Andrew Toscano, age 24

Lost to gun violence on June 10, 2018 in Poth, Texas.

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    5 heaven gained a beautiful angel!! RIP ANDY!!!
    1 Prayers for Andrew and his family
    1 we love you andy rest easy sweet angel
    1 love you so much cousin 💙
    5 we miss you terribly and won't stop until justice is served for you and Justine!
    1 RIP brother you will never be forgotten by so many people
    2 miss you Andy.......until we meet again RIP
    1 I was blessed to have you as my friend...see you again someday <3
    1 Rest in Paradise handsome. StL
    1 luv you Andrew
    3 everybody try to light a candle every day,show Andy how much he's missed
    1 miss you so much.....wish we could have had more time
    2 luv you Andy
    1 miss you Andrew......
    1 Mijo we still think about you all the time and we love you so much..... you'll never be forgotten
    1 luv you chavalon......miss you everyday
    1 I will never forget you Andy.....I luv you so much kid.....miss you
    2 love and miss u more everday..My Andy
    2 I will never forget u..Ur love still carries me..
    2 Dazia loves u so much too and misses u..My baby's baby..we need u my love
    3 Andrew!!!Wish u were here!!!U are in spirit..It wasn't ur time!!!
    1 keep lighting candles people.....gone but not forgotten....we luv you
    1 I'll never forget you heart is filled with anger and sorrow for what happened to you
    2 I wish I could see you just one more time so I could tell you how much I luv you....
    1 you will be avenged! one way or another....
    1 i love u my beautiful son..i wish u were here so i could hold u and never let u go
    2 spent my birthday crying and reading letters u wrote
    2 we miss u Andy..We need u so much..U are our whats left.its not fair
    1 you were. going to start a new chapter in ur life. instead they took it from u and left us in pieces
    1 your family misses you so much kid......ANDREW!!!!! until we meet again....
    2 i love you..i need torn without me
    1 in my heart u will always be always there never gone
    1 How can i go on without you...Alone I Break..Left my heart behind
    2 4 months since u were taken from gets harder everday..i want u back
    1 Forever Loving you and missing u..My beautiful son..
    2 my love..i miss you..i cant believe this.i need u
    1 still think of you every day Andy.....Luv and miss you very much mijo....
    1 Andrew I Love You and its harder everyday that passes since they took you away.
    1 you are all i need.i want my beautiful boy back
    1 i love u Andy..The sun is shining but to me it isnt the same..still a grim day😞
    1 i cant live without you..Your all i need .ilove you so
    1 I miss you mijo......I luv you so much kid.......can't wait 2 c u again
    1 Andy..Wish u were here..I love you and miss u
    1 My Andy..Your always on my mind in my heart..Miss you ..Love you.
    2 Andrew..Why..I want to hold u.kiss u and never let go..Why!!!!Mi amor
    1 always thinking of you.....luv you Andy
    1 This Holiday just isnt the same without u..i love u and miss u
    1 Andrew i wish u were here so i can hold u..I love u mijo
    3 You are my world..Now im just floating in an empty space son..why!!!!
    1 mijo.I miss u so much..I. love u too..God help us get justice for Andrew!!!
    1 we haven't forgotten what happened mijo......we're just watching and waiting
    1 and you will be avenged as I've said before!
    1 luv you and miss you so so much kid
    1 my Andy..Why??I can't take this emptiness i feel since u were taken.
    1 my love how can i live without u.i love u so much
    1 Andrew thank u for the love u gave me.
    1 for the beautiful memories and your pictures everyone unique
    1 Andy..I love u..Im not living just breathing
    1 miss you💚
    1 we need u. today Andy..Please help us on this day out warrior u so much
    1 Andy !!!!Why!!!My beautiful son..I cant take this!!!
    2 My Warrior Angel..Please watch over your bros and keep sending those signs.Love u
    1 Wish u were here for bros b-day.cant believe he is 21
    1 we miss u and love u so much.U always made his bday so special
    2 Andy I love u so much and. cant be without u..please keep. givibg me signs..
    1 still think of you every day 😞
    1 I need you..I love u my son.Why??
    1 your family luvs and misses u more every day Andy
    1 we will never forget what happened and will make sure the person responsible pays for his actions
    1 My boy..I am in so much agony and pain. i cant let u go ever.but im like a. bird with no wings
    1 i love u baby..Forgive me for not saving u cause i couldn't save my self.Y.Im fkn tired
    1 of living and breathing and eating or laughing with out u doing the same
    1 i want to touch ur face and look in ur eyes and tell u how im still loving u a/f
    1 my best reason world. my sky ❤
    1 Andrew my Arch Angel .Hold me with ur wings and lift me up from this misery and pain
    1 what life..i dont feel the same..only agony and pain..Miss u so much and cry for u everyday
    2 miss you Andy! wish you were here mijo...
