Isaiah Pina, age 20

Lost to gun violence on September 12, 2018 in East Chicago, Indiana.

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  • Nickname:
    5 Zay or Pina
  • Number of children:
  • Personality:
    3 Funny, outgoing, life of the party
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  • Workplace:
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  • Comments:
    5 love you Pina rest up ❤️😇🙏🏽
    1 😢💔💔🕊🕊
    1 rest in love. keeping the Pina family in my prayers
    1 R.I. Paradise Little One! praying for your MoM
    3 Rip Fly High 💕
    1 Hey pina we love you and miss you
    1 RIP sweetie
    2 PinaSeason4L we miss you down here bro
    1 Love and miss you dearly❤
    1 Rest In Paradise 💖💖💋💋
    3 We love you sooo much 🤞🏼 Watch over your babygirl
    2 RIP Lil Cuz 😢🕊
    1 P I love you forever you will always live through us 💯🍍💛
    2 Isaiah you will be forever missed by many.
    1 😢💙🍍
    1 rest up little bra love you too we meet again 🕊
    1 love you isaiah ❤️🌹 see you soon man 😔
    1 love you Isaiah 😪❤️PINASZN FOREVER 🍍🖇see you soon pooh 🕊🧡
    2 missing you papi😥
    1 Im lighting one everyday for you cuz ❤️ love uou
    1 Rest In Paradise Isiah Piña💔😭 Will miss you.
    1 love you 🍍💛
    1 I miss every day pa! I still cant believe it!
    1 I love you nephew!! Love you forever!!! Titi Tere
    2 missing you like crazy!! love Tanita💛🍍
    1 PinaSzn 💛
    3 i love you brother❤️ forever in my heart
    1 love you brother 💛 - Cee
    1 I Love You So Much P 😩🤕, I aint never going to forget about you 😩❤️
    1 i miss you slime😔💔
    1 R.I.P my dude. Rest up. Gone but never forgotten ❤❤🙏🏻
    1 love you Cuz i miss you everyday papi words cant express . til we meet again
    5 Miss you son.. love ur Pops
    1 Love you papi!!
    1 I miss you brother😭💯
    1 I love you son 💛
    2 missing u like crazy! it still dont seem real! love u pa!
    1 good morning I love you💛🍍
    1 love you cuz - Cee 💛🐍🍍
    1 I love You Cuz .. 🍍🍍🍍 you lil baby
    2 I love you and miss you so much son
    1 love you papi! missing you dearly💛🍍
    2 Love you BigBro 🤞🏻🍍🖤
    1 Morning papi💛missing you🍍
    1 GOOD MORNING ! R.i.P
    2 good morning cuz love you boy 💛🗣- Cee
    1 goodmorning cuz Rest Easy💛💫
    2 love You Always-- La'Tif
    1 GM lul bro i promise i aint letting none slide over you 💛🗣
    1 morning papi! watch over Angie lil you
    1 good morning cuz love you💛-Cee
    1 morning papi! love you and miss you so much- Tanita💛
    1 Gm Cuz I Love you💛🍍
    1 Morning Brother 🤞🏻🍍 Love you 🖤
    2 ❤️a smile that brightened the darkest day
    1 Morning Isaiah, love and miss you!! 💛
    1 I love you cousin always and forever. Rest peacefully.
    4 Thinking of u always Pa!! Rest in Paradise. 🍍
    1 goodmorning cuz Love you!😩💛
    2 GoodMorning Cuz Love you 💛 - Cee
    1 cant believe it's been a month since we talked. miss you so much💛🕊😞
    1 goodnight cuz miss you sm its eating me up😩☹️
    1 you know what it is bro Good Morning love you 🗣❤️-Cee
    1 missing you!
