Ian P McKay, age 37

Lost to gun violence on January 22, 2017 in Vancouver, Washington.

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  • Nickname:
    7 Dad
    6 Friend
  • Number of children:
    132 2 daughter's
  • Personality:
    91 loving,kind,humble,
    86 genuine, one of a kind, hardworking, manly man
    82 great listener, amazing father and friend, outdoors man, witty
    77 goofy, caring, loving, family man
    73 fun, loving and down to earth
    67 Funny, kind hearted one of a kind guy
    61 God bless you all, sorry for your loss.
    62 my dada was the best dad in the whole world
    41 good friend and was a hell of a helper and was always there when he needed you
    42 He was always so humble and full of life. One of the greatest outdoorsman I know
    5 funny
    5 caring and loving
    4 kind
  • Occupation:
    60 Glazier
  • Workplace:
    59 Benson Ind.
  • Schools attended:
    52 Camas Highschool
  • Comments:
    59 Would let his mother take the first shot duck hunting - then he would kill it for her.
    66 would give you the shirt of his back. He was love.
    51 I miss you so much
    51 I miss you so much dad ❤️💛💚💙💜 L💚ve sage
    38 I miss you and I wish you were here 💚 Sage
    39 wish you were here with me mom an brooke ❤️💙💜💚 sage 💚 u dad
    36 🎵It's been a long day without you my friend And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again 🎶
    37 I'll never forget our birthday. Untill we hunt together again. Hunt on!
    61 not a day goes by that I'm not thinking about you and missing you like crazy. I love you so much ❤️
    32 you were the best dad a girl could ever have💚 sage
    29 Great father friend hunter and fisherman miss u my friend thank u for being in my family's life's
    22 I miss you daddy wish you were here you're the best
    20 Love you daddy❤️💗💛💖💚💕💙💜 hey daddy what's the best daddy in the world.
    14 Wish you were here having a fire with us! love sage ❤️❤️❤️
    12 happy i got the chance to know u, u will forever be missed
    28 Love and miss you so much brother, wish you were here so we can go fishing, love Amie
    19 My first birthday in 11yrs without you....love you Ian ❤️
    6 🌷
    28 Makes me so sad you're not here to watch our babies grow...we speak of you daily ❤️
    23 8 mo and I still cry daily. I miss you so much...I hate this 💔 I just want you back
    11 i miss you i hope you are fishing😭💔
    7 ^^^^ ❤️ Sage
    12 Thank you for making the world a better place. I love you sweet boy❤️
    12 Seashells remind us that every passing life leaves something beautiful behind. I ❤️ U Sage
    12 Seashells remind us that every passing life leaves something beautiful behind. I ❤️ U Brooke
    14 I miss you....the holidays are tough this year. I'll love you forever Ian ❤️
    11 Hunting - Fishing - Loving - That was Ian
    9 That is his song ❤️ ^^
    12 Words cannot express how much I love and miss you
    14 Ian dearly loved his two daughters - you could see it on his face everytime he looked at them.
    11 and our babies miss you....
    9 Give Grandma a big welcome hug from us. She will be so happy to see you again❤️
    7 I love you so much!say hi to grandma for me❤️💛💚💙💜
    6 DITTO 😘
    5 thinking of you ❤️
    7 i love you sooo much daddy i miss you💕
    8 Caught some big trout for you yyesterday - love sage 💘
    4 I miss you so much I
    6 hope your fishing and hunting in heaven daddy
    4 sage ❤️
    5 Love you - miss you - always on my mind
    6 hunting- fishing- and loving every day
    5 that's always what my dad would love,sage ^^
    5 I miss you daddy I wish you were there picking black berrys with us ❤️
    4 I miss you daddy the year has been tough with out you 😭
    7 I miss you daddy I wish you were here the year has been very tough without you ❤️
    7 I love you I hope you hunting and fishing in heaven
    6 love,Sage
    6 Ian was a good man - he is in heaven - definately hunting and fishing!!
    7 I love so much and miss you so much daddy
    6 Your Daddy has many friends that miss him. Love you Ian!!
    3 Sage is so smart and you to a Tand Brookie is such a goofball
    4 I love you daddy with all my heart
    5 Rest In Peace now sweet boy... until we meet again❤️
    6 Love you always - you would have been so proud of all of us standing up for you at sentencing.
    4 we moss you ian ❤️
    4 i miss you soooo much ❤️
    4 I miss you sooooooooooooo much your always be loved
    5 ❤️ Sage
    5 i love you daddy i miss you i just wanted to talk to you after crying tonight
    4 love Sage
    6 I love you and miss you
    10 I'm tough and starting to wrestle like my Dad. Love you Sage
    8 You're Awesome Sage! I know your Daddy is so proud!💪
    4 thinking about you today ❤️
    4 Always thinking of you - you are dearly missed by so many!!
    4 I love you daddy I miss you I wish you were here ❤️
    5 Love sage 🔝
    4 I love you soooooooooooooooooooo much i miss you love sage❤️
    5 I wish you were here with us and i wish you were still alive love brooke
    5 🌈💝 im sad your not here love brooke
    4 I miss you Ian ❤️
    5 I miss you daddy I love you I hate you not being here with is love sage ❤️💕❤️❤️
