Johnathon Scott Chavis, age 19

Lost to gun violence on September 5, 2018 in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

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  • Nickname:
    1 Mr. J
    1 john john❤️
  • Number of children:
  • Personality:
    13 I love you much my beautiful angel.
    6 i love you. now your angel👼. John playing drums for all to hear. and watching over all of us.👀
    6 Had a rough day today John but you know because I talked to you a lot. I love and miss you.
  • Occupation:
    2 a right here lyricist👇🏾🎤
    4 He was the goat on quints
    2 he was a big brother
  • Workplace:
    3 Food Lion
    2 Son, Brother, Grandson, Nephew, Bestfriend, everything. John did it all
  • Schools attended:
    3 Westover high school
    3 71st
    1 West Hoke Middle
  • Comments:
    5 Homie was nice on the quints bro 🤞🏾
    6 He was such a great young man.
    14 He is and always will be a Momma's boy.
    6 beautiful blue eyes and a beautiful soul
    5 I will miss my band baby. Glad our last interaction a couple weeks ago we were laughing as usual
    5 So sad for his grieving family. Such a tragic loss. We send our sympathy to all.
    2 my cousin and forever my friend. 💕❤️
    4 The greatest big brother, his sisters and brothers are blessed now to have a beautiful angel.
    7 John was a loving and caring young man and we will miss him dearly. we love you John!!
    5 We love you and we want you to always look down on us ❤️❗️
    3 Will be forever rememberd🙏🏼😭
    6 Gone too soon.. I love you John, FLY HIGH! 😇🥁💙❤️
    5 To the very first person to talk to me at Westover, you'll be missed❤️
    7 You will get justice, Momma will see to it !!
    5 jellyfish squad forever scrub🖤
    4 nothing will ever be normal again. theres always going to be a missing piece. rest in peace 🤧💕
    3 Loved so much!!
    3 One of the most postive people I have ever met. Rest Easy Snowflake Love you ❤️
    5 Forever my big bro🤞🏼❤️ Rest easy brotha
    4 D.O.P for life snowflake
    4 i love you brother we'll link up again one day👇🏾☃️💘
    2 ❤️
    11 What a blessing to be your Mother, I will see you again.
    5 thank you for always being the truest friend my brother ever had. my family will never forget you. ❤
    6 D.O.P. can't make us closer bro can't wait to chop with you soon bro keep chopping up there
    7 Momma loves you, trying to stay strong like you were for me !
    5 Fly high angel
    2 LLJC
    2 like a younger brother to me ❤
    9 Missing U more than I can express son. Momma loves you.
    4 I miss you homie 😭🙏🏼❤️
    3 I love you so much Johnny Bravo. 💓
    5 rest up john we all miss and love you ❤️❄️
    4 I'd give anything to go back in time. Momma loves you so much.
    4 Miss you brother! I’ll never forget the memories ❤️❄️🦍
    4 hey kiddo u and Ryan dont cause too much trouble up there.
    2 Missing you Chavis... save me a seat up there ❤️
    2 love u John
    5 I would give anything to hug you, let you kiss my forehead . Momma ❤ U
    3 One of the best quint players i know... i love you wolf man
    2 i love you john. i still cant sleep a night without you on my
    1 mind^
    5 I love that you send me signs. But living w/o you will never be ok.
    4 may you shine on forever
    6 Happy 20th Birthday my beautiful son, I pray you're having the best celebration! 🐺💙🥁🎶
    3 LLJ🙁❤️❤️
    2 Every day I ask, What could I have done ? I miss you , we all do. Momma ❤ U
    2 I love and miss you brother. I hope we’re all making you proud
    1 miss you, i love getting dreams of you. makes me feel closer to you❤️❄️
    3 I just want to be there with you, to take care of you ! I miss you son ❤😥
    1 love and miss you.
    2 please help me be strong!! Each day is harder w/o you.
    3 Tough prepin for the holiday, but forever I am grateful to be your Momma !
    2 Gone but never forgotten. I love and miss you cuzzo.
    2 missing you babe. wrap your arms around your momma extra tight these days.
    1 michelle r
    1 i light a candle everyday we sure miss you love kaylee,austin,michelle
    1 love u john u will be missed
    2 Happy Thanksgiving my sweet young Man , I made you a plate !
    2 ^ you will always be with me , Love Mom.
