William Allen Beverly, Jr., age 15

Lost to gun violence on November 5, 2017 in Springfield, Ohio.

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  • Nickname:
    5 BJ. beetlejuice boobers bub
    1 i love yah brother 💔
  • Number of children:
    6 and a nephew on the way, nicknamed after his Uncle BJ
    2 0 kids.
    2 3 nieces and 2 Nephews
  • Personality:
    13 funny, talented, smart
    12 loved by many
    6 Goof Ball
    11 athletic
    14 lover ❤
    9 full of life ❤️
    8 crazy ,sweet , caring
    5 awesome ❗😣 and loved his momma 💞
    2 goofy, so silly
    2 had a love for basketball
    1 funny, chill
    3 funny, goofy, outgoing, loveable, jokester, silly
    1 He loved hiding around a doorway
    1 I love u baby boy. miss you being an asshole all the time
  • Occupation:
    3 Beautiful soul ❤️
  • Workplace:
    4 i love you bj 💜💜
  • Schools attended:
    1 schaefer middle school
    3 I miss u so much
    2 Springfield High
  • Comments:
    3 rest in peace bj😔 i miss u sm🤞🏼❤️ its your world🌍❤️🤷🏽‍♀️ i love u😔
    2 miss u bj R.I.P
    5 hey handsome i miss you 😩💔wish you was still here FOREVER in my heart! love sis/lesley
    3 Fly High my handsome Brother!!! Miss you so damn much..
    9 rest in the arms of our Lord
    3 will forever hold a special spot in my heart you'll forever be my best friend I love you BJ
    2 forever in our hearts bj baby 😞❤️ fly high it's williams world forever!!!
    2 spread those angel wings, fly high sweet boy
    3 rest in heaven baby boy I love you brother 💞 your never him be forgotten 💓💞😭
    1 r.I.p bj me an Nia miss u
    2 you have and will continue to leave your beautiful mark on this ugly world
    2 I love you so much bj 😔😢Rih
    1 we love you .BJ's 🌎💯
    1 i love you bj❤️❤️❤️ forever
    4 RIP BJ I love and miss you sm, until we meet again. BJS WORLD . 🌎💙
    1 I love you baby boy...i miss you so much it hurts 💔
    1 Fly High Baby Boy, You are greatly missed
    1 fly high baby, i miss you more everday , love you its your world now b. save me a spot up there
    1 RIH BJ, Youre So Missed . 😩😩❤️❤️
    4 i love you more than you've ever known. fly high my Handsome Brother
    2 R.I.P cuzzo its samo you know how we rocked blood love you
    2 i love you bj i miss you bro 😞❤️ mayci💯
    1 ill always love u more than anything save me a spot never to you baby -YourGf
    1 you will always have my heart im so sorry bj 😭-yourgf
    1 I miss you man you was like a brother to me💉😔R.I.H Bj
    2 so young so sad
    1 my favorite friend
    1 forever in my heart babyboy ❤️ I love you sm man 😭😩
    1 you will be missed bj •🌎BJ's WORLD•
    2 I miss you everyday
    1 fly high bj baby, i miss you
    2 Fly high bub 😪 I love and miss you so much ❤️ brenna 🤞🏽
    1 Love you bro rest up
    1 You are truly missed EVERYDAY!!
    1 BJ's
    1 I miss u every day. 💔
    1 I miss you everyday bj😕 its still so unreal..
    4 this pain is killing me slowly, every day...I miss my son 😞
    1 we miss u BJ's world
    1 Fly High Baby Boy, You
    1 miss you so much your laugh and beautiful face! Angel
    1 hey b, i miss u everyday😩, i love u sm💞. rest in Paradise, flex in royalty🤞🏻.
    1 i love you BJ ❤️😓 rest up! we miss you soooo much
    1 i miss u more n more every day 😢
    2 In our thoughts
    1 My kids and I loved you BJ..RIH
    1 so sad. BJ we miss you
    2 we love and miss you BJ.Tru talks about you all the time
    1 love you sm bj 💋 rip
    1 you'll never be forgotten...
