Xavier Ines Weir, age 16

Lost to gun violence on April 7, 2019 in Beech Grove, Indiana.

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  • Nickname:
    18 X-Man
    9 Bubba ❤️
    8 Rest In Peace Xavier
  • Number of children:
    9 Loving
    10 from my family ❤️
    4 styleish
  • Personality:
    7 Friendly
    26 Smart
    10 Solid
    8 son brother
    143 Brave
    32 Courageous
    67 Nice
    60 Cool
    69 Outgoing
    59 Affectionate
    57 Helpful
    26 Kind
    40 Charming
    27 Fearless
    33 Loving
    57 jokester
    53 helpful
    15 Funny AF
    11 sophisticated
    61 respectful
    50 generous
    51 dedicated
    46 Awesome
    15 Amazing
    46 Sweet
    42 Bright
    14 strong minded
    53 Happy
    39 brilliant
    42 hardworking
    41 considerate
    41 loyal
    105 funny
    47 trustworthy
    46 stylish
    39 selfless
    20 handsome
    38 awesome
    36 admirable
    9 goofy
    38 precious
    39 heartfelt
    41 caring
    38 Strong
    5 special
    37 thoughtful
    6 peacemaker
    13 intelligent
    40 well spoken
    41 leader
    41 Charismatic
    4 Loved
    37 kind hearted
    33 powerful
    30 Politest
    35 Special
    33 funny and sweet
    15 goofiest
    7 Loved DEEPLY
    7 Caring
  • Occupation:
    6 Full of personality
    14 energetic
    16 outgoing
    18 loveable
    11 Bright
    66 Student
    75 Athlete
    86 brother
    46 Great Friend
    97 Uncle
    6 cousin
    12 cousin<3
    37 great grandson
    40 Best friend
    25 Cousin
    35 Big bro
    6 Cousin 🤪
  • Workplace:
    67 Bob’s tu your door
    55 work with uncle jose snow shoveling
    43 always helping grandmother
    29 JW Marriott
    12 Ex Christian Park All-Star
  • Schools attended:
    115 Scecina Memorial High School
    97 Little Flower
    4 Julie McAllen-Null
  • Comments:
    85 He was an amazing soul and will missed tremendously by many. Rest with love buddy!
    62 he was the sweetest guy ever. he never deserved this .
    60 Such a great kid would do anything for anybody. Always looked out for others.
    64 I miss his goofiness so much. I still don’t want to believe any of this is real.
    61 You’re so loved Xavier and missed dearly.
    61 Amazing uncle, Brother and a wonderful Friend❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️
    61 I love you so much life isn’t the same without you.
    53 such an amazing soul who will constantly be missed and always loved!
    70 This is xaviers sister he is so finny and loving❣️❣️❣️
    55 such a goofy, determined, loving, young man you will truly be missed!
    56 this is Xavier aunt life of our parties
    57 i miss him every second me and his friends called him family and he will forever be our brother 🕊.
    54 a good friend of my niece's, was always a polite and good kid!
    52 He was always welcoming to other, and friendly.
    53 So talkative and outgoing, he’s awesome. LOVE YOU
    62 Funny, smart,athletic son brother nephew uncle cousin. love you
    31 i miss u buddy💕
    62 i've been thinking about you a lot!! i miss you so much ❤️thanks for being such an amazing person
    64 An amazing young boy,you will be truly missed Xavier❤
    5 Demi
    59 he was such a beautiful person, you'll forever be missed baby boy😌💗💗
    62 such a bright young man, and will truly be missed ❤️
    64 I love you Xavier! Thank you for always keeping an eye on Matt for me!
    3 Dallas
    4 i've been listening to Rest Easy Xavier ( on soundcloud )
    60 listen to Rest Easy Xavier on soundcloud
    60 thinking about you today.🕊❤️
    60 Only person I confided in when I needed help. Love you
    60 Xavier was one of a kind he was special to every single person who knew him, you will
    59 never be forgotten ❤️ ily
    57 i miss you cousin♥️
    57 it's been one month already, and i still don't think it's real💔i miss you so much
    58 i miss you cuzo i miss ur smile and laugh look over ur mom and sister love u
    55 Xavier I still can't believe this is happening I love you!
    56 deiving around w you was one of my favorite things to do 🥺❤️
    56 aunt esperanza miss u so much ...
    55 always knew how to make someone smile 😔🕊 fly high x
    54 always missing you every second of the day Grandma❣️💗💖
    53 ur mom and grandma were so proud of u always talked about you
    51 look after ur Momma help streghthen her in this time of need. ♥️
    52 a true legend in the life he lived. loved his mama ❤
    22 I love you Xavier you didn’t deserve this. I hate this happened
    3 You had a big impact on me. Life will never be the same.. Dillon
    59 You had a big impact on me. Life will never be the same. Love Dillon
    51 you were such a sweet boy .alway's had a big smile and kind heart.