    1 very beautiful soul. 💙❄️ forever you will love on.
    1 I pray that you help me get stronger, missing you so much ! 💔Momma
    1 I miss our deep conversations, our late night talks and hearing your crazy/funny stories 😔
    1 I miss you asking to wear some of my coats so you could be a fashion icon😂
    1 I MISS YOU !!!
    2 Miss you bro! NLMB
    2 Miss you like crazy Johnny Bravo 💙
    3 You didn’t deserve this. The family doesn’t deserve to go through this😭 it sucks
    1 Thanks for being the bestest friend i could ever have! thinking about you always ❤️
    3 John we miss you and love you and you will mever be forgotten , kristy sells
    2 I love you son ! Hug your uncle for me. Keep sending me signs :)
    1 so thankful for our quick pic moments. I love you so much son.
    2 The world lost a beautiful soul.
    2 love and miss you son.
    1 I am so proud to be your Mom. Xoxox I love
    2 john john i love u ALOTTTTTT
    2 I miss you and your talks to help me understand things from a different point of view.
    2 I listened to one of your videos today... I love hearing your voice.
    3 Merry Christmas my sweet boy !! I miss you terribly.
    3 Never realized what an impact you had on my life you really are like a brother
    2 ^^by the way, I miss you scrub
    4 Your story is being told around the world, Momma will fight for you!
    2 Hard to believe we are going into 2019 w/o you. I love you son
    2 I can't believe your sister is so grown up ! watch over her !!
    1 4 months..what I would do to go back in time.
    2 i took your friendship for granted. i miss you black star.
    2 please know I will never stop fighting for you. I love you.
    3 RIP Your mama loves and misses you dearly
    2 I miss you so much and I didn't know you that well I hope I get to see you again one day😭. candis
    2 I love you so much and we all miss u so much
    1 think about you all the time bro 🕯🕯🕯🕯
    1 Today was difficult, I dread going home. I love you son so much.
    3 John truly always looked out , if he had it so did you. one of the best ppl.
    2 thank you for the kind words and mini pep talks. long live you forever 💗
    1 i miss you john :( youre always on my mind
    3 I do my best to not hold hate in my heart but it seems to only get worse with each day w/o you.
    2 I love you so much, life just isn't the same.
    1 I miss you so much !
    2 5 months, your beautiful life was stolen from so many. Missing you so much.
    1 you're heavily on my mind right now. john i miss you so much.
    1 I love you my sweet boy !
    1 I know you're celebrating with Karlee for Destiny 21st. Wish you were here ! ❤
    2 thank you for protecting her !
    2 Mom misses you so very much !
    3 justice will be served!
    2 I will be your voice son. I love you !!!
    2 kulei turned 21
    1 Thank you so much for watching over me yesterday Johnny Bravo 💗
    2 I love you Son, living without you is so difficult.
    2 I miss you so much brother, and I love you
    2 I love you son ! You'd be proud I drove in the snow.
    1 Help me make a decision son !
    2 I am up as high as I can get to you. I love you son !!
    1 I love you my sweet boy
    2 please know how much we miss you , our lives will never be the same.
    3 Dreamville will feel your presence!!
    2 My nephew was a great person with a bright future...
    3 I wish I could just know why, why you and especially this way..
    1 It's not the same celebrating anything with out you. I miss you son, so very much.
    2 I bet Easter in heaven is beautiful. Happy Easter Son. I love you. Momma
    2 I will always luv you my sweet neighbor
    1 my baby, I love you so much !!
    2 wish you were here !! Momma needs you.
    2 Discord doesn't feel the same without you man
    2 before anything else I will get justice for you!!
    3 Every day is different but Mother's Day is especially difficult
    3 miss you brother everyday ya brothers doing big music things for ya
    2 trying to plan your memorial is just as hard as your service.. Miss you son !!
    2 living everyday as my last, youd be proud.
