Rocky Bob Weaver, age 48

Lost to gun violence on September 10, 2018 in Seguin, Texas.

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  • Nickname:
    2 We called him Fatboy
    1 He always called me and I always called him my best friend from hell.
    1 Son Brother Daddy
  • Number of children:
    2 Brian , Sierra ,Shelby , Able ,and Coulter
    1 Ricky
  • Personality:
    4 Beautiful heart
    3 loyal .
    2 Always there when you needed him, for anything.
  • Occupation:
    1 Pipeline Orperator and Cowboy.
  • Workplace:
    1 United States
  • Schools attended:
    1 Freer High School
  • Comments:
    5 My beautiful son. I love you with all my heart
    3 what i would give just to hear your voice one more time
    2 I love you like my Brother Rocky Bob till we meet again💜💜
    2 your my hero..gone but never forgotten
    1 Love you, Rocky with all my heart and soul,
    1 We Only Part Till We Meet Again ...Love You. KC
    1 Love You,Rocky, Will Meet In Heaven again, Miss you with all my Heart, Love You,
    2 your Aunt Wandy
    1 Love You, Rocky, Miss You So Very Much, Aunt Wandy
    1 Love You, Rocky, Aunt Wandy
    2 Love You, Aunt Wandy
    1 Love You,
    1 Wish you were here fat boy miss you and love you
    7 Love You
    2 each day gets harder
    1 i love you my precious son
    8 I Love You
    1 I Love You, And Miss You Every Single Day
    1 I Miss You.
    2 I Love You,
    1 ILove You.
    1 Miss You Everyday
    1 I. Love You
    1 my heart is still breaking
    1 I Miss You EveryDay, ❤️
    1 Happy birthday bro 11/6/69 I love you and your still my hero
    2 Happy Birthday my son. I pray you are looking at the face of Jesus and praising him
    1 AMEN
    1 Happy Birthday, Rock, I Kiss Your Face Everyday
    1 I L O V E Y O U
    1 Still Love You,
    1 Love You ❤️
    1 I love
    1 We love
    1 i love and miss you and miss you always. Bjo
    1 I Love You So Very Much
    2 I Luv You
    1 I Miss You And Love You So Much
    1 thanksgiving was not the same without you it will never be the same again
    1 Love you so much
    3 Bjo and i took Coulter to see you. he buried a lock if his hair on your grave
    3 he also wrote you some notes and buried them all in a little tin in a plastic bag
    1 i love you so much son. my heart will forever be broken
    1 i found a letter you wrote to me in april telling me how much you loved me
    2 I Love you
    3 Love you
    3 Coulter, Bjo, and I will be putting upba little christmas tree for you saturday
    1 I Miss you
    1 i miss you so much my son. i just dont know how i can hang on
    1 I Love You.
    1 IMiss You
    1 Loving You
    1 Missing You
    1 every time i leave your grave i leave another little piece of me behind with you
