Ramiro Valdez, age 17

Lost to gun violence on August 4, 2019 in Wichita, Kansas.

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  • Nickname:
    14 cuhhh
    7 Romeo
    9 miro❤️
    10 Miro❤️❤️
    2 baby Miro
    5 lil miro
    3 Romero
    2 Junior
  • Number of children:
    5 always brought light to my days miro 🙏🏽
    18 violence gotta stop
    2 no children
  • Personality:
    9 adventurous outgoing onrey happy big ❤
    7 Brother
    3 one of a kind. nobody else is like you
    5 he was always sweet an funny I'ma always cherish the good memories me an Miro had ❤️
    3 raamiro was very comical as a little boy could always make us laugh
    12 Outgoing, had a very good sense of humor, very confident, caring and respectful.
    4 such a great guy
    4 Sorry for your loss of such a handsome soul!
    3 Silly all the time and very outgoing.
    2 so sweet an goofy❤️
    2 sweet an kind
    4 Unforgettable
    3 Always smiling and happy !!
    3 HUMBLE.
    2 Never Judged, Stay Happy
    3 Someone you can Trust
    2 Someone you can always count on to be there for you
    2 silly soul
    2 smart
    2 loyal
  • Occupation:
    7 landscaping Mc dondalds
    2 Trustworthy
  • Workplace:
    3 love you ramiro miss you lots
  • Schools attended:
    5 Earhart
    6 North High Redskin
    6 allison
    2 park
    2 cloud
  • Comments:
    7 he was a very nice person!❤️
    6 You taught me to humble myself.. Thank you for making me a better person
    6 Real ass n**** wit a bright future, He's watching over us❤
    5 missing you dawg 😓😓 wish i could bring you back 😢
    6 Strong Minded Young Man Very Family Oriented and LOVED HIS TRUCK!!💙 RIP BABYCUZ
    3 i miss you so much ramiro you will forver be in my heart😥♥️
    4 he was so funny,nice and so respectfull and was so loved from so much ❤️
    3 i miss you so much ramiro you will forever be in my heart♥️
    2 we'll always remember you 🖤
    7 The Ondiados Truck Club misses guero so much 💔 you will always be a part of our team 😭
    3 he will always and forever be that lil baby that lil boy love love love
    3 enciende la luz de la paz del amor al projimo del respeto ala paz
    3 much respect g 💯💯💥🚀
    2 from lu~clika shit 💥💥🚀🚀
    2 I miss you so much I appreciate everything you did for me I will always love you❤️
    2 prayers from down here 💯💥🚀
    3 i miss you so much miro watch over all your loved ones
    2 love u boy forever
    2 I miss you more and more everyday 💔 miss ur goofy laugh ..
    2 Love you with all my heart.. Watch over your sisters Miro They miss you so much i bet..
    2 Can't wait to see you again 😣💔
    3 I love you Miro ❤️
    2 We love you and keep you and the memories in our hearts cara
    2 didnt know miro but rest up☝️💕
    2 think of you everyday .. love and miss Ramiro... "our Baby"}
    2 i miss you so bad baby 😭😭 im so heartbroken
    3 he was an amazing guy with a big heart 😓❤️
    5 he loved to be silly
    2 we love you
    2 i loved u yesterday. i love you today. i will always love you❤
    2 miss his laugh .. miss his laughter
    6 lighting a candle to give your mother some Comfort❣️😘
    4 Someone you can always count on. BOE
    2 my heart is hurt 💔 FOE in life and death
    2 Miro was so goofy and full of life. I miss him every day. we all do. fly high🖤
    3 May you rest in peace Ramiro
    3 Missing you always I love you
    2 i am related to emily chavez and she said you were a good soul ❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼
    2 he was alway real i love u so much brotha forever in my heart❤
    1 i miss you with all my heart flaquito 😔😭❤️
    3 prays from everyone g much love 💥💯
    2 I miss you man
    3 beloved grandson are hearts will forever be missing you
    2 I love you so much man words can’t describe what it feels like to not have you here 😢
    2 miss you Miro
    4 he was our light our weekends our laughter our love.. our miro g pa cara
    4 i miss you everyday more and more nothing feels the same 😔 i wish could bring u back baby
