Roger Kenneth Pindell, age 26

Lost to gun violence on December 29, 2019 in Columbus, Ohio.

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  • Nickname:
    29 Red Head Rogg
    14 Ginger
    18 Big Rog
    22 RugerRog❤
    7 white kong
    27 Loving, Caring, Repectfully And A Good Friend GONE For NO Reason Love You Bro.
    9 RKP
    4 best buddy 💙
    5 Sapo
    4 My Dawg 💙
    7 uncle rog❤
    4 😇LOSER 🥰 F
    5 big bro Rog
    5 bubby .
    5 rog from wexico
    6 OG..❣️ Dad Loves & Misses you Everyday 😭
    1 Bubba 🤍
  • Number of children:
    13 god dad of A'Riella ❤️
    2 Harlee's god dad💜
  • Personality:
    35 The best ever .
    21 funny
    10 out going
    12 loving
    9 kind hearted ❤️
    9 loving, open minded, never doubted anything
    9 amazing friend and awesome soul💙
    5 a fun person
    5 you will for ever have a part of my soul
    2 loveing , Caring , Supportive , Always Kept it Real W You Right Or wrong
    6 intelligent
    6 Wise
    3 Respectful
    3 loved his family always made sure they where safe
    4 The Realest 💕
    3 warmhearted, caring,
    2 protector
    2 Genuinely loved
    6 Nobody got a heart like this man do 💙
    6 best uncle anyone could ask for❤🥺
    3 he was such a kind soul.
    1 So generous
    1 Time hasnt healed nothing. if anything i miss you more than o did 3 years ago. i love you bub
    1 punky and baby boy talk about uncle Rog. we all miss you.
  • Occupation:
    12 Legend
    3 loved his people
    2 Peace maker
  • Workplace:
    4 Goodyear
  • Schools attended:
    9 briggs
  • Comments:
    8 he was the best always made the best out of nothing.
    9 he was always such a baby .. he was always goofy and lit up the worst situations ... LONGLIVEROGER.
    4 he was one in a million sweet young man
    4 always making sure the kids got a smile on his face, i love you dawg 😞❤️!
    5 such a beautiful soul ❤️
    5 💙💙💙
    12 Ruger Rog, He was so goofy, I miss him already, RIP Roger We love you watch over all of us 🙏🏽😔
    7 rip roger ❤️🤞🏻
    3 rest easy Roger u will be missed but never forgotten💙💕💯😘
    5 Always Changed Everyones Mood 😓 Long Live Rog 🕊
    2 my dawg . i love you forever brother . watch over us
    3 rip rodger ill miss you forever ill see you one day this doesnt seem right 😭
    1 neighborhood hero
    3 love you nephew ..always.. tio and tia Mendoza
    6 Roger would take the shirt off his back for anyone he loved.
    1 nabbo
    1 roger dodger
    2 We love you rog! The white jesus😂💙
    1 chicago ave
    2 I love you roger. you were so sweet. ill miss you for the rest of my life
    2 I love you Rog💔 forever my baby🤞🏻
    3 I love you roger❤️❤️🙏🏽 big brother
    3 Kobe will know who you are💙
    1 big deams and bigger heart
    1 love you big rog rest high man we will miss you deeply
    20 my only son you were so sweet and kind a part of my heart is gone
    1 i still check my phone everyday just yo see you sweet face just so i could say i love you
    1 he cared about everyone around him thats what made him special always loved and forever remembered
    2 I miss you so much
    1 i miss you Roger. i will lite a candle for you everyday 💔😭
    2 i miss you so much roger. 💔💔💔💔
    3 one of the most caring ppl , would literally give the shirt off his back . 💔💔 RIP Rog ! 💙
    1 ilooooveyu a mollion times i cant explain how hard loosen yu is too me 💋💔😭
    1 RIP Rog, Youre Forever Gonna Be Missed 💙💙😢
    2 i love you i miss you forever and a day bub 💔😭
    1 i miss you youd be so happy of all the support
    2 there will never be a day I don't think about you
    2 I love you Roger Kenneth 💕💔
    1 💔💔💔
    2 iloveyu roger ❤️
    1 i love you roger. i miss you so much. its still so unbelievable .