    1 I love you BJ
    1 i love u baby boy..i miss u more and more every day
    2 i love you Bub.. i miss you so much
    1 I love you bj😩. rest easy baby boy😪. forever in our hearts❤️.
    1 Rest Easy Fly High B.J taking to soon your at peace now,, JUSTICE FOR B.J
    1 I love you sm bj❤️, rest easy😪. forever in our hearts🤞🏼.
    1 rest easy BJ ❤️ watch over your family
    1 i miss you bj baby 😩😩😩
    1 I miss you eveyday, heaven is so lucky to have you😕. rest easy❤️
    1 🤞🏼❤️😩i love you bj you were my bestfriend i miss you sm
    1 i miss you more than anything.. I'll forever be my brothers keeper 💕💔
    1 i miss you everyday bub this aint gonna get better this hurt wont go away i cant get over this...
    1 rih bj gone way way to soon love willy nikki and kids
    1 rest easy😇❤️ bj's world forever 🌏
    1 ima make u proud just like i always told u, its yo world we just livin in ❤️.
    1 rest in peace🤕. u had such a amazing heart❤️.
    4 your momma is doing an amazing job honoring your name
    2 I'll never let them forget you because I will never forget you...
    2 prayers from iowa❤
    1 until we meet again,our love will never end
    2 i miss you baby , hope you are living it up, up there baby
    3 i miss my boys,i will tell you all about it when i see you again.
    2 still miss you everyday🤞🏼 I love you bj baby😩❤️
    1 miss seeing ur pretty eyes😩🤧I love you, rest easy❤️.
    1 Miss hearing your laugh and you talkin shit 😭 rest easy 💜
    2 i miss seeing you at school everyday and playing basketball with you😩
    1 you are so loved BJ... I miss u sm 💔😢
    1 LLBJ boa im goin up 4 yhu - trappintori
    1 its your worl b were just living in it ❤️JUSTICE FOR BJ
    1 I love you so much, William Allen Beverly Jr. Fly High, Bj.
    1 I love you brodie till I see you again its yo world
    1 on 💯n**** I live you dawg
    1 miss you
    1 i miss you bub sm i hate to know that your still gone we want you back😔😭
    1 i miss ya baby boy
    1 I miss you so so much BJ! I love you❤️😭-Bree
    1 heart of gold...😞. I miss you everyday ! I will never forget u ❤️. rest easy baby boy.
    1 its been well over a year
    1 Miss you more than ever 🥺
    3 I miss you so very much🥺. always gon be my dawg🤞🏼. Long live bj beverly💯.
    1 i miss you so much bj you were so special and so many special ways 😭👏🏽💛😔
    1 i wish god had visits to come visit you in heaven 👏🏽❤️
    1 you made everyone feel so special about their self 😔👏🏽🤞🏽
    4 when everyone else seen that smile of yours it made everyone smile 😭❤️
    1 wow so good looking and young. 💛
    1 My heart aches for you.
    2 we miss and love u more than words beetle juice Especially ur one in a million smile/laughs
    1 we miss you BJ !! keep watching over us ❤️
    2 fly high baby boy
    1 i miss u 💔
    2 heaven is so lucky to have u🥺. I miss you more then words could explain, rest in peace❤️
    1 you were taken way to soon b❤️ its your world forever🤞🏻 i love and miss you sm ❤️