    53 I miss you so much, your smile,voice,everything love you SON❣️❣️❣️❣️
    52 you are truly missed by so many! 💕❤️
    50 i miss you everyday 🕊 cant believe your gone man . we miss you forever family.
    53 Always kind and polite when he came over to our house, Michelle you raised a good kid RIH
    52 We miss you Xavi! Continue flying high
    50 You are a perfect little angel sweet boy. ❤️
    52 not a day goes by i dont think about you.i miss you bro
    55 i think about you all the time. Mila and Hazel love their uncle so much
    54 Xavier was such a thoughtfull young man . Thinking of you both Michelle.💔
    53 thought about u alot to on this day .bc u was one kind that made ur mom feel special on this day
    50 Xavier deeply loved his family and friends. I want to emphasize his love was great and infinite.
    53 He had goals and dreams, with his determination and tenacity he would of accomplished them.
    49 Rest in heaven Xavier. You will never be forgotten.
    50 Xavier always put others before his self Michelle you raised a great young man
    47 X i miss u so much i swear this hurts me 2 lose my fav mf cuzo love u
    47 i miss you x so much man 😔 you been on myimd
    50 Xavier was such a great kid ! I think of you everyday and wish this wasn't real . 💔
    19 praying for peace
    50 I love you and miss you so much. ❤ I miss all your jokes and how you always made me laugh ❤
    50 this is his step brother i miss my brother u till we meet again ❤️ xavier world
    49 Fly high ❤️ rest easy
    48 love you so much xavier you are in my heart
    48 xavier you are so missed and loved !❤️
    50 were down here keeping your memory alive! love you an miss you bub! ❣️💞💓
    51 i love you Xavier. i hope youre up there watching over us all. :( i miss you bub
    48 i miss you Xavier ♥️
    53 I miss my little brother so much
    49 xavier was always so happy and brought so much positive energy. i miss him so much. r.i.p x💛
    53 the bear with your heartbeat is the only thing keeping me okay right now<3
    49 i miss and love you so so much my cousin.
    49 Xavier i miss tou more and more everyday wish you was home I Love You Son❣️❣️
    50 Aubrey misses Xavier every day and loves to see and touch your pics!!! Truely 1 of a kind!
    47 Xavier, we miss you! keep looking down on your mom
    48 you were always there for people when they needed you i miss you
    46 Going to light alot of fireworks in your honor.
    49 You are a treasure and always will be missed forever !👑
    44 i miss you xavier..i miss you bro
    47 Thinking about you wondering what you are doing everyday i love you❣️❣️❣️
    51 Always thinking about you. ❤️
    46 you will forever be missed! i woke up this morning thinking about you! miss u bub!
    46 miss you broodie you fly high ill always have you in my mind
    49 we miss you 👼🏼 see you soon bub.
    45 i come on here everyday and light a candle!!! miss you xavier ♥️🕊
    44 i miss you bro you'll forever going to be in my heart i love you.❤️🕊
    45 i love you and think about you everyday . please watch over us, especially your family
    47 I can hear your laughter and it brings me to tears knowing it's a memory. miss u
    48 you been on my mind heavy lately xavier ❤️ rest easy babyboy
    45 i am sry to hear what happen and a young live taken to soon!!
    45 miss you very much think about you everyday love you so much
    45 My heart is so broken with out you❣️love you Xavier xoxo
    47 i need you now more than ever my love, i miss you cousin.
    45 i miss you so much bro bro i've been thinking of you so much lately i love you fly high🕊❤️
    46 i love you brother😔 life aint so great for me anymore😭
    47 Rip X Man
    45 RIP you are so missed❤️
    46 i miss you ♥️♥️
    45 xavier miss you so much love you😢❣️
    49 always wearing my bracelet with your name on it ♥️
    45 Xavier, you are missed every day !♥️
    48 i miss ur random "wyd" snaps and you making fun of me all the time. watch over ur fam X
    44 thinking anout you daily! you are truly missed by so many people! ❣️❣️❣️
    45 If u only knew how loved u are Xavier, i didnt know u but i light a candle everyday for you 💙🕯
    4 XAVIER strong
    4 forever youmg
    4 justice for Xavier
    4 the good die young
    45 ❤️❤️❤️ always thinking about you
    46 I miss you so much buddy!! ❤️
    46 hey buddy look after ur mom today
    42 i miss xavier❤️. countine to watch over your mom and sis. ik how much you love them. ❤️
    45 Xavier strong
    48 give ur mom a sign ur at peace
    45 such a sweet boy
    45 Rest easy xai gonna miss the field
    45 ❤️
    47 ❤️❤️❤️ always with us forever.
    46 love u big bro.. life aint been the same latly .
    48 rest well handsome ❤️
    47 he had beautiful smile that would light up a room
    47 i miss xavier more and more everyday❤️. i miss his smile and laugh.