    1 this shit aint fair. i love you so much rog
    1 I wish this was all a dream, i miss you rog 😓💔💔💔
    1 my brother from another mother real shit love you rog
    1 iloveyu to the heavens an back 💋imissyu rog💔
    1 😭😭 i need you here with me rog
    1 you are always n forever missed r.i.p rodger😭💔🕊
    1 iloveyu handsome
    2 i miss you so much rog
    1 i love you roger so much
    2 Everyday bub. Ill light a candle for you everyday 💔
    1 i miss you more and more everyday
    2 love you MORE ALWAYS
    1 love you
    1 RKP forever!
    2 Iloveyou big RED 🔥
    1 Roger was the light of the party 💙 missed so much man
    1 I miss you so much😭
    2 my best friend FOREVER
    1 I love you baby , my beautiful ginger 💙 youll forever be in my heart 👼🏻🕊
    1 IloveYou Roger ❤️ and miss you mire than you will ever know! 😓
    2 i miss you roger so much. i cant wait to see you again.
    2 happy 27th birthday Rog ..
    2 Happy Bithday. i miss you so much. its so unreal. have a good one up there. 😭😭
    1 Happy birthday Bayyyybee iloveyu
    1 happy birthday honkey kong
    2 i miss you rog and so does maccy sooo much. 💔💔
    1 I will miss you forever
    2 I love you always - Delrena 🤞🏽💙
    1 2 months and my life will never be the same without you. i miss you.
    4 I love you always and forever-MOM
    1 miss you rog its like ill never be able to live without thinking of you♥️🥺😭
    2 You’re so loved and you’ll never stop being loved and missed
    2 thinkin bout you today fam. glad i gotta go see you yesterday. hustle in peace brother .
    1 rip rog i miss you big bro
    1 hey rog🥺 been missing you lately just stopping by. i miss and love you!
    1 miss you Rog!
    1 5732 ..26 forever
    1 Everytime i come to this page i lose my breath . watch over us
    1 keep looking out for us we love and miss you
    2 Happy Easter, love you
    1 still doesnt get easier, you not being here. I love and miss you Red
    1 miss ya rog
    1 i love you roger ❤
    2 I miss you 😢💔
    1 R.I.H Rog you were one of those rare people that everyone loved
    3 my soulmate as you would say...
    1 i miss you so much 😭 Wish you could visit today. 😢
    1 love you brother - vell
    1 i love you
    1 da real miss you down here 🧡
    1 Ill find you in the shadows 🤞🏽 - RD
    2 I think of you everyday, i love you so much, mom
    1 RiP to a young handsome king 👑
    1 everyday I will miss you so much💙
    1 Thinking of you brother 🥺 I love you sm ❤️
    1 rip sadly 💔 missed never forgotten
    1 I love you sm rog one day well meet again 😭 right or wrong forever my dawg 🤞🏻💙
    1 RKP💙RDG 🙇🏽‍♀️🦋 forever and always . i will find you in the shadows ..
    1 i love you and miss you sm rog
    2 i wish we lived in a different world where we could come see you
    1 you are still my best friend forever and always 🤞
    1 youll never be forgotten. i reminisce on our memories daily
    1 how could we not save our neighborhood hero 😭💔
    1 i miss you. things would be so different rn if you were still here.
    1 i love you so much 😭
    3 I miss you more and more everyday, love mom
    1 gone but never forgotten 🥺🖤
    2 i miss you rog. thinking of you today 😭💔
    1 thinking of you like i do everyday. miss you more than words can say💔💙
    1 Forever screaming your name❤️
    1 i miss you 😭
    1 shelley mendoza
    1 I hate seeing your face on this page you neph
    1 i love you roger 💔
    2 legends never die 😭💔
    1 happy late thanksgiving uncle rog💗 hope you seen all thw food me and mom cooked🤧💗
    2 ILoveYou Rog 🖤🙏🏼
    2 missing you more and more each day 💔
    2 Merry Christmas 🥀💞😭
    1 sitting here reminiscing Rog 🥴😕 a whole year almost 😒 smh 🙇🏽‍♀️ i love you
    1 whole year without you rog😔💔 just know we will never forget you ☝🏽💙💙 -HRR
    1 i love you and i miss you sm-kiki💗😭
    2 gm neph ..hope you have a great day xoxo 1-25-2021
    1 I love you, forever , Mom
    1 miss you every day
    1 I love you and miss you everyday 💙🦍
    1 good morning, I love you 😘
    2 not a day goes by that my heart isn't broken, I love you. mom
    5 solid dude the westside lost a legend. rest up g
    1 i miss you Roger i love you 😭💙
    1 what a life to take, what a bond to break, ill forever be missing you
    1 Missing You Bad Today Right Or Wrong Forever My Dawg 🤞🏻💙- Pieface
    2 good morning my baby, I love and miss you so much 🦍💙
    1 I light one up for u everyday. rip king
    1 i miss you roger. i love you.