    2 I Love You. And Missing you this Christmas... and Always.
    3 Daddy Santa brought me a motorcycle for Christmas wish you was here to ride with me and uncle stoney
    3 Love Colter
    2 Thats So Sweet...Your Daddy is Watching you. In Heaven Everyday,
    1 I Love you Rocky
    2 your brother is taking care of Coulter for you
    2 He loves your little boy so much. you would be proud
    1 Thats Awesome, Wish you were here, I Love you
    1 Happy New Year, Sweetheart, I Love you
    1 I Love the Man, He was my Newfie
    1 I Love You And think about you everyday
    2 it just doesnt seem right starting 2019 without you here
    1 ILove You
    1 Miss you and Love you so much
    1 ILove you
    1 I Love you, Sweetheart, your Aunt Wandy
    1 lLove you xoxo
    1 U are my Rock and alwayz will be. I Luv U
    2 im in fl gathering up you footsteps to bring back home to tx
    1 Love you, Always, And Forever, Ur Aunt Wandy
    1 I Love you, Sugar
    1 iLove you
    1 I Love You❤️
    1 I Love you, So Much xoxo Wandy
    1 Love you♥️
    1 I Love You, XOXO
    1 i will get a valentine for coulter and Bjo for you my son
    1 i love you Rocky
    1 Love You, Rocky Bob, Aunt Wandy
    1 I Miss You
    1 my heart is broken. it will never heal
    1 I Love You, Rocky, Always have, Always will
    1 I Love you, So very much
    1 I Love you so very much
    1 my son my son where are you
    1 Love you, Rocky
    1 Miss you, So Much
    1 Love and Miss you so much, Ur Aunt Wandy
    1 im gonna see your little boy today and tell him how much you love him
    1 Love You So Much
    1 Love and Miss You
    1 Love YOU
    2 Rock what do I do w/o u on days like this ? wishing u were here love Bjo
    1 l love you so much my son heartbroken
    1 iv had a really hard day today i have cried all day
    1 Love And Miss You
    1 Love You, Rocky, Ur Aunt Wandy
    1 Love You, Sweeheart, ur Aunt Wandy
    1 every day my heart grows weaker i dont know how much longer i can hang on
    1 ILovrYou,
    1 I Love You, Aunt Wandy
    1 we at dentist today daddy bubba really misses you im not good at things like u rock bjo
    1 Love You, Ur Aunt Wandy
    1 Love you, Ur Aunt Wandy
    2 I Hope You Had A Beauitful Easter, Singing With The Lord, We Sure Missed You This Easyer
    1 Easter
    1 As Always
    1 Love You, Rocky, Your Aunt Wandy
    2 Rock I miss you so much I wish I could talk to you
    1 Rocky summer coming.. I'm still waiting for you to show up
    2 I Love You, Rocky
    1 ur Aunt Wandy
    1 I Love You, Rocky Bob, Always
    1 aunt Wandy
    1 it's almost June bubba BD coming.. only u can do his BD.. I'm gonna try rock love u Bjo
    1 Love You, Always And Always, Your, Aunt Wandy
    1 Colt
    1 I Love You. Forever, And Ever, Aunt Wandy
    1 we will take care of Bjo and Colt for you my precious son
    1 We here w Stone
    1 Loving You, Always And Forever, Aunt Wandy
    3 Bubba says nobody can make his BD as good as his Daddy.. we gonna Bjo
    1 Colt had party yesterday it was good but you were missing.. love
    1 today your little boy turns 7 wish you were here
    1 i love you and miss you with all my heart son
    2 today is his 7th birthday "nobody does my BD like my daddy"
    1 love u always Bjo
    1 think I got a job baby I'm doing good love u Bjo
    1 went my first day of work today babe. your sister is here colt hanging w her
    2 I Love you, Ur Aunt Wandy
    1 I'm trying hard Rock love
    2 love
    1 I'm still being good babe wish u were here love Bjo
    1 bjo and coulter help me to cope everyday. they give me the will to live
    1 colt
    1 love u rock Bjo
    2 Sierra called yesterday Colt may be getting to meet his sister!! love Bjo
    2 happy 4th july babe colt says them fireworks went clear to daddy
    1 another holiday gone by w/0 you... never be the same.. love u always Bjo
    1 our lives will be forever shattered without you
    1 but if we hang on to each other we will still have a piece of you
    1 i love you son
    1 bubba boating w auntie
    1 leann your mom
    1 I Love You, Rocky, Ur Aunt Wandy !
    1 love ya rock Bjo
    2 I Love you, Rocky, ur Aunt Wandy
    1 my heart hurts so bad why did this have to happen
    1 we back with your mom..take care of Danny butters for me love Bjo
    1 your mom colt
    1 ILove You, Rocky, Ur Aunt Wandy
    1 wish you were here for Bjos birthday
    1 but we wil take care of her for you
    1 missing you bad today babe I love u Bjo
    1 Rocky will you please ask God to heal aunt Wandy
    1 school starting soon rock..u always been there 1st day of school..
