Haggai Sekesa, age 18

Lost to gun violence on February 10, 2019 in Auburn, Washington.

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  • Nickname:
    29 laggai
    11 lahkiwa
    9 loml 😭❤️
    4 brother
    4 brodii <3
    6 Loogie
    3 bigbro
    2 ACE :( Love:Jobaaa :(((((((((
    1 rip my big bro i cant belive your dead but not forgotten
    2 we love you and see you up there later
    2 Loogie<3
    1 RIP Ace we never knew eachother like that but we would always talk thnx for the support Rest Ez-koi
    1 RIP ace ,We never knew each other like that but you still talked to me like a lil bro-<3
  • Number of children:
    3 until we meet again. ACE for now rest up nd fly high♠💸
    2 and i hope u do
    1 rip ace
    1 luv u
    1 i miss you so much <33
    1 big miss bro.....
  • Personality:
    6 caring, loving, funny
    5 Humble- Lighthearted💕💕
    4 Down to earth, independent, goofy, "dummy", helpful, loving as much as he can
    4 funny, kind, real real nice 😪💓
    4 Soft on heart
    2 wise,humble,kind, someone that i cant explain the best type of person i have known for
    1 always thought of others before he thought of himself, you deserved none of this. love you
    1 hope to see you again :) <33
    3 goofy🤪, smart🤓, nice🙂, and handsome🤵😍
    2 veryyyy caring 😊 he loved to play around 😂 we miss u haggai 😩😘
    1 very handsome like jimma 😊❤
    1 Great Singer
    1 he was bright. he brought people up when their down. hes just a bright and awsome man.
    1 loving young man <33
    1 Always ThoughtFul for those who Be on the $treet.
    1 Always there to suuport or have fun,Truthful and outgoing .
    1 goofy ass freak always funny :)-gaigai
  • Occupation:
    2 i love you <3000 mj
  • Workplace:
    2 lil ceasers
    1 yard work
  • Schools attended:
    3 Auburn High School
    7 West Auburn High School
    1 cascade
    1 olympic middle school
    1 parson hills elementary
  • Comments:
    6 r.i.p brother <3
    6 we love you haggai
    8 happy valentines day love 💞💞
    5 Fly my precious one Fly fly do not fear cross over to the other shore until we meet again😢
    3 you are forever loved 😘
    4 we love u son always💕
    3 fly high my beloved brother 😪💓
    4 R.I.P HAGGAI SEKESA our condolences to the family. God bless
    3 Rest easy
    3 Rest iN PeaCe(FiRst CoUsin)
    3 I'll forever miss you Laggai :,(
    3 Haggai i just want you to know that we all love and miss you very very very much
    4 Happiest Sunday Haggai WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU
    3 cant sleep knowing we've lost you. love you so much
    2 yea we miss you so much that everting is gonna change here with out you...
    2 Fly High Haggai <3
    6 I will always love you haggai kiwa sekesa “Johnson” as you would always say😭 I miss you sm 😪💔
    2 i miss you haggai.
    2 we will miss you forever 😭😭😭
    2 Gone too soon. Forever in our hearts. Rest eazy<3
    2 its hard to believe that you're gone :( we forever love u haggai
    3 Rest In Love my brother. Lay down and take your rest. I love you
    2 fly highh brotherman forever in our hearts <3
    1 in school thinking about you rn :/ love you haggai <33
    1 "lay down my dear brother, lay down and take a rest" love you forever big bro <3
    1 Dear haggai i miss you and love you <3 ill see you later when its my time !
    1 R.I.P. bro fly high
    1 a month
    2 dear laggai this is Joba,Ab,Gaigai we miss you brotha i hug noami cause i felt bad lobe you botha
    3 dear haggai i will miss you and tis is gaigai i will see you in heaven fly high mis you rip
    1 R.I.P nephew and rest in peace
    2 i miss u haggai its been a long time but rip and ill see u again.
    1 its 10:32 pm. i cant sleep knowing we've lost you
    1 everyday i come to this website and light a candle for you my big brother <33 i luvv you
    1 it has been a month w/o you :((
    1 til this day and forever more, the world will not be the same without you
    1 ace way or no way, yanno waspoppin. i love you bruduh
    1 We Love You
    1 Love you Unconditionally
    1 03/30/19 ily forever more
    1 hey haggai, i miss u so much, been a long time. ily brother. ill see you soon 4sure.