    50 Life Will Never Be The Same I Love Xavier Ines Weir❣️❣️❣️❣️
    46 I love you Bubba! Loves from Day 1 and still showed love! ❤
    46 xavier was like a brother to me. i miss him so so much. ❤️ik his wings are beautiful.
    46 fly high X
    48 i love and miss you so much x❤️
    50 love you x miss you maybe u rip youve been on my mind heavy lately 😭❤
    51 We saw each other at every LF skate party and he would go out of his way to find me and say Hello
    48 Rip XMan 💯💯
    49 You always had a drive that nobody else had
    49 ❤️❤️❤️ you are in so many places as you are forever in so many hearts
    4 xavier you definitely
    47 Xavier You definitely inspirational I Love You❣️❤️🏈🏀
    47 fly high homie cant believe tmr makes 2 months🕊💔
    49 i love you Xavier you was a good friend to me always had my back 💯🙏 r.i.p
    50 i miss you 😔🙏😭❤
    50 think of you everyday
    47 i still cant believe this is real.. i catch myself waiting for a text or call from you.
    48 You are thought of each and everyday !!😢
    50 I miss you so much man, I love you
    54 I just want to wake up from this nightmare!love you Xavier❣️🏈🏀Your mom
    49 i think about you everyday. to your smile, laugh, to the way you sung youngboy. i miss you.
    49 didn't know that well, but you did have a huge impact on everyone! rest easy 🙏
    48 ❤️❤️❤️ hold you forever close in my heart ❤️
    49 May You Rest In Peace
    51 Praying everyday for healing and love to Overcome this unfortunate Circumstance
    51 we love you xavier and we all in texas miss you and wish that everyday you could be with us.❤️
    9 lighting that candle ...
    51 lighting this candle everyday!!
    51 It was a hard thing leaving flowers the other day when you should be here ...
    51 i think about you everyday, wishing i would have gotten to know you more. love you x ❤️💓🙌
    53 i love you so much You did not deserve this I think about you every day it hurts so bad
    53 May you rest in peace Xavier ❤️
    6 🕯
    52 I miss you and love you so much😘❣️From Ania
    52 Much love
    52 Didn’t know you, but my condolences. May you Rest In Peace.
    54 lighting a Candle for you !!!
    53 prayers for the family!!!!
    4 I may never understand why, but you will live alongside us! ❤
    54 I miss you so much i regreat not spending as much time as i could with you i love you brother
    55 I love you Xavier! Your mom sister and brother misses you so much!
    54 everyday i light a candle ❤️
    52 RIP Xavier 💙
    51 I send lots of prayers
    6 When by to see you today . Lighting a Candle for you .🕯
    36 i love u
    51 I miss you so much everyday bro
    51 i miss u ....
    51 Your Loved and missed everyday !!🕯
    51 This isnt right you should be here .. 😢🕯
    50 Thinking about you everyday cuzzo🤧 love you bro❤️🕊
    49 So sad your not here .... 🕯
    49 missing you bub! tell god to help everyone through this! we love you down here!
    4 Xavier should be here celebrating with me and your sister
    51 Xavier you should be here celebrating with us I love you I miss you so much🇺🇸❣️😘
    49 i had a dream about you and you were so happy. i miss you so much.💛
    50 We will light of fireworks for you Bubba. I love you! ❤🎆🇺🇸
    50 Happy 4th of July !! U are missed so much ..🧨🕯
    49 happy 4th of july !!! i knew you loved this holiday!! im lighting fireworks for you!!