    1 It feels so wrong to live without u..My 🌎 my Andrew😢my😇miss u
    1 I was wrong.Im not getting better..I cant take this..i want u here
    1 i miss u and love u empty without u i need u Andy
    1 u needed me too..Y didnt u come to sorry i didnt save i
    1 I miss you and your little cousins luv you very much
    1 its Mikeys B'day..Wish u were here..Love and miss u
    1 Why did they do this to u .Please !!God help me ..I cant do this alone..We need u Andy!!
    1 mijo. I hope Emmanuel is with u..He loved u so much too..forgive him
    1 he was good and had a big heart he didnt want to go either
    1 but God took him by the hand too so say hello to each other in heaven and miss u both
    1 i miss you guys so much.i love u more still Chavezrry
    1 and my Andrew love u both A/F
    1 i love u baby
    1 Andrew. please take Chavez by the hand. and be our Guardian Angels.We love u both❤
    2 i saw a pic of u and Emmanuel and i cried so hard..i kbow u 2 are together
    1 we love and miss u. both. so much and love u
    1 ❤🙏😇Someday together for an eternity.Tears falling and ur names we calling
    1 Thank u lord for Andrew and Emmanuel time in our lives
    1 Andrew and Emmanuel I love and miss you both....por vida
    1 The people responsible for your deaths will be dealt with
    2 In this life and the next....
    1 I love u so much Andrew
    1 I miss u and need u still
    1 u needed sorry i couldn't save u
    1 I wont say goodbye.and the day u were murderd i u a/f
    1 i want u in my life .u are my Emmanuel too..This is so fkd up..y
    1 my Andy..I love you..miss u
    2 almost a year that u were taken. in a horrific and abrupt manner and my days are empty and. dark
    1 I think of u my child as u. are still here and always near because i know u see me and hear me
    1 Im sorry u see me cry or feel down..But ur love always. lets me know im not alone
    1 i thank God for a bond unbreakable i will love u a/f
    1 i miss u now more than ever.its the same everyday..Now u and Emmanuel are together
    1 our Angel's forever..❤😇
    1 there's not a day that goes by I don't think of you Andy.....I miss you kid
    1 RIP, class of 2012
    1 Justice for ATF!June 10 2019
    1 I said what i had in my ❤
    1 You are in it too so i hope u think i did a good job..
    1 i could have wrote a book
    1 for the impact statement
    1 but i wasnt given enough time
    1 always left out..but Anrew
    1 Knows and the ones touched and imprinted by Andys love
    1 know his story..My Warrior Angel!Love u more
    1 miss u everysecond of my life..
    1 Tu madre te ama por vida
    2 Andy !!I miss u and love u so much ..My little ike..It gives me comfort
    1 That Emmanuels 1st Fathersday in heaven he is by ur side
    1 We will do to remember u both
    1 rollercoaster of emotions but they are mine and they are all. for you!!
    1 HappyFathersDay Andrew and Emmanuel..We love and miss u guys so much
    1 I will take care of ur brothers and see my grandaughters and love and care for Dazia
    1 I will always see u as wonderful loving kinds dads
    1 WGA stay close by . Never leave us always hear us guide us through our lord JC
    1 AWE!!a.k.a.Andrew With Emmanuel..We 💘 u
    1 Miss u soooo much!
    1 Miss you my WGA😇❤u forevermore
    1 A.W.E.In my ❤ A/F.Love u and miss u
    1 Think about you everyday brother . You were a good man .
    1 It hit me like a train..I can't breath the same.i scream ur name
    2 I want u and need u .but its not about me
    1 i love u more each day and my heart continues to ache..i will miss u the rest of my days
    1 wish u were here so i can hug u and. never let go
    1 I know u are with me everywhere .i just want to see u i cry my ❤ out
    1 so u can let me know u are jere with me..I love u Andrew and miss u. a/f
    1 A.W.E. together our WGA's..loved and missed a/f
    1 In A.W.E.of life because u touched my ❤..Thanks to God
    1 I love the way u 2 love me.Will love U2 A/F
    1 i love you primo. RIP. Rest easy.
    1 I miss u so much Andy
    1 POMC can help you
    1 I need you mijo!!!I can't believe this..Hold me now and show me how to live without u
    1 I keep on trying..but then im dieing and my heart crying .I want u here!!
    1 I will A/F love u my dear..My son.My world.My Andrew!!
    1 1yr and 2m for my Pandy and 4 m for my hubby.