    2 my little piece of blue sky love and miss you too much
    2 love you every second minute of my day
    2 Praying for justice and peace all the way from Indiana❣️😘
    1 You my bother for life
    1 Cant wait until the day we met again BOE 🖤 rest easy man
    1 rest easy i love and miss you everyday♥️
    1 Life aint the same no more since the second you left
    1 I never imagined you being gone its hard to even belive it
    1 We had good memories and we had bad times but you are still my brother for life
    1 My life aint the same no more i feel like i have no one to talk to or some one to listen to me
    1 Rip you didt desere this!!!
    1 our miro our boy our everything
    3 Rest Easy Ramiro! Love from Indianapolis! ❤❤❤
    1 forever with us
    1 stay silly 💕
    1 we miss you Miro 😣😭
    1 wish we could just sit and talk 😢
    1 needing you here😞love u Miro
    2 we always and forever are brothers miro🖤
    1 I wish we can have hours long conversations again like we always had
    3 Cant wait until the real BOE brothers meet again
    2 Always Down from the get go! love you my boy ☝️
    1 ❣️ my heart aches knowing you aint here i love and miss yoy everyday 😭
    1 need you. i love you❤
    1 Ramiro i love you
    1 Love you Angela, You've been through so much. PRAYERS FOR MOMMA AND THE BABIES. Love you guys
    2 Happy halloween cuzzin Wish u were here
    1 juistce for my Miro❤❤
    2 justice will be served
    1 may you rest in peace ♥️
    3 my piece of blue sky forever with us
    2 i love and miss you so much❤
    1 thank you for coming into our lives We love you
    1 watch over your little sisters and mommy they need you ❤️😞🙏🏼
    1 i miss your voice so badly.. i cant believe this
    1 we will get peace and justice for you
    2 justice coming.
    1 missing you always......
    1 Ramiro ur forever in our hearts 💔 I cant believe it ...ever
    1 He was a good kid and very smart
    1 Ramiro was such a good boy VERY HUMBLE 😣
    2 we will find justice and peace for you and your family
    1 Please help us find peace and justice.. He was a good boy!!! 😭 Prayers to my family plz
    2 taking care of your mama and sisters..keep watching over them
    1 always on my mind my piece of blue sky
    1 miss you everyday Miro🖤 rest easy, til we meet again sweet angel😇
    1 I'm gonna miss you ramiro, we had some good times💯❤
    2 we miss your antics and humor we miss it all..we just miss you..We love you
    1 we think of you in silence we often speak your name give us strength and your laughter
    1 i miss you baby boy 😭😭😭
    1 i miss you so much 😭 JUSTICE FOR RAMIRO !! please i beg u god to bring us peace 😭😣
    1 love you babyboy 😢
    1 always and forever 17 always and forever w us💜
    1 I think about you everyday, miro i love yoy plz just come back i need you 😭
    2 still very surreal..i will be there for your mama and sisters
    3 miss your laugh and pranks
    1 missing every single little thing about you
    1 as long as we live so will you💙.. you and your family will get justice and peace
    1 justice for RAMIRO Vldez
    1 🕯🕯🕯🕯🙏🙏🙏🕯🕯🕯🕯
    1 Ramiro just to hear your voice again...love you
    2 i miss you ramiro 😭😭😭JUSTICE FOR MIRO
    2 i can see that lil chuncky baby w those chuncky cheecks love you
    3 Love you Miro💙
    3 never foget you youre always here w us in everything
    4 justice is here
    4 you and your memory and love w be will this this thanksgiving
    4 happy thanksgiving Ramiro- 💜💜💜
    3 loving you each and everyday- my piece of blue sky💙
    3 always thinking about you i miss you so much❤️
    3 you didnt deserve this !!😭😣
    3 foever and forever amen <3
    3 i love youu❤️
    2 justice for miro!!!