    1 Goodmorning Cuz🤞🏽💛
    1 Its been a whole month bro
    1 Love You BigBro
    1 good morning papi! love you
    1 love you isaiah 🖤 missing you like crazy, see you soon
    1 love you isaiah
    1 damn cuz i miss you like crazy 😣
    1 love you zay☹️
    1 good morning papi, love you - Tanita💛
    1 See you soon bro🙏
    1 Good Morning Cuz 💚 - Cee
    1 goodmorning my love
    1 love you son - Tanita
    3 praying for your family I lost my nephew 6 months ago and I will light a candle for your son
    1 Love you papi! missing you so much
    1 Hey Zay 😘 Goodmorning i love you !!! miss you 😢
    1 goodmorning Cuz 💛🍍
    1 love you!! your titi tere
    1 I miss you. I wish u were here! I would give the world for you to be here.
    1 Love you, for ever lopve your titi Tere
    1 goodmorning Cuz Love you💛
    1 still dont feel real! miss you papi
    1 love you zay 😪 - cee
    1 Love you G miss you bro
    1 Good Morning Blooda - Cee🗣
    2 love you papi
    1 miss you so much son. I just want you back-pops
    1 love you cuz ❤️- Cee
    1 Watch Over Me Tonight 🤞🏻 I Love You BigBro
    1 good morning love!!
    1 love you cuz💛
    1 we Td up for you bro last night I love you Ku ❤️- Cee
    1 Still doesn't seem real blood. Love you always Zay!
    1 love you papa - ☹️ Cee
    1 morning love ❤
    1 what it is cuz 🤪 miss you ❤️- Cee
    2 heyyyyyy brother
    1 Good morning Zay 💛 its not the same without you love and miss you 🍍
    1 Zay baby i miss you so much cosuins love u- Cee💚
    2 cousin* got damn phone lmao sorry
    1 love you!! Tanita💛
    1 Night Brother Love You ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    1 hey isaiah i love you 💛
    1 🕯🕯🕯EveryDay for you Pa.. missing you-- love LATIF
    1 lighting one every day 💛
    1 Morning Brother ❤️ Kiss Grandma For Me 😘
    4 i love you
    1 PiñaSzn🍍💛
    1 missing you like crazy! love you papi- Tanita
    1 Good Morning Isaiah I Love U 🤞🏻🕊
    1 Gm nephew I love you and miss you so much ❤
    1 pinaseason love you son😢
    1 miss you cuz 😩-Cee
    1 good morning I love you!
    1 Goodmorning I love u
    1 I love you cuz The pain never gonna go away 😪🤞🏽
    1 morning love, miss you
    1 Forever Your World 🍍
    1 1900 🕯🕯 lit for u-- love LATIF
    1 another week!! still not real. love you forever
    1 forever living thru me cuz 🗣- cee
    1 Im Doing It For You 🤞🏻 ~Rea
    1 ❤️❤️ Good Morning Cuz-Cee
    1 I saw the baby move papi!! shes almost here cant wait to meet her
    4 Good morning baby i love you so much ❤️ -Amalia
    1 🍍🤟🏽
    1 Goodmorning Cuz 🤞🏽💛
    1 think about you everyday ❤️ resy easy big bro
    3 Love you
    1 morning ❤️
    1 think about you everyday! love you papi!! -Tanita🤗
    1 love you cuz things still feel unreal dawg😪-cee
    1 missing you
    1 Isaiah Ralph Pina we love you ❤🍍
    2 Sophia
    4 Theres not one day i dont think of you and miss you ❤️-Amalia
    1 good morning son I love you
    1 ❤🍍
    1 Zay bro i miss you so much dude😪-cee
    1 miss you bro ☹️ i love you isaiah ❤️
    1 miss u brother 💔 love u 🕊
    1 rest easy nephew!!
    1 Get your rest lil bro 🙏🏾
    1 love you son! always thinking of you! Hope I gave you a good laugh with the chair❤🍍
    1 i love you big bro❤️ missing you like crazy!
