Clifton E. Thompson, Jr., age 31

Lost to gun violence on February 27, 2016 in Ogletown, Delaware.

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  • Nickname:
    1 big gip
  • Number of children:
  • Personality:
    2 always make you laugh
    2 gentle and kind
    1 loving son
  • Occupation:
    1 Professional gambler
    2 Dad
    1 son
    1 brother
    1 grandson
  • Workplace:
    2 Delaware park
  • Schools attended:
    1 elkton md. n Glasgow de
  • Comments:
    3 my baby boy blown away. my world turned upsife down
    2 I love you bro rip gone way to soon baby boy forever in my heart
    1 i love you son. mommy misses you more everyday.
    2 Miss you Cliff left us way way to soon but you will forever be in our hearts
    1 son we miss you more each day.
    1 i have soo much to tell you. love you mommy
    1 son. You would be really proud of your children
    1 you know my heart. you're always there
    2 your kids really miss their dad
    1 your baby boy started college today.let him know your there.
    1 miss you more each day
    1 love n miss you son
    1 miss you buddy. i cant stop thinking of you.uou
    1 mommy loves you
    1 i love n miss you so much my baby boy
    1 I'm loosing my Mind
    1 happy thanksgiving son i love you
    1 mommy loves you son
    1 merry christmas son
    1 always on my mind
    2 love you forever
    1 happy New year
    1 living you n missing you
    1 super bowl sunday. your favorite day.besides opening day. love you son.
    1 happy Valentine's day son
    1 cant believe 3yrs son. live always mom
    1 Thinking of you Cliff and knowing you're in Heaven. ❤
    1 love you clifton you will be missed forever bro sis love you
    2 Gladys Medina
    1 RIP Cliff wrap your arms around Momshe needs to know you're there through this journey 💙
    1 we will get justice for you
    1 another court date bud. let's get er done. (in your voice)
    1 your baby turned 19
    2 your second son is 16. wow.
    1 happy heavenly easter 2019
    1 son, mom really needs your help
    2 happy 35th birthday. mother loves you
    1 Happy Heavely Birthday RIP CLIFF ❤
    1 Happy Heavenly Birthday Cliff.
    1 thinking of you everyday my beloved angel. 6/14/19
    1 happy fathers day to you son. keep watching over your children. 6/16/19
    2 your son had a great game tonight 6/21/19
    1 kamryn can swim you would be so proud 6/21/19
    1 2nd son starting. a job. hes 16 now
    1 Good morning angel 6/2/19
    1 happy 4th of july 7/4/19
    1 i love you buddy 7/19/19
    1 good morning angel 7/23/19
    1 everybody talking about you today son. made me feel real good. everybody loves and misses you.
    1 give mommy what she needs today you
    1 i jus heard you call my name 7/30/19
    1 thank you my dear son for whispering in Gods ear. my prayers have been answered
    1 one month from today son. justice will be served. 7/1319
    1 first thing and last thing on my minf
    1 good morning son. i need you today
    1 new chapter. but your here with me
    1 8/20/19
    1 sure missing you my son as the new school yr begins. kids really miss you
    1 oh buddy started 1st grade.8/26/19
    1 khalil and kamil started school today
    1 your niece (daughter) started first day of high school
    1 good morning big guy. 9/2/19
    1 your oldest starts 2nd year college. wow. you would be so proud
    1 one more week son. 9/6/19
    1 a friend is coming.kev kev. be there for him
    1 09/07/19 rip kev cliff's waiting
    1 gladys medina
    1 cliff going to get justice for you on Friday
    1 were coming for him fri 13th. its a wrap son
    1 9/9/19 mom loves you
    1 Fridays the day Cliff to get Justice for you. SIP CLIFF we will be there to represent❤
    1 9/13/19 not today son. were still waiting I'm sorry
    1 mommy. loves you. 9/16/19
    1 good morning son. mommy loves you.10/2/19
    2 Hello Cliff Mom is enjoying your kiddies with her this weekend. 10/4/2019
    1 good morning son. please be with me as you see mommy is going thru if
    1 10.10.19
    1 your baby will be 7 tomorrow son. he really misses you. happy bday beatz. love daddy.10/16/1€
    1 10/16/19
    1 i got to light candle 1000. thank you all.
    1 REST IN PEACE 🌹🌹🌹
    1 love you baby 10/21/19
    1 missing you buddy. love mom. 10-25-19
    2 happy Halloween son 10/31/19
    1 mom's having a rough time buddy. keep watching over us.11/5/19
    1 morning baby. mommy loves you.11/7/19
    1 looking at nov. 15. please let this be it.