    2 stay silly up in heaven, i miss you so so much im going crazy w out u 😞😔
    2 im going to honor you this xmas <3
    2 ive decided to put my tree up and lights up for my piece of blue sky
    2 i still see that chuncky cheecked baby..and that big smile
    2 im going make this a good x mas for your mama and sisters
    2 Ramiro- i carry you in my mind in my heart in my thoughts in my dreams my piece of blue sky
    2 always and forever ... always and forever
    2 watching over your mama and sisters💜
    2 love you so much Miss your voice. you always said "i aint hit puberty yet cuz my voice still high"
    2 we would say kamaris voice is deeper than yours 😂😂💔
    2 i wonder if ur up there playing mario bros with your uncle Stephen like we always used to
    2 miro was always mario Stephen was luigi Kamia was yoshi and kamari n X were the mushrooms
    2 just... always and foever our miro..our laugh... our smile... our first g child
    2 forever missing you
    2 our happy place our memories our laughter ... our miro
    2 So Loved.. so comical and funny.. always silly and loved outside.. loved anything fun
    2 he was just a happy goofy child loved to play games on the computer loved to play pranks
    2 just, love you
    2 if i could i would light a candle for you all day💙
    2 i miss you 😔
    2 my piece of blue sky, our Ramiro..we loved ..we laughed..we shared
    2 i miss you so much miro i will always love you❤️
    2 I've cried my eyes out every single day. since the day you left💔
    1 love you,
    1 i love you ramiro valdez
    2 funny crazy silly boy, always made us laugh
    1 he would call me the number one pig, because i would finish eaing before them
    1 as a little little boy, he would crawl around on the floor as a puppy
    1 i had at one time lit a candle w a napkin, he saw me to this then tryed , burnd a piece of carpet
    1 so so many memories to fill a whole life.. youre planted in my heart and mind
    1 i could go and on about the love i have and we have for him
    1 Ramiro i never thought this would ever happen to you.. Its hurts so much 😭
    1 it just hurts, but i will carry that chuncky cheecked baby in my hrart
    1 watch over your gpa, give him your strength and laughter
    1 i miss you baby come on😔
    3 thinking of u always💙
    1 Miss you goofy...
    2 you will be missed miro
    1 merry xmas baby angel ❤️ i wish you were here 🎄 stay silly up in heaven
    1 missing you badly my piece of blue sky
    1 merry Christmas Miro💙
    1 merry heavenly christmas, i Know youre laughing it up w all the other angels love you
    2 member when u threw my shoe in a tree and stephen had to get it out
    2 you'll be in my heart of hearts
    5 Love and prayers for Ramiro all the way from Indianapolis!
    3 Always remember our boy are always going to be with us❣️😘Michelle
    4 my stepfather will take care of you also💛
    2 why Miro💔😭 i miss u so much
    5 spending the New Year with tour Mother❣️
    2 happy new years handsome i love u
    2 happy new year to my baby love in heaven i miss you
    3 please be w me today ramiro, give me strength, hug my stepdad for me
    2 ramiro i miss you it hurts badly.. i need to talk wit u 😭
    1 love u handsome
    1 missing u so much
    1 miss you handsome
    1 love you Miro💙
    1 thinking of you lots.. just loving you in prayer.. my piece of blue sky, just loving you
    1 Had dream that we where just cruzin in your truck 🖤💔 miss those days
    1 Wish we can cruz one more time in your truck💔BOE for life
    1 Cant stop thinking about you bro i miss you bro. Life is not the same without you
    2 BOE 🖤
    2 MWT
    7 LOP
    4 Wreck
    1 I knew you as a baby and you became a respectful loving young man Rip prayers to your family
    1 I miss you so much my heart aches
    1 Lighting a candle for the family!
    1 I miss you sooo much we all do love you bro
    1 love you cuzzo 🖤💯 always will. bruddas over everything -x
    1 take care of my step dad, he'll take care of you
    1 i miss u so much!!!!