    1 PiñaSzn❤️🍍
    1 Gm Cuz Thinking About You And Titi Gloria😪💛
    1 love you papi!! still not real!! missing you like crazy
    1 i love you lil baby.. miss u soo much ❤️❤️😇😇
    1 i miss you my slime💔 rest up love 🥺
    1 woke up crying man i miss u dawg-Cee😪
    2 i miss youuu 😪
    2 missing you Dad💛🍍💪
    1 we celebrate you and your 👪
    1 miss you bestfriend 💛💛
    1 mom and Dad love you and miss you champ
    1 Today is all about us and our princess 💖 i love you papito
    1 I miss you so much Isaiah I love you ❤️
    1 Todays all About You Amalia
    2 Your babyshower was amazing i know you wouodve loved it cuz😪😭💛
    1 Rest up lil bro. 🖤💙 Hicks
    1 feels like forever cuz i miss you man😪 Cee
    1 This is killing me cuz i love you forever😪💛
    1 love you kid💛Tania
    1 i love you brother❤️ miss you so much
    1 I love you Isaiah 💛🍍💪love dad
    1 love u nephew
    1 have a great day son love pops🍍💛
    1 might not leave a comment everday but just know I always light my candle cuz❤️ - cee
    1 love you Isaiah, this so not fair. Just want you to come back home. -Tania
    1 miss you big bro
    1 have a good day son🍍💛
    1 Hey cuz save me a spot up there💛
    1 Rest peacefully
    1 rest up my boi we miss u down here
    1 I love you papi!! Thank you for visiting me the other day.. Tanita💛
    1 rest in peace
    1 keep shining down us!! love you son-Tania
    1 holidays will never be the same 😭😭
    1 damn slime i miss you
    1 happy thanksgiving ♥️♥️ love u bro
    1 Happy Thanksgiving my love!! Keep looking over us! Love you
    1 i love you brother😩❤️ shit killin me fr miss you so much!💔
    1 love u
    2 miss you 💔
    1 i love you isaiah .. wish you could be here more than anything 😔💔
    1 Wish I could wake up from this nightmare! Love you son.. Tanita
    1 We got a new puppy!! I heard it's the one you wanted. We named him Zay..
    1 Missing you but I know your here, I can feel your presence 💛🍍🤞
    1 i love you brotherrrrr❤️ forever living through me🤝🖤
    1 another week without you 😪💔
    1 Love
    2 miss you
    1 its a cold world outhere i love you much cuz💛
    1 love you son - Tanita❤
    1 goodmorning bigbro 💔
    1 miss you so much..
    1 missing you brother
    1 missing you cuz I’ll do anything for one conversation 🗣😞
    1 3300--- Love You Pa... LA'Tif
    1 love you💛💯🍍
    1 i miss you brother 😩 it kills me everytime i think about it
    1 ❤️❤️❤️🍍🍍🍍 Forever🤞🏼
    1 🍍
    2 love u ! 🍍
    1 missing you dearly❤ still unreal
    1 love you papi❤💛🤞
    1 love u cuz💛
    3 love you son
    1 love you kid
    1 love you brother 🤞🏻
    1 love you cuz
    1 Hope you're watching down at everyone proud ♥️ We love you ma boy . so much .
    1 love you and miss you
    1 another holiday without you cuz i love you and miss you - Cee💋
    1 christmas eve
    1 Watch over the family and tell the family in heaven I love you for me. Cess <3
    1 Merry Christmas son. I love you -Tanita💛
    1 Love you Nephew! Merry Christmas!
    1 Above message was from Titi Melissa, Danny and your cuz Kay
    1 merry christmas cuz i love you 😭😭😭😭
    1 Merry Christmas in Heaven-- LOVE LATIF
    1 merry christmas bigbro ❤️
    1 I hope your happy up there.. love you
    2 i love you Zay ! 🤦🏾‍♀️❤️ Cee
    1 Love you zay💛
    1 love you zay 🧡
    1 Happy New Year son-Tanita🤞❤
    2 your princess has been born
    1 your princess is here 🥳so heart broken you couldnt be here 🤧🙁
    1 Sophia is beautiful papi! She looks just like you.. love you
    3 Our baby girl arrived 1-3-19💛 she looks so much like you😩💛-Amalia
    1 your princess is perfect, watch over her and Amalia 💛-Bestfriend
    1 love u bigbro ! 💔🍍
    1 love you bro
    1 I miss you I love you son
    1 dreamt with you finally.. missing you so much
    1 miss you so much kittyy❤️
    1 I miss you
    1 I wish you where still here.. I would give my life for yours
    1 I pray everyday and night to see your face again blood😞 - Cee
    1 damn cuz i miss you sm mann💔
    2 miss you bro 🍍Charles
    1 miss you so much papa just someone that i knew that was gone always be thee
    1 i miss you so much papa❤️ someone that i know thats always gonna be there. love you kitty
    1 slimee🥺💔 i miss you jo
    1 LongLiveP onChief Eski wont forget u blood🗣🎯🖤
    1 i miss you big bro 🤕
    1 damn cuz love and miss you 😭😭😭💛
    1 Ma boy ♥️
    3 always thinking of you
    1 love you zay 💔
    1 never forgotten ❤️ love you zay !
