Allavar Taylor, age 21

Lost to gun violence on April 24, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois.

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  • Nickname:
    242 Pooh Man
    277 Poohdini
    277 Light Skin Friend🖤
    718 Foolie💉🖤
    505 My Son💛👑💛
    503 Pooh💛👑💛
    503 Poohman💛👑💛
    501 Bae💛👑💛
  • Number of children:
  • Personality:
    331 outgoing, smart, respectful
    316 Down to earth
    310 People person
    309 Stayed sharp
    316 Loved his family💛
    306 Clean Cut
    296 Funny and handsome
    289 Over Protective ❤️
    284 LOYAL 😈
    9 Overprotective 💕🫶🏽
  • Occupation:
  • Workplace:
  • Schools attended:
    74 R.I.P he was cool and laid back always showed love when i invited him out 🙏🏽❤️🕯
    72 He went to hazel green with and we would roast each other in bus rip
  • Comments:
    254 Rest in Peace❤
    239 Rest In Peace 💯❤️
    198 ❤️💛❤️💛❤️💛
    180 🙏🙏🙏🙏
    161 🙏🏽🕊😇🙏🏽❤️️
    163 Going to miss you Pooh till we meet again
    124 We love
    123 Pooh, we love
    132 gone to soon love you, but God loves you best
    104 I love you forever ever baby 💔💍💙💙
    98 i love you forever ever ğŸ¤žğŸ½ğŸ’”
    118 💕💛💕💛thinking about you son, I love u😘
    97 Forever in our hearts💛💛💛
    99 💛💋I LOVE U SON💛💋MY😇😇
    72 💛💛💛💛
    77 R.I.P Pooh 👼🏽
    57 i love you forever ever 💙💍
    63 💕💕💕💕💕💕
    70 🕊🕊R.I.H👼👼
    47 👼🏽👼🏽👼🏽👼🏽
    83 💛can't stop thinking about u💛
    92 🕯💛🕊I LOVE U POOH
    1445 God is watching he will take care of it
    87 Gone to soon 👼🏾
    48 1 month today😪💔👼🕊💛
    60 I’m hurting son💛💔💛I love u💋
    70 Dang My Boy I Miss You🖤Rest Easy Kid🙏🏽
    48 Pooh I Miss You 💯 My Birthday Ain't Gone Be The Same🙏 April 24💪
    47 It’s a month already I know when I look in the sky I’m see your bright star shining back R.I.P
    24 👼🏽👼🏽👼🏽
    18 1month today
    26 Miss you sooooo much baby 💔💍💙💯💯💯
    43 I will always Love You Allavar...Auntie Jackie
    27 💛💛💛
    36 Pooh I miss you, we all miss you, rest in heaven baby❤
    24 Son, I miss u sooo much😢
    29 You’ve been on my mind all day son😢💛
    24 The summer and holidays a never be the same without you baby 💔💍
    32 Things are so different without u my son💛
    34 My angel💛💛💛r.i.h😘😘😘
    26 I miss my Pooh💛💔
    27 Your Mama heart is sooo heavy right now💛😪😢
    20 🕊💛🕊💛missing my baby
    23 💛😪💔my Pooh, I’m so sad today man💛
    38 Long Live Pooh👼🏽👼🏽
    20 💛💛my son💕💕
    21 This rain just making me cry my eyes out 💔😪i miss you so much pooh 💍i love you man 💙
    25 Morning Pooh! I love u man...
    31 Love you cuz I know you watching over us. Wish I could write more😤🙏🏾😇
    32 Missin u down here FoolieğŸ¤žğŸ¼ğŸ–¤ğŸ•Š
    20 we miss you Pooh😢
    23 missing u son so much💛💛💛
    22 😢💕💛LOVE U SON😢💕💛
    27 i know grandma is taking good care of u💛
    24 💛Rest peacefully my Pooh💛
    22 I miss hearing u say, “Ma I’m good”😥💛
    19 Missing u like crazy😢🙏🏽🕊
    15 💛💕💛💕💛
    16 love you my pooh pooh ğŸ’™ğŸ”ğŸ¤žğŸ½ğŸ’
    19 💛💛💛💛💛💛
    24 Up thinking about u Pooh😢💔😢💛
    16 love you grandson!
    23 Talking about u now son💛😢we love u so much
    18 We all miss u Bae💛
    40 God...please give our family strength🙏🏽💛
    14 💛😢💛😢💛😢
    14 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
    14 i love you forever ever 💍😘
    18 Son, I miss u sooooooo much man, it hurt💛😪
    29 Those evil demons will get theirs...Karma
    13 im jus up thinking about you 😕😪i just really miss you so much my baby 😕💯💍💙
    14 It’s just not right that your not here with us anymore💛😥
    13 I’ll do anything just to have u back Son, I miss u so much💛R.I.H
    14 I needed more time with u Son💛
    16 Forever n my heart 💛Pooh😢
    13 im always up late thinking about you baby 💍😘😘💙
    12 Me too, up baby😢always on my mind
    17 We miss u SO MUCH, our hearts r aching💛
    12 😥😥😥
    26 Big Brother I Neva Had🖤Miss You Mann
    21 Crying😢😢😢man I miss u💛💛💛
    17 Up thinking bout u Pooh😔
    13 Everyday i wish i could just hug you😪😕or hear you keep bugging me telling me you love me 😕😪💍💙
    14 My world, My Everything, My Son💛💔💛
    20 Pooh, u didn’t deserve this
    12 💛I miss u so much
    26 God is watching every thing Pooh, don’t worry we got u💕👼🏽
    14 💛💔💛💔💛
    15 We sat around the table talking about u again Son💔💕😢we miss u Pooh
    14 We laughed at soooo many stories about u💛💕💛💕
    15 I miss ur smile Pooh, it would light up a room man😢but I know ur good my💛👼🏽💔
    15 Life is just not the same without u...we r all missing u like crazy😢💕🙏🏽
    13 I LOVE U POOH💛
    12 My baby😪💛😢
    14 Always in our 💛❤️💛FOREVER
    16 Such a great young man, gone to soon😢R.I.H❤️
    12 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛
    16 Good morning my baby i love you forever ever ğŸ˜•ğŸ¤žğŸ½ğŸ’™ğŸ’
    13 I love you forever handsome😕💍💙💙
    16 Man Pooh, I miss u so much man oh man💛😢
    13 This is so painful😢😢😢
    12 SoI Loved!!❤️❤️❤️💕💕
    13 Love You Poohdini❤️😇
    15 Left us to soon man😪, everybody miss u kid🤦🏼‍♂️🖤
    18 God please give me strength😢💔😪💛
    12 U had your whole life ahead of u until some punk took u way😪
    22 In due time...KARMA, KARMA, KARMA
    15 Morning, up thinking bout u so hard💔💛💔still n disbelief
    14 I just wish I can hug u again😪💛
    16 I LOVE U
    13 miss you n love u so much,every holiday i get sick off this man😕😕💙💍
    13 Pooh💛😢💛
    12 everytime i have a dream about you it puts me down ğŸ˜•ğŸ˜ž
    13 I LOVE U SON💛💕💛
    14 Poohman👼🏽👼🏽👼🏽
    15 U was the only person i could come to and talk to about anything🤦🏼‍♂️😪mann My Boy🖤
    17 Being with you everyday to not seeing you at all, HURT💔🖤
    14 Man U don’t suppose to be on this gunmemorial stuffğŸ‘ŽğŸ¼ğŸ‘ŽğŸ¼
    12 Morning my 💛💛this is such a hard start to my day😢😪thinking bout u son
    12 i miss you so much man it dont make no sense this really starting to hit me 💯💙💍💍
    13 Hey my 😇 💛😇💛 missing you dearly 😢😘
    11 I know your watching over me😪💛😪I love u soooo much💔
    16 Such a wonderful young man who didn’t deserve this but they will “reap what they sow”💛
    19 KARMA🤫
    12 U were so LOVED by many💛
    9 💛❤️💛❤️
    12 love you. ğŸ’ğŸ¤žğŸ½
    11 Feeling lost without u💛😢💛im sick with a broken💔
    10 keep lighting this candle every day please
    10 i miss you so much my babyyy 💙💍
    11 Yes, please continue to light 🕯everyday💛We love u Pooh R.I.H😘
    10 This still don’t feel real my son😢💔😢missing u like crazy🙏🏽
    10 Tomorrow makes 2 months
    12 up thinking about you 😪 its been 2months 💔 LONGLIVE YOU FOOLIEE 🧡💉
    9 I just wanna know why this had to happen to u💔💔it’s just not fair😢💛😢
    10 Son, today makes 2 months
    10 I love u so much!
    11 im always up in my feelings, i miss you soo much my pooh pooh 😒this jus too unreal 💙💍
    16 I miss you dude. My life will never be the same without you. Love Dad
    10 I love you💔💛💔I miss you
    10 I just wanna hug
    9 I miss u so much, I hate when it rains😪💛
    10 👼🏽🙏🏽💛can’t stop crying Pooh🕊🕊🕊
    11 I wish there was a phone n heaven to call u, I miss hearing yo voice😪💛
    11 Son, Son, Son man...I miss u so much😭😭😭
    10 💛😪💛😪💛😪
    11 Love U Bai My Only Nephew We Are Really Missing U💚
    9 I MISS U SON😭
    10 Hate this sooo much 😔😔💔
    9 miss u
    8 💛😢💛😪
    9 Let’s continue to light candles for Pooh💛we love u💕💕
    9 You’re always on my mind, every second😪💛
    13 Bai..Your TeTe Mik is up late thinkn bout u lookn at ur pics can't understd WHY U?...WHY😢
    9 💛😢💛😢 I miss you Pooh!