    1 love you, give my 2nd dad a big hug💙💙💙💙💗
    2 thinking of you always rest in peace love Grandma
    1 love you always, g pa and cara ♥️♥️♥️♥️
    2 Remember when we were kids n stephen told us to howl and say wolfpack on 3
    1 miss ur laugh
    1 ur laugh is funny so it makes me laugh 😞
    1 FOE 🖤
    1 ..MISS YOU COUSIN..🖤
    1 💙
    1 Miss you bro🖤 brothers for life
    1 Im glad i meet you at a young age and where best bros for a long time 🖤 RIP BOE SLOW
    1 missing you Miro❤
    1 i miss you bby
    1 Keep laughing, my stepdad will keep you in line lol, keep us safe
    2 I miss you so much more than you would ever know
    1 miss you Miro💘 fly high boy love u
    2 Sending you hugs n send one big hug back to u r mom👍
    1 i love you so so much ramiro I miss you so much 💔
    1 I miss youu:(
    4 love you Miro n Lil Miro
    1 Thinking of you today
    1 Miro💙
    2 love you
    2 wondering what. u would be doing at this exact moment❤love u Miro!
    2 missing you always
    2 i love you cuzzin Forever and always ill miss you until i take my last breath
    2 happy easter Miro😔💔I know mine definitely are not the same😭
    2 I love you Miro
    3 thinking of you today and everyday
    2 we missed you today😥 and everyday
    5 miss you pretty face miro love you always 💔
    1 Mirrrrrooo💗💗💗
    1 miss you dawg😔
    1 missing u❤
    1 Graduation day class of 2020 once a redskin always a redskin love you Miro
    2 missing you miro love you dawg 😭❤️
    1 thinking of you, give my stepdad a big hug for me..love you Ramiro
    1 just loving you
    1 miss you❤
    1 Life is so different without you. so empty!
    1 i love you cousin
    1 sometimes i dont know how the world turns without you being here
    4 i know you are safe with stephen.. Thats how i keep my sanity
    1 loving you always
    1 Mirrroooooo
    2 rest in heaven
    1 I love u un chingo Rey
    2 miss u Miro
    1 always thinking of u❤
    2 We Love You!!!!
    2 loving you
    1 hard week your favorite holiday and your 11 month anniversary. next your 18th birthday💔🙏😞
    1 loving you Ramiro... loving you angela
    1 I miss you SO much!!!!!!
    1 happy fourth of July Miro❤😞
    1 u on my mind today, miss you miro
    1 i miss you so much i wish you were here ❤️ i would do anything to see you one more time
    1 i miss you miro i love you with all my heart ill never forget you
    2 its almost ur birthday ramiro 😭😭😭💔
    2 happy birthday my handsome miro, big 1️⃣8️⃣
    2 today's your big day 18 man🤧❤ I hope your living it up in heaven today i love u miro ❤
    2 happy bday baby love i miss you so much i wish i could hug you😔💓
    2 happy brithday miro i miss u sm ik ill see u soon but
    2 Happy Heavenly Birthday Ramiro... i and g-pa love you So much.. happy birthday sweet boy
    2 happy birthday i love you 🖤
    2 happy birthday miro i love you an miss you so much👼🏻❤️
    2 happy birthday🎈🎈🎈
    2 love you and miss you tons
    2 miss you dawg😞💯 stay shining miro love you bro
    3 i love u
    2 love and miss you always❤
    2 angel if mine
    2 today would of been your graduation day....💔😭
    2 day and everyday i miss you- i miss the life we had w you.. please be w my stepdad
    2 i miss u sm miro😢
    2 always so handsome ❤️
    2 always on my mind i will never forget u😢
    2 i miss you
    1 I love you forever
    1 rip ramiro♥️
    1 1 year without you. everyday gets harder and harder, love and miss you miro save me a spot up there
    1 Miss You Miro ❤️
    1 1 year without mannnn dont seem real 😖
    1 wish u was here
    1 love u Miro. miss you❤
    3 IIR BOE
    1 miss you so so so much😔🙏
    2 love you... please watch over my stepdad and give him my love.. love you
    3 love you babyboy