    50 youve been on my mind a lot lately... enjoy the fireworks
    48 You should be here they should be somewhere ....😢🕯
    49 God takes his angels early to go to war with the demons
    50 Forever in my heart and memory Rip X
    50 Happy 4th of July !!! Looks like you had lots of love around you ...❤️🕯
    50 lighting a candle for you from the heart ... 🕯
    4 I LOVE AND MISS YOU thiese Days and nights are so long
    4 XAVIER I LOVE ND MISS YOU SO MUCH ❣️These Days And Nights Are So Long With You! I Love You❣️
    47 XAVIER I LOVE AND MISS YOU❣️These Days And Nights Are So Long With Out you❣️I LOVE YOU❣️🏀🏈
    49 Such a Beautiful life taken away by pure evil !💔🕯
    49 I Ant Letn No 1 Speak Down On You💯
    49 you should be here enjoying life ! 🕯
    50 What a Beatiful soul, that was cheated from shinning in this world !💔🕯
    49 its hard knowing i cant text or call you.. i miss you more everyday 💛
    48 Lighting a Candlef
    50 Lighting a Candle for you to Shine !!🕯
    4 Xavier wishing you was here with us. you would lovevit here!
    48 Xavier wishing you was here with us. You would have love it we miss and love you ❣️😘
    48 hone to soon with such a Beautiful life ahead of you ...💔🕯
    48 lighting yor candle for Miss baby Athena !!🕯
    47 i love you and miss you so much
    46 you were just a kid its not fair
    46 Grief help POMC with Love and Prayers to your family from a Mom who understands
    47 Thinking about you and how unfair this is !! 🕯
    47 Thinking of you .🕯
    47 Good night !!!🕯
    48 Hazel and Mila love you forever.
    47 Much Love X
    47 Thinking of you !!🕯
    48 such a handsome and polite young man
    34 always wear my bracelet with you name on it all the way here in Texas💙
    48 love and miss you cousin, FLY HIGH🕊💙
    50 always wear my bracelet with your name on it all the way here in Texas 😖❤️
    49 i can’t even think of a world without you in it😣😣
    49 i love the bear with your heartbeat<3
    49 i'm missing you a little extra today <3
    49 Miss you like crazy Bubba!!! Love you always!
    48 You are missed so much by your family and friends ...😢🕯
    49 So sad this happened, you are thought of every moment ..💔🕯
    49 Your Candle will burn forever !!😢🕯
    48 grandmas house just doesnt feel right without you there! missing u down here!
    51 I got the gucci cologne im forever keep it
    49 Gone but wont ever be forgotten. RIPX
    51 i miss you so much xavier💛. keep watching over us! 🕊
    50 I'm happy and sad at the sametime Xavier I'm so proud of you❣️😢
    50 im coming to see you soon!! i need to rant 😫
    49 I never knew I could cry so much i miss you
    49 man i still cant even grasp that youre gone ... see you soon bub.
    49 miss you everyday❤️ you always knew how to make ppl laugh, love you bunches♡! Angelica
    49 lighting a candle for you !!! You are missed so much ..🕯💔
    49 Everyone misses you like crazy man. watch over us🥀🙏
    50 Mom check into POMC for grief help, your loss is so sad, RIP handsome
    49 even after i light a candle and ses r.i.p next to your name it still feels unreal.🥺
    49 i hope your watching over us im doing this all for you love you brother ❤️🏀
    49 im coming to see you today xavier!! i can’t wait 😭♥️
    50 I love and miss you, im so sad they took you away
    50 So sad you should be here they shouldn't ... 💔🕯
    48 Was just thinking about you and wanted to light a candle ....🕯💔
    51 Everyday I think about how you impacted my life
    49 Rest in peace Xavier. You are so loved.
    52 I love you ❤️❤️❤️
    50 missing you a little more today than yesterday❤️
    51 Needed to light a candle for you today !🕯
    54 This is so sad, that your not here living life ...💔🕯
    51 i miss you so much xavier
    53 Sitting here thinking about you and how unfair this is ... 😢🕯
    54 Happy early Birthday, this is wrong you should be here to Celebrate it !!!💔🕯🕯
    53 Xavier I didn’t want to celebrate your Birthday like this .
    54 happy birthday xavier ♥️i wish we could celebrate differently
    55 Happy Birthday Xavier 💙
    54 Happy Birthday you should be here eating wings
    56 Wish we could be eating some wings
    56 Happy Birthday 🎈🎉🎊
    56 Happy Birthday Xavier !!! 💔🕯
    56 happy heavenly birthday bub🎈 were celebrating for you down here
    56 the celebration was amazing xavier!! wish you could’ve been there🥺♥️
    55 Sorry I missed your Celebration, you were on my mind . 🕯
    56 man, what a handsome guy. always a good time to
    58 what a cool guy to be around. wish we could’ve made more memories. gone 2 soon 🥺♥️
    60 Just wanted to light a candlefor you .🕯
    61 Thinkig of you and your family ...🕯
    62 Morning Candle for you Xavier ..🕯
    62 ❤️ thinking about you and praying for your family ❤️
    60 we reached 11,000 X!!!
    59 So lost with out you i wished i could just wake up I Love You❣️😘
    61 I love you bro, life aint the same w/o you
    62 Thinking of you ...🕯
    60 I miss you Xavier rest in heavan. Praying for you michelle and ania.
    61 Thinking of you and lighting a light for you tonight Xavier ..🕯
    60 Xavier living without you is so hard!
    68 RIP young man your mum is the very best she will never forget you sweetie x
    61 Dude I love you so much
    61 i miss youu💕💕💕💕
    4 It’s tough, you were an amazing brother ❤️
    61 It’s tough, your an amazing brother ❤️
    62 lighting a candle for you Xavier ..🕯
    61 i miss hearing your voice 💔
    59 missing you a lot xavier wish you were with us 🥺♥️
    59 I'm so hurt by this. I love you alot
    60 Used to be someone i vent on 😕
    60 I love you Bubba!
    58 We think about you every single day
    57 I love you bro
    59 I love you and miss you so much 💔 if i could bring you back i really would. rest up 🥺
    57 I’m so sad, I miss you 😔
    4 can you find my papa and keep him company. he loves football. miss u both
    58 love you cuz i miss you you fly high up there
    56 Needed to light a candle for you tonight.🕯
    59 Xavier lighting this candle for you for being such a memorable person !!🕯
    58 You are so loved we had a good turnout for the blood drive love you si much❣️😘
    60 i miss you bestie❤️
    60 handsome young man
    62 i miss you everyday
    61 You may be gone, but I can still feel you here with us!
    62 todays been so hard . i miss you so much.