    9 Rest Up Poohman 😘😘🤩😘
    9 I saw your picture today
    9 I LOVE U SO MUCH💛💛💛
    9 we miss u so much on this 4th, luv u!
    9 Holidays just aren’t the same without u😢💛
    8 My baby💛
    8 It’s so hard to be at work
    8 I love u my Pooh💛😪😩💛
    9 It’s still so hard to believe you’re gone, I hate this💛
    9 I wish I had more years with u son😩💛my heart is heavy💔
    9 I love you and miss you so much my baby 💍😒💯💯💯💯
    11 Pooh, I’m tryna stay strong but it’s so hard Son💔😪💛😢
    10 Missing u soooooooo much😩💛😩
    9 Miss you cuddy!!
    9 love you Alavar R.I.P.
    11 Gone way to soon, u r missed😢😢😢😢
    10 family!!!❤️
    9 losing my little Cousin to gun violence makes me so angry!!!
    10 Pooh, u made it to the front page of this site💛💔💛👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽😘😘
    9 Pooh, u know your Mama wasn’t going to stop until u made it at least once💛💛😘😘
    9 Rip,,,,,
    11 man i wish u was still here🖤
    10 light Skin Friend I Miss You And Cj Sliding😢
    8 I love and miss you so much my baby baby 😒💙💯💯
    7 😘💍💙💙💙💙
    6 We all missing u like crazy my son💛💔💛
    7 Light Skin Friend We Missing You 😭 This Hurt Ghee😩
    7 U were all a Mom could’ve asked for in a Son😭I love/miss u so much💔
    8 All I ask is...why u my Son😢💛😭
    7 We all just want u back💛💔😢💛
    7 I Just Really Can’t Understand Why Our Light Skin Friend Had To Leave Us In This Cold World🤦🏾‍♀️
    6 Morning my Pooh!😭💛💔💛
    6 I LOVE YOU💛
    8 its one of them day🖤
    8 I MISS U MAN😩😢💛
    6 💕💛💕💛💕💛
    9 Life is just not the same son, I try to have a nice time but it’s a cover up💛I need u bk😭
    6 U r truly missed man😭💛😭
    7 This has been the hardest thing to deal with n life💔💛💔
    9 ^^^The hardest🖤💔
    6 Let’s still light them candles up for Pooh💛we love
    6 Always in my thoughts😭😩😢 I love u💛
    8 Missing you my son💛😢
    6 My dawgggg 😪 I love you forever my shorty ğŸ¤žğŸ½ğŸ–¤
    6 C N Cj reminds me of u man💛Y’all act just alike. I💛both of y’all so much😭hurting💔
    6 it hurt my heart so much that i cant text or talk to you😕💍💙😕
    6 i just love and miss you so much my forever boy ğŸ˜’ğŸ¤žğŸ½ğŸ’ğŸ’™
    7 I Miss You Light Skin Friend 😩Ian Got Nobody To Take Me To McDonald’s 😭
    6 Son, Son, Son😔😢I’m feeling sad
    5 I’m so sad
    6 I love u soooo much💛💛
    6 Son, I missed u on my birthday😩😔😭
    5 My days r so different without u💛love
    6 i love you always and forever pooh 😒😒💙💍
    6 i just want you back so bad 😕😕this making me so sick 💙💍i love you so much my pooh pooh
    8 Pooh, u have been on ATV’s, Zip line...boy you’ve been everywhere with me. I miss u😭💛😘
    6 I Miss You Light Skin Friend 😩🤦🏾‍♀️
    6 I Miss You Light Skin Friend 🤦🏾‍♀️🖤
    6 not a second that u not on my mind baby 😕💙
    6 im always in my feelings about you ,this to crazy i swear 😕😕💙💍
    4 Pooh, I brought u something back too💛
    4 I’m trying to enjoy myself but all I think about is u, my baby💛
    4 Getting sadğŸ˜žğŸ’›ğŸ˜žğŸ˜˜
    7 Foolie it been 3 months today and it feel lik it was yesterday🤦🏼‍♂️🖤i miss you
    7 Man i wish i could have another convo witchu mann😪rest easy Foolie🖤💉💉
    4 3 months today son, this is so not fair. I miss u sooo much😭😩😭
    5 My heart is so heavy this morning, all i ask daily is y u😢😭😢I Love u💛
    5 My Pooh, I miss u man💛💛💛and need u back💔
    6 They r going to get what’s n store for them
    3 They will get it in due time, no worries, it’s coming
    3 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
    3 I love u my Pooh💛💛it was so hard being away from u for some days😢💔
    4 Hey Light Skin Friend I Miss You 🖤🙏🏾🕊
    4 I miss you so much big cuz!!! Yo
    3 Hey my LOVE💛😢💛
    3 Missing u like crazy💔🤦🏽‍♀️💛
    3 Life is so hard without u my son💛💔😢
    6 Good morning big cuz. I miss you so much
    7 Son, I miss our outings at the restaurants once a week man...I need u bk son💛😢💔
    5 Hey Light Skin Friend 😈 Ghee We Hurting Down Here😭🅿️ The Pain Won't Go Away🙏🏾🙏🏾
    4 forever my baby babyyy,i just love you so much crazy 💙💍🙏🏼🙏🏼
    5 Missing my crazy, cool wild child💔💛😢I love man. I kept hearing yo voice last night😭
    4 it'll never be the same without you my babyyyyyy💍💙😕🙏🏼
    6 My Pooh💛😩💛Family gatherings just aren’t the same without u😢😔💛💔👼🏽
    4 💕💛I love you 💕💛
    4 i just miss you soo much my baby babyy💙💍💍 😕
    4 Hey Light Skin Friend 😈 Continue To Fly High 😪🙏🏾 👼🏼
    6 I Love you💛💕💛 and miss u much😥
    8 I miss you Pooh 😕😢❤️
    6 i think about u all day everyday i miss everything about u my pooh pooh 😕💙
    8 Pooh💛God is working💛my prayers are starting to get answered💛I LOVE U😥🙏🏽💛
    4 Light Skin Friend Please With Ova Us🙏🏾 We Miss You So Much 🅿️ 🖤
    4 *Watch
    5 Continue to light a candle for 💛Pooh💛
    5 I never thought I would be n this dark cloud for u😢💛💔
    5 I miss u tremendously💛💔💛
    6 not a day go by that i dont say how much i miss you n wish u were still here😘💙💍💍