    3 love and miss u miro 😢😢
    3 love u
    2 i miss u Miro🕊🌹
    2 R.I.P baby cuz
    2 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    4 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    2 i miss you with all my heart 😭 i feel so lonely wit out you come backkkkkk
    2 missing u always
    3 ill never be ok w out u
    1 I miss you and Stephen so much everyday. I hope I see you guys on the other side. I love you both
    1 i love u🤍❤️🕊🌹
    1 Miro I miss you so bad 😭
    1 I’ll always have you in my memories I’ll always remember that little goofy boy 🖤
    1 Wish I could speak to u 😔 You the only one that listened and helped I love you
    2 ramiro.. if anything has taught me anything this year.. its to remain humble
    1 and to love harder and to keep loving everyday.. love you Ramiro.. cara
    1 please watch over my stepfather and please give my mother and your mother strength
    1 Cant believe this happened to u.. u were a good person 😔
    1 miss u💙🦋
    1 Ramiro please take my hand and guide me through this thing called life
    1 im trying really hard.. it just dosnt feel like it used to.. nothing feels or looks as it did
    1 but i Know this i was and am blessed for You and my stepdad and i know you wont let me fall
    1 thank you for coming into my heart and listning to me all the time.. Be w us all
    2 i love you! -Cara-
    2 Happy Halloween! You are definitely missed! Please look over your mom and sisters!
    1 Happy Halloween❣️ continue to watch over your mom and your sisters as you always do❣️🧡2020🎃
    3 miss u miro
    1 tell my stepdad hello and give him my love
    1 miss u un chingo Rey
    2 i mids you ramiroo hope heaven is treating you well i wish u were here i love you loml
    1 Happy Heavenly thanksgiving love you
    1 never ever forget u handsome
    1 miss u so much my boy
    1 may your heavenly christmas be beautiful love u and miss u
    1 merry christmas Ramiro💚❤️💚❤️🎄
    2 merry xmas my love 💓 i miss you so much
    2 please save me a spot by you and Stephen. miss you guys so much
    1 Happy New Years Ramiro ❤️😔
    1 Happy New years miro ❤️🥂
    2 ramiro please watch over my brother... im losing my strength ramiro... please be w me and all of us
    1 Missing you Sm miro 💔💔
    1 Wish you was still here with us🥺💔
    1 my heart hurts Miro🥺💔
    1 i wish you never had to go i miss u my love 💔
    2 We miss you miro💔
    2 The Fuentes family misses you sm miro was like a brother to us😔
    2 16,000 times we’ve shown you love! Sending love from Indianapolis! ❤️Sara
    1 Miss u so much wish u we’re here love u miro 😔❤️
    1 Miro you were the best friend I ever had we miss you so much baby miro 💔😔
    1 Rip miro fly high🕊❤️
    2 You Mother is one of the best i know! Indianapolis
    1 We just
    1 Love you! and think of you every day
    1 Why you have to go 😭😔💔
    1 Miro I miss u so much 💔🕊
    1 Fly high baby boy💙
    1 R.I.P I just wish I could see you 😔
    1 Why did you have to go💔
    2 your memory lives on forever ramiro❤️
    1 Why miro why you i miss you sm💔💔
    1 Fly high handsome💔
    2 We miss you down here😔😔
    2 ive been holding you and my stepfather close very close love you ramiro
    1 Miro I will see you later. Love y baby miro 💔😭
    1 happy valentines day to you handsome🥰
    1 Happy valentines handsome miro❤️❤️
    2 ❤️❤️❤️miss you g
    1 We miss you miro and love you forever❤️
    2 Justice for miro❤️
    1 thinking of you and loving you
    1 Miss you everyday miro 💜🕊
    1 miss u handsome❤️
    1 Love you miro❤️
    1 Missing you everytime
    1 Miss you lots miro 💔
    1 We live you miro and miss you down here💔
    1 We love you miro and miss you down here💔
    1 Justice for miro❤️❤️❤️❤️