    4 i miss you daddy I love you i wish you were here 😘💕💝❤️💞💖💗💓
    3 love sage
    6 Remembering you on your 40th Birthday. You are loved
    4 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    4 I love you daddy set some ballons for you on saturday love sage 😍😘❤️💖💕💞💝💗
    4 miss you love sage😘😘
    2 miss you
    4 i had a dream about you last night....missing you
    3 WOW, look at all those candles lit for you! You are so very loved!
    4 I love you forever
    3 Going on 3 years and your loved ones are still lighting candles. love you
    3 Wish you were here 😭😭
    4 A day can go by dad that I don’t miss u I wish u were here
    3 😘😘😭😭😖
    5 Your Daddy was loved by many and dearly loved you Sage and Brooke.
    4 Ian is an Angel on your shoulder always!!!
    4 I miss you very much - love Brooke
    5 I miss you soooo much ❤️
    1 Sage
    5 Watched the girls wrestle yesterday. They are very sweet. You would have been proud of them.
    3 Yes - he would have been so proud and doing the happy dance!
    3 Miss you today sweet boy - 3 years ago today.
    4 Wish you were here watching me wrestle - love Brooke
    4 Love you and miss you - love Sage
    2 Hope you loved the balloons and pictures we sent you on your birthday👍🥰🌈💞
    3 3/24/20 - 9500 candles lit so far - you are loved by many.
    4 👍😇🥰😍😘💕
    2 🙏🏽
    4 miss you ❤️
    5 Sage and Brooke got you the 10000 candles lit for you - happy early father's day!
    3 May 19, 2020
    3 I love and miss you my friend. That is all.
    3 Love you forever, till we meet again in that fishing and hunting heaven.
    3 love you
    5 Happy father's day Ian - you should be here!!
    3 happy fathers day Ian. the girls and I sent you balloons 😘
    3 Happy late Father’s Day daddy 😘
    3 I love you daddy and miss you so much 😚
    5 I bet Coot dog was happy to see you - happy hunting!!
    2 Ian will be Oh So Happy!!!
    5 Hope you’re having fun with coot dad love you 😘
    2 I’m sure they are hunting together again - it’s’ always great to have friends with you. Hunt on!
    4 God bless and prayers for you always.
    5 Today’s date is 11/11/20 - 11,111 candles lit today. You will always be remembered.
    4 Thankful today for all of my wonderful memories of you🙏❤️
    4 Lots of beautiful memories - Ian was a loving man. Will always be remembered as a kind soul.
    7 I miss you dad hope your having fun up their in heaven with coot 🦮
    6 This is Brooke dad I miss you much dad I wish where here 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧
    5 Thank you for the penny - 1979 was a good year. Miss your smiley face.
    3 Ditto ❤️
    2 🌻Tell me what God feels like,I'm starting to forget💕~Sachi
    4 God is love, he is there for you always.
    4 I miss you dad this weeks been hard miss you and love you 😘 😪
    4 I'm so happy that I got to have him for my little buddy for a while💙
    4 Ian loved his big buddy too - happy times - lots of memories to smile at.
    5 Its been 4 yrs dad! I miss you! Can you see me? Happy b-day
    6 He was smiling down at you when you sent him birthday balloons.
    4 Praying for your soul
    5 We miss you!!!!! Girls are getting so big ❤️
    3 Happy Father’s Day in heaven.
    4 Happy Father’s Day dad I love
    5 I Love you 🥰 😘
    5 Your memory lives on - Calvin Ian entered this world July 2, 2021.
    3 👼🏻 I mis you dad 😘
    3 12500 candles lit on 7/27/2021.
    3 Grandma Pat is fishing in heaven with Ian today. Aug. 8, 2021
    3 Listening to Broken Halos and thinking about you😇🙏❤️
    3 🎵 Come to teach us, then they leave us And they find some other soul to save🎶
    3 I listen to that song quite often.😇
    6 Hard to believe you have been gone 5 years today. 1/22/22.
    4 Miss your smiling face.😘
    5 “When you lose someone you love, you gain an Angel you know”❤️
    4 I wish my dad wus here but at least he's in heaven and a angel 😇 I miss him so much
    4 love Brooke
    4 he was the best. I'm probably the best friend to love Brooke
    4 I mean THE BEST DAD
    3 .ove Brooke
    4 when I lost my dad I wus so so sad 😭 but as time went on I wus sad
    4 when I lest my dad I wus so so so sad 😭 but when time went on
    5 I wus still sad but I know that he is is watching me from heaven and a angel
    4 lost
    4 Your daddy loved his girls soooooo much and he will always be watching over you.
    3 I Love You Sweet Boy❤️😇❤️
    3 The predetor who took Ian’s life was visited by God on 6/2/2022 and took his.
    2 Karma comes back - enjoy the warm climate Ferres.
    2 Thinking happy thoughts about you today❤️😇🥰
    2 Hard to believe you left us 6 years ago today.
    3 miss you Ian ❤️
    3 Always praying for you and your family 🙏
    1 More at peace. I'm sure Ian was there to escort Ferres to the gates of hell on June 2nd.
    1 Ian's saying was always "Karma comes back to you"
    2 Your Mom told me about you standing up & shouting “THAT’S MY MOM” when she won BB contest-so sweet❤️
    2 Thinking sweet memories of you always brings a smile to my face. Thank you Sweet Boy😊
    2 Your little girl turned 13 years old today. So smart and is a version of her Dad.

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