    5 yessss...we love
    4 Hey Light Skin Friend 😄 I Swear It Aint Been The Same Since😭 I Miss You Pooh🅿️
    3 💛My Pooh💛My prayers🙏🏽are being answered💛slowly but surely💛
    4 Jus wanna talk to u My Boy🕊Fly High🖤
    4 I love u Pooh💛😢💛I miss u so much man
    3 Pooh💛I cried so much today man, I miss u😭
    3 U r my sunshine💛😩😢😭I love u Pooh!
    2 Hey Light Skin Friend😈💉
    3 Pooh, I always wonder...what u r doing up there💛😢💛miss u😩
    3 We missed u at Daddy’s house today😢💔💛
    2 Pooh You Really Did It With This 😭 My Head All Messed Up 🖤🖤🖤 Long Live My Light Skin Friend 😈💉
    2 My Pooh🤦🏽‍♀️😩😭💔😢💛 I miss u!😘
    3 i love you and miss you so much my babyyyy, its killing me so bad inside😩😕😘💍
    4 Son, thanks for showing us that u gained your wings💛
    4 And that you’re ok💛💔😢we love u and miss u so much my son💛🕊😢
    10 God is watching👀those who did this👁
    4 Hey Light Skin Friend 😈 This Pain Going Stronger Everyday 😭🅿
    4 💛I LOVE YOU MY P😢😢H💛
    4 light Skin Friend Wassup Shorty 😈 Wishing You Was Here Slide 💯
    4 Things just aren’t the same💛My Pooh💛it’s hard to smile at times😢
    4 i been sooo down and sick without you i need you pooh 😕😪💙💍
    4 Morning my handsome son💛💔💛
    4 Today makes 4mo💔😢💛of u not being here with us
    4 Rest up my 👼🏽 angel😭😭I love u so much Pooh💛💛😢😢
    4 Bae was such a beautiful, sweet, intelligent, and handsome young man who's lifewas
    4 RIH angel we all love and really miss u❤️😘👼
    4 light Skin Friend This Been The Worst 4mo 😥 We Miss You ğŸ˜Ž
    4 Sleep in Peace Baby boy‼️❤️❤️
    4 rest up ❤️
    4 love you and miss you so much my baby 💔💙💍💍always and forever
    3 Light Skin Friend Yo Boys Got Some Hot Music😈 Pooh Keepers
    3 I miss you pooh Pooh 💔 new ink comin soon 🅿️
    3 Miss you pooh❤🙏🙏❤🙏❤
    3 good morning my baby baby 😘💔💙💍
    3 ughhhhhhhh i miss you so much baby it dont make no sense istg 😩😕💙💍
    3 I miss u my Pooh💛 3 hours today😢
    3 Thinking about u constantly😢💛😢my heart hurts
    3 love you my pooh pooh💍💙😘😘always and forever
    3 i'd do anything in the world to bring you back pooh😪im tired of crying💔💍💙
    3 i miss you and love you baby babyyyy 💍💙😘😘
    3 Pooh, I’m missing u man💛watch over us💛
    3 Gone waaaaayyyy too soon, I was crying so hard n the car today😢😩💛
    3 Light Skin Friend Watch Over Us All🅿
    3 good morning, handsome 😪😒💍💙
    5 My Pooh, I miss going shopping with u son💛I don’t enjoy it anymore😢😩I miss u so much
    6 God will work this out ❤🙏❤🙏💛💛💛
    3 I LOVE U MY POOH💛🕊💛
    3 you will never be forgotten ❤❤
    3 Every second of the day you’re on my mind💛I miss u so much😢💛
    3 Light Skin Friend I Miss You 🅿 Cover Us As We Go Thur This Stupidity🙏
    6 This stuff feel weird man i miss my boy🖤
    4 We all miss u so my son😢the holidays don’t feel right without u😢💛😢
    4 Tomorrow not promise but ik ill be wit u My Boy🖤🕊💉
    3 I’m missing u sooooo much my son😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭💛
    3 love you pooh❤❤❤
    3 U r on my mind today real heavy my son😢💛😩
    3 Light Skin Friend I Miss You 👿 Wish I Call Yo Phone🅿
    3 Morning my son, I hate when it rains...I get sooo ğŸ˜¢ğŸ˜žâ˜¹ï¸ğŸ’›ğŸ’›
    2 Pooh, u gotta help me son...with this pain
    2 My heart hurt😢for you son💛
    2 I LOVE U MY SON💛💔💛
    4 Continue to light those candles for Pooh💛
    2 Son, u are my everything😢
    3 My Life Ain't Been The Same Since My Birthday 😢April24🙏
    2 Son, I miss arguing with you
    2 And me hanging up on u
    2 Saying “Ma, did u just hang up in my face😩😔😢💛
    2 I’ll do anything to have those days back. I miss u Son😢💛😩
    3 light Skin Friend Im In My Room Just Wishing You And Cj A Slide 👿🅿 Miss Them Old Days🙏
    3 hey my baby baby 😊💙💍💍everybody miss you including me so much
    3 We love you Pooh💛
    3 These nice days without you is so hard son🤦🏽‍♀️💛😩
    3 Praying 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
    3 I miss😢and love you son💔
    3 Morning Son, it’s one of those mornings for me😢😩💔
    3 Light Skin Friend We Miss You 👿🙏
    3 💔💛💔💛💔
    3 Son, I cried all day off and on today😢I miss u so much💔💛
    3 Missing my Pooh💛💔💛
    3 I L💛VE U P💛💛H!!!! 💔💔
    3 Hey Light Skin Friend⛽ We Miss You So Much Man🅿 LLKP🙏
    3 I LOVE YOU SON💔💛💔
    5 Wassup Foolie🖤💪🏽🕊
    3 Missing u so much son💛
    2 You will never be forgotten Son💛💔
    2 Today makes 5 months
    2 Feeling sadğŸ˜žwishing I can hug
    2 5 months today
    3 Light Skin Friend You Left Us On My BirthdayğŸ˜ž Today Make 5 Months 🅿 Keep Resting🙏
    4 love u pooh
    5 miss u forever ❤
    5 God is Watching
    3 I love you💛😢💔
    2 My heart, my forever
    3 Pooh ❤❣❤❣🙏👀🙏👀🙏
    2 Missing u like crazy💔😢💛
    5 Good Morning Fooliee 🧡
    2 My Son, I miss u so much😩
    2 I love u my son💛
    3 Still so unreal, it hurt Pooh💛my son😢😭
    3 😢😭😢😭It’s just not right, I shouldn’t be going through this😩😩
    3 Miss you Man can't really talk to no one else to share my secrets with can't trust no one 🙏🙏🙏🙏
    3 I can only talk to you Miss you Dog🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
    3 Good Morning Pooh Miss you
    3 I love u my Son💛
    3 My son, we missed u last night being with the family😢it’s not the same💛
    3 Morning my son, missing u sooooo much man💔😩😢💛
    3 Missing that smile
    3 I LOVE U MY SON💛
    2 I really miss hearing your voice😍😩💔💛
    3 Good Morning Pooh Auntie Crystal Miss you BOY❤❤❤
    3 ğŸ¤žğŸ½ğŸ’›ğŸ’‹l MISS YOU😘😢💔
    3 Hey Light Skin Friend We Miss You Onna Stu🙏🅿
    3 i love you forever ever ğŸ’™ğŸ¤žğŸ¼
    4 ❤❤❤❤❤Good Afternoon miss you
    4 Man yo life wasent suppose to end 4.24 broski i miss u brobro rest peacefully🙏🏽🖤
    3 👆🏼👆🏼Never was suppose to💛but we love u
    3 Miss U Pooh ❤🙏❤🙏❤🙏
    4 Good night my son💛😩💔
    4 I L💛VE U
    3 I miss you mannn 🧡🧡🧡
    3 MorningğŸŒževery time I look at this site it breaks my heart, it’s just not fair💛😢
    2 Son, I miss u every second of the day😩
    3 I just wish I could hear your voice 1 more time
    3 Missing you Pooh
    2 Son, I just wanna hug
    3 Thinking of you Miss your smile
    3 Light Skin Friend I Miss You Ghee🅿️ This Hurt ğŸ˜ž
    4 God has a Angel
    2 ^^yes he does😩💛
    2 I Love You Man💛💔💛
    3 I’m missing you my son💛😢
    2 Happy Sweetest Day My Son💛I love
    2 I miss calling your phone a thousand times😩💛
    2 My lil 👼🏽 angel, missing u like crazy son son😩
    2 Watch over us son💛we miss u😩💔and love u
    2 Today makes 6mo of u not being here w/me😢this hurt son💛
    2 U knew I loved u so much son, this morning is hard for me💔
    2 We love and miss u so much My son💛💔💛
    3 Hey Light Skin Friend 💙
    3 GN Son, I love u
    4 Only God can work this out❤❤❤
    3 We miss you so much Son💛
    4 Good Morning Missing you Pooh
    4 Pooh💛looking at this pic makes me so sad😔
    5 All I ever whyyyy😢why my babee😩💛
    4 Such a good heart
    4 I Love you💛 and miss u man...
    4 😢Give me strength My Son😔💛💔
    5 This man was so loved ğŸ’ž
    4 Yesssss he was💛
    4 Light Skin Friend We Miss You 🙏😖
    4 Baiii...This pic seems like ur still here😢how can this be? Your TeTe Mik missn uğŸ˜ž
    4 Morning my PoohğŸŽˆğŸ’– I love you Son...
    4 🙏🏽💛🙏🏽missing you😢😩😍
    4 U didn’t deserve this Son😔💛😩💛😢
    4 💛💕💛💕💛💕my heart is gone😢😢
    4 Pooh maaaaann❤❤❤❤❤
    4 Light Skin Friend This Still Dnt Feel Real🅿 Ian Been The Same Since 😖🅿
    4 I miss you so much My Sonshine😔💖💛
    4 7 Months too long come home Pooh 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