    1 miss you 🖤💔 ive never been the same since u left
    1 you continue to bless me even from heaven. love you Miro
    2 you just live on in us around us beside us in us we carry you
    1 my goal is to have strength and focus on what i have and what i can
    1 what i want to make u and my stepdad proud
    1 the hardest part is the walking forward
    1 but always taking you and him w me
    1 that gives me strength knowing youll always be watching
    1 woke up and still could not believe you are gone💔
    1 everyday is diffrent some days are better the others but the ache remains
    1 this evening is ok
    1 good morning miro! woke a little shaky but trying to calm myself before work its nice out
    1 you would love the nice day.. i can see you climbing the big tree in my yard
    1 tell my stepdad hello for me!! i can see you both every where in everything
    1 Miss you you sm miro love you handsome❤️
    1 anyother sunny day its pretty outside keep sending your
    1 sunny bright smile to us
    1 thinking of you. lots of love
    1 please watch over me im a little scared.. life has throwed me a loop
    1 i know you are! please watch over your mama, sisters and gpa
    1 miro please heal the broken pieces in me my back my spine my seizures
    1 my heart
    1 💔💔💔💔💔
    2 Happy Easter Handsome Miro!!!! 🐥 🥚 🐰 ❤️ Sara
    1 happy Easter💞
    1 rip🙏
    1 tomorrow i go see the dr please be with me
    1 no matter the outcome ill be okay. loving you
    1 take care of my stepdad for me i know youre watching
    1 forever boe🖤
    1 todays my dr appointment!! im gonna be ok
    1 continue to watch over me Ramiro. loving you always 'cara'
    1 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ you 'cara'
    1 its been a relaxing day. i made cookies
    1 and having lasagna for dinner, i miss you eating w us but
    1 you always have a seat at the table
    1 continue to be w me as i still have a road to walk
    1 love you, Cara and gpa❤️
    1 feeling kinda emotional today but good! gonna see my niece
    1 Ooo sweet boy!! you are so missed please watch over your sweet mama she needs your love
    1 love ya miro cara.
    2 so far as good lets see how this day gos love you my piece of blue sky
    1 missing you always miro and love ya❤️
    1 love you Ramiro, love cara
    2 justice for miro❤️
    1 love you, cara
    1 continue to watch over me, g pa and your mama we all love you
    1 ill leave a message everyday. love you --cara-
    1 Ramiro love you- cara-
    1 i need motivation.. i have none.. im back to not wanting to do anything.. so i guess ill be
    1 making an appointment to talk w someone... im not mad or sad .. just not feeling
    1 its weird ramiro... but it will be okay.... love u!!! -cara.-
    1 loge you miro and always missing you💔
    1 love you. thinking of you -cara-❤️
    1 miss u so much😞
    1 i go see my counselor today, im looking forward to it
    1 its gonna to make things a little better i hope
    1 life is ever changing- i just have to learn the skills to go with it walk with it
    1 but always taking you and my stepdad with me
    1 please continue to watch over me, your mama. love you so much
    1 love you Ramiro-Cara-
    1 the world has changed so much since you have been gone🥺
    1 Good Morning Ramiro- going to church this am
    1 will pray for you. your mama and sisters. love u
    1 love, Cara❤️
    1 good night ramiro
    1 love you cara
    1 love you miro-cara-❤️❤️
    1 ill be here to comfort your mama, grandpa in the trying days to come
    2 ill be your support your voice ill be
    1 ❤️
    1 ramiro please watch over my cousin w/ your love he was in an Atv accident
    1 and it left him w/ life changing complications,, please give my dad my love.. love you