    1 12:14 am. imy atm
    2 02/10/2019 a date that changed our lives
    1 luhhh you big bro <33
    1 everyone writing misses you lots 😭 HKS FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS 👑♠
    1 we love you
    1 Yes, We love You
    1 we all love you with all our hearts <3 <3 <3
    2 9 more days and its going to be 2 months without you. the family cant handle it
    1 rest eazy lul ace
    2 we'll meet halfway soon my love. i love you today , tommorow, and forever
    1 As the days pass,As I smile and laugh, I still miss you son 😢
    1 Rest EZ Ace ❤🙌😩😭
    1 it hit 210 candles. thats the date you left. we miss you
    1 loogiesworld
    1 love you and rest ez
    1 KING ACE ❤
    1 3 months w/o you 😢❤ b.i.p ace
    1 2 months down. miss u so much
    1 <3 <3 <3
    1 2 months and 5 days...
    1 aint the same without you
    1 2 months is a long time without you. no one i can be happy without you. i miiissss youuu
    1 still cant believe your gone 😢 love u haggai
    1 4/17/2019.... 11/30/2000.... 2/10/2010... I MISS UUUU
    1 we love you dearly brother
    1 Jimma misses you my love <3
    1 lay down and take your rest
    2 im sorry this happened. you were well known for a softheart <3
    1 you gave energy to the people that did not give you the same . ily
    1 you gave more love than anyone else yet you were the bigger person <3
    1 i love you Haggai Kiwa Sekesa
    1 Yea haggai ill miss u forever
    1 Rest EZ
    1 missin you everyday ! 😭 love you hks ❤
    1 love u dearly
    1 rest in love
    1 Rest In Paradise
    1 almost ya 3rd month bro.
    1 Many days have passed. It isnt the same
    1 it hit 3 months today, with out you, just wanted to say i miss you.
    1 Miss ur goofy self😪
    1 im at arky brother and i miss you so much !!!
    1 wssspopin bro
    1 Haggai hope ur in a better place see you there brother LOVE JOBA ;(
    2 Yea we really hope that we see you in heaven:')
    1 bouta be 4 months, and i miss youu soo mucchh
    1 your the brightest star in my heart !
    1 But I love you to brother <33
    1 GaiGai Told m that You were dead and i was going crazyyyyyyyyyy
    1 i really thought i was gonna grow up with everyody in my family but one passed away
    2 Haggai you were my art student. Talented and Engaging. Sad to learn of your death.
    1 heyyy, i miss yu, my life is dead now a days. i wouldve gotten more fun with yu!
    1 im writting these stuffs like yur reading them but i miss you anyways!!!
    1 its friday, July 19th .. 12:28 and im missin u rn :( love you forever my dearest brother 💋😭
    1 why are yu the only brother that gets me ? anyways i miss yu so muh bro
    1 heyy brother, its a llittle lonely but when i look up to the sky i think of yu
    2 its Sepetember 21, 2019. i love you and miss you♥️
    1 Hey brother, I see you in heaven. Don't worry about the boys, We will be happy and will miss you...
    1 oct 3rd . we all miss youu :(( Love you forever
    1 Life is getting harder and harder each day.
    1 Oct.11.2019. i love you
    1 hey naomi came to our apt the other night and i waas shoked !
    1 i miss you sm , the pain never goes away.
    1 November 21, 2019 right now. 9 more days
    1 hey its the 25, five more day brother. 😔♥
    1 hey baby , 3 more days till your birthday. we finna sip
    1 i love you haggai <3
    1 dont worry, we'll see each other again soon :'(
    1 we love and miss you we will see eachother again rip ace ace way or no way bip ace miss you
    1 haggai kawi sekesa...i do not know what to do now that youre gone
    1 Rest In Love Haggai. Rest peacefully
    1 IFLY
    1 121019. today is a day to feel empty. we miss you boi
    1 Today marks 10months without you
    1 damn 10 months without yuh is hard 😪
    1 10 months without you? dis aint fair
    1 i love you kiwa
    1 ACE:(
    1 I miss you I always will
    1 rest in peace ✨
    1 love you today tmr and forever
    1 <333
    1 rest up. i love you
    1 It's been 11 months and 6 days. I dont know what to do without you
    2 01/16/20 ily forever <33
    1 R.I.P ace i really miss you hope i see you in the after life amen
    1 i love you 1/17/20
    1 01/23/20 I LOVE YOU <33
    1 bouta hit a year
    1 we love and miss you everyday <3
    2 been 11 months n 17 days w/o yu 🥺 I miss yu 🤧
    1 hi Haggai , its Jan 28th . Almost your memorial day , we miss you and love you sm big brother <33
    1 Never forgotten <3 1/28/2020
    1 02/04/20. It's crazy how we lost you almost a year ago. I love you so much <33
    2 2/10/19 was the day we lost you and today is 2/10/20 . Love you <3
    2 Memorial day <33 1 year without you my dear brother <33 see u very soon
    2 it’s been a year w/o yu.. we all miss yu 🤧 Feb.10 2020.