    4 Pooh forever with us❤
    4 Love you Nephew ğŸ™â¤ğŸŽˆâ¤ğŸ™ğŸŽˆâ¤ğŸ™â¤â¤ğŸ™â¤â¤ğŸ™
    4 Love you Pooh keep watching over me ğŸ™ğŸ’ğŸ’žğŸ™ğŸ’ğŸ™ğŸ’žğŸ™ğŸ’ğŸ’žğŸ’
    3 Pooh, u made the featured page🙌🏽lots of love💛shown 4 u My Son
    3 xoxo💖💛💖we miss you!💋💋💋
    3 U were THE BEST SON a woman could ask for😔💛
    4 i love you and miss you so much my baby 💙😕💍🙏🏽
    4 definitely luvd🖤🇱🇾
    4 Front page Foolie Love it ❤❤❤❤
    3 Good night 🌙 my son, I love/miss u man💛
    4 Light Skin Friend 💙
    5 We love you But God Has You ❤❤❤❤❤❤
    4 Lord You Say Ask
    2 PoohMan Tay🤟🏼😈💙
    4 You are truly missed❤❤❤❤❤
    4 Morning son, love and miss man💛forever in our hearts💋
    4 Morning Pooh Bear❤❤
    3 Everyone is missing you so much My Son😪💛
    4 Hey Light Skin Friend😊
    3 Love you cuz🙏🏿
    3 Missing u my baby💛🥺💔
    4 Forever in my Heart ❤🙏❤🙏❤
    4 Forever in our Hearts ❤❤
    3 Love you my Son💛
    4 We miss you Pooh, it's our first Thanksgiving since you went to heaven💖
    4 Lost without you 💝💝💝
    4 Happy Sunday Morning Pooh❤❤❤
    3 Pooh, u have been on another trip with me. I miss u My Son💛😔💛
    4 Morning Pooh Man ❤❤❤❤
    3 I love u so much son💛I don’t know how I’m going to get through the holidays w/out u😢
    3 Its going to be so different man, I miss u so much💛my Pride
    4 🖤🖤💉miss u bro
    4 Missing you much🙏🙏🙏🙏
    4 I’m missing u so much son, I had a breakdown today😭☹️😢my heart hurt😔
    4 missing you
    5 Good Morning Pooh Imma try to have a good day 🙏🙏🙏🙏
    5 I love u son 💛😢💛
    5 I pray I get through the holidays son😢💔😢it’s so hard without u☹️
    5 Hey Light Skin Friend I Miss You Ghee 💯 I Wish We Can Pop Out One More Time💯
    4 💔💔💔 i miss you fooliee 🥺
    3 Hearing your voice on the videos I watch of u just breaks my heart,😢I miss u so much Son💛
    5 They are going to pay for what they did to you, oh it’s coming👁👿
    5 God is going to take care of everything
    3 Missing u daily my son💛😢😭💔
    5 You are truly missed 🙏❤🙏❤🙏❤
    4 Morning My Son, no sleep thinking about u😢I hate this pain so much💔💛💔
    11 I wish I can bring u back💛but the ones that took u, will pay for this. They day is coming🔥🔥
    10 They will burn in Hell🔥slowly...
    4 Auntie Crystal Miss you Pooh 💯❤❣❤❣❤
    5 I love u
    4 Morning son, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I know it’s going to be ruff without u😢🥺I miss u💛
    4 You Most Definitely Suppose To Be Here With Us Bai...TeTe Mik Miss
    3 We love you son🥺today is Thanksgiving
    3 And we are missing u so much💔💛it’s going to be difficult w/out u🥺
    3 🥺🥺🥺
    3 💛💛💛morning son, everyone missed u yesterday😢it was different😔
    4 7mo today my son and my heart💛is very heavy. I miss u😢💔👼🏽
    4 7 months
    5 7 months Still don’t seem real Still Unbelievable TeTe Mik STILL MissU
    5 And LoveU Bai 😢😭😇♥️😘
    4 i love you so much baby 💙😓💍🙏🏽
    4 We miss Pooh, I love you boy, 💖😘
    6 Love you Poohman! Auntee loves you and Miss seeing your handsome face!! Auntee Mika
    5 God🙏🏽please take care of those that did this to my Son💛please🙏🏽please🙏🏽
    4 Make those monsters suffer🤧🥺😢😩
    3 I LOVE U MY SON!😢💛💔😪
    3 Pooh, u were the only 1 missing today🥺😩😢💛miss u
    4 I'm sooo Happy Pooh I just lit my candle and it's my bday 9:18â¤â¤ğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆâ¤
