Juforest Isiah Hicks, age 21

Lost to gun violence on December 17, 2018 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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  • Nickname:
    4 Juju
    2 Farie
    3 Tugga
    3 Baby
    1 Baby boy
  • Number of children:
  • Personality:
    5 Loyal friend
    1 Loved One
    2 Heart of Gold
    3 Selfless
    1 Legend
    1 Artist
    4 Goofy
    2 Brave
    3 Giving
    1 Curious
    3 Smart
    2 Innocent
    2 Trend Setter
    1 Strong
    1 Tough
    1 Wise
    1 Different
    1 Independent
    1 Generous
    2 Caring
    1 Trustworthy
    1 Passionate
    1 Outgoing
    1 Outspoken
    1 Courageous
    2 Loveable
    1 Bright
    1 Life of the party
    1 Loyal
  • Occupation:
  • Workplace:
    1 taco bell
  • Schools attended:
    1 Douglas County High School
    1 Alexander High School
    3 Harding University
  • Comments:
    2 I’m going to miss you Juforest. You’ll forever be in my heart.
    4 I love you so much Juforest. My heart, my best friend.
    1 This loss broke a lot of heart! Keeping the family in prayer
    3 This loss broke a lot of hearts! Keeping the family in prayers
    4 You Will Forever Be My Brother Watch Over Us
    2 Last we spoke you were happily in a relationship with someone you admired
    1 Im going to miss you my friend we had soo much fun hanging out the other day.
    1 Still missing you more each day. I love you ❤
    1 Rest in peace Ju Ju, you will forever be missed
    1 I can’t stop thinking about you Juforest. God I Miss You! ❤️🕊
    2 Rest Up Juforest. I’ll see you on the other side Love 💕🕊
    1 What am I going to do without my best friend? I miss you!
    2 I just want to hear your voice one last time and see you smile. 💔
    1 Save me a seat in Heaven Ju!
    1 I miss you so much ❤ my new year cant be happy without you
    1 2019 Won’t Be The Same Without You! 💔
    1 Gone But Not Forgotten! 🕊🕊
    1 You made a Big Difference in my life for the time I knew you. Thank You Ju! R.I.P.
    1 I hate that this is the only way I could talk to you. 😭
    3 I know you’re looking down on all your loved ones letting us know that it’s going to be okay. ❤️
    2 You will be missed 💕
    3 I’ll always remember that Smile of yours that lights up the entire room. You made me feel loved!
    1 You challenged me and made me feel good about myself!
    1 I remember you saved me a seat in class. Save me a seat in Heaven Ju! I Miss You!
    1 Rest In Peace Love 💕
    1 Miss you Ju 😘
    3 I love you ❤
    1 I love you and I miss you! 😘 I think about you everyday.
    1 This breaks my heart 💔
    1 Till we meet again 😘
    2 Always on this page just to look at your picture. Feels like you’re here
    2 We love and miss you ❤
    2 almost a month and it still feels like just yesterday 😥 continue to watch over your family 💜
    1 I know you’re watching over us. Love you Ju! 💜
    1 You’ll always be in our hearts and we’ll never forget you!
    1 It breaks my heart having talk to you this way. All I ask is Why? I miss you!
    1 It breaks my heart having to talk to you this way! All I ask is Why? I Miss You! 💔
    2 Still loving you like a fat kid loves cake 💜😍
    1 I wish you were here 💔💔💔
    1 This past month has been terrible. I love you more than anything
    2 Everyday I dream of the next time I can see you.
    1 I’m just praying this is all a bad dream. I’m ready to wake up 💔
    1 I never saw this coming. Not someone so close to me. 😥💔
    1 Rest Peacefully Juforest! 🕊
    1 You didn’t deserve this but I know you’re in a much better place. Save me a seat!
    1 I Love You!
    1 love you and miss you so much tugga 🖤
    1 I miss my love! Rest Up Juforest! 💔🕊
    1 💔
    1 I miss you Ju! 💔
    1 I met you on this day Exactly 5 Years Ago 💔 I Miss You!
    1 You’ll always have a place in my heart ❤️
    1 Rest In Heaven Love! 💜
    1 You got your wings Angel 👼🏽 Rest Up!
    1 🖤🖤🖤
    2 This still feels unreal. 💔
    1 I’m hurting right now! I Miss You! 💔
    1 Nothing’s The Same Anymore 💔
    1 This was very unexpected 💔
    1 💜
    1 💔💔💔
    1 Missing you more than anything right now 😥🖤
    1 💜💜💜
    1 I Miss You So Much 💔
    1 No words can express the pain from this loss 😥😥😥
    1 You're forever in my mind, heart, and dreams 💟
    1 💕
    1 Trying to be strong for you 💜
    1 🖤🖤
    1 Nothing’s the same with you gone 💔
    1 missing you!
