Lou'Quavious "PNF" Raymon Balfour, age 18

Lost to gun violence on December 19, 2019 in Memphis, Tennessee.

Died December, 21st.

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  • Nickname:
    3 Quavo
    1 i love you nephew
  • Number of children:
    2 0 children-I am his Grandmother(Wesceta Phelps Fletchef).
  • Personality:
    4 funny loving smart silly handsome loved
    2 Daring, forgiving, heart of gold
  • Occupation:
    1 Loved Rapping his own songs!
  • Workplace:
  • Schools attended:
    3 Douglas
    9 Craigmont High
    2 Hollywood Success Academy
  • Comments:
    17 I miss you everyday want some get bac but vengeance is mines said The Most High
    3 I Miss You So Much Fav
    2 Fly High Big Bruh
    1 Loving u 4Ever
    3 I Love You Stanka LLMyGangsta
    5 QLO
    4 I wish I could hug u 1 more time
    1 damn r.i.p man💔
    2 Love u bby💙😘
    2 Missing u everyday
    4 PNF Forever I gotcha mane 💙
    4 You were special, they hated that.
    1 Never thought you'd leave me mane 🥺
    1 i love you 🥺
    3 I love and miss you so much nephew
    3 😭💔😭💔😘😘
    6 PaidNFull forever Bra, Ima make sure they kno bout PNF!!! 💙🕊
    1 Love you cousin 💙
    1 i miss you dawg gone but not forgotten watch over me these streets aint where its st dawg 💔