    1 we ain finish that herb "Easy" but i got some for you bro 🤘🏾🖤🍍
    1 love you cuz ❤️
    1 think about you everyday Bestfriend, you are forever missed
    1 thank you for visiting me last night cuz love you 😭❤️
    1 hey zay i miss you man please keep looking after the family man💔
    1 wish you were here for my birthday.. nat nat
    1 hey zay i love
    1 love you Isaiah ❤️
    1 forever in my heart 😭 It was always love when we seen eachother. Forever my Brother ❣️
    1 wassup cuz i miss you so much dawg 😭- cee
    1 Gone but never Forgotten.. LONG LIVE PINA-- LOVE TEEFE
    1 miss you - Tanita❤
    1 i love you brother ❤️ - CeCe
    1 forever in our hearts 💖👑 A soul too pure for this cruel world
    1 missing you sooooo much 😢😢
    1 isaiah ❤️
    1 Love you son.. continue to shine down on us.. we feel your presence 💛🤞🍍
    1 love you zay
    1 love u lil baby 🍍🍍🍍
    1 love you papi.. tanita
    1 you'd be so proud of me with school bestfriend, i miss you 💔
    1 Titi misses you so much papi, life is not fair. Please give mommy a kiss for me---Love Titi Tere :(
    1 love n miss you baby💙- Cee
    1 i love you ❤️🍍
    1 love you son ❤ Tanita
    1 love you soo much 🥺💔
    1 Love and miss you nephew! Titi Trina
    1 miss youuu ❤️❤️
    1 miss you zay💛🤞🏽
    1 i miss you so much zay 😪 - Cee
    1 i miss youuuu 🥺💛
    2 love you p🤘🏽🖤
    2 miss you son.. I love you
    2 i miss you and love you so much isaiah papi dad loves you God bless you
    2 love you baby🍍🍍💛💛. we ain't gone let them forget you
    1 happy birthday 🥺💜love you
    1 Happy Birthday Papi! I love and miss you!!
    1 Happy BDAY bro. charles
    1 good night! wish you were here ):
    2 love you son - pops💛
    1 missing you! wish more than anything that you could be here - Tanita
    1 Rest in Heaven Sweet Boy!!!! -Ree
    1 rest up my boy
    1 love you son - Tania
    1 love you blood ❤️- Cee
    1 love and miss you so much! this is so unfair 🥺💔
    1 goodmorning brother❤️ i love you like crazy, miss you so much❤️!
