David R. Gonzalez, ageΒ 59

Lost to gun violence on December 1, 2017 in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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  • Nickname:
    3 speede gonzalez
    2 Davie
    1 Baba
  • Number of children:
  • Personality:
    5 Friendly beautiful person
    5 he loved her. He was good. kind. and caring
    2 words can not describe him one of a kind.
    3 David was a real joker you would laught like you wont believe he was the best .mr
    2 Love David as he is missed.. Never forgotton
    1 david was a great men kind with love for his family n everyone that knew him will be missed greatly.
    1 Great person, too much to write. God bless his soul.
  • Occupation:
    3 Maintenance man where I worked
    3 Hard. good worker.
    2 Forever Bango Cero. David the best
  • Workplace:
    2 Common Wealth Senior Livig at KING,S GRANT HOUSE
    2 Prince Ann Country club V A.
  • Schools attended:
    2 Puerto Rico n New York
  • Comments:
    3 David was a beautiful person so sad will miss him dearly πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ™
    5 I begged him to leave. God I wish he just had.
    2 let's hope his murderer will not get away with it
    1 Missing you Dearly, Uncle David.. Your Niece ~Y~
    3 Soon Justice will be severed!!!
    1 My brother was such a cool man, people loved him. I wlll for ever miss him
    2 David was A loving peaceful man justest for David
    3 my brother was the the best I will miss him dearly
    1 My uncle was a kind soul and a talented musician. Love you David
    1 A musically, cheerful individual and an incredibly funny uncle! Miss him!!
    1 we all miss u and waiting for justice OK 😚😚😚😚
    1 I will treasure the memory's we had love sis
    1 knew you 42 years always made me laugh miss you Bro in law
    1 love u and miss u..g.g.sis
    1 David loved music and he was good at it sis miss u soooo mush
    1 rest in peace david your bro
    1 One Christmas morning, Uncle David helped dad set up my drum set for me. Love you ❀️EM
    2 My brother was a good man.he was love by everybody miss him .love u David
    2 Love you and miss you alot uncle.
    2 justice will be served soon love sis 😘
    1 Gone but not forgotten bro
    1 rest in pease david justice will be served πŸ˜™
    2 we all miss your funny jokes rest in pease 😒
    1 I miss Davids calls I miss him most of all M.R.
    1 Today, I woke up thinking about you!! Miss and love you much.. Justice for David!! ~Y~
    2 ❀
    2 Excellent musician and friend! Will always remember him, rest in peace my friend!
    3 I will not be in peace until this murderer is put away mr
    2 david rest in peace Gods revenge for the murderer oct 9th 2018 soon.
    2 htwavy.com/news/grand-jury-indicts-woman-for-fatal-shooting-in-va-beach/1169235073
    2 virginia-beach-hairstylist-charged-with-murder-i-shot-him/291-497430009
    1 David Gonzalez wanted his rent money back after being forced out the house.
    2 He got it, but moments later, he was shot dead by his "LANDLORD"
    2 today was a hard one miss u soooo mush sis 😒
    2 Justice will be served, Uncle David..
    2 miss you David.soon justice will be severed.love u sis
    1 ❀❀❀❀❀
    1 mis you❀❀❀❀
    1 love u uncle david
    1 rest in pease david bro
    2 i will have pace went she go away.for a long time.missu David.
    2 Jesus is Lord the KILLER will see the results
    1 David is in God's Glory!
    2 wait... what? she is taking a selfie and posting it! Satan already knows how you look lady!
    1 David was handsome he is in Heaven with an angelic band!
    2 let's think for a moment about the killer. ok done. that was quick.
    1 David is always on our mind. what's the killer's name again?
    1 The ole' ball
    2 Killer can't hide forever. God is chillin' waiting like a judge...
    2 Killer woman. David had family
    1 David we may be miles away but we k ow you can cross all states now!
    1 Sweet man! We love you!
    1 hundreds of us are praying
    1 David rest in Peace! you always made me laugh.
    1 great memories and laughter.