    1 my birthday .im really missing you
    1 11/9/19
    1 i got to light 1100th. candle. love you son 11/12/19
    1 11/15/19 good morning my baby boy. were gonna do it today
    2 11/15\19. we got em baby. life sentence
    1 we got your justice today son
    1 11/19/19 love you son
    1 love you son
    1 beautiful thanksgiving son 11/28/19
    1 worldwide candle lighting . you know we lit for you. dec. 8. 2019
    1 good morning son 12/16/19
    1 i know you love all the hustle n bustle
    1 12/22/19 mommy loves you
    1 your youngest fixed up your grave yesterday.
    1 12/23/19. love you
    1 merry christmas son. mommy loves and misses you so so much
    1 its your baby girls bday. hard day for her. show her a sign.
    1 Cliff Merry Christmas in Heaven ❤🎅❤🎅
    1 Squeeze Mom extra tight so she knows you're with her ❤❤❤
    1 merry Christmas son. always loved more then ever missed. mommy loves you
    2 your chikdren had a lovely day.
    1 its new years eve. jus another year your not here. mom.
    1 good morning son. 1/8/2020
    1 1/12/2020 already. time jus flies. miss you babe
    1 1/17/2020 all thAt for nothing
    1 on the way to Superbowl 1/20/20
    1 pd in full. thank you jesus. about. 3 months baby hopefully your bday present
    1 your middle boy still ballin. i dont miss it
    1 made it to suoer bowl. jus couldn't pull it off. 2/2/2020
    1 4yrs later i got your fingetprint. 2\5/2020
    1 good morning son. 2/12/2020. keep watching over us. mom loves you
    1 happy valentines day 2/14/2020
    1 as i lite my candle today son. 2/27/2020 know that your mom misses you so much. 4yrs.
    1 4yrs ago today 3/7/2020 you were laid to rest. never to be the same.
    1 good morning my angel. todat 3/17/2020 your son turns 20. you would be so proud of him
    1 he is very humble jus like you. he's my big guy now. you keep watching over your children
    1 good morning angel 3/23/2020
    1 4/4/2020 corona virus. del. on lockdown.mama still comin to see you.
    1 4/10/2020. your sis really missing you on her bday
    1 4/12/2020. happy easter son.
    1 4/14/2020 your second born khalil turns 17 today. watch over him son. he needs you.
    1 4/17/2020 love you son
    1 Happy 4\20/2020 son
    1 4/29/2020 good morning my first love
    1 5/1/2020. im posting a picture of you all month for your birthday
    1 the hole is dug for your stone 5/3/2020
    1 may 10 2020 mothers day without you
    1 5/15/2020 your headstone placed
    1 one yr ago we got justice 5/25/2020
    1 5/27/2020 terrible week missing you so much son
    1 happy birthday my
    1 we will be celebrating your life today
    1 5/30/2020
    1 good morning angel 6/8/2020
    1 baby boy, mama is missing you 6/12/2020
    1 i lit your 2000 candle 6/14/2020
    1 happy fathers day son i love you 6/21/2020
    1 good morning my angel 6/26\2020
    1 cliff as you see mom mom not doing to good. keep your. light around her. 7/3/2020
    2 happy 4th son 7/4/2020
    1 hey buddy help keep mommy together. kerp mom mom covered. 7/11/2020. mom loves ya.
    1 mommom still in rehab. mom still the same love you 7/26/2020
    1 7/31/2020 love you son. keep watch over your family
    1 8/8/2020 your grandmom finally came home. good lookin out son
    1 good morning angel 8/12/2020 mommy loves you
    1 missing you as always
    1 your first born back at it in college. keep looking down on him. 9/2/2020
    1 school starts tomorrow. you will be missed. 2nd 7th 10th and a senior
    1 i think of you everyday. love mom. 9/17/2020
    1 9/23/2020. Windows open and air on. jus like we used to do. mommy loves you
    2 i light a candle everyday since you've been gone. mommy loves you
    1 1371 dayz I've been crying for you. i love you. 10/3/2020
    1 10/16/2020. kams 8 today. we miss you more on days like this. love you son/daddy
    1 laying here tears rolling. i cant stand it. i miss you so much. love mom. 10/27/2020
    1 4yrs and 8 months today 10/27/2020
    1 nov 1. mommy loves you
    1 nov 1. letz get it today son.
    1 you always made my day missing you today 11/9/2020 mama is 58 today
    1 Hey my angel 11/17/2020
    1 i jus miss you 11/22/2020
    1 my brother
    1 Clifton i misss u so much sis wants you here
    1 good night bro love you Clifton
    1 missing you Clifton this time year hard
    1 your gmom is very ill. she needs your blessing. help heal her. 12/6/2020
    1 bro watch ova mum please tell god we need him
    1 i love you gn
    1 cliff be with mum please she needs us please
    1 you made it to 3000. 12/11/2020
    1 your grandmom jus joined you 12/13/2020. she had covid.
