DreQuan X. Trice, age 18

Lost to gun violence on August 26, 2019 in Richmond, Virginia.

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  • Nickname:
    11 BIG 6
    30 BIG DRACO
    17 Dre
    26 draco
    30 Draco6x
    5 Draco1x
    6 Draco2x
    43 DreQuan
    6 DRE
    4 draco.6x
    1 BIG 6X
  • Number of children:
    3 0
    3 🙏🕊😔
  • Personality:
    12 Great friend and was always there when you needed him. I love you Draco
    9 Will miss your goofy personality
    8 make you laugh about anything
    6 You were Goofy Drequan Always Funny Youre Always Be Remembered
    3 Nephew u were a beautiful person always was willing to give ur all❤️
    3 even if u didn’t have it u was determined to work hard play harder to get it
    3 U were tht young man filled with a lot of dreams and was a
    3 Very uplifting to others and was always trying to make someone day
    4 Even when u were down but always smiling holding back ur pain😢💔❤️ God bless u
    1 Goofy 😷
    1 Always Making People Smile😃
    2 Great Person
    2 Loving and Kind
  • Occupation:
    6 He was going to the Army😢
  • Workplace:
    6 He would of started his job 8-26-19 but he was murdered on the same day😢😡
  • Schools attended:
    4 He was Graduating this year😢
    1 Middle School- Maggie. L. Walker
    1 High School - Graduating Of 2018-2019 School Yr 🙏😔
  • Comments:
    13 I ❤️ u Nephew you’re definitely missed here on earth.😥
    7 Great friend and was always there when you needed him. I love you Draco.
    19 Love and miss u son u will forever live through me
    7 I’m sending my love all the way to heaven to heaven telling u tht I ❤️ u.
    5 I love you baby boy💙💙
    6 nephew I love you so much so so sorry you had to go threw this gone but never forgotten
    11 i will never forget you
    4 i know you were in the car with me 1 morning keep on coming nephew love you
    11 you earned your wings
    3 for ever in my heart
    7 that song hitting nephew 💯💪👏 we go slide today they got a slide challenge
    5 Hey nephew I’m back just was thinking about u and wat u told me Friday,Saturday, and Sunday
    11 DreQuan I love and miss you son. I’ll see you again when I get there❤️❤️
    2 gone but never forgotten love you nephew
    8 your papa said he loves you,he also said he going threw it unbelievable 💔
    2 not a day that goes by we think about you,miss you
    3 Lord never in a million years I thought this would be you 😭💔
    4 you had your whole life ahead of you why take him this is so fucking unfair
    4 😭💔
    4 love you,miss you I'm 💔
    4 today you on my mind heavy
    2 why why why why 1 way or another I promise you nephew the pain is
    3 when I get threw working on the building I'm coming up to heaven to get my reward 💔😭🙏
    4 DreQuan DreQuan Lord why ? all this 💔😢 what do we do DreQuan I love in miss you nephew
    2 keep showing signs nephew 💔 I be know you are alright 💯 but you are missed on Earth
    2 nephew 💔
    7 DreQuan
    6 your mom going threw it nephew 💔 she'll never be the same ever
    5 you had big dreams gone way to soon
    5 ❤️ u nephew missing from u running to my car smiling
    4 And saying hey aunt Tracy smh sorry tht this happened to u
    5 Rip nephew our family is falling apart 😢😡🙏🏾 i wish this was a dream
    3 But in reality ikn it’s not we’re hurting so bad and really can’t ur death as well as u cant
    4 Except
    6 Lord continue to bless our family to keep us strong and cover us in ur blood ❤️ u Drequan
    2 ❤️and miss u nephew forever love aunt Tracy😡
    2 nephew we miss you,love you but God loves you more until we meet again
    3 DreQuan come down in make us whole again Lord knows we need it this tore us apart 💔😭
    3 we took a hard hit Lord the pain is unbearable fix it Jesus fix it Jesus
    2 If I had magic powers I would bring my nephew back home way to soon
    2 Gone🙏🏾❤️😡
    4 At least u were love because a lot of our cousins and sum people trying to learn ur song and dance
    4 We ❤️u nephew u will never b forgotten 💔🙏🏾 😘 ❤️Aunt Tracy
    6 DreQuan we love you and miss u like crazy son this seems like a nightmare y take u from me
    2 DreQuan love you,miss your goofy tale Sip nephew 💔😢😡 gone too soon
    2 Lord how mercy Idk where to begin or start it’s so unreal u gone
    3 No more running to my car smiling asking me u leaving or where u going 😢💔😡
    3 Nephew this shyt hurt us so bad we were always whole but for someone to take
    2 Ur life from us they don’t kno the hurt we r going through they took a big part of our family
    2 We neva experience anything like this because we all r a whole and our immediately family as that