    2 Rest in peace my brother soon it will be over i will fight for you. mr
    2 we will see justice rest in pease david sis 😘
    2 all the family are waiting for justice to be serve❀❀❀❀❀❀
    3 You watching πŸ‘€!! Watch this, Thou shall not KILL.. You will reap what you sow!!
    2 Justice for David!! Loving you always!!
    2 Prayers go to your family, Sleep in Peace <3
    2 RIP my friend. JUSTICE for David. Que Dios te te tenga en su reino.
    2 Continuation: Tu amiga, nunca te olvidara. MSV
    2 David you will get justice! God is in control!
    2 You will win this David!
    2 Jesus is Lord and his sword is mightier
    2 Cannot hide from God!
    2 God needed an Angel. She was left behind..
    2 David will smile down on us that day of sentencing
    2 rest in peace my dear brother i got u.mr
    2 looking forward to meet David'sister, will be there on the court day, finaly justice will be done.
    3 Amen!!! Judgment day is soon! David we miss you!
    3 David was a humble men respectable caring n good son. wonderfull brother n great friend mr
    2 getting closer for judgement day love sis 😚
    2 ❀❀❀❀
    2 everytime i see a guy riding a bike i have to double check to know its not u. miss u mr.
    2 miss u love u David your sis
    2 am missing you love you my dear brother mr soon cant wait.
    2 uncle DAVID you are the best and alive in all our hearts.
    2 close and close David.can wait.love u and missu .sis gg
    2 RIP David...yu were always a good man. πŸ™πŸ™
    2 david shes never going to fine peace mr
    1 wow i cant believe your gone. we will miss u so deeply.
    2 loss for words breaks my heart. one word i can say is KARMA
    1 i wish i had been with u more your always in my πŸ’–.
    1 god sees all and he will handle this. lets pray love u david
    1 rest in peace beautiful soul. ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
    2 Take an innocent life and solidify your damnation!
    1 Here it goes again what a crap of kaka mr
    1 soon David soon.love u sis
    1 court date might be delayed... they try to get a continuance ... damn that bitch
    1 a delay for what? SHE'S A MURDERER
    1 is close david justice is going to be serve miss u 😒
    1 thinking of u my brother soon ok u will see from heaven and smile justice was done😊
    1 πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™β€β€β€sis
    2 not a day goes by without thinking of u unbelievable mr
    2 uncle David you'll be missed we love you so much. BR
    2 your memory will never be forgotten. always in our hearts. BR
    2 Missing you uncle David. Love you. wr
    3 Trusting in your Attorney May God bless the Prosecuting team!
    1 Still laughing at your anticsπŸ€—
    1 David was charming and funny he will be missed!!! β£οΈπŸ™WP
    1 God will have the final say. Justice will be served. Love you David. Miss u
    2 Let's all have faith and unite in prayer for JUSTICE FOR DAVID
    2 uncle David will slay that goliath
    2 Missing and Loving you always!! ~Y~ ❀😘
    1 january
    2 david yr always on my mind i love you . mr
    2 david you was a wonderful brother ill miss u. forever sism
    2 πŸ•ŠπŸ•ŠπŸ•Šβ€β€β€πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜
    1 David i miss u so much.love u .sis
    1 miss u love u your sis
    1 rest in peace David friend
    2 that murder will not get away with it senseless crime this knuckle head did to david mr
    2 Revenge is mine sayeth the Lord
    1 πŸ˜™πŸ˜™β€β€
    1 love you david you will be missed greatly mr
    1 Missing my uncle David. You are loved and never forgotten
    1 no one deserve to die by an abuser
    1 β€œI miss you uncle david R.I.P πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’•
    1 Great having you here with me...GOD
    1 that devil took my brothers life she deserves life in hell suspect priscilla 😘
    1 miss you every day !! ❀
    1 you will alway be in my mind n soul ill always miss u david
    2 she rip our hearts when she killed my brother ever lasting hell be with her r
    2 I miss you love you lots uncle you will never be forgotten...
    1 soon.David.love u miss u sis
    1 she will pay for this.who she thinks she is.soon u will get yours.