    1 what am i gonna do no you or mom?
    1 wow who knew you ve heaven already with mum take care her love you guys
    1 Cliff this Christmas is Special for you Grandmom is with you. Send exra Blessings to Mom 💜💜💜
    1 son today your bany girl is 14. she misses you so much. 12/24/2020
    1 merry christmas son 12/25/2020
    1 moms home for the first time in 3wk. jus hangon for a day then bk to moms
    1 12/26/2020 aliyah got a job at wayback burgers. you'd be so proud of her.
    1 i miss you so much my dear brother come home
    1 love you so much
    1 i know you mum been talking up storm 12 28 20
    1 another year without you. 1/1/2021
    1 happy new year's love you Clifton
    1 i hope your taking good care of your gramdmom
    1 01/11/2021
    1 mom loves you son. 1/14/2021
    1 missing you lots 😃😩
    1 bro i love you sis miss you everyday love candace 121 21
    2 a painful visit today. 1/23/2021
    1 clifton i love you i need a visit soon love candace
    1 love you i will post you all month sis wants you home i jave so much talk to you about sip bro
    1 bro gn love you
    1 Superbowl is a big $ day for you. i miss you. 2/7/2021
    1 bro what you think lol
    1 your memorial day is coming😔 2/9/2021
    1 love you bro i been post pics for you everyday this month
    1 happy valentines day my baby boy. love mom 2/14/2021
    1 love you happy valentines day
    1 2months son mommom joined you. take care of her like she used to care for you
    1 2-22-2021 love you
    1 5yrs son. we honored you as always.your favorite breakfast then the cemetary.twice
    1 2/27/2021 we love you. mom
    1 3/7/2016 we laid you to rest. we've never been the same
    1 3/10/2021 some wrecked into me. my car is gone
    1 3/17/2021 your first born is 21 today sure wish you were here. keep ahold of him. hes doing great.
    1 love you son 3/20/2021
    1 love you clifton i miss you so much not day goes by i dont think of you
    1 mommy is sure missing you 3/22/2021
    1 hey baby boy mama loves you 3/27/2021
    1 love you so much clifton i cry every day before i started
    1 happy easter son 4/4/2021
    1 ready start sis bday weekend. wow do we miss you
    1 today were missing you. sis misses you especially today. 4/10/2021
    1 your 2nd born is 18 today 4/14/2021
    1 i heard from you today. i love you. momma. 4172021
    1 vizit you today. i know youknow im there
    1 loveyoubuddy 4/27/2021
    1 bereaved mothers day sad 5/2/2021
    1 love you bro missing you like crazy this life without is unfair rip love you bro
    6 love you bro
    1 love. you clifton i missing you
    1 missing you more today mothersday withoit you . 5/9\2021
    4 love you
    1 please help me pass my drive test bro love you
    1 hi brother hows things up there i need you come threw need a one on one
    1 halfway thru the month of your bday 5/15/2021
    2 love you bro bro
    1 keep us safe out here bro i miss you so much
    1 your son ended semester with a's and b's very proud
    1 5/18/2021. college dayz. love you buddy.
    1 bro its countdown baby
    1 good afternoon bro this your kinda weather
    1 3yrs ago your justice was served 5/25/2021
    1 your daughter n niece got their nose pierced. 5/28/2021
    1 happy heavenly birthday my baby boy 37 today i miss you more then words can ever explain 5/30/2021
    1 june 1 2021start another month
    1 we had a great time celebrating your life love u bro
    1 khalil is graduating high school today. i hope you give him a sign 6/5/2021
    1 hey bro love you
    1 your little girl is outta 8th grade 5/14/2021
    1 6 months mom has been gone. its been pure hell.
    1 happy fathers day son. 6/20/2021 i love you
    1 mom thinks of you everyday. 5/22/2021
    1 love and miss you bro like crazy sis is hanging though
    1 morning baby 6/26/2021
    1 happy fourth bro love an miss you bro
    1 4th of july 2021. nothing is the same now for along time
    1 glad i got to see you bro yesterday love you
    1 today is mom moms first bday in heaven 7/14/2021. give her a dance today.