    1 🤝
    1 I miss you terribly
    2 I still look for you
    1 You're in a good place now. High Five your Uncle Ryan for Me... Koz
    1 Missing you so much !
    1 it's not fair John john it's not fair
    2 Lizzy is the only one who can call John, John john
    1 each day is one day closer to you
    2 Gonna go to see Post Malone in your honor !!
    1 Hey nephew stopping back by again..🙏🙏🙏..
    2 im truly believing that justice will be served as they should be
    1 I miss you so much. Home just isn't the same. Momma loves you !!
    2 Momma loves you so much.
    1 I wish I could bring you back. I love you.
    2 Tomorrow will not be the same without you. but together we will have you.
    1 I miss you and hope I am making you proud. I love you son.
    1 I miss you ❤️ ill see you next lifetime
    1 you are so loved and missed
    1 I do everything I can for you and always will !!
    1 Im lighting everyday for you Johnny, Im trying to be
    2 Your Mom will never stop
    1 💙💙💙
    1 I love you Johnathon. Momma misses you so much.
    1 I wanna be with you so bad !!! I miss you you so very much
    1 I wish things were different, you should be here and Ryan too.
    1 The greatest angel Heaven received
    2 Hug your uncle for me , I love you Son !!
    1 I will be your voice, Momma loves you
    1 missing you.. son tell me what to do. I'm failing.
    1 please know how much you mean to Momma and so many others
    1 you have an ARMY fighting for you !! I love you son.
    2 Hug Karlee for us !! Help her celebrate only the way you can !
    1 Happy Birthday Son !! I love you so much.
    1 happy 21st birthday papaaa! ❤️
    1 happy birthday john. I hope its going amazing man.
    1 I will be with you soon.
    1 please keep a close eye on your girls... all of them
    1 looks like I am gonna have to do things differently. Please watch over me. I ❤U
    1 missing you so much Son. But I feel your presence for sure.
    1 wish you were physically here with us. No doubt your here in spirit. We ❤ U
    1 I love and miss you so much Son.
    2 i miss you. (cousin Kylie)
    1 Holidays will never be the same without you. I love you Son.
    1 merry christmas John. miss you scrub year 2 without you🤕
    2 Merry Christmas my beautiful young man. Momma loves you always.
    1 Going in to a new year w/o you is gut wrenching but I will keep you with me always. I ❤U Son !!
    1 I hate that I can't just call you. Missing you so much.I ❤U Son!!
    1 Hope you living it lavishly up a6ove my guy miss you 6ro 😭💙❄️☃️
    2 Where is my John Duck !!! Come back. I love you Son
    1 Missing you always. Watch over Papa Bob. I love you.
    1 I love you so much!!
    1 feels like forever without you Johnny Bravo.
    1 I Iove you Son.
    1 Missing you so much Son!!
    1 Today my world crumbles a little more. It may be my breaking point. I love you.
    1 I love you! I miss you so much son.
    1 Wish I wasn't having to explain why I love and miss you so much.
    1 I love you so much, this is so hard to deal with.
    1 You have one strong Momma. LLJC❄🐺
    1 I miss you so much Son. I'm trying to be so strong. Momma loves you.
    1 Happy Easter Son. I love you!
    1 I love you!!
    1 wish I could call you...
    1 Mother's Day will never be the same.
    1 Danced with the girls, loved the grumpy/laughter I got lol. Miss you!
    1 Rip man. !😔💕
    1 I love you John! ♥️
    3 today we got Justice for you! I love you.
    1 missing you always son
    1 happy fourth son!
    1 I love you, and miss you like crazy, forever Momma's baby
    1 I miss you ❤️
    2 Give me strength son, Momma needs you.
    2 still missin ya scrub. wish things werent this way
    3 miss you dude, got out of my comfort zone like you said and it got me into school! thank you ❤️
    1 i remembee you 💛 you were always really nice 😕 watch over us
    1 I love you so much Son!
    1 rip my love ❤️
    1 continue to watch over us, you will forever be missed 🤍
    2 I hope you are smiling knowing I am trying to be as happy as you wanted. I miss you
    1 I still can't help but cry even though I know you are whispering for me to stop.
    1 I am officially married to Charles, I know you are smiling down over us! I ❤ U
    1 we miss you john! ❤️
    1 happy 22nd birthday john i love and miss you so so much have a amazing day up there🥺💕
    1 Happy Birthday Son 🎁 🎂
    1 Happy 22nd Birthday John!!! hope you are having the best day up there!
    1 happy 22nd birtnday sweet angel. so many people are continuing to keep your memory very much active.