    3 I’m not saying u were my nephew u r my nephew always and forever long live Dre’Quan 💔❤️u nephew
    3 Not a day go bye I don’t think about u rest up we luv u 🙏🏾😘😡💔luv aunt Tracy
    3 the pain never ends DreQuan DreQuan 😭💔
    3 coming on here lighting candles unbelievable someone wake us up 💔💔💔
    2 DreQuan love you nephew love you can't shake the pain
    2 God never leave or forsake you nephew 😭💔
    3 DreQuan 💔
    2 candles can't bring you back
    2 nothing will nothing will 💔
    3 we go slide today 💕
    4 hard pill to swallow
    3 light skin friend
    3 stayed sharp
    3 loyal ❤️
    4 people person
    3 clean cut
    3 foolie
    3 loved his family
    3 fun and handsome
    2 over protieve
    3 gone to soon young heart🙏🙏🙏🙏
    3 RIH💔🙏
    2 over protective
    2 😭🙏🙏🙏🙏😭
    3 rest up 💔
    4 🙏🏾💔😡😘❤️ Nephew this is Aunt Tracy all I want too kno y u of all people smdh 😢💔😡
    2 Tracy say it a 100 more time's 😭💔
    2 all this pain why why why why why 😭💔
    2 blessed young man
    2 fun to be around
    2 crazy in a good way sexy cool
    2 Lord knows 💔
    2 fly high baby boy
    2 Gm nephew just letting ukn tht ur fav bday 2day if u were ere to turn up the
    2 Here u wud say lets celebrate a real n bday 😂💔🙏🏾❤️😢smdh l❤️u😡
    2 I’m so mad 😡 I couldn’t even put my words together to say wat I really want to say😢💔❤️😡
    2 For real nephew I’m so tired 😓 of writing on this wall to say all this good stuff abt u tht
    2 If u still was alive things could of a lot easier to say ikn I can’t say wat I really want
    2 but fuk it wen u hurt u say wat u feel SMDH don’t make no sense
    2 💔😡😢and still praying for u and our family 💔😡❤️aunt Tracy
    4 Son we love and miss u so much ur brothers and sisters are going through it to we can’t believe this
    2 Nephew I wish tht I can turn back the hands of time so we can see u one more x😢😡
    2 Nephew I wish tht there was something I cud of said or done to save u
    2 So u cud still live life is just so unfair I hate wen people say ikn how u feel
    2 the only way they kno unless they r feeling our hurt and pain please put the guns dwn.
    3 They r destroying our generation and our ❤️ ones please stop the violence 😢💔
    3 Every time I write on this wall I get so emotional and 💔 let us 🙏🏾together for better days
    3 ❤️ aunt Tracy and our family smdh please just let us live 🙏🏾😡💔😢
    2 Drequan ur a angel and God has u under his wings and continue to watch over our family 💔❤️u😢
    2 Nephew u had a big ❤️ I wish u were still here to make us whole again 😢❤️
    2 Lord I know the saying is you won't put anything on someone they can't bare
    1 but he was our loved 1 who didn't deserve what happened to him this sickness my heart ,his mom heart
    1 every day I seems to get worse 😭💔 this is your aunt chanda DreQuan I love you, miss you
    2 dearly SIp nephew love you always kiddo DRACoWorld 💕
    2 I have to see you only by looking at dirt 😭💔🙏help us God
    2 we need it we're broken badly 😭😭
    1 Lord 💔
    1 18
    1 this is very sad my heart hurts ache badly love you always and forever love Aunt chanda
    2 DreQuan DreQuan Lord DreQuan
    2 hate is a strong word trigger m I hate you punk you don't know how much pain you caused
    3 sleepless nights nephew if you only know this hit hard😭😭😭
    1 🙏🙏🙏🙏💔😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏
    2 Long Live DRACO💔
    1 your smile will never fade nephew 💔
    1 until we meet again nephew save a place for me
    2 talented young man could fix a phone in a heart beat, could work on anything
    2 that million dollar smile priceless
    1 million dollar smile
    1 DreQuan you had a heart of gold you would take the shirt off your back for anyone
    3 well said sis Justice for Dre’Quan we all ❤️u 💔😢🙏🏾😡
    1 lost for words I wish I could change the hand of time
    1 Lord help us I'm crying out you are able to put us threw
    1 show your place,hunt them nephew let your death eat them up guaranteed
    1 😭😭😭😭😭
    1 I miss you so much
    1 his eyes is on the sparrow and I know he watches me
    1 always smiling,a jokester
    1 laid back kind of kid
    1 that smile tho
    1 he was a momma boy gone too too soon
    1 RIH DreQuan 💔
    1 Lord ikn u heal all wounds but this 1 here we can’t
    2 Seem to shake the pain so much hurt I want my nephew back
    1 Lord my sis want her son ikn we r on borrowed x but y so soon
    2 Dre’Quan haven’t even experienced life yet I wish tht there was no killing no sorrow or pain
    1 Lord ikn u don’t make no mistakes but ty for the x u gave my nephew to spend wit us💔😢🙏🏾❤️
    1 Gn ❤️Aunt Tracy forever in our ❤️’s 😡💔😢🙏🏾 u r really ❤️d and missed
    2 gm nephew I love you