    1 Rest easy✊💯
    1 everyday your on our hearts and minds baby boy
    1 we love you B! its always going be your world!🌍 forever 15 ❤️
    1 RIP BJ all the love is coming your way . ❤️
    1 we remember daily baby boy ❤❤
    1 we miss you BJ ❤️
    1 I love and miss you bub I'm always gonna keep your name alive as long as I am I love you bro ❤😭😥
    1 Me and Kaitee miss
    1 I miss you more than anything bubby Rest Easy up there😍💕💝💖💞💘❤
    1 i miss you so much
    1 it's forever BJ's world we will never forget you ❤️🤞
    1 i bet heaven has been beautiful sense you arrived r.i.p bj 😩❤️
    1 its your wold forever 🌎 i love you bj ❤️ BIP 🏀
    1 BJ'S WORLD 🌏🌍💖 Miss ya brotha💖💖😞
    1 Miss you everyday b😞itll always be your world🌎 love and miss you ❤️
    1 always BJs world... i miss you so much
    1 i miss you so much B! its your world always! ❤️🌍
    2 I love and miss you so much it hurts... id do anything to see you again 😭😭😭😭 please come back 💔
    2 R.I.P. baby boy.We will see you again. meanwhile our family will be with you.
    1 gosh I miss you so much Bj 😩 ts aint fair, you didnt deserve it..
    1 i miss u so much baby boy
    2 Happy heavenly birthday Bj
    2 Hold him tight until we meet again. Tell Keenon we love h
    1 him
    1 i love you bj🥺🥰💔
    2 Merry Christmas sweet boy
    2 I love you buddy
    1 your missed so much 🤍🤍🤞🏼🙏🏼
    1 I love and miss you so much BJ.. forever and always. can't wait to see you again.
    1 They can't delete our words but not your memory BJSWORLD
    1 I love and miss you so much cousin.
    1 you are so beautiful,and you will always be with us.
    1 We will always carry you with us. Never forgotten
    2 i love and miss you so much every day bj 💛 i do what i do for you 🗣
    1 Your memory will never be erased 💯 it's
    1 R.I.P bro bjs world forever
    1 we love and miss you always
    1 still missing you so much 🥺❤️. a beautiful soul resting peacefully. forever in my heart❤️
    2 my heart is forever broken 💔 god i miss u
    2 justice will come
    1 you were such an amazing person.. fly high bj, its forever your world🌎
    1 Miss u today and always 💔
    1 miss u so much... miss your laughter
    1 miss you b wish we had mo time but we will wen i see you again❤️
    1 I'll never get over losing you baby boy
    1 life has moved on...but i haven't 😢
    1 still missing u
    1 3 years almost. still feels like yesterday
    1 cant believe its almost 3yrs my heart hurts everyday💔 we miss u bj🤧🌎
    1 Happy heavenly birthday beautiful boy
    1 R.I.P mud brothers for life you know how we rock 💯👌🏻
    2 you're still alive in my heart ❤️ but I miss u so much
    1 i miss and love you bj💙💙💙💙T.Ankrom
    1 i love you bj baby
    2 I miss you with all my heart
    1 3 years, 1 month, 19 days... you are so very loved
    1 I miss you so very much my beautiful grandson💔
    1 3 years, 2 months
    2 some days it feels like someone's knocked the wind out of me when I know I'll never see u again
    1 we WILL see him again when it's our time to go
    2 Para Siempre...
    2 whoever said time heals all wounds never lost a child...
    1 Plz shine down from heaven ✨ your glorious light Bj! Your family still fights for you...
    1 disappointed but NOT defeated...
    3 I miss you... love you forever
    1 oh my beautiful grandson how deeply missed you are on earth...
    1 💯Bj'sWorld🌎
    2 In our hearts 💕 always
    1 ((((((((Bj))))))))
    1 every step we make, every breath we take, we'll be missing you💔
    1 This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you
    2 I love you bub. I miss you so so much. I wish we had more time.
    1 ... loving
    1 I love you...I miss you...💔
    1 Our lives will never be the same without you here on earth
    3 i love yah brother forever yo world 💜🤞🏼 rest in heaven
    2 3 1/2yrs now that I've lived without you 💔 I miss you so much
    1 not a single day passes without thots of you... missing you so much
    1 You'll never know just how much you're still loved
    1 it's your world, I'm just livin in it
    1 mmaw Kitty loves
    1 I miss you so much!! just wish u could come home

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