    1 My Birthday just isn't the same with out you. I love you
    1 wish I could talk with uou just one more time, I miss you! ❤️
    1 missing you 😢
    1 happy thanksgiving, John! I miss you! 🧡🤎
    1 Holidays will never be the same. I love you Son!!
    1 your sisters keep me on my toes. keep watching over them. I ❤ U
    1 I love you so much. I pray I am making you proud.
    1 I miss you
    1 You light shines bright thru all those that love you.
    3 I love you
    1 Happy Easter 🐣 I love you💙❤
    1 Not ready to take this next step. Momma is weaker than she thought. I ❤ U Son.
    1 missing you so much son. please visit me in my dreams ..... Momma
    1 3rd Mother's Day w/o you. I love you so much. Thank you for choosing me to be your Momma!
    1 I love you, I miss you and I'm not the same with out you.
    1 I love you!!! soon I will be closer to you
    1 I sure wish I could hug you right now and hear you telling me , you got this Ma.
    2 I miss you so much! I feel so lucky that I was able to have you in my life!
    1 Wish I could hold you one more time. Momma misses you so very much.
    1 3 long with out you.
    1 i cant belive its been 3 years. we miss you every day ❤️
    1 Your Bday is coming! Missing you so much. I love you Son!
    1 I miss you. Your day is coming up and I wish you were here
    1 My beautiful young man. I miss you and love you so very much.
    1 i need one kf them big bear hugs :') 23 is coming up fast
    1 happy birthday john!!! light it up! we all love and miss you ❤️
    1 23 yrs old! I know you'd be Jordan up! I ❤ you son
    1 happy birthday, big 23. i miss you so much. i love you, i cant wait to see you again
    1 I miss you so much! There isn't anyone like you still.
    1 I miss you so very much. I love you. Visit us please.
    1 watch over your sisters and brothers please. I love you
    1 I love you and I see your signs. I miss you!!!
    1 heard your name on the news.. I can see the signs but to hear it. whew!!
    1 I love you and miss you so much! I wish I could hold you.
    1 I love you Son.
    1 I love you more than you know John.
    1 really beating myself up. I love you my beautiful boy.
    1 Help me make this choice... Im so torn. I love you
    2 I’m in the army and have a daughter know bro. I know you’d be so proud of me. I miss you bro- VJ
    1 I love you my blue eyed angel 😇
    1 How do I start over... is it possible? I need you!!
    1 can't believe your baby sister is almost 16. Wish u were here.
    1 I need you. Momma
    2 Lizzy Lou loved her necklace. still wish you could have given it to her.
    1 the girls make sure to include you always. I know you are so proud of them.
    1 I'm hurting in the worst ways. please watch over me.
    1 I love you son
    1 i cant say youd be proud of me, but im trying. LLJC 🐙
    1 missing you more than you will ever know! ❄️ 🐺
    1 1, 458 days since I heard you say I love you.
    1 It’s been 4 years & sometimes it still doesn’t feel real. Fly high Snowflake! ❄️😇
    1 Please send a cardinal or butterfly for mom, I know it’ll be good for her! 🦋❤️
    1 I just need to go back in time. I miss you terribly.
    1 the flowers, ppl, the evening were all for you! I love you son.
    1 I love you so much. Please stay close to us. I'm so worried.
    1 living without you is the hardest thing I've ever done.
    1 I know you were close by and I am so thankful that you love me.
    1 help me make this decision!
    1 seeing your friend today , her seeing you in me. So glad you are still doing great things.
    1 Stay close to your jelly fish, she is fighting hard to be better. Help her be strong
    1 seeing others rocking man buns makes me smile. I miss you
    1 missing you like crazy!
    1 I love you!
    1 watch over your girls. please protect them in ways I can't.
    1 missing you every single sec son!
    1 I can't wait to hug you again!
    1 no one will ever love me like you 💔
    1 help me please
    1 stay close to your girls. I worry.
    1 Sure wish heaven had phone number
    1 we see your signs and love that you are so close.
    1 I love you my blue eyed boy!
    1 Difficult decisions to be made... stay close I ❤️ U
    1 I ❤️ U

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