    1 if I could have 1 wish you already know
    1 Sip nephew
    1 a heart of gold and you take people under be your wing smmfh
    1 gunmememorial really DreQuan
    1 I remember when you were very small you was very boleggit
    1 no kids nephew you got robbed of everything trigger man all this pain you cost
    1 nephew
    1 😭😭😭😭
    3 💔💔💔💔
    2 your name DreQuan will never die long live DreQuan long live Draco
    1 Draco we go slide today
    1 I love u son and miss you ur brothers and sisters miss u too
    1 DreQuan love you
    1 DreQuan this is so arkward can't believe none of this life is not fair all this 💔
    1 sleepless nights can't shake this 1 kiddo
    1 angel of mine
    1 💕❤️
    1 get up nephew you strong this makes me sick to my stomach
    1 💔🙏
    1 U not a day go 👋 we don’t 💭 abt u or miss still 💔😡🙏🏾Rih
    1 a chance to meet us his family a very loving family
    1 Wud of gave u the shirts off our back the same as our Drequan wud of
    1 Drequan was ful of ❤️and always was willing to meet and make friends everyw he went
    1 Salk cried out lost 💔broken u think abt all the above 🙏🏾💔😡luv aunt Tracy
    1 Smh don’t make no sense 🙏🏾💔😡😢
    1 another day 💔
    1 everything will fall in place I promise you that aunt chanda
    1 🙏🙏
    2 💔
    2 people don't believe what I say ok
    1 👌💔🙏
    1 gm❤️u, miss you
    1 🙏🏾💔😡but we. Still trying to hold it together nephew but I can’t keep pretending like nothing is
    1 Wrong or the hurt, or pain, have gone away because it hasn’t
    1 Our💔is so big it fill like it has been pulled apart from our body wen will b
    1 alright because we’re not ok from experience I think we’re making it this TRAGIC has affected our
    1 daily lives and to u y’all tht took my nephew from us I pray 4u
    1 🙏🏾😢💔😡SMDH Lord how mercy
    1 Nephew the more I 👀 at ur pictures u do look like me same lips and nose💔😢😡but we still ❤️u
    2 If u were here to hear me say tht u b like nah aunt Tracy
    1 I 👀 like my mama but handsome tho wit tht big grin on ur face😀🙏🏾😢💔❤️u
    1 Nephew I feel ur passion ikn wat ur passion was to do for others as u would want them to do for u
    2 Pain
    1 They say I wouldn’t make it they I wouldn’t b here today but God
    1 Say
    1 But God told me to lead the way I’m still holding to God hand
    1 Once again my words r all tied up but fuk it if ure reading this u kno wat I mean
    1 Smdh gone way too soon nephew ❤️aunt Tracy an fam
    1 I talk to ur mother too I hear an c the hurt in her voice and eyes I wish tht
    1 there was something I cud do or say to make it better or go away I just can’t
    1 Sand o ya your siblings r so hurt behind this too they miss u so dearly along wit the rest💔😢😡🙏🏾
    1 DreQuan everyday I question God like why you of all people
    1 the pain won't leave it's still there like day 1 we can't put this behind us
    1 this is something you can sweep under a rug
    1 trouble don't last always but the pain will 💔😭🙏
    1 correction something you can't sweep under the rug
    1 DreQuan love you always and forever uncle chanda
    1 aunt chanda💔😭🙏
    1 my God is a awesome God even thru this I know you good nephew I Know God never leave or forsake us
    3 love you nephew
    1 ♥️DreQuan I love and miss u son❤️💔💔💔😭😭😭
    1 Nephew if I knew life was going to b this bad fuk it
    1 Y not join u it wouldn’t b no sorrow or pai where u at I’m sorry so sorry
    2 I cry 4 u more than myself life fuk life wat is tht wen ur good is not good enough
    1 Nephew I’m tired so tired and idkn how much not I can take
    1 I’m like a ticking bomb waiting to explode lord please help me aunt Traci😢💔🙏🏾😡I ❤️u nephew
    1 I have migraines every day and night constantly I pray every night
    1 The more I pray the more it hurt please lord help me Idk wat else to do ❤️u nephew aunt Tracy
    1 Pain praying and initially needing u lord in Jesus name Amen
    1 Nephew u neva kno wen I miss someone until u don’t c them
    1 Well I miss u sorry i❤️u and I really tried to save u I wish it was me instead of u
    1 I’ll do anything for u to live again lord u o my God y fuk man 😡😡😢
    1 every day I light a candle in see these comments makes
    1 me want to wil out my God you know how I feel about it
    1 I never hurt no 1 a day in my life but these thoughts that going thru my head
    1 I need help my nephew didn't deserve that no way shape or form 😭😭 😭💔
    1 my family is in so much pain
    1 why why why I need answers not lies I feel like shit constantly I hate this feeling
    1 👌 DreQuan was the realist young man I knew
    1 so kind hearted can't believe this not Draco 💔
    3 😭😭
    1 Nephew you got a new home save a place for me