    1 and im thinking of you, love -cara-
    1 love you Ramiro love cara
    1 g nite handsome ❤️ -cara-❤️❤️❤️
    2 love you thinking of you -cara-
    1 really missing you handsome
    1 please continue watching over your sweet mama and sisters
    1 they need your love-cara-❤️
    1 its a good day.. please continue to watch over all of us, we need your love, guidance
    2 and support its been the ride for sure.. love you ramiro -cara-
    2 love you-cara-
    1 loving you thinking of you always(cara)
    1 thinking of you on this rainy day love you (cara)
    1 its So Funny how i have to leave messages to you not just lite a candle
    1 i do this Because i love you and it helps me
    1 through this weird process. im going to
    1 make this day productive-💕 cara-
    1 good morning Ramiro- We Love You -Cara
    1 i deamdt of you this afternoon as a little boy with a paillet gun in your hand
    1 and g pa saying no dont shoot that there's bullets in it your cousin was with you also
    1 i havnt had a dream of you in awhile.. love you miro -cara-
    1 love you ramiro -cara-
    1 good morning Ramiro its like rain again
    1 im so tired of it. love you❤️ -cara-
    1 good morning ramiro love u -cara-
    2 good morning miro- lit a candle for you and Xavier both love you❤️
    1 -cara-
    2 Ramiro you are So Precious to us all ❤️ cara
    1 be with your sweet mama- and let her feel your embrace.. g nite ramiro -cara-
    1 🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯❤️❤️❤️💕❤️💕❤️
    1 love you (cara)
    1 🕯🕯🕯🕯❤️❤️❤️💕(cara)
    1 its pouring down rain- watch over all of us
    1 love you Ramiro
    1 lit another candle for you- love you-cara-
    1 ❤️🕯🕯🕯❤️❤️😇(cara)
    1 🕯🕯🕯💕😇(cara)
    1 🧡🧡🧡🕯🕯💕❤️
    1 (cara)
    1 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡
    1 🧡🧡🕯🕯❤️❤️ miss you Ramiro- watch over your gpa
    1 he really needs your love and presence
    1 hes struggling❤️ cara
    1 🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🧡🧡❤️❤️❤️
    1 cara and grandpa
    1 LOVE YOU
    1 I miss You
    1 love you- its cloudy today and im kinda tired have lots on my mind
    1 love ya Ramiro -cara-
    1 😍😇🕯🕯🕯🧡🧡❤️ - thinking of you everyday-cara-
    1 🧡🧡❤️❤️❤️🕯(cara)
    1 tomorrow i go for an interview- please watch over me-cara-
    1 😇🥰❤️🧡(cara)
    1 🕯❤️❤️❤️🧡❤️-cara-
    1 🕯🕯❤️❤️🧡❤️❤️🧡-cara-
    1 keeping those candles going for you❤️ u Ramro
    1 miss you miro💔
    1 lit another candle 🕯❤️ we all love You!!-cara/
    2 🥰❤😇
    1 🕯🕯❤️👼 love you miro- cara-
    1 i love and miss you
    1 miro- im struggling within myself my relationship
    1 with grandpa its soo hard now but i
    1 know you guys are watching over me
    1 and wont let me break! im trying and ill
    1 be okay ❤️-cara/
    1 Goodnight my piece of blue sky
    1 lit a another candle for you🕯🕯❤️ -cara-
    1 🕯❤️-cara-
    1 lit another one for you Missss Yoouuuu we love you- cara and g-pa
    1 lit another🕯 i have my job interview
    1 today im nervous!! but i know you and
    1 my stepdad are with me love you
    1 now ill be kinda sad if i get this i cant
    1 call me like i normally do but
    1 i can Eeek.. im nervous ❤️ cara
    1 love you Ramiro-cara-❤️
    1 gnite ❤️ (cara)
    1 light some firecrackers w my stepdad for me love you guys soo much
    1 happy heavenly fourth Miro
    1 Happy Fourth of July sweet boy with another candle just for you
    1 love you!! cara
    1 lite another 🕯 for you sweet boy love you cara
    1 Bless your sweet Mama Today.. show her your love
    1 we love you-🕯❤️- cara
    1 🕯🕯 its almost your 19th birthday we love you -cara-❤️🕯🧡
    1 happy Heavenly birthday Ramiro- we love you and miss you
    1 celebrate your big day w my stepdad!