    1 i miss y'all so much and love u more each day
    1 A.W.E my GWA in heaven!
    1 Mijo me and your Momo and Popo luv and miss you Always.....wish u were here....Emmanuel too....
    1 I'm sorry baby been lost in process I lost my phone
    1 I felt like I lost you guys all over again but I didn't ur always with me
    1 I just want u to talk to me and I want to hold u I miss and love u more each day
    1 carry me through this day and hold me up I'm too tired and I know u are with our Lord
    1 take care of ur bros too my love and perfect them daddy
    1 you're in heaven! he's in hell for the rest of his worthless "life"....if you wanna call it that
    1 miss you and Emmanuel kid......luv you
    2 I love u and Chavez a/f
    1 I miss you mijo......Emmanuel too😞
    1 still tears fall everyday.this pain never goes away..miss u and love u more each day
    1 A.W.E. my WGA's always on my mind in my heart
    1 miss you drew honey!
    1 Barely got my Fb back and so many tears of joy and agony because u are loved and missed
    1 My son .My world.My ULT..A.K.A.also known my Ultimate WarriorGuardianAngel"Andrew"
    1 I love you my son A/F
    2 still think of you everyday and will always love you!
    1 mijo your Tio luvs and misses you so much! till we meet again in Paradise...
    1 I still can't believe you're gone.....luv you Andy
    1 i miss your face so much Andy candy 🥺💕
    1 having a hard go lately you and Emmanuel are deeply missed.....luv yall por vida
    1 I haven't forgotten you mijo......I wish you were here.....luv you
    2 I'm sorry I haven't been myself. A,W,E. I love u both and miss u so much
    1 Andy we haven't forgotten you mijo....we miss you and luv you.....
    1 Happy Birthday Andrew! I miss you tons! and luv you tons!
    1 I'll see you on the other side mijo....luv you always
    1 Mijo I'm so sorry I've been lost.I can't live without you
    1 I can't go to the cemetery on Ur bday or Christmas
    1 it's too hard .I Kno u are with me every where
    1 Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas to u my son!!Happy New year!
    1 Happy birthday Chavez and Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you!!I love both so much
    1 miss you 2 so much
    1 mijo we miss you so much we all want you back!....I luv you little Ike
    1 I'll never forget you mijo or stop thinking of you as long as I live.....I luv you
    1 nephew not a day goes by I don't think of you and reflect....I miss you mijo
    1 I luv you chavalon.......Always......
    1 Miss you both so much.A.W.Emy Angels love you more each day
    1 Thank you God for watching over us and giving ourAngels wings
    1 I'll love you always kid.........I wish I could have saved you somehow, some way......
    1 still here missing you everyday kid.....I luv you Andy......por vida
    1 it's been a while since I been here with u.. forgive me I was lost..I miss you so fkn bad
    1 Chavez too..Why.I can't help it..I want you back .Myboy.everything
    1 Missing you ..Evermore..
    1 My An Dy..I love you do much and miss you..I need u to watch over us..Gods Amor on us..
    1 stay with me my Angels..I can't live without you..but I have too..
    1 loving and missing you evermore 😍
    1 miss you I love you Andy......forever.....till my day comes mijo
    1 My Angels..I love you so and miss you too..How do I live without you
    1 not a day goes by without the sadness of you being gone.......I luv you and I miss you Andy.....
    1 I promise I won't stop until everyone involved in any way shape or form pays
    1 Idgaf what happened you didn't deserve this
    1 mijo I miss you......Andrew Anthony......
    1 me and Laura and the babies miss you so much....
    1 I still cant believe you and Emmanuel are gone.....cant wait to see y'all again
    1 your familia luvs you and you live on through us.......
    1 we luv you Andrew Anthony.....Por Vida mijo
    1 Andrew Anthony Toscano we miss you mijo.......
    1 never forgotten mijo.....we luv and miss you chavalon.....
    1 Ike.....I luv and miss you so much mijo......
    1 you know how they say time heals all wounds? that's bullshit...
    1 the more time passes the worse I feel knowing you're not here Andy.....I miss you mijo......
    1 your Tio will never let your memory die! You're very important to me.....Always
    1 Andy and Chavez and Richard my guardian angles and lots of love
    1 today was especially hard mijo...I luv you kid.....miss you
    1 yes Rest In Peace Andrew,Emmanuel, and Richard.....we luv yall
    1 today is really hard....missing you very much! RIP my beloved nephew..
    1 I luv you Andy......
    1 tomorrow is a very hard day for all of us mijo! we miss you so much!
    1 we luv you so much! I will see you again......