    1 everyone loves,miss you dearly
    1 Sip nephew look down on your mom she really really really needs that😭💔🙏
    1 your death hit different your mom in so much rage I think she has gone insane 😡😠
    1 please look down over her I begg you nephew please
    1 love you every breath in me
    2 my nephew was the most humble person I know we're lost for words 💔
    1 laid back
    1 always smiling
    1 low key kind a kid
    1 goofy tale
    1 very out spoken
    1 🙏
    1 gone but never forgotten always in my heart,on my mind not a day goes bye
    1 love you kiddo
    1 this is bull.... why you leave us nephew 😭 we loved you so much I know God loves you more but why
    1 can't shake this
    1 Lord give my nephew back please Lord please
    1 we want him back our arms are open please Lord 🙏🙏
    1 heavenly father in the name of Jesus I 🙏
    1 for my nephew return please Lord 🙌🙏
    1 DreQuan love you I ask God to let us have you back we won't finish with you here on Earth
    1 you had goals
    1 graduate, going to the army this year my God
    1 God tell my nephew we miss,love him so much thanks in advance 😭
    1 can we may we have him back now
    1 so much pain why 💔
    1 good night love aunt chanda
    1 fuuny, loveable
    1 life of the party
    1 can't sleep I got to be at work at 6 am you on my mind heavy
    1 I'm tired but can't sleep
    1 can't sleep
    1 Draco
    1 Hey gm cousin it’s Davii I miss uu so much and love u
    1 another day 💔 Lord I wish this wasn't true
    1 they say pain don't last always bullshit
    1 Lord give us strength 🙏💔😭 🙏
    1 Nephew you were so spoiled
    1 Nephew ❤️u I’m tired of people keep saying sorry 4ur loss
    1 You didn’t die of natural cause you were taken from us tht shyt gets me so mad
    1 The pain and 😢 is so real every x I close my eyes I was hoping and 🙏🏾 tht this was a dream
    1 But in reality ikn this is real as real gets we r 🙏🏾 4 better days💔😡😢
    1 ❤️ u Dre’Quan forever ♾ in our ❤️ luv aunt Tracy
    1 DreQuan son I’m praying for justice we love and miss u
    1 I'm praying for justice as well
    1 I'm a firm believer
    1 Lord you know what we stand in need of💔🙏
    1 Justice for my nephew DreQuan
    1 love you nephew 😘
    1 i can't say it enough God you know what we want🙏
    1 I'm here nephew 💔
    1 I love you
    1 DreQuan love you, miss you
    1 our family heart is 💔 don't know if it will every be fixed
    1 praying hard for better days my God please
    1 this 1 here really hit I mean hit
    1 we have our good days hit most the time really really bad days
    1 DreQuan I'm here baby I'm here
    1 this is hard pill to swallow Lord have mercy
    1 when it rains it pours 😭💔
    1 Love you nephew 😘💔
    1 this is like a bad dream wake me up
    2 love you
    1 Nephew ur r in a better place than we r the killing neva ends
    1 It only get worse day by day night bye night lord I ask of u
    1 Wat do u have to do or show tht there is only 1 GOD and no imposters y these days
    1 Nephew jst so ukn our family still ❤️u and missing u💔😡😢🙏🏾
    1 And will neva lev u just because ure not here but u still in our ❤️s and thoughts memories and sleep
    1 My God I wish u cud give us our Dre’Quan bac it’s Just unfair u gave him us
    1 U didn’t take him from us another person played u and decided tht my nephew was the one and they kno
    1 My nephew had a❤️of gold and would of gave them anything just as well as our family
    1 Because we r a giving family smh 😡💔😢🙏🏾 and still in disbelief
    1 ❤️aunt Tracy I’m sending flowers ur way 🌹🌹🌹🌹🧖🏽‍♂️SIH
    1 well said sis that got me in tears in DreQuan we love,kiss you so much
    1 miss you so much
    1 this is aunt chanda I hate writing on here that punk mf know better for doing that shit to you
    1 it's unfair to us so much💔 and 😭😭in he still breathing
    1 My big baby love u son miss u keep watching over us
    1 miss, love you DreQuan
    1 the pain don't seem to go anywhere so unfair
    1 that bullshit think you slick did the hit in think it's a quit bullshit
    1 love chanda
    1 Hey cuz just wanted to stop by and tell you I ❤️ you ~ Nette
    2 Nothing I wouldn’t do for you and vice versa ğŸ¤žğŸ½
    1 I could ask you and tell you anything and you was always there vice versa 💪🏽
    1 I miss you like crazy I love you ❤️ Dre’Quan ~ Net
    1 look at the wall here him call why me I'm free don't cry for me I'm free
    1 1/4 certain 2-4 sure wat goes around comes around u can fool the streets and ur self
    1 but u can’t fool God Yes God he already working it out smh people lie so muc
    1 tht they really start believing there lie JUSTICE for my nephew