    1 still feels unreal. plz just come back💔
    2 yo world 5eva slime💔😔
    1 love youuu 🥺🧡🤞🏾
    1 Love you ❤
    1 rest easy my boy you are truly missed 🅿️🙅🏾‍♂️🧢
    1 i love you forever brother- Cee
    3 i love you son and miss you so much going to be a year now RIP papi love Dad💛💛
    1 love and miss you dearly- Tanita💛💔
    1 its going up for you my boy❤️ love you
    1 I love u big bro yo lil bro PøpØut
    1 cant believe it's been a year since I hear your voice. you are missed dearly
    1 one whole year without you, i love you and miss you
    1 one year 💔ughhhh i miss you 🥺
    1 one year big bro 💔
    1 I love you nephew ❤️❤️❤️
    1 I love you nephew!! Titi Tere
    1 I miss you - Tanita
    1 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏽🙏🏽
    1 I miss you nephew ❤️ titi tere 😢
    1 love you Isaiah❤ Tania
    1 misss youuu 🥺🧡
    1 When i think about you i get a ache in my heart🥺i love you isaiah. i miss you so much
    1 i miss you pooh 🥺💛
    1 Happy Thanksgiving Isaiah! I love and miss you so much. Tanita
    1 Merry Christmas my love.. Missing you down here.. love mom (Tanita)
    1 love u my lil Baby .... js
    1 love you cuz FOREVER US NEVER THEM!🖤🖤
    1 Hey 💗 miss you and love you !!! happy New year zay 🥺
    2 i love you isaiah 🥺💛
    1 miss you big head! hope your having a ball in heaven. love you...Tanita
    1 love you my boa forever my blooda🖤
    1 love you son RIP
    1 miss you cuz!
    1 love you pooh 😘🧡
    1 i miss youu !!!
    1 miss u so much son cant wait till mommy is reunited with u on the other side🍍💛🍍💛🍍
    1 miss you, think of you everyday💛🤞
    2 miss u cuz🖤-des
    1 love u big head.. tanita😘
    1 i miss you sooo much 💛
    1 i love and miss you so much isaiah 🥺
    1 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    1 ❤️❤️❤️💞💞~Niya Collins
    1 love you pina 4L💘
    1 RIP From Pina to Pina. RIP I wish I would up got to know you..
    1 happy 4th of july son we love and miss you so much❤️❤️❤️
    1 forever missing you - mom (tanita)
    1 I miss you nephew ❤️
    1 love you bestfriend ♥️
    1 I love you cuz this a 4L thing💗
    1 Happy New Years papi 🤞🏽💗 love you dawg -Destinee
    3 From 1 gun violence family to another. Deepest condolences. I feel the same pain.
    1 miss you - tanita
    1 titi tere loves you papi
    1 Hey cuz it’s Cee I love and miss you so much dawg! Continue to rest Gang
    1 l love you forever cousin - Cee
    1 I miss you Bestfriend, youre still so deeply missed and loved - Alexis ♥️
    1 love you nephew--Titi Tere 😢
    1 happy birthday son we love and miss you
    1 happy birthday big head love and miss you like crazy
    1 love you- Tanita
    1 Love gang👿
    1 Love gang❤️
    1 wish you were here! your an uncle.. a beautiful neice and a nephew. you would be crazy about them 🥺
    1 Thinking about you :( Miss you so much always wonder what life would be like if you were still here
    1 Wtw gang hyb up there brody?🥲 imy boa save me a spot frl frl🤞🏼
    1 miss you gang this a 4L thing ❤️🥺 - Cece
    1 i love you papi!! titi mussed you so much ❤️titi tere
    1 Love you Isaiah Rest Heaven things really not the same without you - Tanita
    1 Damn gang 3yrs huh?
    1 Yo death got me fucked up so now im mentally unstable
    1 I misss you soo much 🥺🥺🥺💛
    1 Love gang😪
    1 Love u n**** glad u was watching ova me yesterday😪🤝
    1 we miss you so much nephew😩❤️
    1 nephew! things are not the same without you. miss you so much ❤️😩 titi tere
    1 been a min cuz but i love u 4L- cee
    1 i love you gang 🥺❤️
    1 love you💔
    1 Love you big head.. missing you ~Tanita
    1 i love you brother 🫶🏼 thinking about you heavy ❤️ miss you so much
    1 Miss you boa💔 WE STANDIN ON Buiness
    1 Love you n****💔💯
    1 handling ts day by day LOVE YOU💔💔💔💔
    1 Love and miss you
    1 rest in heaven Isaiah
    1 love you nephew ❤️ titi Tere
    1 I LOVE YOU🩶
    1 Love you and miss you dearly 💛 Tanita
    1 hey cousin i miss you down here crazy dude😓
    1 I love you nephew Titi Tere ❤️
    1 love you isaiah, miss you so much.
    1 love you neephew Titi Tere
    1 love you, Titi Tere ❤️

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