    1 ur almost 19!! love you i miss you ramiro !!
    1 happy heavenly birthday Ramiro ❤️
    2 happy heavenly birthday miro we all love you and miss you sm forever in our hearts❤️
    1 happy birthday I love you forever and always
    1 🕯❤️(cara)
    1 🧡❤️🕯(cara)
    1 i miss you miro😣
    1 love u miro❤️
    1 we miss you and love you miro so much💔🥺
    1 two years💔
    1 love you -cara-❤️
    1 miss you💔
    1 💔💔💔
    1 ramiro love you❤️-cara-
    2 good morning handsome baby- love you -cara-❤️🕯
    1 love u and i miss u so much
    1 Ramiro- thinking of you❤️
    1 always mIss u ❤️
    1 its been too long without you. but i still remember everything about u
    1 i love u💙
    1 miss you💙
    2 i woke myself crying i had a dream about you
    2 we were walking by your school and went to talk w you
    1 i know youre here w us love u-cara-
    1 miss u miro with all my heart❤️
    1 happy heavenly halloween Miro
    2 happy halloween🎃 ramiro love and miss you-cara/
    2 thinking of you, like i do each day.. be w your mama and gma today feel them w your love
    1 we love you(cara)
    1 i miss and love u. wish was still here🥺
    1 thankful I got to know you. I love you RAMIRO tell Stephen how much we missed him
    1 so many times i wanna tell u something important... i hope u see everything
    3 He's Lai'ana's padrino from heaven. ❤️
    1 merry heavenly Christmas i love u
    1 happy new years Miro love u
    1 miss you
    1 I love you 💗 Long Live YOU
    2 Lily, "I remember playing with you."
    1 i miss u so much
    2 we miss you sm ramiro💔
    1 i had a beautiful dream of you❤️
    1 miss u so much
    2 We miss you
    1 Love you and miss u every day
    1 happy heavenly Easter Miro love u forever
    1 missed u so much this mothers day!
    1 miss u always🥺 my life will never be ok with what they did
    1 Justice For Ramiro. All in Gods hands. 💗
    1 Love you Miro Miss u
    2 😭😭😭😭😭
    1 happy heavenly fourth, your favorite
    1 happy heavenly birthday Miro🎉❤️
    2 happy birthday miro miss you ❤️
    1 happy 20th birthday RAMIRO 🖤 i love n miss you 4ever
    1 i hope you having a celebration up there with ur uncle Stephen
    1 three years without you... i hope u are dancing in the sky
    1 love u always Miro
    2 we miss you so much love you ❤️
    1 😭😭😭😭😭😭
    1 💔💔💔💔
    1 love you miro -cara-
    2 thinking of you... on this nice day-cara-
    1 holidays aren't the same anymore miss u always
    1 i love you
    1 merry Christmas Miro
    1 happy new years baby boy😔
    1 miss u bubba
    1 Praying that one day there will be justice
    1 justice for Ramiro
    1 miss u so much my heart hurts
    1 miss u😔
    1 I can't breathe Miro
    3 lots of love from Indiana❣️
    1 love u Miro always and forever
    1 thank you for making me a momma, mothers day2023
    1 happy 21st birthday to you handsome
    3 Happy 21st Bday We Love You Miro- noah kay and Lai
    1 four years Miro💔
    1 four years already Ramiro 💔💔 we miss you so much
    1 i miss you Miro❤️

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