    1 We ❤️ and miss u so ur aunt Tracy smh💔😢😡🙏🏾
    1 Life is to short to let live on a lie do wat spike lee day do the right thing please
    1 So our family can have some type of closure and sleep knowing that just will b
    1 Serve the right way😢🙏🏾😡💔👼of mine
    1 good morning love you, miss you nephew
    1 Good morning cuzzo ❤️ I just wanna bring you back ~Nette
    1 my thoughts and prayers are with my family we heart 💔
    1 DreQuan love you nephew 😭
    1 keep us in your 🙏🙏 please
    2 💕
    1 every day your mom wakes up in can't see your face takes her to another place
    1 I pray for her I can't imagine her pain of loosing you mane
    1 4:58 pm I'm thinking about you miss you and love you so much nephew
    1 Hey DreQuan
    1 Love you kiddo
    2 💔💔
    1 10:32 pm I love you nephew
    1 💔🙏🏾😢😡🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾I’m speechless wat can I say but please pray for our family
    1 ❤️Long Live DreQuan 💔
    1 5:00 am saying I love you,miss you nephew
    1 The ❤️4U Nephew is so strong but so😭 tht ure not here2 b wit ur family
    1 The holidays r coming up ur bday and etc c ukn wen someone takes a person life
    1 Jst Ike tht u dkn the how the next family feels I tell u wat u will wen it happen
    1 to urs just remember think before u react because this shyt hurts not being able
    1 2 b wit ur ❤️ 1 having fun family x our ❤️s R 💔
    1 And nobody can fix it or replace it because our family had a bond tht shud of nva been ripped apart
    1 Lord I was going to say also the storm ⛈ u can add on to wat I missed
    2 ❤️aunt Tracy our family nephew really 💝 u and ukn it wats understood dnt need 2b explain
    1 fact's sis this here hit different my nephew went out like that it's not ok
    1 their family needs this much pain it was unfair to ours 💔
    1 Our family had a bond that shouldn't have been broken 😢
    1 coming from your aunt chanda love you always and forever
    1 my mind is roaming
    1 2 months tommorow who would have thought
    1 love you nephew gone too too soon 💔
    1 11:00 pm I'm up thinking about you
    1 the pain is all thru my rein so much pain mane it's not the same it's a damn shame
    2 💔💔😭😭💔💔 2 months GOD Y?💔💔😭😭
    2 Every time I look at the pictures of you it just don’t seem real 😢💔 I love you cuzzo ~Nette
    1 love you nephew,miss you the family in so much pain not able to see again until we get there
    2 my God please 🙏
    2 It’s been two months son its still so hard to believe but keep watching over us we love and miss u
    2 Can’t believe it’s been 2 months already I love you cousin ❤️ ~Nette
    1 Nephew ty my boss told me u was going to show a sign ty nephew ❤️u dearly
    1 good morning nephew my head been hurting since yesterday I love, miss you so much
    1 keep watching over us please we need it
    1 Lord knows we do
    2 I keep looking at the pictures of me and you nothing will ever be the same 💔 ~Nette
    2 Loving son,great friend, kind hearted, funny, smart, can fix anything, role model for your siblings
    2 I can go on forever it still wouldn’t be enough we love u DreQuan
    2 Fly high my big baby until we all reunite I’m going to make u proud son love and miss u
    2 DreQuan I’m proud to be ur mother I’m honored to be ur mother we love and miss u
    2 My angel 👼🏽 I love and miss you cousin 🥰 ~Nette
    2 A lot of memories we have I could write a book literally 😭 you are truly missed cuzzo ❤️ ~Nette
    1 Nephew we❤️ u dearly not a day go👋 we don’t 💭 about and miss u
    1 2mths 2days passes and the pain,emptiness,and still hitting us hard I wish tht there
    1 Was a way to have u back u had ur mind set and was a great leader to ur
    1 Siblings and was definitely a mama’s boy I mean still am not a day go👋 somebody something
    1 Good and positive abt u and it’s good to b luv because it’s a great feeling 🙏🏾💔😢😡
    1 I’m in my feelings I was going to post this last night but I don’t
    1 To keep posting this on this memorial instead of telling u this
    1 To ur face it’s a shame u had to go dwn like this and u were a dam good young teen/man
    1 I can hear u say ty aunt Tracy with a big smile 😃 tht smile who wud of thought tht this wud b u
    1 Not in this life x 👌🧖🏽‍♂️im😡😢🙏🏾💔all at the
    1 Same x I’m truly sorry nephew I really am😘
    2 Hey Draco how you doing up there cuzzo ❤️ love you it’s your world until the death of me 🙏🏽 ~Nette
    2 Halloween in 2 days and you won’t be hear with us 😔
    2 I remember when aunt Tarsha took us trick or treating and we got all the candy 😅
    3 All this from ~Nette
    1 love you nephew alot of sleepless nights 💔
    1 Hello DreQuan mane this here is driving us insane wtf mane 💔