    1 I Miss You!
    1 💜 still feel like I just talked to you yesterday. I love and miss you, watch over us 🙏🏾
    1 Happy Valentines Day Juforest! We All Love
    1 ❤ Love You
    1 I want to be with you 💔 I Miss U
    1 I Love You Juforest ❤️
    1 Rest In Peace Love ❤️
    1 🙏🏾
    1 I love you 💜
    1 I wish everyone would let you rest in peace 🙏🏾😥
    1 I need you Juforest! I want my best friend back 💔
    1 Still Missing You. Can’t Wait Until I Awaken From This Nightmare! 💔
    1 We love you Juforest 💜 Still can't believe that you're not here with us
    1 Everything seems so surreal 😥 Nothing is the same without you here
    1 Whoever said it gets easier, lied. I still love and miss you more everyday.
    1 I can’t get through this. I thought I was okay but I Miss You 💔
    1 I hate this happened but I know you’re in a place better than here.
    1 Watch Over Your Friends
    1 I Love You Juforest! 💜
    1 Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change 🙏🏾
    1 This still doesn’t feel real to me.
    1 I can’t check in on you anymore to see how you’re doing 💔
    1 My best friend is gone 💔💔💔
    1 It's so unfair what happened to you. Hopefully soon justice shall prevail
    1 It’s still painful
    1 Rest In Peace 💔
    1 We still need Justice for you! Then you can Rest In Peace Ju! Miss You! ❤️
    1 My life was turned upside down when you left. I love you so much Juforest 💜😥
    1 I still can't believe it. This wasn't how life was supposed to be 💔
    1 I dreamed about you last night. It felt so real 💔
    1 You told me once not to be afraid of death because there’s a better world after this 💔
    1 My biggest fear in this life was losing people I love. I lost you 💔💔💔
    1 Everyday for me gets harder. I can’t pass this pain. You’re all I cared about
    1 You always knew what to say to me to make me smile.
    1 I want this bad dream to be over. I’m tired of reliving the news 💔
    1 I miss you so much . I still talk to you
    1 I miss you more than ever! 💔
    1 I feel all alone in this world without you. 💔
    1 What am I supposed to do without you? We had so many plans
    1 love you Juforest 💜
    1 I don't even know how to cope anymore 😥 This type of pain does not go away
    1 We hear about people dying everyday. Never expected one of our own 💔
    1 You were taken away from us so young it’s heartbreaking
    1 I wish I could magically fix this. I hate this type of pain. I miss you!
    1 Prayers to your Parents
    1 Justice is coming!
    1 everything still reminds me of you. trying not to be sad is hard, i love you so much 💜💜
    1 I started crying out of nowhere, happened to look at my phone
    1 I don’t want to cry anymore 💔
    1 No matter what we say.. We can’t do anything to bring you back and it hurts 💔
    1 We all want you to know that you are loved and missed ❤️
    1 Rest In Heaven Juforest 🙏🏽 Watch Over Us Please.. We need it more than anything
    1 I will never forget how special you were to me. I want you to know I love you!
    1 I will always remember how special you are to me! I love you! 💕
    1 Please take this pain away! 💔
    1 💔 My Heart is Hurting
    1 A special shout out to your Mom on this Mother’s Day! 🙏🏽
    1 She granted us a chance to know you. Thank You! ❤️
    2 Juforest 💔
    2 it's your birthday month 😔💔 can't even celebrate without you
    1 I can’t get through this month without you. I can’t get better
    1 Happy Birthday Juforest 💔
    3 Happy Birthday Tugga 😔💔😘 I wish I could have one last day with you .
    4 you was supposed to be 22 man i miss you so much bro rest in paradise forever
    1 Lost a close friend who was helping me to cope with your passing 💔
    1 I Miss You So Much! 🕊
    2 When will this nightmare end 💔
    2 😔 I wish I could talk to you right now. Hearing your voice through videos just makes it harder 💔🖤
    1 I MISS YOU JUFOREST! 💔 The Ups
    2 I Miss You Juforest 💔
    1 Almost a year 💔 Why You
    2 everytime I think I'm strong, I feel myself breaking down . you're forever in my heart 🖤