    1 β€œVengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”
    1 Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written
    1 As I live, says the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.”
    1 David she will get her.missu your sis g.
    1 holidays r near i know how much u look forward to enjoying yr self just so u know i love u mr
    2 esa mujer es el diablo disfrazado mr
    2 the time for the snake is getting near can wait to see her face bye bye thats it
    1 The holidays just ain't the same without you.. Missing you!!
    1 it breaks our hearts that yr gone dec 1a day to remember u this low life took u away from us
    1 Rest In Peace David
    2 Whoever sheds the blood of manΒ by man shall his blood be shed for God made man in his own image
    2 Whoever strikes a man so that he dies shall be put to death.
    2 Whoever takes a human life shall surely be put to death
    1 thats it...
    1 i miss u David my
    1 we all miss u.she will get hers.i need to see this.went her go to jail.
    2 went she go away to her new home .it is call jail.she will love it.that i know
    2 david 1 yr has pass michelle will not be without a room to call home jail
    2 rip my beloved brother it will be over for the murderer justice's. for david mr
    2 David 1 yr pass .we miss u and love u.sis.
    2 you are missed our uncle
    2 the day is coming for this creep. i pray the lord hear my prayers to put her away
    1 soon it will be over rip my brother love you mr
    1 Your always on my mind Uncle David.. I miss and love you so much..
    1 I can't wait for Justice to be severed!! ~Y~
    1 holidays r here it will never be the same without u. mr
    1 Be a ease uncle for God will make sure justice is served. wr
    2 we all miss u David.love u.
    2 missing you my dear brother its not the same without you mr
    2 soon it will be over this murderer will get what she needs jail.
    2 discussing kaka the day is coming for that abuser
    2 merry christmas david. u r missed we all love you
    2 soon it will be over for her now its on we will see
    1 happy new year my brother RIP we all miss u. yr family
    3 Trial date for the murderer jan 7th 2019 9:15 AM OK Justice for david mr
    1 monday is the day for the abusers to start her lies mr
    1 its sad not having you here we miss u so much
    1 how va is going to handle this crime she did it. for her pleasure mr
    1 soon David .we miss u always.love u gladys
    2 premeditated and intentional
    2 Day 1 of Uncle Davids trial starts today.. Justice for David!! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
    1 does anyone know how the first day of trial went today?
    3 very well thank you. mr
    1 jan 8th david is joking.
    2 ony 19years??? plz.. she should get at least 40
    2 plot twist, she dies of a heart attack in prison.
    1 yep..
    1 I came to testify for him. Her sentence was not enough
    1 It upsets me - 19 years doesn’t begin to pay for his life
    1 To his Family - (((hugs)))
    1 How do I add photos ?
    1 my brother u could rest in pease justice was done AMEN 😚SIS PRISCILLA
    2 RIP david justice was done today she has 19 years to think what she did and be torture
    1 its a bright day for a chance god is good. RIP david she will be in her new home thank u Jesus
    2 19 years is not long enough but it still comforts me. One day at a time. God is final judge
    1 Worst case sceanrio is she would be free, so I THANK GOD for a jail term. Tears of joy
    1 Remember, people get away with murder. GOD SAID NOT THIS TIME!!!! Love u David
    1 David was best of the men
    1 I agree. He was a great man
    1 its over my beloved brother you won shes where she belongs crazy nut.
    1 miss n love you david she thought she was going to get away with it bad news.
    1 thanks u god.love u David always
    1 u are love by all the family.we miss u
    1 my beloved brother RIP we all love you n miss u never forgotten.
    1 Sentence Day will be posted soon RIP my brother.
    1 Jan 9th. worst day of my life remembering my brother.
    1 Missing you everyday.. Love you!! ~Y~ πŸ’—πŸ˜˜
    1 keep lighting the candle for David RIP. mr
    1 cannot believe this devil took u from us RIP πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™
    1 two years has pass i still miss you i will never forget you my brother RIP love you.mr
    2 light the candle for David let his spirit shine. mr
    1 keep the candle lit for uncle David.
    1 Dont let uncle David's candle die out.
    1 june 3 2019 sentence for the murderer that killed Brother David
    1 Can't bring you back its still unbelievable you're gone miss you dearly
    1 ❀❀❀MISS YOU MR
    1 its mothers day yr mom loves u.