    1 I can't imagine your mom pain💔I see that in fact she wants you back
    1 my head is bothering me again love you,I'll be back later nephew
    1 Nephew God knows our pain we still manage to live and survive after all
    1 tht we been through and going through 😢Lord our family
    1 rather deal with the🌧 than weather the ⛈ 💔🙏🏾
    1 Dre’Quan we❤️u and won’t give up on u JUSTICE for my nephew
    2 ❤️ aunt Tracy and all ur family 😡😢💔🙏🏾 our 🧖🏽‍♂️keep smiling and watching ova us
    2 Tht smile 😀 though could 💡 up this whole world smdh 😢
    2 I miss and love you cousin 😘 watch over us. Leslie
    2 I love you Dre’Quan ❤️ ~Nette
    2 God I just don’t know why 😔 I need my cousin 😢 ~Nette
    1 U were such a Good Kid But Why my cuzin out of all
    1 All He Wanted was LOVE💔🕊
    1 Miss You For Ever DreQuan 💔💔💔 flyhigh 🕊 we miss you ~Zeke
    2 Gm nephew another restless idkn wen our family will b able to cope and to go
    2 Night
    2 back to our daily activities we try to keep ourselves together but manage
    2 to fall apart and break dwn so with tht being said nephew u r deeply missed
    2 Our ❤️s is 💔u mean this muc to me😢😘😡🙏🏾❤️ain’t Tracy
    2 Aunt Tracy
    2 Good morning son we love and miss u I still can’t believe this u out of all people
    2 Until we see each other again continue watching over us son
    1 ain't a day that no goes by I try not to cry questioning God why you have to die
    1 you didn't even say goodbye not by natural causes it makes me pause in want to go off
    1 the pain I feel is so unreal wtf
    2 love aunt chanda
    1 so unreal what I feel is real nothing can't bring my nephew DreQuan back by
    1 we love,miss you DreQuan I wish we could have you back this shit is wack
    1 DreQuan 💔😭
    1 pain all in my family mane💔
    1 a family who prays together stays together
    1 my heart 💔 my head bothers me daily
    1 who is going
    1 DreQuan DreQuan Lord DreQuan 😭
    1 justice can't bring you back in fact 7.9 is on my mine big time aunt chanda
    1 👌🙏
    1 why DreQuan mane
    1 a big baby gone too soon it breaks my 💓 in tearing us apart
    1 what goes around comes around know to be true
    1 might not be today or tomorrow but it's true
    1 love you nephew aunt chanda 💔
    1 never trust no one I mean no one
    1 so unfair I swear
    1 I have no fear au t chanda
    1 the day we lost you I lost apart of me😭💔
    3 Good afternoon cousin ❤️ I know you up there having fun and rapping your song 🥰 ~Nette
    3 I love and miss you cousin ❤️ ~Nette
    1 my nephew was the most humble person I know we're lost for words
    1 ğŸŽ¤ğŸŽ§ğŸŽ™ï¸ğŸŽ¶ğŸ¥‡ğŸ¥ŠğŸŽ®ğŸŽ¼ğŸ†
    1 everything you wanted to do ğŸŽ¼ğŸŽ¤,go to the army
    1 ğŸš²ğŸ›´ğŸ•´ï¸ğŸŽ¤ğŸŽ¼ğŸ†
    1 love you nephew 😘💔
    1 the hell out me I thought you broke my jawl them was the good ole days
    1 you had so much talent
    1 I can't say what I want to say Lord knows I wish I could
    1 it's nothing nice holding it in tearing me apart
    2 I love you cousin miss you 😘❤️ ~Nette
    2 I know you probably up there celebrating 🥳 ~Nette
    1 sleepless nights 💔
    1 heart broken
    1 missing you so much 💔😭🙏
    1 ❤️uNephew our family still mourning behind ur death I wish u were here
    1 So we could throw
    1 this behind us but as the days go by not seeing your handsome face or tht walk u were one of a kind
    1 Remember our family ❤️u and 🙏🏾 for better days long as we keep ur memories alive we can
    2 Continue to tell ur story 😘💔🙏🏾😢❤️our family
    2 Aunt Tracy 😭😭😭😡I’m letting sum balloon ğŸŽˆğŸŽˆğŸŽˆs go4u RIH 🧖🏽‍♂️
    3 Love and miss u son this is so unfair but justice will be served
    1 everyday 💔
    1 every day 😭
    2 hey love you nephew
    3 Just lit a candle for you ❤️ your world or no world ~Nette
    1 Nephew I ❤️and we miss u SIH 💔😢🙏🏾😡aunt Tracy
    1 I'm sorry this happened to you love you always and forever nephew 😭💔🙏
    1 still in disbelief this here changed whole life I wish it wasn't this way
    1 Lord tell DreQuan we love,miss him down here
    1 DreQuan we love you man,miss you we're sorry it happens to you
    1 love you nephew forever
    1 gone but never forgotten 💔
    1 I'm speechless this thing hit different
    1 if I could by with it I'll be a done deal already
    1 💯
    1 I hate feeling this way
    1 you had big dreams now look coward mf punk a..bit.. caused my family all this heart ack, pain
    1 you can't say but so much
    2 I love you nephew
    1 God got you baby boy I know that's not where you want to be
    2 missing your mom and family
    2 only way for me too talk to you is on here smmfh
    2 you know we love you
    2 Hey Draco😩 I miss you Cuzzo ~Zeke 💔😥💔