    1 truly missed i love you
    1 Elementary,Middle,and High School Krip in Peace Dawg💔
    1 Ayeeeeee, Missing ya big bra... PnF gone live forever
    1 PaidNFull forever Bra, Ima make sure they kno bout PNF!!! 💙
    2 Miss ya big Cuzz - Baby G
    4 You were special, they hated that and they wanted to be like you. - Baby G
    2 PNF307 2 da world blow
    3 I love you
    10 My 1st born, Love u bby😘
    2 Lou'Quavious Raymon Balfour was my first botn Grandson and my daughter's 1st born.
    3 He was shot on 12-18-19. He dies 12-21-19. He will live on in my heart.
    1 You are truly missed. This still seems so unreal. I love you nephew.
    1 I love you fc💙💙
    2 I Miss You So Much🥺I Cry Everytime I Think Of You💔I Love You Forever Lou’Quavious💙
    1 ☹️ forever cous i love you 4l
    2 pnf for life
    1 Long Live You Big bro
    1 PNF 4️⃣ Ever mane
    3 My oldest Grandchild. He died 12-21-19. Mr. PaidNFull🙏🏽
    1 It's not a day that goes by that I don't think of you.😢
    2 I miss my Baby sooo much. He would have graduated this school year 2020.😪
    4 He never saw this coming. A so called friend pulled the trigger. Everybody ain't your friend.🥴
    2 Long Live Bo-Mr. PaidNFull.🥰
    1 Your family misses you so much Quavo.😢
    4 I miss u cuhh💔🥺
    2 Your Grandmother-Wesceta Phelps Fletcher missed you so much. You were my company keeper Quavo!❤️
    2 Quavo-you were my riding, shopping, eating company keeper. Love Grandma!🥰
    2 My house is so lonely and quiet without you Quavo.😢😪
    2 If I could turn back the hands of time-I would still have my oldest grandchild.💔
    2 Life will NEVER be the same without you Quavo. Grandma is incomplete without you.🥴
    2 You will live forever in my heart-Love Grandma.🥰
    2 I will tell your story soon Quavo. GOD saw it all. Justice will prevail. Love Grandma.😪
    1 i love u 🥺
    6 Folks didn't fwu when u was here quavo now dey wanna fwu 💙
    4 Yo lil brother losing it, live on bruh 3️⃣💙🕊
    2 Gone, but Never forgotten! Love Grandma!💔
    1 3's up to our days up.. LLQ3️⃣
    3 I miss you on a daily basis Baby. Love Grandma-Wesceta Phelps Fletcher.😢
    1 Just thinking about Love as always.... Loving u 4EVEr
    1 💔😭😘😘
    2 NO ONE can EVER take your place😢😪.
    3 My GOD-please continue to my daughter the courage and strength to make it one day at a time.🙏🏽
    4 Miss Kitty Loving Yourself Phelps-GOD got this! Love MOM❤️🙏🏽🥰.
    1 7-13-01 🥺🕊♿️
    1 122119
    1 Quavo-we will never understand why this happened to you.
    1 We do not know how someone can kill another person in cold blood.
    2 i can never stop thinking about you. You were my first born Grandchild.💔
    1 You will live on inside of each one of your family members.
    1 Missing my Baby like crazy. He did not deserve this.
    1 Long Live Bo! 071301-122119🙏🏽
    1 💙🛄3️⃣
    1 Class of 2020 Grad🎊🎉 I'm so proud of u😘😘
    1 GOD gave you something better than a cap and gown. He dressed you in a Crown and Robe. PNF Baby!
    2 Lou'Quavious Raymon Balfour-Class of 2020-Craigmont High School!
    1 Hi Quavo!
    5 Hi Quavo-Grandma is now working on your senior portraits.🙏🏽🤗
    2 I miss you so much-but I feel that you are resting peacefully.😴
    1 My God, my God. I'm trying my best to be strong😭😭
    1 PNF Lou and your mother picked up your Diploma today!🥰🙏🏽🤗❤️🎈🎊🎉
    1 My oldest grandchild. 😪😢
    1 I'm still in disbelief. Love
    1 3️⃣'s forever dawg
    2 It is not a day that goes by that I do not think about you.💔
    1 July 13, 2020-Happy Heavenly Birthday!🎉🎁🎁😍🎂
    2 Happy Birthday Lou’Quavious🥺I Love You And I Miss You So Much Stank😭071301 PNF💙
    1 Happy Heavenly BDay My LOVE💙😘
    1 I just want u bac😫💔
    1 Love You forever 3️⃣
    2 Its PnF 4ever
    2 PnF gone be forever
    1 Always respectful and loved his family RIP!! gone to soon!
    1 💔😭🙏🤧
    1 I miss you everyday lil cuzz3xs I think about you everyday rest up till we meet again😭🎼
    1 7-13-01 Gang ♿️
    2 😘💕🙏💙
    3 Everybody out here switching sides so Ian trusting nun bo 🕊3️⃣
    2 Forever in my heart.❤️ Love Grandma!😢
    2 It's crazy, but you still have haters, smh....
    2 This has been such a hard month. Holidays will NEVER be the same💔🙌
    1 It just keeps getting harder. Still in disbelief. I hope you are resting well my Love
    1 💙🛄
    3 We our only brothers...
    2 Merry Christmas PaidNFull!😭
    1 I Love you forever and always💔💔 I will Never be the same without you
    1 💔😭🕊💙
    1 Mr. Lou'Quavious Raymond PaidNFull Balfour family holiday. 12-21 of each year.
    1 Granny Weaceta Phelps Fletcher misses you so much. I will always love you!🥰
    1 You will always be my 1st born Grandchild.💙❤️
    1 Words can never express the void that was left in my heart the day you died.😥
    1 Happy New Year 1st born🤞💙🙌😘
    1 🕊💙
    1 In my heart always❤️. Love Granny-My number 1-first birn Grandchild.💙
    1 my 1st born grandchild-Gone to soon. But GOD!🙏🏾
    1 I love you lil cuz3xs imy everyday I'ma push pnf till I see you again then ima give it bac to you