    2 If we go down , we go down together forever 🥺😩💔
    1 I miss you 💙🦍
    1 always thinking of you 💙🦍💔
    1 missing you today and everday - Momma Heather
    2 i miss you a lot i love you so much-nadi
    1 Love and miss you more than all the stars 🎯🙇🏽‍♀️ -RD
    1 Make sure you stop by babies bday I’ll know you’re there 🙏🏽
    1 i wish we could have 5 more minutes 💔
    2 missing you more and more everyday. mom
    1 miss you bub
    1 i wish heaven had a phone
    2 he was 26! he didnt deserve this ,
    1 I love and miss you
    1 real ass dude taken for no reason but some envy smh
    1 I love you 💙
    1 I love you 💙🦍
    1 always and forever in my heart
    1 I know heaven has a whole section up there waiting
    1 i miss you everyday of my life bro 💔
    1 my baby my only son I can't describe what it feels to not have you here
    1 thinking of you today. love you kid
    1 riah said " Hi Roger " 🥺 first time she really said your name
    1 it seems like forever since I got to hug and kiss you. I miss you
    2 show pooch the ropes up there. until I see you both I love you💙
    1 long live rog🥹❤️
    1 #LLR
    1 I miss you Roger 🫶🏻
    2 i miss you more than you know man , keep Daedae w you 🙇🏽‍♀️ watch over our babies
    1 we love and miss you Rog 💙 #ThugInParadise 🫶🏼
    3 youre one of the top pages of ALL TIME my baby 🫠🫶🏽🫶🏽💙 we miss you down here SO BAD
    1 we miss you even more as time passes , be with momma during these holidays 💙🫶🏽 we love you
    2 LLR! 🖤
    2 long live my dawg Roger
    2 Codak harding
    1 words do no justice on how much i miss you . ILY forever and ever
    1 Every year i think " itll be better " every year its not .
    1 I seen the newspaper and now I can’t breath. I miss you beyond words bubba.
    1 Less then 100 letters? How am I supposed to explain it.
    1 I want you back here.
    1 Hey bubba. I visited momma amber yesterday. We cried. We laughed.
    1 I will come back every day I can and light a candle and write a message bc that’s all I can do.
    1 💔.
    1 I miss you a little more today. 💙
    1 I miss you today bubba. 🧡
    1 I love you ❤️‍🩹
    1 I just remembered when I woke up on the floor in mommas house and yo7
    1 I just remembered when I woke up to doughnuts from you.
    1 ❤️
    2 Roger Antoine Jones y’all left us but we live an miss you dearly
    2 Roger didn’t kn you but you was love so much here
    2 Roger you and my son Twan keep blessing Us here we miss an love you both..
    1 We miss you down here 😕
    1 forever in my 💙
    1 Happy Glo Day Lil Roger
    3 Happy Birthday Son, I Love & Miss You more with each passing day..❣️😭
    1 Happy late birthday rog 🥹
    1 I miss you and I’ve been thinking about you 😔💙
    2 😭❣️I miss you Son
    1 missing you like crazy
    1 one more day for one of your favorite days miss you so much
    1 I miss you extremely today.
    1 we need you more than ever
    1 i wonder do they know you showed me all they titties 😂😂😂 i miss you man 😩 so bad
    1 I love you forever 🤕
    1 ilove you brother
    2 Always in my thoughts, Always in my day, Forever in My Heart ❣️ I Love & Miss You Son🐰❣️😔
    2 My heart will forever be broken until we meet again

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