    2 DreQuan love you I'm back this your aunt chanda I'm 💔
    2 this is driving me nuts I can't cope with this
    2 help me Lord you know how I think every chance i speak
    2 only you Lord can help only you
    2 love all my family hang in there everything will be alright 💯
    2 sister you're not in this alone💯👌
    2 I just wish I can bring you back 💔 ~Nette
    2 I miss and love you cousin ❤️ ~Nette
    1 hey nephew
    2 Nephew we ❤️u and miss u😭😭😭😭😭💔😡😢🙏🏾aunt Tracy
    2 Worst ⛈ of all is wen u got taken from us nephew in the midst of it all we all go through trials and
    2 I’m not going to finish my sentence I’m done ✍️ on this wall this is so unfair nephew ❤️aunt Tracy😭
    3 Love and miss everything about u DreQuan keep watching over us
    3 It takes the deaf of you nephew to realize tht real wat is real friends wat is friends
    3 Ur family is ur friend until the end smdh the end so emotional posting this shyt💔😡😭ain’t Tracy
    3 The most loving,caring,funny,willing to lend a hand I can go on son to know u is to love u
    2 I love and miss u everything will be ok the promises I made I will keep
    1 love you nephew 😘💔💙 miss you I don't know what to say smh
    1 keep watching over us be like I know you doing
    1 that smile I won't ever forget
    2 💔😭
    2 Whatchu doing up there cuzzo ❤️ I know god watching over you for us ~Nette
    2 Love you cousin 😘 ~Nette
    2 Until I see you again ~Nette
    2 DreQuan love you nephew
    1 💔😭🙏
    1 Nephew u cross my mind yesterday wen I was ova the way every x
    1 I’m there all I can c u on ur📱 smiling and asking 4a charger 🤦🏽‍♀️ it was
    1 Neva a dull moment rest up nephew we ❤️ u aunt Tracy
    1 DreQuan I'm speechless
    1 💔💔😭😭
    1 love you nephew miss you I weren't around you everyday,or see you everyday but I love you so much
    1 you were like me I was a clown so was you by being crazy would make anyone laugh
    1 we miss you kiddo words can't express how we feel 💔is what it is
    1 it seems just like yesterday how do you get rid of all this pain
    1 I pray each in every day wishing this was not true
    1 my eyes are heavy,my heart is 💔never felt this much pain ever
    1 never ever Lord I pray for my family Lord knows we need it
    1 my family is broken it's not supposed to be like this 😢
    1 love you baby
    1 talk to you tomorrow watch down over us we need you too
    1 we love you forever and always ❤️
    1 slide today ğŸŽ§ğŸŽ¤ğŸŽ¼ğŸ¥‡ğŸ†
    2 Hey cuzzo ❤️ just went to YouTube and slide today is a hit 1k views ~Nette
    2 I know you see it up there and you happy as on know what ~Nette
    2 Your world cousin I mean that ~Nette
    1 DreQuan we love and miss u unconditionally son that smile,willingness,compassion,personality..
    1 U definitely are one of a kind until next time son we all love n miss u
    1 DRACoWorld 💕
    1 Yes DRACoWorld 💕
    1 💔🙏🏾😭🙏🏾🤦🏽‍♀️ ❤️u nephew idkn my nerves is messed up behind this shyt
    1 Deep in my ❤️I can’t believe this happen to u my ❤️hurts our family ❤️is 💔(Why U)
    2 ❤️aunt Tracy
    1 Why r we still hurting with so much pain nephew ikn y u was full
    1 With so muc❤️ talent well dressed 😄 ğŸ˜Ž i
    1 I can go on on and write a 📖 abt u but I’m not u can tell
    2 From ✍️ on this wall the type of person u r Lord how Mercy 🤦🏽‍♀️aunt Tracy
    2 I just wish I can text you 😔 you always texted me and was like cuzzo 💔 ~Nette
    2 I love and miss you cousin 😘❤️ ~Nette
    2 If God gave me a option to bring you back I wouldn’t even hesitate ~Nette
    2 ❤️u nephew 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    2 I had a dream nephew it’s keeping me up since 4am
    2 Don’t make no since SIH ❤️aunt Tracy
    1 hey nephew love you so much gone too soon long live my nephew
    1 DRACoWorld 💕 forever my love
    1 I'll never forgotten about you or will I forget you 💯
    1 you always in my prayers and thoughts
    1 not a day that goes by that I don't think about you
    1 daddy say he love you nephew
    1 DreQuan why you leave us do you know how much pain it caused💔
    1 we want you back right right now
    1 come back home nephew 💔
    2 Hey cousin you with me forever ❤️ I love you ~Nette
    2 LONGLIVEYOU 💙💙 ~Nette
    2 Nephew I’m so sorry I wish I cud of gavel my life for u to live again 😢auntie tracy
    2 I’m really sorry Si sorry I’m up every night putting up the pi G exes
    2 Pieces don’t worry justice wil b serv smfh 😡❤️aunt tracy
    1 1:26 a.m. and I can't sleep smh💔
    1 😭😭another restless 😬 night ❤️u nephew keep watching ova our family
    1 love, miss you baby
    2 Hey cousin whatchu doing up there ❤️ ~Nette