    1 rock your son jus said his ABCs you would be so proud love u Bjo
    1 woke up thinking it was all bad dream.. miss
    1 your little boy hit his head and bled pretty bad
    1 me and Bjo took care of him he was asking for his daddy
    1 Rocky, I Love you, So much, Do you know that. Well i do, I Love you do much, Aunt wandy
    1 so much
    1 everyday has become a struggle
    1 I Love You, And Think of you every Day , Aunt Wandy
    1 I Love you, XOXO
    2 rock all I wanna do is get colt
    2 its been almost a year i still cant get over this
    1 coulter starts school today wish you wete her for hom
    1 we are going to have a big get together just for you
    2 i dont think you know just how much or how many lived you
    4 I Love you, Rocky, Ur Aunt Wandy
    1 love you Rocky Bjo
    3 Love you, Rocky, Ur Aunt Wandy
    1 almost a year now😥
    1 going to set ya a black stone kinda like ur daddy's love
    1 i just wish i could turn back time
    1 I Love You, Rocky, Your Aunt Wandy
    1 i wish i knew why
    1 Sure am missing you Rock.
    1 Rocky it's almost Halloween Bubba talking bout Halloween past w his Daddy I love you Rock Bjo
    1 wish you were here to see your little brother become a homeowner
    1 Rock I wish we could talk I have so much to tell
    1 Rock im trying so hard
    1 wish u were here love u alwsys bjo
    1 its almost your birthday you would have been the big 50
    1 you were just too young to go
    1 Bubba doing really good in school Rock u b proud
    2 I Love you, Rocky, Your Aunt Wandy
    1 bubba was your last chance
    1 if i could just go back to the last time i talked to you i would change so much
    1 miss u love u to the stars
    1 wish you could see your boy love u Bjo
    1 one day till Halloween all he talks about is his Halloweens with his daddy
    1 Bubba was Huck Finn Daddy wish you could have been there love Moma
    1 i miss hearing you call to tell me happy birthday
    1 in just a few days you would have been 50 im heartbroken
    1 another special day w/o babe we had plans when u turned 50
    1 u been heavy on my mind rock i miss u love u always Bjo
    1 hope to take road trip on ur BD jus like we used to for ur daddy love u
    1 tomorrow is the big day i wish i could make you a b cake and tell you happy birthday
    1 Happy Birthday Babe This isnt how it suppose to play out... I love ya Bjo
    1 Happy Birthday, Rocky, I Love you with all my Heart
    1 how can i even say happy birthday its not a happy day for all of us
    1 your little boy loves you and misses you so very much
    1 well another postponement
    1 you were in the sky tonight Rock love u to moon Bjo
    1 I Love You Aunt Wandy
    1 wish youbwere here to eat some prune cake and fruit salad with me on thanksgiving
    1 well baby it almost turkey day another spc day missing you.. love u Bjo
    1 Rock i jus cant get into it.. i feel so incomplete
    1 time marches on its dec 1 2019 i hate this you Bjo
    1 almost xmas Rock bubba
    1 somedays i could jus have spell bc you wont answer my calls miss u Bjo
    1 wish me ,u,
    1 another christmas without you i miss you so much son still cant believe it
    1 i wish you could have been here to see 2020 with your family. love you
    1 i love you son i dont think i will ever get over this pain
    1 i will never forget you son i think of you everyday and cry for you
    1 its almost valentine's day babe..I miss u
    1 heavy on my mind rock love u Bjo
    1 i love you my precious boy how i wish you would give me a sign
    1 its valentines day and my heart in broken in half
    1 please rocky let me know there is something more
    1 Rock it ain't gonna get better time only reminds me of what I've lost w/o you
    1 love bjo
    1 spring is here wish you were here also
    1 its spring break colt
    1 well we are here w everyone you only one missing love Bjo
    1 i wonder what you would think about all this crov 19
    1 not a day goes by Rock that I dont wish u were here
    1 March 2009 babe who would of ever thought? Love Bjo
    1 put in a good word for me with God and ask that i dont get this covid19
    1 I wish you were here to explain why this world is so messed up I'm scared for bubba love u Bjo
    1 missin my friend partner n crime one n a life time
    1 watching the sun rise thinking bout how many we saw together.. are u out there somewhere?