    64 cousin
    64 I love and miss you so much
    63 Scecina misses you!!❤️
    62 i wish you could be here for basketball season.. it wont be the same without you x🤧💗
    73 Happy Halloween Uncle Xavier 🧡🧡🖤🖤
    56 Sorry for your loss
    57 i miss u so much😔😭🧡-m
    57 dare xaveir i miss you so much i love amd miss you hope to see you soon
    57 I just wanted to light a candle for a special Angel !!🕯
    55 Not a day goes by where i dont think about you or the memories we shared. i love and miss you sm❤️
    55 I love you Bubba! We all miss you down here terribly! 😘🙏😇 our heavenly angel
    53 I love you
    54 lighting a candle for a special Angel !!🕯
    52 Holiday candles 🕯
    51 its going to be hard celebrating Holidays
    49 Xavier i love you i dont want to fi this without you!
    50 Happy Thanksgiving bro 🦃
    50 Happy Thanksgiving Bubba! I love and miss you!
    51 Happy Gobble day!
    50 These comments are so heartfelt.
    52 He must have been a really great person.
    53 May his soul rest in heaven and his loved ones gind perfect peace. God bless!
    55 Find perfect peace
    53 Sitting here @ Beech Grove HS thinking of the trio, Xavier, Quinn, Jess.🕯
    53 I love you my guy
    56 I hate lighting this candle when you should be here lighting up this world with your smile.
    56 i can hear your laughter and it brings me tears knowing its a memory. i miss u💗 -han
    54 Xavier it's so hard being here with out you i miss you with every breath❣️mom
    50 Your mom is doing wonderful things in your name! Your snowman tree is so cool!
    51 Sorry this happened to you, I love you so much
    49 fly high and keep watching over your friends and family
    52 missing you so much, I need you
    52 sending lots of love and prayer from Wichita ks. love u Michelle❤
    53 ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    55 Merry Christmas Mom loves you❣️😘
    56 Merry Christmas to our guardian angel Uncle Xavier ❤️❤️❤️❤️ We love you , always ❤️❤️❤️
    54 i miss your voice💔
    53 merry christmas 🎄
    53 Merry Christmas Xavier !!🕯
    54 always so lost for words 😪. I ❤️ you
    54 my quinces tomorrow and you should be here💘
    53 missing you 💔
    52 light a candle
    48 I love you man, Happy New Years bro
    51 Going into the new year not forgetting but holder you closer to our hearts ❤️❤️❤️ -Hazel
    48 Xavier i love you so much Happy New Year love mom❣️😘
    48 miss you more than ever :( i hope heaven treating you well 🥺
    49 missing you a little extra x🕊
    48 ❤ we all miss you so much
    46 my heart still aches man😒 i miss you x💛
    47 miss you xavier
    46 Sorry it's been a while, your always on our minds and in our hearts 🕯
    46 hope you’re doing good up there. you’re constantly on my mind♥️
    4 i dont know how i'm going to leave with out you Love you Xavier❣️mom
    47 thinking about you!
    45 Xavier i dint know how im going to live with out you❣️🧡mom
    44 Thinking of you all, Love you Michelle.... 🕯😢
    45 to this day i know i have the best gaurdiam
    45 to this day i know i have the best gaurdian angel .. i miss you sm. i love you x.
