lee Rednour💚🖤
    1 i love u b i miss u 💙💔
    1 i miss u b everyday is for u
    1 i love you! 🖤
    1 💚🖤 never fails B.. I love you and miss you a madly💚🖤
    1 forever thinking about u
    1 you are loved! 🖤
    1 i love hearing your name! Brandon Lee Rednour! always on my mind 🖤
    2 🖤💚 to hear your voice, ever so randomly.. damn my guy.. I love you💚🖤
    1 I love you💚🖤 forever my king 2.10 5.17
    1 forever wasnt long enough 💔 it couldnt have been better! what id do to go back! 🖤
    2 was the best feeling n the 🌏 will 4ever desire 2 have those energies once more
    2 BAE 💚💜🖤
    1 B.. I need you more then ever.. 💚🖤 I love you..
    1 How close I am to giving in💚🖤 I just want to be with you😩 no one even knows 💔
    3 I love you! 💔
    1 I choose you over everything 💚🖤
    1 💚🖤forever it’s SadBoi forever it’s us.. I love you Brandon💚🖤
    1 I love you! 🖤
    1 Damn! 💔
    1 Goodnight my king🖤💚 I love you!
    2 Everyday living is the worst than the last! 💔
    2 There’s nothing more that I want to see than the light in your eyes. 2feelthatfeeling🖤
    1 How many nights I cry in silence alone, no one understands! 💔🖤 our vibe, since day 1: in all
    2 Gd, y did u walk out that 🚪, I wish it was me, no one would have missed me! I’m sorry
    1 💚🖤I can’t sleep knowing all this.. I just want you 💚🖤
    1 💚🖤we keep your name alive 💚🖤I love you my king
    1 Forever! 🤍
    1 💚🖤 you are so beyond missed!! You have touched so many souls 💚🖤
    1 2.16 what I wouldn’t do to go back to this day last year💔💚🖤
    2 Brandon Lee 🖤
    1 BLR 💝 I love you, til we meet again my sweet boy!
    1 💚🖤I love you.. I miss you madly!!💚🖤
    1 2.17💚🖤2.25 just sitting here looking at our memories from last year💔 miss you my love!
    1 2.17💚always on my mind🖤10.57
    1 💚such an amazing soul, kind and so gentle🖤 I love you B 2.18
    1 i love you b 💙
    1 i miss u so much bro u have no idea everyday is for u i love u
    1 save a good spot for me 🖤💙
    1 I love you 💔
    1 Bella and I spend so much time kissing your pictures 💚🖤 your missed
    1 💚🖤 forever I love you, until I’m back in your arms💚🖤
    7 .💔.
    1 everyday is not the same w out u 💔
    3 -💔-
    2 I just wish I could fall asleep and wake up where we was.. 💚🖤
    1 🖤💚
    1 Every second! 💔
    1 💚🖤hopefully those yellow flowers last💚🖤 I love you
    1 ‘💔’
    1 Forever we will scream JUSTICE FOR BRANDON!! Just wait babe we coming for it💚🖤
    1 i love u b ğŸ’™ğŸ˜ž
    1 💔 everyday is for u watch over me please
    1 i cant believe tmorrow is 11 months 💔💔💔💔💔💔😭😭😭😭
    1 i miss u 💔💙
    1 02.24.21💚🖤 I just miss you.. what I wouldn’t do for you my king💚🖤
    1 i miss u so much b i cant believe this shit
    1 I am not ready to see a year without you my king 💔💚🖤
    2 this isnt real or right 💔
    1 BLR 💙
    1 !💔!
    1 Here soon I hope to escape from existence! 💔
    1 💚🖤forever I will fight for this life that you deserve💚🖤
    1 💚🖤oh my king how I could I lay with you and just be okay💚🖤
    1 .🖤💔🖤.
    1 sometimes i get weird thoughts i wish they would just go away 💔💔💔
    1 watch over me 💙💔
    1 💚🖤 you are the light that pushes us to do better💚🖤 I love you
    1 💚🖤day an night my king💚🖤

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