    1 Andy! say it loud and clear! we miss you mijo......luv you!
    1 my Andy you're always in my heart and thoughts
    1 I miss you mijo......
    1 3:00 am and thinking of you....I miss you so much......luv you por vida
    1 nothing compares to you Andy....I luv you kid
    1 thinking of you Andy.....luv you kid
    1 it's been a while..I'm so lost without and miss you..please help us find our wsu
    1 Love you so miss you too
    1 miss you so much......we all do
    1 always thinking of you my beloved nephew.....luv you
    2 Andy I miss you more than I could ever describe.....luv you Ike
    1 we miss you so much Andy.......this shouldn't have happened......LUV YOU
    1 miss you chavalon
    1 been a while mijo.....but we still miss u more than words can say
    1 we'll never forget.....I luv you Andy
    1 RIP my Ike
    2 here we r again mijo.....missing and loving u
    1 Andrew Anthony Toscano lives on in us
    1 ay mijo it doesn't get easier but actually harder to live without you
    1 I miss you Andy.......would give anything to have you here mijo
    1 happy birthday my Angel.....your family misses you mijo
    1 Andrew Anthony Robles Toscano.......We ❤️ U mijo
    1 missing you.......
    1 not a day goes by that we don't feel the pain of your passing Andy......I luv you......
    1 Andy I miss hurts living without you and Chavez😭❤️you both evermore
    1 Just want to say we haven't forgotten you baby
    2 we all miss and love you so much 💗
    1 On this day 4 years ago we lost youOn this day 4 years ago we lost you mijo
    1 but you live on through us! we luv and miss you so much Andy!
    1 I miss you mijo......I'd give anything to hold you in my arms.....I luv you kid
    1 no matter how much time passes, the pain of losing you is always there mijo
    1 and I'm still missing you.....
    1 I'll always remember you! as long as I breathe....
    1 I luv you Andy.....Always
    1 Our Andy and Chavez we miss and love you more each day☹️😘
    1 been awhile mijo.....we miss you Andy.....💔
    1 Happy Birthday My Andy❤️u it's hard to live without u
    1 having one of those days thinking about you
    1 I miss you so so much!
    1 Andy I luv you sooo much..... wish you were here......😔
    1 My Andy I miss u so I hope you are with Chavez
    1 it will be 4 yrs tomorrow and 5 for u in June
    1 I've not been the same since they took y'all away
    1 I love you so much Andy I need you
    1 my Andy❤️u more each day.Wish u were here
    1 My Andy you have been in heaven 5 yrs on 10 of June
    1 I miss you so and won't ever be complete until we meet again
    1 I'm trying my best to live a life worthy of God's❤️
    1 I want to be more like him and make him proud and you2
    1 We are all trying but without God's help I know we will keep fighting evil
    1 with ❤️and forgiveness we can win
    1 I will be with you and Chavez 4 all eternity
    1 My 💔 won't heal and the emptiness inside is dark and wide
    1 so I 🙏2 Jesus to heal me and fill me with his words,hope,faith
    1 so I can help others in anyway possible to show them God is real
    1 He gives me the strength to push on
    1 Since the day you left to be with our Lord I haven't been the same
    1 But I keep trying to do better in your name with God's love your tragic and abrupt death
    1 won't be in vein..I love you baby boy and the memories God allows me to have will remain
    1 To push out the pain and rejoice in his name
    1 That you are 😃down from heaven
    1 In God's glory and can't wait to be with you in his
    1 neverending story I still remember that day
    1 you came into my dream to say "I wish you were here
    1 You wrote in the sand on the beach that day
    1 till we are together again I will see
    1 and hear you say what I wish too till my last day❤️
    1 Tu Madre😘😘😘😘😘😘
    1 I miss wish I had wings to fly up to heaven
    1 and kiss you Goodnight but I know I can't but in my mind
    1 I take flight and hold you in my
    1 arms so tight and wish I might have my son 1 more night
    1 so I can tell you how much I love you and want to see you again until then
    1 Remember you won't ever be forgotten when I fall asleep I wake up with you in my dreams
    1 Love you and Emmanuel to heaven and beyond💙💙💙
    1 Wish you were here😭God help me it's so hard to live without my AndyPandy🐼
    1 Mijo I miss you so much and Emmanuel too
    1 Just know that I'm not the same since I lost yall
    1 If not for God I could not lives through these changes
    1 I think of you everyday I hope you feel my love I have you in my heart
    1 i wish I could put my arms around you and hold you evermore
    1 my Andy I need you and want you here but I know you are with God my dear son
    1 i will wait till my time here is done and the eternal life with you to come
    1 Thank you God almighty for your love and promise as long as we know thy son we shall not parish
    1 I miss you so my dear nephew......the pain never goes away....we miss you terribly Mijo ......
    1 we will always remember and luv you kid.....Elias always talks about you too mijo.....
    1 you always gave him attention when you saw him....I miss you kid
    1 I still cry my heart out I miss you coming around
    1 Mijo hope you and Emmanuel are shining like stars cause I always look up and talk to yall
    1 love y'all so much💙😭wish you were here

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