    44 I misd you big dawg I told you i'd be strong but things are rough rn miss you bro- Carlos
    46 We are going to fight for you no matter what! I love you Bubba!
    45 Xavier i cant believe this at all! I Love You ❣️😘
    48 everyday I wake up with you on my mind
    47 I love you Bubba! I promise you will get justice!
    44 Lighting another Candle for a very Special missed young man ..🕯
    45 Goodnight Xavier, may this candle so you how much yor missed and loved . 🕯
    43 fly high rip
    43 Your thought of everyday and always in our hearts. ❤️🕯
    44 im a friend of angela's here to light a candle for your precious son
    43 I love you man. Sorry this happened.
    44 miss you xavier 💕
    41 takin to soon had a great future lon live xavier bro ur not forgot and very much missed by all
    41 You are missed everyday ...🕯
    40 Thinking about you today and wanted to light a candle. 🕯
    38 i miss you everyday more and more❣️😘Love Mom
    40 Man I can believe this, I miss you so much bro
    39 Can’t
    39 We think about you eveyday Xavier and ask why !!! U are missed deeply everyday ..💔🕯
    38 keep watching over ir mom and sis. they reslly miss you... as does everyone else
    38 You are so missed by family and friends 💔
    37 Happy Valentines Day❣️😘😭🧡🧡MOM
    37 ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 🕯 Everyday
    35 I miss you so much Xavier, wish you could be here-Angelica❤️
    34 Sending Love to your family and know you are missed everyday ..🕯💔
    35 RIPP bless ya fam
    35 wish I could talk to you man
    34 miss you xavier! 🥺♥️
    33 miss you g ❤️ - lillianna
    35 Xavie, you are missed eveyday and so many broken hearts are with you everyday ...💔🕯
    32 We listen to your heartbeat every night before bed! It gives me peace knowing you are our Angel!
    32 Starting the day out with Xavier's candle .. Loved and missed forever !!😘💔🕯
    30 Love you Michelle ..😘
    30 Sweet
    32 I miss you Xavier, so sorry this happened
    4 My hearts everyday for you❣️🧡LOVE YOUR NUMBER 1FANMOM❣️😘
    30 Xavier heres your candle for such a rainy day ..🕯
    31 Man it’s breaks my heart, I love you so much bro
    30 My heart hurts everyday for you❣️😭Love your number 1Fan❣️😘🙏🧡😘🙏🧡🧡🧡🙏🙏😘😘
    26 Xavier I love ya boy
    28 I love you Bubba! You were a true blessing in this terrible world!
    26 Leovanni loves you x and he loves your bear
    28 as one year approaches, everyone is anxious. comtiune to show your momma that you are with her! 💔
    32 xavier this World has gone mad❣️
    30 It doesn't seem so long ago you were gone! I miss your handsome face Bubba! ❤
    30 Xavier hope you are still playing your pranks! I know i miss them❣️love you son❣️😘
    27 Almost a year . i love you Xavier 😢❤️ your mamas talks w me help so much we all miss you
    28 Today, one year ago forever changed lives. Not even time can heal.💔🕯
    27 It's been a year and not a day goes by that I don't miss you.
    28 i miss you xavier w ur goofy self, been a year but definitely doesn’t feel like it
    28 ashtyn
    29 It doesn’t seem like a year miss you Xavier 🥺
    30 Not fair, I can’t believe this happened
    30 xavier you are missed and thought of everyday every moment...🕯
    30 🙏🏼💙😇
    30 Happy Easter Xavier Love Mom❣️🐣
    26 Miss you man I’m so sad 😞
    27 never forgotten! think of u often 💔
    29 You sre such a loved young man,
    30 You are such a loved young man, with so many tears and broken hearts . forever💔🕯
    25 Send your mom some extra love tomorrow. I love you Bubba!!!!! I love you Michelle! xoxo
    24 Your on my heart heavy tonite
    23 I Love You Bubba! I just uncovered my pool and thought about you when you did a backflip in it!
    28 Xavier its time for a candle, Send your mom a extra kiss...🕯
    27 This Candle is yours forever. Your missed every min of the day.🕯
    25 Thinking of you and your family..🕯
    30 This candle is to let you know you are always on someones mind🕯
    28 Everyday I light your candle I think how wrong this world is. ily Bubba
    27 Good morning Xavier, these lite candles are love for you...
    26 xavier these days are so hard without you i miss you so much! LOVE MOM
    27 Life is so hard without you bro
    27 keep giving your mom reminders that you are with her
    28 thisnworkd has gone mad; it cod really us an xavier smile
    28 I miss you alot man
    29 Missing you like crazy❣️I LOVE YOU XAVIER😘❣️ MOM
    25 Thinking U should been her for Quinny's Prom last night.🕯
    28 Things should be so much different and I dont believe everything happens for a reason.🕯
    29 This candle will always be for you Xavier..🕯💔
    27 lit a candle for you today X❤️
    30 Thinking about you and how unfair that you should be making memories.🕯💔
    26 You should be here with us celebrating the 4th. I love and miss you Bubba!
    27 our firewroks are for you tonight 💙❤️
    27 As tonights sky shines all for you ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    4 Wishing tou was here with us all❣️LOVE YOU XAVIER❣️(Mom)
    33 happy 4th bro. I miss you so much
    31 Times are tough down here man. I love and miss you
    26 Xavier i love you so much your birthday is quickly approaching my heart is aching for you.Love Mom
    24 Thinking of you and just how unfair life can be.... 🕯😢
    26 R.I.P! Young man,so unfortante,you'll be missed
    29 we love you,you lived for everyone,and will still live in us all
    27 my life has not been the same, I miss you soo much
    27 Xavier this is your sister ania I love you and miss you I we’ll light you a candle ever day
    24 miss you everyday xavier lifes not the same without you or you smile
    8 happy early birthday xavier miss you❤️
    7 Happy birthday Xavier
    26 Happy Birthday my Handsome Angel❣️I LOVE AND MISS YOU SO MUCH❣️(mom)
    6 Happy Birthday!!
    7 happy birthday buddy
    6 happy birthday xai😕
    22 i want you to come home 😞
    28 fly high💔 we miss you everyday😕 happy 18...