    1 STEADY SCREAMING LONG LIVE LOOGIE!! you will forever be in our hearts <3
    1 LOVEEE U HAGGAI ! <333
    1 rest in love brother <33
    1 love you big bro 💋 Feb.21.2020
    2 Fly high brother
    1 imy😔
    1 i love you so muchh <33
    1 march 4th 2020. I MISS U
    1 march 9, 2020. i miss you , your jokes , and your company 😔
    1 imy bigboy 😔 -K
    1 I light your candle everyday for you ❤️ imy 😔
    1 it’s me again I still miss yu 😓
    2 ^^ goodnight luv 💙
    2 rest ez <33
    2 I love you Loogie, wish we could do it all again my boy 🙏
    2 2 am on April 1st 2020. I miss you
    1 love you sm
    1 april 22, 2020. four in the morning. i love you. i miss you
    1 I love you so much Haggai. 07.26.2020
    2 imy and ily, gn haggai (H)
    2 hey, its honey :) imy. were bouta start school again next month but yeah ly.
    1 We Miss You. More Than You Know. <333
    1 Sept. 3rd. 2020. Rest In Love Haggai <333
    1 It's been 1 year and 6 months. Almost a year and 7 months. We love you
    1 still in shock. Rest In Love bro <3
    1 <3333333333333
    1 I Love You HKS <333
    1 October 1 2020 . I We Love You <333
    1 It's crazy how the world is. One day your laughing and the next you lose someone close ;(
    1 Regardless of what life offers, you will always be the biggest blessings of em all.
    1 Love you sm Haggai. I miss you sm
    1 We will meet again soon. I promise you that
    1 Nothing is more painful than this.
    1 I Love You
    1 We miss you Haggai <3 rest in peace until we meet again
    1 I Love You Haggai. I miss you so much. Rest <3
    1 Another day, another tear. REST IN LOVE HAGGAI <3
    1 We Love You Haggai <3 forever
    1 Love you haggai, another day without you- H
    1 next months your b-day, in 2 days is halloween
    1 ly and miss you so much, R.I.B haggai- H
    1 We Love YOU <3
    1 Another day. It hurts but I love you <3
    1 Rest In Love, Haggai K. Sekesa <3 Never forgotten
    2 Gone too soon. We Love You 4L <3
    1 hi cousin im hurtng but i know you would say¨dont cry or else ill tickle you¨love you and r.i.p
    1 hey cousin i come here to light your candle love you :)
    1 hey cousin rest in da best way you can,just know that ill always love yuh:)
    1 hey cousin its meh again...i miss you r.i.p love you:)
    1 miss you.
    1 Merry Christmas! we love you.
    1 christmas is over we love you jumma love you
    1 hey imy so much ily im coming soon cousin
    2 Happy New Years! We really do miss you lots and love you very much.
    1 2021! Happy New Year ♡
    1 Happy New Years HKS <3
    1 Hpy New Years! New year new change ILY :)
    1 always be lighting r candle brother ill be stronger for you and fight for you ILY cousin
    1 just lighting ur candle cousin mysm R.I.P ILY
    1 1/6/2021 ello brother it hit a year i really really miss you so muchTnT
    1 1/10/2021 lighted ur candle asm as i can cousin mysm I love yuh
    1 1 . 12 . 21 || youre forever missed but never forgotten 😔🤍 love u haggai
    1 1.12.21. almost 2 years since we’ve lost you :( rest easy <3
    1 4EVER ACE<3
    1 its crazy how many of us still write on here. praying for the day we meet again<3
    1 1.14.21 | Res Easy bruva✨
    1 im glad the candles are being lit right now for me its 490 knowing we all love you r.i.p
    1 500 candles have been lit for you. LOVEYOU and MISSYOU [H]
    1 always be missed love you rest always
    1 m.y.s.m i hope ur resting well
    1 mysm rest in peace cousin...[R]
    1 never be forgotten.msy brother[R]