    6 Nothin in this world i wouldnt do to bring u back 😒💯💯💙💍💍
    5 i miss you and love you so much forever ever pooh💯💍💙💙
    4 Forever Missed ❤🙏❤🙏
    4 I love u My Son🥺😩💛Gn
    4 Remember when I first met you
    3 Missing you my Pooh💛😢🙏🏽💛
    3 😢😢😢😢😢my heart is hurting today💛Son🤦🏽‍♀️
    3 I love u my son💛💔💛I miss u man😢
    3 I wish I didn’t have to go through this Son💔😢
    4 Hey Light Skin Friend I Miss You🅿 Wish We Can Pop Out One More Time🙏
    3 Morning my P😢😢H 💛💔💛
    3 I love u son😪💛
    4 2:02 AM missing you fooliee 🧡 Love You 😘
    3 Missing u Pooh😢every time I try to have a lil fun, I get sad😔
    4 I truly hate this feeling my Son😢💛
    5 I love you my son💛😔😢
    3 Missing u my son💛😢
    3 Wassup Light Skin Friend We Miss You 🅿
    4 All I Want For Christmas Is... JUSTICE!! TeTe Mik Love U Bai❤️
    3 Yesssss👆🏼👆🏼🙏🏽💔😢💛Mik. Pooh we love u so much💛💋💛
    3 Morning Son! I’m missing you💔💛💔
    5 I LOVE U💛💔💛
    4 All I want for Christmas is YOU BACK💛💔
    4 Just an Angel taken away 🙏🙏🙏
    4 Gone way to soon💔💋🙏🏽
    4 I miss u soooo much My Son💔😢💔💋😢💋
    6 Morning my son💔😢it’s almost 8mo I haven’t seen or heard from u
    8 Probably don’t light yo candle everyday but istg u be On my mind 24/7
    6 Mann i miss u bro
    6 ForeverğŸ–¤ğŸ¤žğŸ¼
    5 Gn my son😢I’m hurting so bad💔today was 1 of those days😢missing u
    5 Light Skin Friend We Miss You Skud🅿 Keep Resting
    4 I love u son💛💋💛😢😢😢💔💔💔
    3 Morning my Pooh💛💔💛
    3 I’m missing u this morning son💛🤦🏽‍♀️😢
    3 8mos🤦🏽‍♀️ Still don’t seem real Bai😢 TeTe Mik Missn U
    3 Today makes 8mo son😢
    3 21yrs is all I had with
    4 I love💛u sooooo much son😢💋💛💔
    4 8months without you
    5 Rest in Paradise Pooh!! Loved and truly missed.
    4 I love you forever ever baby 😒💯💙💍
    4 Merry Christmas my sonğŸŽ„ğŸ˜¢ğŸ’”my first x-mas w/o u. i miss u son. this is so hard💛
    5 Merry Christmas ğŸŽ„ğŸŽ Bai We’re Really Missing You😢TeTe Mik ❤️ U
    4 Merry Christmas Fooliee 🧡 Lovee
    4 Merry Christmas PoohğŸŽ„â¤ğŸŽ„â¤ğŸŽ„ Auntie Crystal Miss you🙏🙏🙏
    4 I love u my son😢😢😢😢
    3 Missing u my son😢💛💔😢
    3 Morning My Pooh, ur on my mind heavy this morning😢💛
    3 Y u my Pooh😢💛😢I just want to hug u again😢
    3 And hear your voice😢missing u so much😢💛💔
    3 Happy New Years Light Skin Friend ğŸ¤žğŸ¾ğŸ¤žğŸ¼ Watch Over Us 💯
    4 It’s almost a new year
    4 I miss u so much My Pooh😢💛😢I hate this so much
    4 Happy New Year😢My Son 2019 life is messed up w/o you💛😢
    4 Happy New Year Pooh 2019 ğŸŽ‰ğŸ™ğŸŽ‰ğŸ™ğŸŽ‰ğŸ™
    4 I LOVE U MY SON💔😥💛😭
    3 Missing you my baby😢😢💛💛💔💔
    4 Light Skin Friend 🙏😘💯
    3 I love u son
    3 As long as I live😢😢😢my PoohğŸ’›ğŸ•ŠğŸŽˆ
    3 I love u my Pooh💛😢💔
    2 ❤❤❤❤❤
    4 Thinking bout u son😢💛😢
    4 Listening to a song that reminds me of you Bai😢 TeTe MiK ❤️❤️You Bai
    5 And missing your smile you laughing showing those those teeth😇😢❤️
    4 U will NEVER be forgotten💛😢💛
    5 Light Skin Friend I Miss You And Lil Boat Popping Up 😭😈🙏🏾
    3 I love you so much
    4 Morning my son!💛😢💔
    4 We All Hurt Behind This Pooh 🤦🏾‍♂️ Watch Over Yo Boys🖤🅿️
    3 I’m missing u so much man😢💛
    3 I just wanna hear your voice😢💛😢
    3 Pooh, we were suppose to still do a lot together son😢💛
    3 Light Skin Friend Yo Birthday Almost Near You Kno Imma Show OutğŸ…¿ï¸ğŸ¤žğŸ¾
    4 I love u son💛
    3 Up, can’t sleep thinking about you my son😢💛😢💔
    3 I’m missing u so much☹️😢☹️😢💛
    4 Hey pooh... I love and miss you. Still doesn’t feel real. Just up thinking about you. ❤️ - Bri
    3 My heart💛is gone forever🥺😢missing that smile Son💔
    4 ❤❤❤Forever in our Hearts
    4 Morning my son😢9mo today
    4 9mo Light Skin Friend ♠ Still Dnt Feel Real🅿
    4 Son, I’m missing you so much😢9️⃣mo today
    3 I LOVE U SO MUCH💛😢💛
    3 Missing u my Pooh😢💛😢
    3 Morning my son😢💛
    3 I pray my days get better😢💛
    3 Missing u my handsome son😢💛
    5 Gn my son😥 L💛VE YOU😢💋😢💋
    4 We Do Miss You Light Skin Friend 😈🖤
    3 Morning my baby😢💛😢
    4 Light Friend This Yo Birthday Month ğŸŽŠğŸ–¤ I’m Ready
    4 Missing u my son😢your B-dayğŸŽ‚is coming up.
    4 I LOVE U MY SON💛😢💛
    4 Light Skin Friend 🖤😈🅿️
    5 😢u didn’t deserve to be taking from me so soon😢💛
    6 I HATE everyone of them n****s u hung with😢💛
    6 I just want u back😢it’s so not fair. I want that person to burn in hell💛
    5 👆💯 We ALL Feel the same way Sis👆💯
    4 TeTe Mik Love ❤️
    4 And Miss You Soo Much Bai😢❤️
    3 Always thinking bout u my son😢💛😢
    4 Light Skin Friend We Love And Miss You 🙏🅿
    4 Morning son, I love you
    3 Missing you 😔 my Pooh😢up early crying😢💛
    5 Justice For you Pooh, I’m not gonna stop💛💔
    3 Morning son, I miss u every second of the day man😢💛😢
    3 Please give me a lil strength cuz I’m so sad without u😢😢💔
    3 I be going through it man😭💛😭I’m so mean💔
    4 Morning son, we were up talking about u last night
    4 So many videos of u were shown
    3 Morning my Pooh,😢I love u son 💛
    4 Light Skin Friend 😈🙏🏾
    3 Happy Valentines Day my son💛I love
    3 xoxoxo😘💛😘
    2 ğŸ•ŠğŸŽˆğŸ•ŠğŸŽˆ
    3 I LOVE U SON💛💋😢💛💋😢
    4 My heart is hurting son, I miss u so much😢💛
    3 I want those bastards to suffer🤬their day is coming🤫
    4 They WILL NOT get awayğŸ‘ğŸ‘ğŸ¤žğŸ½ğŸ¤¬ğŸ’›
    4 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 ❤️U Bai😢
    3 We are all sad my son💛we miss u😢your b-day 2mor😢
    4 Happy 22 my boy love you kid🖤🤟🏼
    3 Pisces ♓️ Happy Birthday Son💛💔💛
    3 Happy2️⃣2️⃣nd Birthday my SonğŸŽ‚ğŸŽˆğŸŽ‚Love u😢
    3 Still feel so unreal son😢u r suppose to be here💔
    3 Birthday BoyğŸŽ‚ğŸ’›ğŸŽˆI know ur watching over us PoohğŸŽ‚2/19 4evağŸŽˆ
    4 R.I.P. Happy Birthday to Pooh.
    3 🕯Happy Heavenly BirthdayğŸŽ‚âœ¨â¤ï¸ğŸ™ğŸ¾
    3 Rest in Heaven Pooh. You are Greatly Missed 🥀🙏🏾🥀
    3 happy birthday Pooh!
    3 Happy Birthday Light Skin Friend😈🅿
    3 Happy Birthday Pooh ğŸŽˆâ¤ğŸŽˆâ¤ğŸŽˆâ¤ğŸŽˆâ¤ğŸŽˆâ¤ğŸŽˆ
    3 Happy 22nd Foolieee 🖤🕊 I Love
    3 gon to soon RIH Pooh ğŸ¥°â¤ï¸ğŸŽ‚
    4 Happy Birthday Pooh ğŸ•ŠğŸŽˆ
    3 2/19 4evağŸŽ‚ğŸ’›ğŸŽ‚ We love you son!ğŸŽˆğŸŽˆ
    3 Birthday BoyğŸŽ‚ğŸ’›ğŸŽ‚
    4 Wishing Pooh a Happy Heavenly Birthday.... sending prayer
    2 Morning Son, a lot of ppl love you💛so many b-day wishesğŸŽ‚
    3 A lot of phone calls
    3 To know u, was to love u💛no1 disliked u at all😢
    4 U r my favorite💛person in the worldğŸŒŽson😢y did this happen😢
    4 We love and miss you PoohğŸ’ž
    4 Yessss so muchğŸ’›ğŸŽˆğŸ•ŠğŸ˜¢
    4 Morning my son! I miss u so much man😢😢💛
    4 I just wish u could’ve held on My Son😢💛
    4 Morning son💛just thinking bout u my boy😢
    4 💛I LOVE YOU💛
    4 My everything💗💕💖💛
    5 Morning my Pooh, couldn’t sleep again, I miss u so much😢💛
    4 Light Skin Friend🙏🅿
    5 I’m missing you so much My Son😩💛😢
    4 Hey Pooh :( 💙
    4 I LOVE U MY SON💛😢😩
    4 Morning Son, this pic makes me cry😢I miss u💛
    3 Light Skin Friend I Wish You Popping Out With Us🤦 We Miss You🙏🅿️