    22 we miss
    22 hey cous, just came to stop by
    20 My Gorgeous Angel im so sorry this happened to you. I love love love you Xavier❣️(Mom)
    6 Je must of been amazing from all the messages, so sorry sad for you💔😥🕊
    20 Happy labor Day ❗️❤️
    10 2020
    20 miss you bubba
    21 This saddens me everytime I light this candle for Xavier, Becauce this isn't how it should be. 🕯
    24 Always sending my heart and love wirh every candle Michelle.❤️🕯
    20 love and miss you always - Dani ❤️
    21 Sending love to you Michelle, Xavier and your family... 🕯
    24 Sending you a Candle and hug.🕯
    22 Missing and thing of you everyday. I love you my great nephew.
    20 i light a candle everyday. missing you bud
    23 This one is always for you Xavier !!💔🕯
    22 r.i.p baby boy
    21 you were so LOVED
    25 A Candle I let for you
    23 Lord please watch over his mom, sister, and brother! Everyday I light it for you Bubba
    7 💔🙏🏼🙏🏼💙
    23 We Love you Michelle and Xavier will always be loved and missed.💔🕯
    22 Missed and loved everyday by so many .🕯
    20 Happy Halloween Xavier ..🕯🎃
    21 Bubba you are on my mind tonight! Watch over your mom, brother, and sister! I love you!
    21 Happy Halloween My Love ❣️👻🎃2020
    22 i miss you dawg fr 😞
    22 Man I miss you a lot
    24 Xavier you will always have a candle burning for you with Love.🕯
    27 Sorry I missed Halloween xavier .🎃🕯
    26 I Miss and Love You more then i can explain or write❣️Mom 2020
    23 Thanksgiving is almost here! I love you Bubba! Visit your mom, brother, sister, and nieces often
    24 It’s so hard w/o you here. Love you man
    24 Sending Love and Hugs ..🕯
    8 Happy Thanksgiving My Angel❣️So Thankful that God chose me to be tour mother❣️2020
    24 Happy Thanksgiving My Angel❣️So happy God Chose me to be your Mother❣️2020
    22 Christmas is upon us and Michelle and her family will be in my thoughts. Love you 🕯🎁
    21 Xavier should be here with his family lighing his own Christmas candle.💔🕯
    22 Your tree is beautiful Bubba! I love and miss your goofy self!
    25 lighting a candle for Xavier ..🕯💔
    23 missing you 💞
    25 Another day without Xavier.Please keep the candles burning.🕯
    28 This Candle always burns for you..🕯
    27 Christmas is upon us once more without Xavier here to share. 🕯💔
    29 Merry Christmas Xavier!!!! I love you sweet Angel!
    29 I Merry Christmas I Love You My Sweet Angel❣️2020
    31 Happy New Year My Angel I Love You Forever And Always❣️2021 MOM😘
    28 I love you Bubba!!! May your smile shine down on us all!
    26 Missing you more and moteevery single day💗
    23 lighting a candle for Xavier and yor family.🕯
    22 Happy Valentine’s Day Xavier I LOVE YOU❣️MOM 2021
    18 missing you
    16 Missed you at Athena's Birthday you should of been there..☹️🕯
    9 Ready Easy Xavier.
    16 God Bless You! 💙
    18 Never Forgotten💯❤️
    17 Rest Easy Xavier ❤️
    18 A candle doesnt helpthe loss just to rember you..🕯
    18 Love and miss you cuz we gon db for you i promise
    21 sending love from Wichita ks. love u Michelle
    25 xavier was a great brother friend son uncle and more i love and miss him everyday ❤️😭🥺
    16 Happy Easter My Handsome Angel❣️Love And Miss You So So Much❣️😘2021 MOM
    19 Happy Easter Bubba!!! Miss you handsome dude!!! 🐣❤️😘
    19 I MISS YOU XAVIER❣️MOM 2021
    16 Love and miss you Bubba!!!! 💕❤️🕯
    17 i miss you so much xa , u was there when no one was thankyou keep watching over everybody i love u😫