    1 2YEARS today💔🕊RIP<3
    1 its 4ever you🕊
    1 2Years ago we lost you :( rest in luv <3
    1 love you ace <33
    1 2 years mane. BIP ACE
    1 Loves go to yuh..RIP<3
    1 RIP ACE
    1 Happy Valnentines day <333R.I.P brother we miss you but we hope you flyhugh
    1 Mysm R.I.P love you bro,Fly high..
    1 I come here everday,and no were living for you not forgeting abt you r.ip
    1 idk what im doing right now. im lost. imysm brodie. Hx2
    1 Damn im really been deppresed since you have been gone,Fly high and reach heaven,lysm
    1 April 5th,2021 Rest In Paradise Lysm.Yokwe to all marshallese and family
    1 April 6,2021 R.I.P
    1 Wow its been 2 years mysm ALways here to light ur candle,we love you R.I.P
    1 Loh ace B.I.P rest Ez Loh brudda
    1 Its been 3 years brudda we´ve missed you dont worry cus sumday we will meet again
    1 Can't handle the struggle brothuh,Can't wait to talk witchu again..Don't forget us.R.I.P 🕊️
    1 almost to 600..R.I.P April 8 2021,Your missed i just released a song for you mysm
    1 The song is bby shark..You would have loved it,Lolz But miss you r.i.p
    1 We made it to 602 lesgoo,but hey its meh again April 10,R.I.P
    1 Hi cous Mysm,I hope you fly high and reach the heavens R.I.P
    1 Yo Much mysm brother R.I.P
    1 Is saw a comment babyshark 🤣 but I’m at a party rn, hope your doing good brother <3
    1 LOL Ikr,But Mysm brothuh Hope ur flyn high.dont give up R.I.P
    1 RIP <3
    1 5.7.21 <3
    1 love u 🤍🤍
    1 I miss you, brotha love.
    1 To dis daywe still love and miss you..But we will always try abd remember you r.i.p
    1 much luv for yuh brothuh <3333 Mysm fly high and always and try to rememer us
    1 I always come on here .(i aint a stalker),Anyhoo mysm Bro all these people that love you man damn
    1 Luv yuh,Hope u rest well brothuh and ill make sure to bring The song i had for you with me <<<3
    1 yessah im graduating but im glad I had to for you brothuh <33333
    1 Aha I Love you bro Rest In a New world in ur eyes
    1 Rest eazy too <33
    1 Miss you couz fly high
    1 hi haggai . its june 30th 2021 . but anyways love you big bro
    1 dude i got school, shii sucks but bye luv yu (H)
    1 2 years and 7months flew by so fast. Still healing but doing this for you. I love you HKS<3 9.11.21
    1 Damn 3 yrs Still Thinking about you,Crying for you,We miss you so much rest in peace <33
    1 Im in school and its crazy miss you haggai LOve you fly high
    1 WIsh you were still here
    1 Just Wanna move on but can't
    1 miss you bro
    1 Hoped you flew high<33
    1 Always lighting ur candle everyday ,Like i rlly dont have anything to do but miss you
    1 Bk :Im at school rn so bored but im here to light ur candle again miss you couz
    1 Bk:Back at home doing hw Thinking abt What jesus did for us FLy high haggai pls
    1 BK:miss you so much rn Fly high bro
    1 Bk:rest eazy bro<33333
    1 BK:Theres many things i wanna say to you But i wish i did before
    1 BK:im abt to sleep wish i can visit ur grave miss you bro<33333
    1 Hoped u flew high bro<333
    1 This Pain Losing another ,I miss you so much darn it ilysm cous
    1 R.I.P mysm
    1 Love yuh brothuh
    1 Love to you Bro<3333
    1 I'm almost close bro I'll be by your side soon <333
    1 Love Your brother and miss you<3
    1 Miss you older bruh<33
    1 Love you
    1 BK:Miss you It hurts
    1 Miss you bro
    1 Rest in paradise Miss you all day
    1 still checking up. 2019-2021 . We Miss U LoogiE
    1 Just know even if i cant visit your stone im still thinking of you
    1 Miss yuh ,I too wanna visit you .Always have time to visit family<33
    1 rest in paradise brother
    1 I'm Visiting Your grave soob Bro<33Be at Peace
    1 I know Your probably Looking down on us brother.
    1 happy 21st birthday. luv and miss u silly.
    1 Miss you olduh brother
    1 I had the chance To visit you couz,I'm very happy that i had to tell some things
    1 😓Almost Another year without you,I miss You so so Much.
    1 Happy New Year Another Year Brother Im Gon Miss you RIP
    1 Happy new years bro
    1 Wished I was was there to make more memories
    1 Hope u doing good heaven bro<33
    1 Really tried my hardest To be Okay.
    1 Always lighting a candle for you<3
    1 Hey bro It seems really hard without you:(
    1 :(i miss you bro r.i.p
    1 1/19/22 : crazy how thing changed without u wodie , luv u gang .
    1 Rest ez My respects and hopes are on you bt again rest ez<3
    1 Love you Bro<3
    1 700 supporters with you bro<3
    1 Our family will always Have you in our thoughts,We love you and hope for you to be within us
    1 Forever
    1 Miss you haggai i love u bro
    1 Go to bed. Tell me all about the day you had <3
    1 Missed yo humbleself.
    1 You can close your eyes, you’ve done your best <3
    1 We struggling,but still happy with you watching us and being by our sides..
    1 Hey sucker , miss yuh
    1 ilysm
    1 Rest EZ luv goes 2 U

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