    4 Missing u My Son😢💛😘
    4 Morning my son😢can’t get u off my mind, forever in my💝💛
    3 Son Son😩💛💔😢
    4 Morning Son, I am missing u😢😢💛💛
    5 I Miss You Light Skin Friend🅿 April 24 Coming Fast 😭 My Birthday Aint The Same🙏🅿
    4 I LOVE U SON💛
    4 We all are missing u soooo much Pooh💛😢💔
    4 11months today and I’m still missing u My Son😢💛💔
    4 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    4 Light Skin Friend🙏❤
    4 missing you like cazy not fair love you
    4 praying for strength lord 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
    3 I LOVE U MY POOH💛😢💛😢
    3 My life is forever changed😢😢💛💛💔💔
    3 I’m missing u so much My Son😢😢💛💔
    3 We all are missing u Pooh at daddy house😩💛😢💛
    3 Thank you my son💋🥰love u
    4 Light Skin Friend ❤ We Miss You 🙏🅿
    3 Thanks again My Son, I love u
    3 💛💔💛💔
    6 Wassup My Boy🖤
    3 Morning My Son, I miss u man😢💛💔😢
    5 I LOVE U MY P💛💛H 💋💋💋
    3 Light Skin Friend Our Day Coming Up 😭🙏
    3 Pooh, I was just in your favorite mall💔I hate this😩😢
    4 This is just not right at all😢💔💛😩😪
    2 💔💛I love u so much💛💔I miss u Pooh💔💔
    3 Morning my son😢💔😢💔my heart is hurting today
    4 Good Morning Pooh We Miss you ❤❤❤❤
    3 Son, it’s almost 1yr of u not being here with me😢💛😢I miss u man
    4 Still so unreal🤦🏽‍♀️😩😢but they will get what’s coming to them
    3 Happy Easter son😢💛we all missed u today😢we love u💛not the same😢
    4 Almost 1yr of not seeing u
    3 Missing you ğŸ˜ž My Son😢💛😢
    3 Son, y would some1 want to hurt u ğŸ˜žğŸ’”ğŸ˜¢ğŸ’›missing u😢
    3 U were the coolest guy I know💔I hate I’m dealing w/this pain💔💛😢y u😢
    3 Light Skin Friend Its Finna Be A Whole Year😭 I Love Gang🅿
    3 Man, I miss u son😢😢😢 why u, why💔💛💔
    3 Mann tomorrow finna be a whole year 😪 You know we finna show out 🖤❗️PoohManGangg 🅿️💉
    4 Good Morning Pooh Miss You ❤❤❤❤
    3 Morning Son, today makes 1 whole yr. of u not being here with your family😢😢💔💔
    3 Son 4/24/18 is the worst day of my life😢💛😢💔💔💔
    3 Light Skin Friend Today Is My Birthday And The Day You Hurt Me Bad🙏🙏
    4 Love you Pooh❤️ i miss you so much watch over your mom she is a strong women❤️
    3 I love you forever ever my Pooh 💙😘😘😘
    4 We was LIT on this day for u today son😢💔💛missing u😘😘
    5 Son, this is the saddest day of my life 4/24/18😢I hate this day💔💛💔
    3 Missing u my Son on this rainy day😢💛😢
    3 Good night my Son, I miss u😢💛😢
    4 Pooh you’re my everything💛
    3 Morning Son💛😢💛woke up in tears😢 I miss u💔
    3 I miss u so much, up crying son😢💔😢
    3 Missing u my son😢💔another Mother’s day without u😢I want u bk💔💛
    4 ❤❤Always on Auntie Crystal Mind
    3 I’m missing u son on this rainy day😔😢🥺☹️💛💔
    3 I love u so much My son💛😢💛😢wish I can hug u right now💔
    3 Today is Mother’s Day Son 5/20/19
    3 I’m in tears Son😢💔😢
    4 Mother’s Day is just not the same without u son😢💔I miss u💛
    3 I LOVE YOU SON😢😢💔💔💛💛
    3 Thinking about u My Son😢💔I’m missing u💛
    4 love you forever baby💙
    3 I’m missing u here with us my handsome son💔💋💛😢
    4 Light Skin Friend We Miss You 😭🤦🏾‍♀️
    4 Morning Son💛😢💔😢
    4 Hurting my son💔💔💛
    3 Light Skin FriendğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸ¤žğŸ¾ğŸ–¤
    4 Morning son, I hate when it rains cuz all I do is cry 😢💛💔missing my boy
    4 Thinking about u son, another holiday with u😢💛😢
    3 I love u my son,😢😢😢miss u💛💔💛💔
    3 I’m missing u my Pooh💛💔💛💔
    3 Had a really bad day yesterday son😢💛😢
    3 I’m missing u so much, my heart hurt ğŸ˜ž 💔💛😢
    3 I LOVE YOU POOH💛💋💛💋💛💋
    4 Light Skin Friend ğŸ¤žğŸ¼ğŸ–¤ We Miss You So Much🙏🏾🅿️
    4 LLPğŸ–¤ğŸ¤žğŸ¼ğŸ…¿ï¸ğŸ’¤
    4 love you forever ever baby babyyyyyğŸ’™ğŸ’ŽğŸ’ğŸ’ğŸ’ğŸ’
    3 My loving Son😢😢I miss u so much man💔💔
    3 You’re on my mind for the rest of my life my Pooh😢💔😢I love 💕 you
    3 Son, a red Cardinal came again
    3 Thanks for coming to visit me son😢💛I miss u so much man💕💔
    3 I LOVE YOU MY POOH💛💕💛💕
    3 Thinking of you my son😢💔💕tryna stay strong😢
    3 I love u My Pooh💛still so unreal😢💔😢
    3 Morning Son😢💔😢💔
    4 Light Skin Friend We Missing You 😭🙏🏾🅿️
    4 Missing u being here with the family😢son y u😢
    4 I LOVE YOU POOH💛💔💛my heart is hurting😢
    3 💛💓💛💓my heartbeat😢💛😢💛
    5 Pooh I miss you Lord knows I do â¤ğŸŒ¹ğŸŽˆâ¤ğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŒ¹ğŸŒ¹ğŸŽˆğŸŒ¹ğŸŽˆğŸŒ¹ğŸŽˆğŸŒ¹
    4 Light Skin Friend ğŸ¤žğŸ¾ğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸ–¤ğŸ…¿ï¸
    3 Missing you son😢My every thought is u😢💔😢💛
    3 Morning my love💛I miss u😢
    5 Miss you pooh I got Married
    3 Son Son😢😢I hope that 1 day your (so called friends)tell what they saw😢🙏🏽
    2 I just want justice for you Son😢
    3 Yes JUSTICE! Dead or Alive! TeTe MiK LoveU
    3 And MissU Bai SO MUCH❤️😘😢😢
    3 Yesss!! Focused on them Hoes Dead💀tho
    2 Life just ain’t the same cuz my heart hurts forever now😢💛
    2 Morning my son😢💔🤦🏽‍♀️😢
    4 Light Skin Friend ğŸ–¤ğŸ¤žğŸ½ğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸ…¿ï¸
    3 💛💔💛Im thinking bout u my son💛💔💛
    2 😢💛😢💛😢💛
    2 Morning My Pooh💛💔💛
    2 I love u My Pooh😢💛😢
    2 Son, Son😢💛😢boiiii...I’m missing u so much💔
    2 Up missing u at 1:45am My Pooh💔😢💔💛whyyy u? I don’t understand😢
    3 Happy 4th of July Pooh 🇱🇷🌹❤🇱🇷🌹❤🇱🇷🌹Auntie Crystal
    2 Another holiday down without u Son💔💛💔7/4/19
    2 💛💛Missing u son😢😢
    2 💋💛💋💛💋
    3 I just wish this was a bad dream, waiting to wake up from it😢💛😢
    2 Love u my Pooh
    3 I need a fallen star n pooh you wake up ❤❤❤
    3 Morning son, I can’t believe you’re gone forever 😢💛💔💛
    2 Morning son😢 I just want u bk here w/me😢💛😢
    2 Missing you my son💛😢💛💔😢😢
    2 I hope they all get what’s coming to them real soonğŸ™ğŸ½ğŸ¤žğŸ½
    3 They think 🤔 life is sweet but it’s bout to get real bitter🤐
    4 Morning Son, I love u
    3 Pooh, my Birthday won’t ever be the same w/out u😢💛
    3 Missing u Pooh on my day😢💛💔wish u were here son
    3 But those who took u away, will soon get what’s coming to them🤬🔫💔
    3 I miss u son
    3 Light Skin Friend We Miss You Over Here 🅿️🖤
    3 Son, Son😢I LOVE YOU😢💛😢
    3 I miss u my son, gn😢💛💔
    3 I miss u, I miss u, I miss u sooo much My Son💔😢😢💛it hurt 😔
    4 ❤❤❤❤❤❤Auntie Crystal was here today
    3 Missing u my Pooh😢😢
    3 I miss u being with the family
    4 We all missed u today son😢💔💛I love u
    3 A part of me has left
    3 Missing you my Son😢Son💔
    4 Missing you big cuz. I love you man😢💔
    4 My boy this still feel fake🤦🏼‍♂️i miss you foolie🖤🐍
    4 Pooh💛your Mom is truly missing u💔they will pay 4 this
    4 ❤❤❤❤❤Miss you Pooh
    4 💛I LOVE U SON💛
    4 Long Live You mann ❤️ yo spirit gon stay alive forever ‼️
    4 Light Skin Friend ğŸ–¤ğŸ¤žğŸ½
    4 U r always on everyones mind Pooh💛💔💛
    3 Missing my boy😢😢😢💛💛💛
    3 U didn’t deserve this😢💛😢Pooh💔
    4 ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! U suppose to be here with us Bai😢❤️