    1 Where’s your justice by now? 💔
    1 I Love You
    1 I can't believe it's been a whole year 💔 not a day has passed where you weren't on my mind
    1 1 year as of today and still hard not to heartbroken 😔 Rest Easy Love ❤️
    1 I have no idea what to do with myself without you. It’s hard to move on 💔
    1 2nd Christmas without you. 🎄💔
    1 Rest In Heaven Love 😘
    1 Happy New Years!
    1 Thinking about you this morning. I miss you love 💕
    2 💕 1/23/14... 6 Years Ago Today you had my heart 🖤🔐
    1 Happy Valentine's Day 💐
    2 Bra i miss you so much 💔SIP Tugga see u soon
    1 “Like lullabies, you are forever in my mind” 🎶 ❤️
    1 I still think about you everyday and I’m still heartbroken 😔
    1 “It doesn’t mean anything, Now that you’re gone!” 💔
    1 I need you 💔
    1 I Miss You So Much Juforest ❤️ Can’t Get Over This Hurt 💔
    1 Can we please get Justice for Juforest 🙏🏽🖤
    1 Happy 23rd Birthday Juforest! 🎂 🎉 🙏🏽
    1 “Dear God, Make me a bird so I can fly far”
    1 I wish I could hear your voice one last time
    1 God it still hurts like I just got the news. Why, my baby ?💔
    1 “Although we’ve come to the end of the road, still I can’t let go” 💔
    1 I wish this was a dream. I need you. This is still unreal to me 💔 I wish we had more time together.
    1 Why’d you have to leave me 💔. I can’t do this without you love
    1 I’m glad I was given the chance to know you 💕 I’ll Never Forget You!
    1 You were the first person to ever appreciate me. You were very caring. I wish I knew you longer
    1 You taught me how to love someone unconditionally.
    1 ❤ Still thinking of you
    1 I love you ❤️
    1 I know it wasn’t you but I heard your voice today ❤️
    1 I want you by my side. I need you in my life. I can’t get past this love
    1 It’s 11/5/2020. The last day we spoke was 2yrs ago 💔
    1 I love you, baby! 💜.
    1 💙🧸. Approaching Thanksgiving 💔
    1 I wish we had more time to grow together 💔
    1 Could I have just one more day with you?
    1 2 Years 💔
    1 I can't believe it's been 2 years today. smh. Still thinking of you 🙏🏾
    1 Merry Christmas 🎄🥂💍 2020 💔
    1 Happy New Years 2021! 🥂🖤😘
    1 I met you 7 years ago today! The Best Day of My Life! ❤️
    2 Feb 10 2014- We 1st Said I Love You To Each Other ❤️
    1 🕯
    1 🕯 I Miss You Love 💕
    1 🕯 Here 3-14-21
    1 It hurts so bad. I can’t just call you to hear your voice again. 🥀
    1 Why’d you leave so soon? Why can’t I accept that you’re gone? I Miss You! I’m Hurting
    1 🕯 I know you’re looking down on me. I’m going to make you proud! ❤️
    1 🕯 I wish I could hear your voice and feel your heartbeat one more time 6/2/21 💔
    1 🕯🕊 Here 6/5/21
    1 🕯Here 6.23.21 ❤️‍🔥
    1 Here 7/1/21 🕯Approaching your birthday. 💔
    1 🕯 Just one more conversation Please 💔
    1 Happy Birthday Juforest 🎂🍾🎈🎉 Rest In Heaven Love 💕🕯7/11/21
    1 🕯You’re on my mind heavily 💔 I Miss You Everyday
    1 I found another picture of you that brought back memories 💙 I Miss You Love 💕
    1 There’s no one in this world that I can love like you ❤️
    1 🕯 Here 12.17.21 I Miss Your Smile and Voice 😔
    1 Merry Christmas 🎄 2021
    1 I Love You Juforest 💋
    1 Happy New Year 2022! 🎊 I Love You ❤️
    1 Juforest I really miss you and I can’t take not being able to call you or see you
    1 This day 8 years ago I fell in love with you. I still love you 1/23/14 ❤️
    1 You told me 8 years ago that you loved me on this day 2/10 ❤️
    1 I wish I could talk to you. I need you. I miss you.
    1 Here 3/14/22 🕯️ R.I.P. Love 💕
    1 1000 candles 🕯 4/8/22
    1 Happy 4/20 Baby 😘
    1 Happy 25th Birthday Juforest 😘 I love you 💙 7/11/22
    1 I still think about you baby 🕯️ I'm thankful that I got to know you for the time I did 💙
    1 Happy Thanksgiving Day! 🦃 2022
    1 It’s been 4 years without you and it still hurts 💔 Rest Easy Love 🕯️
    1 Merry Christmas 🎄 2022 😘
    1 Happy New Year 🥂 2023 😘
    1 I Love You Juforest! 💙 1/23/23
    1 Happy Valentine’s Day 2023 😘
    1 Happy 26th Birthday Juforest 7/11/2023 🎂 Rest Easy Love🕯️

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