    1 i love you nephew 💙💙💙
    1 💙3️⃣
    1 💔🤞💔😭😘😘
    1 love you 3️⃣ forever us nobody else 💙🛄
    1 😡💔🤧🤞
    1 😡😇🕊😭💔🙏
    1 I miss u sooo much Love💔😇😡🤞
    1 🤞🙏🕊🤧
    2 It be yo own ppl
    1 PnF 2 da end 🥷🛄
    1 Happy Cday Mr. PnF 7/13 '21 💙🕊
    1 Happy Birthday 1st born🤞😭🙌💔💪😘🕊😇
    1 🙏🕊💙😘🤞💪
    2 You got Binky up there with you now😭💔💙🙏
    1 🎱💙
    2 I miss u Handsome 1st born🙏💙😘🕊
    1 Missing u my Love🕊💔💙😘
    2 🙏😘💪🕊
    1 I am proud to be your Grandmother. My little soldier!🙏🏾
    2 Gone too soon🙏😡💔😭
    2 😭😡🙏🙌🕊😭😡
    2 Merry Christmas 1st born🤞🙌😘🙏
    2 🙏💔😡💪🤞😭
    7 These folks still hating on you, smh..
    9 Trust NO One......
    1 Today has been bitter sweet 🥳😇🙌😭
    1 I miss& Love u sooo much😭💔
    1 Loosing a child is the worst pain EVER 😭💔😭💔
    3 We gone reunite real soon 3️⃣
    3 Oh no, who is this talking about reuniting soon😢
    1 Stay prayed up loves together we will make it through this pain😘💙
    1 😢💔🙏🙌😭
    2 Seem like everybody forgetting about you, just know yo brother aint forgot #PnF3️⃣
    2 I shall not trust a soul Quavo 🥷
    1 My life will Never be the same 💔😇😭🙌
    1 I love you 3L bro💙💙💙
    1 Everything I do is for you. 💙 Keep watching over yo lil brother I gotcha forever 💙
    1 Continue to watch over your lil brother Love🙏🙌
    1 It’s crZy how you not here to celebrate my birthday wimme. Keep praying fa me Bo
    1 I’m down here going through it in silence, pray fa me Bo💙3️⃣
    1 7 13
    1 3️⃣💙 PnF301 all the way to the grave 3️⃣💙
    1 Your 21st Birthday is approaching & I'm not ok🙏😭💔😘
    1 Your name will 4Eva Live On..💯🤞
    1 Your 21st Celebration was EveRyThing🎊😇💙🤞😘🎉
    2 I miss u soooo much Love😭😇 Keep watching over us💙😇😘🙌
    2 Living in my last days 💔💔🕊
    2 My life stopped when I lost you
    2 I’m prepared for whatever 😈🌪 keep resting boy yo lil brother love you.
    2 cant nobody claim PnF nomo 💙 nun of em waa riding witcha
    2 falling out wit whoever behind yo name 3️⃣
    3 Check me out Bo, I’m doing it 💙 it’s all for you 💔💔💔 keep watching me
    3 So much pain behind my smiles I love you 3L n**** 💙💔🕊
    4 Keep watching Bo 💙
    4 I love you dude 💙
    4 So much pain and anger behind my smiles 💙🥹
    4 💔💔💔💔💔💔
    4 Just come talk to me Quavo.
    4 Quavo, you're boy doing it for U. Got that cap& gown🤝💙🤞😘
    8 You have your lil bro now💔😭 y'all please watch over me😭🙏
    5 I love y'all 🤞🤝💔😇😇🙏
    3 Who would have known that Lou’Q would do that? You have your Brother now. Take care of him.🙏🏾
    3 It is a Cold World.😥
    2 💔😭💔😭I miss my boys😭😭
    2 Ts hurts so bad😭😭😭
    2 It hasn't been easy for me at all, but I'm doing my best to stay strong for y'all 😭💔
    2 The candle that I light daily will now be for both of y'all 💔💙
    2 Ts is crazy, like Really, smh.. Both my boys are gone💔💔
    1 Missing my boys.. Love y'all 4ever
    1 I miss and love the both of you do much. Rest on my 2 Prince!😥
    2 😭You got each other now. Life is different without you. Rest on 1 & 3 Grandchildren.🙏🏾
    1 Today marks 3 years since you transitioned home. You will NEVER be FORGOTTEN!😭
    1 Rest on Bo! Kiss Louq for me. I pray tha you both are together in GOD'S loving arms!🥰
    1 Merry Christmas My Boys 💙💙
    1 I Love & Miss y'all 😘💙😘💙🙌🙏
    1 Why me Lord, why ME💔😭
    1 I will never stop loving the 2 of you!💯🙏🏾🥰😭
    1 LouQ I wish you would've told me😭 Losing both of y'all is unbearable💔💔
    1 Long live the Lou'Q Boys. You will forever be in my heart.🙏🏾💯🥰
    1 TS hurts beyond explanation 💔😭💔😭
    1 Nights are the hardest for me. 💔😭😇😇
    1 Happy Valentine's Day my Handsome Boys. I Love Y'all 💙🙌😇🤞
    1 Life will never be the same without you two.💙🙏🏾
    1 I Love & miss y'all so much😘💙🙌💪
    1 My soul is so empty 💔💔. My Forever Angels 😇😇
    2 Ma loves & miss y'all so much. My 4ever boys😭😇😭💔
    2 It's 4ever Us💯🤝 #PNF# 💙💙 #boymom#
    1 💔😭💔😭🙌🙌😇😇
    1 😭😭😭😭😭😭
    1 Ma love & miss y'all sooo much. I gt Soo much to tell y'all💔😭🙏😘
    1 Ts is, the hardest thing I've ever had to endure. Y'all come see me😭💔😭💔
    1 Uuggg, my life will NEVER be the same without y'all 😭😭😭😭
    1 Ya'll have NOT been forgotten. Ya'll will ALWAYS live through me😇🤝🙌😘
    1 My boys, my boys, my heartbeats. Sleep on my babies. I will see you again. Love Grandma.💙
    1 It is not a day that goes by that I do not talk to you two. My bodyguards are gone. 🙏🏾💙 Grandma
    1 Ma Loves & Miss ya'll... If only ya'll knew, smh😭😡🙌🤝
    1 I kno ya'll kno. LouQ, this is what you were waiting on 💯
    1 1st born you can get some rest now.. You and your lil bro💪👐🤝🙌
    2 Thanking GOD for the years that he allowed us to enjoy you! Lord why was his time cut short?🙏🏾
    1 I love my boys so much! PNF Quavo and PNF Louq. You will live forever through me-Grandma.
    2 I miss y'all so much. I know that you are in a better place.🙏🏾🥰
    1 💔🤧💔🤧😘😘
    1 Uugghgg😭💔😭💔 tonight is one of those nights 😘😘
    1 💙🤧🙏🤝😢😘
    1 I Love & Miss ya'll soon much😓😭😢💔

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