    1 bro i need you
    1 7/21/21 its. a hot summer. so crazy without you. love always mommy
    1 love you bro i miss you do much
    1 7/28/21 a lock put in the memorial tree for you today in elkton
    1 love you bro i need talk to you big time
    1 love you bro bro i need to talk to you
    1 had the kids this weekend we had a ball 8/1/2021
    1 bro i love you goodnight
    1 your first niece that you always treated like your own is 16 8/4/2021
    1 we're in Florida. you always wanted to be here 8/10/2021
    1 baby I'm home missing you and mom so much. please pray for me 81521
    1 bro bro i need a visit love you missing you
    1 love you bro tell mum u said hey live her too missing yall lots
    1 hey bro bro
    1 love u be there to visit u soon i been working
    1 school is starting again. 3rd 9th n 11th. 3,Rd yr college and 1 working. keep them safe. 8/31/2021
    1 love you bro thanks for keep me blessed
    1 love you bro pray for us keep us safe
    1 it will soon be a year. take care of your grandmother 10-1-2031
    1 mo.ther is missing you everyday.10-2-2021
    1 love u
    1 your little guy turned 9 today. 10-16-2021
    1 bro thanks for the signs
    1 going to powerhouse missing you bro keep me safe
    1 you made my morning so special. 11-9-2021. I miss you so much
    1 watch over me bro
    1 a hard day buddy 11-25-2021. Thanksgiving. 1st without mom mom
    1 happy thanksgiving
    1 bro love you
    1 happy new years bro love you
    1 love yiu
    1 mommy is missing you. Kam is playing basketball. 1/14/2022
    1 2/5/2022 hey baby mommy loves you
    1 love you lots sis miss u like crazy
    1 love you glaf i got to see you the other day bro
    1 2/27/2022 6 long miserable days without you. I love you so much. I miss you more. love mommy
    1 not days ...years
    1 March 7 2022. 6yrs I laid you to rest. I'm not ok. I love and miss you so much 💗💗
    1 3/15/2022 going out to dinner for ky'el bday. omy March ,,17 he will be 22
    1 it's your sis bday April 10. she sure missing you. I'll be with her later. love you
    1 had a great bday love you
    1 miss you
    1 happy 38th my love. 5/30/2022
    1 happy birthday bro great day we had love you
    1 miss you i do love sis
    1 hey son, thinking of you. Happy father's day. 2022
    1 another holiday without you. July 4 ,2022 love you son
    1 hey son. I love that you come thru to talk to me. I love you forever. 7/29/22
    1 love you so much i miss you
    1 love you bro miss you🥰
    1 i miss you so much bro
    1 miss u so much
    1 so all the kids are back in school 2022/sept
    1 love you, mom
    1 hey baby. I love you 💗 mom 9/18/22
    1 i just want you here on earth nothing like you bro 😪
    1 miss you way too much
    1 love u so much
    1 happy thanskgiving love you bro
    1 mon got your Christmas 🎄 for your grave. I'm so sad. 12/10/22
    1 i just wish you come home bro
    1 love you bro almost xmas
    1 Merry Christmas in heaven son. ,12/25/2022
    1 the niners won bro i miss you so much just keep on the blessings and the love bro missing you
    1 it's Feb 2023. the dreaded month. mom loves you kid
    1 Feb 8. I'm so sad . mom misses you so much. I am not ok.
    1 hey bro nro thanks for the visit i love you miss you
    1 the dreaded day . another yr. I miss you so much.2/27/23
    1 7yrs today I laid you to rest forever. I don't even know how I did it.
    1 3/17/23 your baby is 23. you would be so proud of him. he's s great guy jus like you
    1 KY had a great bday. and a nice visit from you 3/17/23
    1 Easter. things are jus not the same without you. 4/9/23
    1 love always mommy..easter
    1 love you miss you its your month bro
    1 love you so much wish u were here shit hurts bro
    1 your niece/daughter is graduating 6/1/23 she wishes you were here 💔
    1 happy birthday baby 39 yes young. may 30,2023
    1 we had a picnic for you today at the cemetery.
    1 mommom bday. 7-14-23. entertain her today
    1 hello my angel.mommy loves you. 7/24/23
    1 bro missing you so much love you
    1 hey kid. ready for some football 🏈. love always mom
    1 loce you so much
    1 9/10/23 we win our first game of the season.
    1 bring me dome football luck lobe you
    1 10/1/23 your indicted to 302 NFL49ers . we are so excited club
    1 me your sister and the kids were there and receive some pretty cool things
    1 always on our mind. we love you.
    1 49ers are 4-0. 10 straight wins. 10/1/2023
    1 such a great time with the family win for cliff love u bro niners nation
    1 it's your little guys bday. he's a whole 11. 10/16/23
    1 love and miss you my guy. Mommy
    1 i love you bro bro i miss tou like crazy
    1 sis got her ls today love you thanks for being with me
    1 happy Thanksgiving love you do much miss you
    1 good night son 12/5/23

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