    3 Morning Son😢we missed u at Daddy’s house yesterday💛😢💛love u
    3 Missing u this morning😢💛😢💛😢🙏🏽
    4 U r suppose to be here with me son😢💛😢
    3 I miss u sooooo much my handsome Son😢💔I love u Pooh
    4 Boy🤦🏽‍♀️I miss my boy😢💛💔
    4 I LOVE U MY SON💔💛💔😢😢💛
    4 Missing u Pooh💛😢💔
    4 I’ve always said, I wanna c how u look at 30😢but I guess I won’t c💛😢
    3 Morning my son😢💔😢y u is all I ask daily💛😢
    3 I MISS U MY SON💔💛😢😢
    4 Pooh I miss us hooping in the backyard every 4th of July...I miss you big cuz and I love you bro!!!
    4 Morning son son😢up playing videos of u, I miss u so much💔💛😢
    3 I’m missing u my Pooh😢💛😢💔
    3 I LOVE U MY POOH😢💛😢
    3 Morning son😢I miss yo crazy self going skating with us💔💛
    3 I ask God to give me strength daily dealn w/your absences son💔😢💛
    3 I miss u sooooooo much son😢😢💛💔
    3 Pooh Mia is gone to the Navy continue to watch ova her😢I miss u man😢
    4 I love u my Pooh😢💔😢💛
    4 Up thinking bout u son😢😢wishing I could bring u back💔😢💛
    3 😢💛😢💛😢Mama!💔💔💔
    3 I miss u my Pooh😢😢😢
    3 Pooh, we miss u so much on our family day😢💛💔I love u son💖
    4 Son, Son😢💔😢
    5 They will get it, it’s coming...I feel it😢
    4 Pooh We Miss You So Much 🖤🙏🏾
    4 I pray Night
    4 I hate this pain in my heart son💔I want u back so bad😢💛
    6 Sooo Handsome! TeTe MiK Love U Bai😢❤️🙏🏾
    4 Morning son, up thinking bout u 😢asking why?😢💛💔
    4 Missing you so much son...
    4 Missing you Pooh🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
    4 My Handsome Boy💛💔💛
    3 Pooh, u made the fromt page of the site💛😢💛
    4 Pooh, I’m really in my feelings today after visiting u son😢💛
    5 Pooh, we missed u so much on family night again😢💔💛😢
    4 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
    6 miss you on this earth 🙏🙏🙏🙏🏼🙏🙏
    4 Yessss, we all miss him sooo much being here💔💛😢
    5 Pooh, we all wanna hear your laugh
    4 I pray they find who did this God knows best
    4 Pooh, I miss your smile
    6 God Is on our side🙏🙏🙏🙏
    4 My life has truly changed without u😢😢
    6 I miss you so much son😢💛💔
    5 I wish I could write u in heaven😢😢son
    3 Missing u so much My Pooh😢💛😢💔
    4 I needed u here to protect me son😢💛
    4 We all missed u Pooh on family night Son😢💛😢
    6 I LOVE U💛😢💛
    3 Missing my boy😢😢💔💔😢😢
    4 Missing my Angel 👼🏽 My Pooh😢😢💛💔
    5 Only God ❣❣❣❣❣
    6 Pooh💛I can’t stop crying son😢😢💔💔this hurt
    5 I Miss You Friend 🖤🙏🏾
    6 Touch me, O Lord, and fill me with your light and your hope Amen
    4 I LOVE U SO MUCH SON💛😢💛😢
    3 Pooh ğŸ–¤ğŸ¤žğŸ¾ğŸ™ğŸ¾
    19 Never Ever Forgotten Son💛😢😢😢💛
    17 Morning Son😢I just don’t understand...why?😢💔💛
    4 Pooh ğŸ¤žğŸ¾ğŸ–¤ğŸ™ğŸ¾
    4 I LOVE U MY SON😢💛😢💛💋💋💋
    4 Son, I put all of your ChristmasğŸŽ„stuff down today😢💛
    4 Son, yesterday made 1year and 7months😢💛😢💔
    4 Good night son, u are on my mind😢I miss u💛
    4 Morning son, it’s Thanksgiving day 2019
    4 Missing u my son👑😢😢💛
    4 Morning Son😢woke up with u on my mind😢💛😢I love u Pooh😘💔
    4 Light Skin Friend ğŸ¤žğŸ½ğŸ–¤ğŸ™ğŸ¾
    4 Morning Son💔just up crying watching videos of u
    4 Son, I miss u sooo much😢I need u bk😢😢💔
    8 Morning son, I just want them guys to pay for what they did😡
    3 Morning Son😢I love and miss u so much😢💔💛
    3 I hate I gotta go through this heartache
    3 I'm missing you so much My Son...tears!
    4 Son, Son, Son😢😢💔💔I don’t understand why💛
    4 Missing u son on this Christmas night 2019😢💔💛I love u😢
    5 Merry Christmas Light Skin Friend ğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸ¤žğŸ¾ğŸš¦
    3 Son, it’s almost 2years😢😢without u being here with us. I miss so much💛😢💔
    3 Your birthdayğŸŽ‚is coming up too😢💛😢💔I love my Pooh
    4 Happy New Year Son💛😢💔 (2020) I miss u so much💛
    4 Pooh, I miss u sooooo much my Son😢💛😢
    4 I LOVE U SON 💛😢💛😢💛
    6 Son, your ğŸŽ‚birthday is in 1 month😢💛💔
    7 My Son🤦🏽‍♀️My Pooh😢💔Missing you forever💛😢💛boyyy
    5 Morning son😢continue to watch over me, I miss u so much😢💛💋
    6 I’m missing u so much My Son😢💛😢💔💔
    5 I love u son😢Happy Valentine’s Day in heavenğŸ’›ğŸŽˆğŸ˜¢2020
    4 Happy2️⃣3️⃣rd Birthday My SonğŸŽ‚ğŸ’›ğŸŽ‚ğŸŽˆI love and miss u so much Son💔💋
    5 Happy Bday My Boy🖤🅿️🚦Miss You KidğŸ¤žğŸ¼ğŸ¤˜ğŸ¼
    5 Morning My Pooh! U 2️⃣3️⃣ today!!ğŸŽ‚ğŸŽ‚ğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽ‰ğŸ’›ğŸ’‹u got the☀️shining on ur day💛
    4 Happy Heavenly Birthday PoohğŸ•ŠğŸŽˆ
    7 happy birthday baby love you always and forever 💙💙💙🥰🖤😘
    5 Happy 23 Light Skin Friend I Love You🙏💙
    5 happy heavenly bday pooh!!! cuddy we miss you... nene
    15 I love u My Son🥺☹️😢💛missing u like crazy💔💋💋
    8 MISS YOU POOH 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
    5 Morning Son,😢It’s so not fair that ur not here with me😢😢💛
    7 My Dear Son, I love💛 u
    9 Missing you soooo much ❤❤❤❤❤
    7 Son, it’s almost 2yrs since I’ve heard yo voice😢I miss u so much😢💛
    16 I just want them guys DEAD this year😡
    14 Son, you are not suppose to be on this site AT ALL...I'm Sad. Tears
    10 Morning Son, I’m missing u so much💛I love u My Pooh😢💛😢
    10 Love you Pooh Auntie Crystal ❤❤❤
    12 Watch over your family My handsome Son😢I love/miss u so much Pooh💛
    8 Missing you My Son😢💛you’ve been on my mind a lot lately😢I love u😢
    8 Lord,😢this just ain’t right😢every time I see this pic it hurts my heart😢💛I need strength😢
    9 I miss my handsome son soooo much😢💛
    9 Please, Please😢🙏🏽😢give those boys what they deserve for taking his life😢💛
    9 Happy Easter 🐇 My Son! 😢 I love u
    8 🖤
    7 Heeeey Pooh stopped by to say Hello You are loved you have 6811 candles lit ❤❤❤TT Crystal
    4 Awww💛😢💛😢thank u Crystal for thinking bout My Pooh😘😘
    6 GOOD MORNING POOH I'm here Q this is everything u know I'm on it💙💛💙💛❤❤
    5 Morning Son😢😢today makes 2yrs of u not being here with me😢I’m hurting💛
    7 Missing u My Pooh😢💛😢💛
    4 Missing you😢My young man😢💛💔
    3 It’s Mother’s Day 2020 son😢😩💔I’m sad cuz I won’t get that phone call from u😢I miss u Pooh💔
    6 My ❤❤❤ n 🌹🌹🌹🌹 for u Pooh for your Mom TT Crystal ❤🌹❤🌹❤🌹❤🌹❤🌹🌹
    6 Thanks Son for sending me your Birthday💛 I love and miss u much boii😢😢💔💔
    6 I LOVE YOU MY SON💛😢💛💔😢
    5 I’m missing you ğŸ˜ž son on these nice days😢😢💛💛
    19 I love you cuz! Missing you so much
    20 My Angel💛I’m missing you so much son😢😢😢
    17 Missing u My Pooh😩😩😢😢😢💛
    12 I always miss u so much when all the fam is around😢💛😢
    13 I LOVE MY POOH💛💛💛😘😘😘
    12 i miss you pooh 😭❤️❤️ .!
    12 and i love you 😘❤️ ^ !
    39 Son,😢 you are missed tremendously💛😢💔💔💋💋😩😩
    4 Happy 4th of July in heaven my Pooh😢😢I’m miss u sooo much down here💔😢💛😘
    13 Son,💛 I know you’ll be with us today😇 I miss
    13 I miss u sooo much My Son💛😢💛😢
    10 SonSon, I’m always thinking bout you😢💛😢💛😢
    7 Son, it’s my birthdayğŸŽ‚
    5 And you’re not here to tell me hbd Ma😢😢I love u
    13 My Son💔Son😢I miss u boyyy😢I will do anything to have u bk here with me😢💛
    23 Miss you Pooh your Mom is a strong Woman ❤❤❤❤❤
    12 Missing my boy😢💛😢
    12 Love you boa💯being witchu everyday to not even hearin yo voice hurt😒🖤
    10 ⬆️Yessss😢hurt so much My Pooh💔💛😢
    10 😢I’m missing u kiddo💔😢I love u SonSon💛
    8 I Miss You Light Skin Friend It Ain’t The Same At All 😩🙏🏾🖤
    5 LSF ğŸ¤žğŸ¾ğŸ–¤ğŸ™ğŸ¾
    11 Missing u like crazy My Pooh😢😢😢how could someone hurt u💔😩💛
    6 Light Skin Friend This Our Type Of Weather ğŸ˜”ğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸ¤žğŸ¾
    9 I LOVE U MY POOH💛😢💔💋💋💛
    6 We Miss You LSFğŸ¤žğŸ¾ğŸ¥°ğŸ–¤
    8 Son,😢I’m starting to cry more again😢💔💛I miss u man😢
    17 Wishing I could bring u back my son💛😢💔😇
    14 MISSING YOU....TEARS'''
    12 Morning SonSon, Tears"""
    13 Miss You Pooh ❤❤❤❤ Crystal
    13 I Miss You Light Skin Friend ğŸ˜‡ğŸ¤žğŸ¾ğŸ’™ğŸ™ğŸ¾
    13 Son, 💔💛💔💛all I keep asking is...why you😢😢😢
    15 I could hear your voice now...that lil laugh🤦🏽‍♀️😢😢💛I miss u so much My Son😢😢
    5 I Love you blood🩸❤️🖤
    4 Missing my boy...had a rough morning! tears...
    10 Good Morning Miss you Pooh ❤❤❤
    6 My life is so different without you son...tears
    17 Son, I’m sad today😢 I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye😢😩💛that hurt my heart so bad💔
    7 I Swear Light Skin Friend It Still Dnt Seem Real We Miss You So Much 🖤🙏🏾😩
    11 Missing u my handsome boy😢😢u know I do my Pooh💛😢💔u hurt me son😢
    22 I just don’t understand 🤦🏽‍♀️😢💔😢y u gone so soon😢
    10 Missing you forever My Son...Tears...
    6 Light Skin Friend I Love You Kid 🖤🙏🏾
    4 Light Skin Friend ğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸ¤žğŸ¾ğŸ’ªğŸ¼
    7 Son, I miss u man💛😢💛😢
    5 LSF Rashawn Allavar A Be Here In 3 Months 💙🙏🏾
    12 I LOVE YOU FOREVER MY SONSON!! tears...
    6 Son😢it’s HalloweenğŸŽƒ
    4 Light Skin FriendğŸ¤žğŸ¾ğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸ’™
    9 SonSon...I'm missing you soooo much!
    6 My life just ain’t the same Son😢😢I miss u💛😢
    4 Light Skin Friend 🙏🏾💙
    8 I miss u SonSon, My Pooh sooo much😢😢😢💛
    9 Pooh😢your Mom is truly missing u Son😢💛😢
    11 Miss you Pooh RIH
    6 I miss u so My Pooski😢😢💛😢😢
    5 Happy Thanksgiving My Pooh😢💛😢I love
    7 Hugs 😇 Kisses😢 I miss u soo much man💛🕊
    6 happy thanksgiving pooh ❤️❤️ !!
    6 Light Skin Friend ğŸ¤žğŸ¾ğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸ’™
    19 I miss u sooooo much😢Son, I wish this never happened to u my baby boy😢💛😢💔
    6 ğŸŽ„Merry Christmas son💛 I miss u so much😢💋2020😇my Angel😢
    6 merry christmas pooh love u ğŸŽ„â¤ï¸!!