    1 bubba needs his daddy he so hard headed rock miss u love Bjo
    1 its mothers day u always made sure I had mothers day from bubba miss u Bjo
    1 Well babe Jimmy Bell on the way to see you take care of him yall tell them fish stories
    1 sometimes i think i feel you close but i need to know
    1 Ur moma teaching bubba school they doing good babe love u Bjo
    1 even though your gone your still taking care of bjo and coulter
    1 i miss you so much your baby keeps me entertained
    1 your moma
    1 i wish you were here for Bjo's birthday. she misses you so bad
    1 your little boy is in the hospital i wish you were here he needs you and so does Bjo
    1 Daddy bubba bad kidney is acting up we need you... miss u so much moma
    1 bubba
    1 Rock its days like these idk if I can make it w/o u miss u Bjo
    1 Rock I've fallen
    1 on sept 10th wenwill all come to cemetary to honor you i love you son
    1 miss u babe... love Bjo
    1 been w ur mom Leann
    1 still being good babe miss u ..bubba doing school w leann love u Bjo
    1 you have a great little boy wish you were here with them
    1 love u Rocky Bjo
    1 wish you were here to hear Colt say well bless your heart
    1 Bubba reading sentences Daddy ! miss you Love momma
    1 well daddy bubba making milestones
    1 its 4am Rock am laying wishing u were here to hold me love Bjo
    1 you have been heavy on my mind rock we are doing good I wish u were here love Bjo
    1 Rocky please ask God to look down on me and help me
    1 rock ur mom ur boy plez ask him to help us
    1 we here cking bubba kidney daddy we miss u love bubba
    1 Halloween coming babe u love dressing bubba up he misses u
    1 grandpa got a bike for your little man he lives him alot
    1 on my way to work still here w ur family I miss u so much love Bjo
    1 bubba went w ur moma for weekend he loves his gma cathy miss u babe Bjo
    1 goodnight babe miss u love Bjo
    1 they gonna fix bubba kidney daddy plez be w/ us
    1 Rock plez ask him to help ur moma we love her so much I'm scared rock love Bjo
    1 she gotta tough fight rock but we gonna help her
    1 bubba fell
    1 rocky i dont know what gods plan is am i supposed to come with you or stay here i cant leave coulter
    1 me bubba
    1 went to nasa
    1 im glad i dont have to worry you about all this mess i love you son
    1 i spent the last 2 days with bjo and coulter i really live them we had fun
    1 happy Halloween rocky miss u love Bjo
    1 bubba sent u a balloon today.. I love u rock
    1 happy Birthday day baby love u Bjo
    1 how can i even say happy birthday its not happy for any of us
    1 i love you and miss you son
    1 your baby is going to have surgury bjo is handleing things really well im proud of her
    1 i wish you were here i hope this chemo works
    1 bubba doing well babe jus gotta get ur moma thru bubba loves her so much..miss u love Bjo
    1 bjo misses you so much son let her know you still are with her and love her
    1 thankgiving Christmas all w/o u will it ever get better rocky I jus get lonelier love u Bjo
    1 im sick rocky i need help
    1 merry christmas rocky we wish you were here i love you
    1 Rock I dont understand y all this is happening plez help us love
    1 2021 Rock hard to believe huh ? time marches on
    1 i miss you so much i love you son
    1 i dont know what gods plan for me is
    1 i sure wish i could talk to you i love and miss you son
    1 Sierra made it to TX bubba gonna meet his sister u waited for this day for so long Love u Bjo
    1 another easter without you i came to see you and left you an easter egg love you
    1 sierra came to see you we told her how much you love her and shelby
    1 i still live you and miss you dearly but now i think i can go on now that you
    1 have given me a sign that there is life after death i pray you are having fun
    2 another chemo treatment today say a prayer for me please
    1 another chemo treatment closer i miss you but now im at peace
    1 ain't talked to u n a while but still think of u everyday love u Bjo
    1 1 more chemo to go rock you would be proud of me take care of memaw love you
    1 wish I could talk to u babe I have so much to tell u love Bjo
    1 its begging of summer u should be otw to get us or we to c u... bubba gonna b 9 wow miss u love Bjo
    1 walk w nelda rock...its summer w/o again miss u love Bjo
    1 still missing u love u Bjo
    1 1st day of 3rd grade daddy we miss u love moma
    1 your boy so big so smart miss love Bjo
    1 wish I could do it all over miss u love Bjo
    1 cant get you out my head what u trying to say Rock? love Bjo
    1 today is 3 years since you left still no conviction what a bunch of crap
    1 they dragging it out rock but i wont let them 4get love u Bjo
    1 the world is full of bad people rock.i misz u

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