    1 Always remember him as a kind, gentle soul, a good friend..jg
    1 RIP David, Thank you for being such a good, kind friend.jg
    1 SIP to my old friend kindest person I ever met rip
    1 june 13th its yr birthday 2yr has pass n i still can believe yr gone mr
    1 sentence. june 3 has be en cancel new day August 6th hopefully.
    1 david another day without you is so hard 😒 still can believe your gone love sis pris
    1 david remembering the laughs we had o how i miss them 😘
    1 it hurts me every time. i see yr pictures very. painfull.
    1 happy birthday 6/13 brother RIP.mr
    1 will never forget u was such a good man to all yr family n all that knew u. miss u mr
    1 its fathers day never forget u .sis m
    1 its the 4 of july n we r missing u yr family love u David .
    1 august 6 sentences for that crazy women who has taken u away from ur family.
    1 the sentence day is on i will be there for u as always missu n love u dearly my brother.
    1 August 6th for david rip never will it be the same brother
    1 I’am happy you are at peace now. I miss you...I’m listening for you..Much Love, Jones
    1 today is the day i will pray she gets what she did to david
    1 august 6 i never forget u my brother i miss u forever mr
    1 Rest in Peace Son
    1 Miss your infectious smile and sincere friendship..Much Love jg
    1 how can I get in touch wiht David sister? I had dream of David lst night
    1 love you and miss you uncle David
    1 8/15/2019 David yr mom is in heaven rip
    1 RIP brother david until we meet again mr
    1 heart broken she is with u now.
    1 David we miss u and love u.u were love by many people .RIP. Your sister Gladys
    1 David mami is no longer with us she Rip. we love her
    1 David we miss u and mami.love your sis g.g
    1 leave yr phone number plz
    1 Uncle David, I miss and love you, grandma and uncle Keke aswell.. Sending love you guys way.. 😘
    1 Anyone trying to contact David's family
    1 please leave your contact info
    1 Thank you, we appreciate it!!
    1 August 6 2019 big day.
    1 its firday the 13teen yr number love n miss u greatly yr sis m
    1 RIP my brother am missing u mr.
    1 on Dec 1 2019 will be 2 yrs that has pass. ill miss u like yesterday never forget u. mr
    1 missing u david holidays r coming n i will miss u greatly
    2 u was the best brother no one will ever replace u.rip sis m
    1 missing you alway on my mind mr
    1 dec 1 2017 today dec1 2019 two years u have been gone i wont forget u my brother RIP. mr
    1 i miss u david i love u always Rip my brother mr
    1 merry christmas my brother in heaven Rip
    1 dec 25 of 2019. 2 yrs holidays r sad
    1 12/31/19 happy new yr its me again i missur calls imiss u.Mr
    1 you r missed rip david never forget u.
    1 imiss u my brother yr calls were so important to me untill i see u again
    1 am missing u my beloved brother all the laughters we had together.rip love u.
    1 miss you
    1 the best of my brothers now ur gone rip my. love
    1 David we miss you and love u sis gg
    1 miss u David and mami and kiki u are all together .rip love
    1 6/13/20 its yr birthday such a nice guy am missing u.
    1 Tomorrow is your birthday
    2 6/13/20 would have been davids birthdayRIP brother .mr
    1 very sad thinking about how nice of a brother u was.i will miss u always.mr
    1 We All still miss you. you are not forgotten
    1 March 21 2021 I miss u david always on my mind rip.my brother myrna
    1 June 13 2021 happy birthday my brother.
    1 my heart is broken can not be repair big lost
    1 Happy Brithday my beloved brother RIP.
    1 We Miss You and Always thinking of you.
    1 ya thanksgiven is here n yr not here to call me i missu
    1 happy birthday my beloved brother 6/13/22 mr always miss u sis
    1 5yrs have pass my heart hurts when u come to my thoughts. yr2022
    1 happy holidays New Year I know you dressed up for the new yr
    1 your family miss you
    1 6/13/23 Miss you Happy brithday love u sis mr
    1 David happy brithday I miss you all the good times we all had together miss u Mr always rip.
    1 Miss you πŸ˜™

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