    6 I LOVE YOU MY SONğŸ’›ğŸ˜¢ğŸ˜˜ğŸŽ„ğŸ™ğŸ½ğŸ’‹ğŸ˜¢ğŸ˜‡ğŸ’”ğŸ’›
    7 Missing My Boy....tears!
    5 Happy New Year my💛son💋💋2021 without you...sad😢😢💔 I love u Pooh💛
    8 Son😢😢we miss u so much down here with us😢💛😢
    6 Hey Light Skin Friend ğŸ–¤ğŸ¤žğŸ¾
    7 Son, all I can say is thank u 😊 I know that was uğŸ’›ğŸ¤žğŸ½ğŸ˜‡u heard me💋😘💛
    7 I miss u sooooo much kiddo😢💛💔😢
    4 Pooh, I'm at the dentist crying my eyes out...memories of u here...tears!
    8 I LOVE U MY SON!💛😇😢💔😢💛
    7 Missing you SonSon💔😢💛
    7 Hey Lightskin Friend I Miss You 💪🏾🖤🙏🏾
    6 I’m Missing u Son😢😢😢💛
    7 Light Skin Friend Rashawn Allavar HereğŸ’™ğŸ¤žğŸ¾
    6 It’s yo Birthday Month Son2️⃣4️⃣💛😢😢💛
    5 Hey Light Skin Friend We Miss You ğŸ¤žğŸ¾ğŸ–¤ğŸ™ğŸ¾
    7 I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MY SON...Tears!
    6 Son, tomorrow is your Birthday😢😢😢u would’ve been 24ğŸŽ‚ğŸ’”ğŸ’›Im so upset that ur not here
    7 I just hopeğŸ¤žğŸ½that everyone involved get what’s coming to them this yearğŸ™ğŸ½ğŸ¤žğŸ½ğŸ™ğŸ½pleaseee
    5 Light Skin Friend ğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸ–¤ğŸ¤žğŸ¾
    6 Happy2️⃣4️⃣Birthday My SonğŸŽ‚ğŸ’›ğŸŽ‚ğŸ—£I miss you so much kiddo😢💛💋Love Ma!
    8 Pooh, u are so loved My Son💛😢u are suppose to be here😩I miss you son😇☹️
    6 Son, it’s coming up to 3yrs😢🥺☹️😩of u being gone💔I miss u so much son😢💛
    9 I miss u so much Son😩💛😢
    8 💔Thinking bout SonSon😢😢💛💛
    5 Happy🐣Easter 2021 My Son😢Love u
    7 I miss u sooo much My Son😢💛💔
    5 I Love You Light Skin Friend 🥺🥀
    6 Things just aren't the same without you SonSon...tears! Smh!
    8 I miss u soooo much My Pooh😢😢😢💛
    8 Lord please hear my prayers🙏🏽💛
    10 On this 16th day, I didn’t know I had 8days left with u😢😢💛💔I miss u son😢
    8 I love u my boy 🖤
    7 Light Skin Friend Our Day Coming 🥺🥀🙏🏾
    8 I miss u so much My Pooh😢today 4/24/2021 makes 3yrs😢💔Luv Ma💛
    8 I remember this day like yesterday😢my heart shattered💔🤦🏽‍♀️😢💛
    7 I LOVE YOU FOREVER MY SONğŸ˜¢ğŸ’›ğŸ‘¼ğŸ½ğŸ’”ğŸ•ŠğŸŽˆ
    7 You are truly missed by so many😢💛😢
    7 FORVER🤴🏾POOH🤴🏾R.I.H💛😇🕊
    9 3 whole years😢💔😢💔😢💛I miss u man😢💛
    7 Light Skin Friend Continue To Rest Up ğŸ¥€ğŸ¤žğŸ¾ğŸ™ğŸ¾
    8 I miss hearing your voice Son💔Son, u will never be forgotten😢💛
    7 Morning kiddo😢😢💔5/4 was the last day I saw u son😢💛I miss u man😢
    9 Pooh, it’s Mother’s Day again😢💛💔2021🤦🏽‍♀️I miss you so much son💛
    9 Son,😢you’re my guardian angel😢💔💛 I miss u kiddo😢
    13 😢😢I LOVE U MY POOH💛💋😘
    8 Son, I miss u like crazy😢💛😢😢😢💛
    9 Son, Moo had her baby💛We miss u sooo much kiddo, I love u😢💛
    12 I’m missing u so much My Son😢😢💛💛💋💋
    10 Morning Son💛Son, I woke up with u on my mind😢😢😢I miss u so much man💛
    12 U are truly missed on this 4th of July son 2021 😢💛😢
    13 Morning Son😇💛thank you for sending us all a small gift💰we love u😢💛
    8 Light Skin Friend We Miss You So Much Ku Continue To Rest ğŸ¤žğŸ»ğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸ¥€ğŸ’™
    14 Son💛Son it’s my Bday
    15 This just ain’t right Son😢😩😢😢💛please get those guys
    15 Missing you SonSon...
    14 Son💛 I missed u yesterday for granddaddy Birthday 😢love u kiddo😢
    15 Life is sooo different without My Pooh💛😢🙏🏾missing uğŸ˜ž
    16 i miss u pooh ❤️❤️😔
    19 My Boy 🩸I Miss You Lik Crazy Dude🤦🏽‍♂️🖤
    15 I’m missing you my Pooh😢😢😩😩💛💛
    17 SonSon continue to watch over your blood🩸💛 I miss u
    18 I love you Pooh! You are truly missed boy...
    18 Morning SonSon💛😇continue to watch over Cj💪🩸💛I miss u kid😇
    17 Missing you forever My Pooh💛😩💛😢😢😢
    18 😢😢💛💛I LOVE U SON😢💛😢
    16 We miss you down here SonSon...tears...smh
    17 Son…I had a dream about u last night🥺😢I miss u so much💛
    16 Tht face tht smile TeTeMik missn u Bai❤️😘😘
    10 Another holiday broken hearted without our sons.💙
    9 Yessss^^^^^😢😩😢😩😢Praying for us both🙏🏾💛
    9 Son, it’s Thanksgiving day again without u😢😢 I miss u sooo much Son😢💛🙏🏾
    17 Holidays are so different without you😢💛😢this just ain’t fair😢love you😘
    18 I LOVE YOU SON!!! HEARTS!!!
    18 i miss u pooh😕
    18 i love u💛
    15 SonSon watch over me
    12 Merry ChristmasğŸŽSon,😢 I miss u so much😢💛2021
    12 merry christmas pooh i miss you❤️
    12 I miss u sooooo much my Son💛Son😢😢
    12 Happy New Year My SonğŸŽ† I love
    13 Make 2022 a better year for meee😢💛
    10 SonSon💛😢💛😢
    17 I LOVE YOU SON💛☹️💛
    12 i love u 💛💛
    11 your birthday coming upp i miss you pooh ❤️
    15 Morning Son💛 yup⬆️it’s your Birthday Month kiddo😢I miss u SonSon😢💛
    14 ğŸ’›ğŸŽ‚Happy 2️⃣5️⃣th Birthday SonğŸŽ‚ğŸ’›
    16 I wish I could see your face right now, saying Ma I’m 25, dancing 🕺 ğŸ¤£ğŸ¤žğŸ¾ğŸ’›ğŸ˜¢ğŸ’”
    14 ğŸ’›ğŸŽ‚ğŸŽˆğŸŽ‚ğŸŽˆğŸŽ‚ğŸŽˆğŸŽ‚ğŸŽˆğŸŽ‚ğŸ’›
    15 Happy Birthdayyy 🖤🚦
    12 Missing you Son💛Son😢😢 it’s almost 4yrs since u left me😢🙏🏾
    13 SonSon u won’t believe I have a dog. I wish u were here to c her😇
    17 Thinking about u Son😢💛continue to rest peacefully😢 I miss u💛
    10 Happy Easter 🐣 Son 💛 I miss you so much kiddo😇😢💛
    13 Son, tomorrow makes 4yrs😢💛😢💛 I miss u sooo much💔get those ninja’s😡
    10 Pooh, I had a dream about u today & looked at the date😢👑💛
    10 Today was the day I buried u😢😇😢 5/4🕊🙏🏾😢💔💛 Im sad Pooh😢
    58 I love & miss you forever My Pooh😢😢💛💔💛😢😢🙏🏾
    39 Missing you so much SonSon...tears...
    36 i miss you so much pooh ❤️😕
    22 My Boy...tears!
    21 I LOVE U SO MUCH SON🤦🏾‍♀️💛😩😢 Your Mom miss you sooo much Son😢💛
    5 i think about u everyday pooh, i miss you ❤️
    4 The Holidays are approaching Son😢this is when I get sad 😢💛miss u kiddo😢
    4 I LOVE U SON😢💛😇
    4 Merry ChristmasğŸŽ„2022 Son😢I miss & love u so much kiddo😇💔💛continue to watch over me😇
    4 Son it’s New Year’s Day 2023😢almost 5yrs.🤦🏾‍♀️I miss u so much😢💛
    4 Son it's your Birthday Month boiiii...tears! I miss u SonSon
    4 Happy Valentine’s Day 🌹 my Son, 😢😢 I miss u so much man💛😢🕊️
    5 Its yo birthdayyyy my boyy 🤍🫶🏽 Long Live Youuu ❗️ u know we finna act a fool for you foolie
    4 Happy 26th Birthday ğŸŽ‚ğŸ¥³ğŸŽ‰my Son💛😇 I miss so much😢
    5 Missing SonSon...tears! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MAN...tears! :(
    4 Happy Easter 🐣 Son 2023! I miss u so much man😢😢love u
    3 Son💛Son today makes 5yrs of u being gone😢😢I love/miss u so much💛
    3 LongLive my Pooh👑 🙏🏾💛🙏🏾 Son🕊️ I miss u soooo much man😢💛
    5 5yrs today, Just because the time pass that doesn't mean the pain & hurt went with it
    4 i love and miss you 🩶🫶🏽 get your rest and keep watching over yo family . it always been JUST US
    3 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛
    3 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

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