    17 Sending love and hugs, there's not a day that goes by yor not thought of. 🕯
    17 We love you all, think about you everyday Xavier.🕯💔
    17 Xavier your 2yr anniversary turned out good. avier you are so Loved (mom 2021)😘
    16 You are truly missed Xavier🥺♥️
    18 Another day your missed, lighting this candle for you Xavier.🕯
    17 This candle is always for the broken hearts of Xavier not being here to share life.🕯
    18 rip 💔😞
    16 gosh i miss you so much 😫🥺🥺
    16 Love and miss your smile and goofiness! You sure could shine brighter than any diamond Bubba!
    18 Missing you like crazy❣️(Mom 2021)
    17 Xavier your alway thought of everyday by so many and misses deeply. 🕯💔
    18 Xavier was just thinking about you this morning and wanted to light a candle for you..🕯
    15 Love you Bubba! Miss you silly self! Keep our family busy laughing until I get there! ❤️
    15 This Candle is for you, this would of been your year to graduate and spread your wings. 🕯💔
    14 We will have Xavier and his family in our heart as Quinn Graduates today. 🕯❤️
    15 i personally dont know xavier or michelle
    16 but i know angela- my prayers and love to you all
    17 Congrats Xavier class of 2021❣️(Love Mom)
    19 🕯🕯 from Cara
    18 david and cara send to you our prayers
    18 loving thoughts and prayers from
    20 your friends in ks cara
    19 we miss you xavier fly high bubba ❤️🥺😭💔😞
    26 Happy Fourth My Handsome Angel Mom Loves You and Miss You So Much❣️(2021)
    22 i love u always n miss u so much watch over me
    23 xavier i miss u more than anything in this world i love u uncle wesley
    20 Sending Love, Hugs and a Candle. 🕯
    18 sending love to you and family
    18 May You Rest In Peace❤️ Watch over your loved ones🥺❤️
    14 I Love You So Much AND MISS YOU EVERYDAY❣️(Mom) 8/8/21
    14 Sending a Candle and love.🕯
    13 your birthdays tomorrow! im hoping to come see you if i get off at a decent hour! i miss you♥️
    12 Happy Birthday!!! i love you Bubba!!!❤️🎂🥳🎁🎉
    15 love you bubba, hapoy birthday
    17 happy birthday xavier!!! i love and miss you so much😭♥️
    19 happy birthday caier
    20 Happy Birthday Xaiver, you are soo missed, long live my bday twin❤️ -hanna
    21 Happy Heavenly Birthday My Angel❣️2021 Mom
    20 Happy Birthday Xavier ...🕯
    20 sending lots of love strength and comfort
    19 sending lots of love❤️
    18 ❤️rip fly high
    19 Xavier today was so nice your walk turned out wonderful❣️LOVE MOM❣️(2021) DONOR Walk❣️
    21 Happy Halloween my love 😘2021
    18 Happy Thanksgiving My Handsome Angel❣️Love Mom 2021
    20 Thought about you yesterday and I wish you were here to make everyone smile and laugh again!
    25 Just thinking about the time you stuck up for me man i miss uou 😭
    24 Merry Christmas My Love Always And Forever Missing You❣️2021 Love Mom
    24 Happy New Years Eve Mom Loves you❣️Lots of Hugs And Kisses 2021
    24 This Candle is always for you...🕯
    20 Happy Love Day Baby Boy❣️Love Mom 2022
    20 Love you Bubba! I hope you are watching over everyone! ❤️
    20 I love you so much snd miss you❣️2022
    22 happy Easter Xavier❣️(Love Mom) 2022
    18 Love you Bubba! ❤️❤️❤️
    20 Missing You so Much! 2022
    19 i miss you g ❤️ i hope you doin good & continue to watch over your family they miss you so much.
    19 today is for you xavier!
    23 Happy 4th of July Xavier I Love and miss you❣️(2022 Love Mom)
    20 missing you like crazy!(MOM 2022)
    19 happy 20th heavenly birthday! hugging your bear extra tight tonight♥️
    9 watch over everykne as they seek justice for you this week
    8 please Good look over Michelle and her family this week.💔
    8 Sending Love and prying for the highest Justice to be sent down for Xavier
    12 Sending Love and Hugs Michelle.❤️
    12 🕯Justice for Xavier.
    11 Thinking of you and your family today Michelle.❤️
    13 praying for justice ♥️ you're in our hearts forever.
    12 sending comfort to your momma
    10 Happy Thanksgiving My Love❣️aI Miss You So Much😘❣️(Mom 2022)
    8 Merry Christmas Xavier I Love You(MOM 2022)
    7 Happy New Year Xavier❣️ Missing You Like Crazy❣️( Love Mom 2023)
    8 504146 candle 🕯️ lit 🔥 on behalf of my son Fabian Gomez your son had a beautiful smile💙💙
    9 I meant 50146 candle 🕯️ lit on behalf of my son Fabian Gomez💙💙
    10 50146 candle 🕯️ lit 🔥 on behalf of my son Fabian Gomez 💙💙💙such a beautiful child
    11 sending love from wichita ks
    6 keep the candle count going for Xavier
    4 i miss you so much xavier 🥺
    4 lets get 1000 more candles by thanksgiving
    3 Happy Thanksgiving My Love 2023❣️
    3 Merry Christmas My Love 2023❣️
    3 Happy New Year Another year has passed i miss you so much❣️
    2 I love you bubba
    1 Happy 4th Xavier I Miss You So Much❣️2024

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