    1 DreQuan love you and miss you so much baby you turned my whole life around
    1 the pain is not going anywhere
    1 mane kiddo why you why Lord give him back
    1 then our family will be whole again
    1 please Lord please 🙏
    1 sleepless nights every since I'm broken 💔😭
    1 love you nephew I'll be back later today
    1 Very loving person
    1 Curious mind
    1 Amazing and kind
    1 Nephew I ❤️u and miss u😭smh
    1 love you nephew 😘💔💙
    1 I miss you so much 😭
    1 DRACoWorld 💕 forever
    1 DRACoWorld
    2 Cuzzo I know you let God hear your song ❤️ and up there making him laugh ~Nette
    2 I’ll give anything to bring you back 💔 ~Nette
    2 I’ll see you when I get there ❤️ ~Nette
    2 MY Protector I LOVE AND MISS U SON
    1 I swear nephew you missed here on Earth
    1 word's can't explain how much pain your death caused
    1 I will never never ever forget you 💯I love you so much baby
    1 save a spot for me up there
    1 love aunt chanda 💔
    1 keep watching over us we need it
    3 👋 nephew ur mom and I came to c u it’s so sad and just don’t
    3 Seem real u had big dreams very determined and was doing the
    3 the right thing by helping ur mom and siblings and u wanted to help ur family thts all u
    3 Wanted to do move and wanted to make a career in ur music so u could
    3 get ur mom a big🏡 u tried so hard to strive for perfection but suddenly u were stopped
    3 Dreams came tumbling dwn 🤦‍♀️😭❤️aunt Tracy 😢
    2 DreQuan I love and miss u so much I know u love me too that was the last thing we said to each other
    1 Lord have mercy 🙏 seeing your mom write that on the wall
    1 that you love her hurts my heart knowing you won't be able to tell her again
    1 infact when I saw your message made me smile because you,her said I love you
    1 make her feel so what good I pray for her daily DreQuan
    1 my sister misses you a helluva lot
    1 nothing or no 1 I mean no one will ever replace you
    1 you were your mom keeper,protector
    1 she lives you very much in your song keepiher going we all miss you
    1 love you with all my heart and soul and I miss you so much ❤️
    1 I want my 5$ you owe me
    1 you are very missed kiddo
    1 keep watching over us and save me a place 💔😭
    2 ğŸŽ¤ğŸ¥ŠğŸš²ğŸ›´I know you miss it all mane fuck
    2 ğŸŽ¤ğŸš²ğŸ›´
    2 Dre’Quan ikn deep in ur ❤️ u made a decision to save ur family ikn wen u got tht
    2 📱 call u were tricked and 💭 tht u we’re doing the right thing
    2 Wen it’s comes dwn to have no choices at all I chose to let u live mom it was
    2 It was a hard and unfair choice mom but I’m sorry don’t cry for me be happy for me I’m free
    2 I ❤️u until we meet again o yeah mom I cried but at the same x I smile hard to believe huh
    2 Look at the bright side thxs mom for all tht u do and did for me ❤️ur son
    2 Dre’Quan 😭sis it’s 5:32 this is my Dream it felt so real I had to
    2 Write this on this wall 🤦‍♀️ I cried for u more than myself so muc pain
    2 Frustration anger hate and rage lord how mercy ❤️tracy
    1 Nephew only God knows I’m not gonna ? God but ikn tht God
    1 takes the best and lev the 👿 behind so 😃 knowing tht
    1 U got ur wings and r our 👼 and our protector
    1 And the thing tht hurts me the most tht u didn’t hav
    1 No kids to carry ur legacy on but guess wat u hav
    1 Ur family and we gonna do our best to slide today and make u proud
    1 Ur songs r a hitter I wish u were here so I can get u to teach me ur 💃 because
    1 U always saying aunt Tracy wat is tht I’ll tell u the fuk u
    1 Mean I’m dancing 💃 u with a 😀 on ur face
    1 😂 at me trying to 💃 c Ikn how u felt at tht moment trying or 💭 u
    1 Were doing the right thing I 💭 I was dancing 😂 l felt a tear drop
    1 Drop rolling dwn my face as I was ✍️ this I wish it
    1 Cud of been a better way , handle, sorry so sorry
    1 This had to b u Dre’Quan my ma ma boy nephew or shall i
    1 Say shadow ❤️ aunt Tracy I wasn’t gonna 😢 but by
    1 ✍️ this it made me cry ukn it took a lot for me to cry
    1 I can hear u now saying aunt Tracy I don’t neva
    1 C u 😭 but jst to let ukn nephew I do inside trying to hide all
    1 My tears, pain, and sorrow bet yet I really broke today
    1 Gn it’s 4:30 a.m. imma try to get sum 😴 4 wrk
    1 ❤️ u again aunt Tracy it’s hard trying to b tuff I smile to keep from crying
    1 Telling me I think ikn everything FYI I was
    1 Pretending to kno but it felt good to kno I
    1 Felt like I was in charge but y’all iisten 😝 ok c u
    1 O yeah Dre’Quan wat I’m ✍️ our whole family feels the same way ukn we hav a
    1 Bigg family as ur aunt chanda wud say 😂 I’m 😴 I’ll
    1 hit u back later ✌️ and ❤️ aunt Tracy and ur family 😘
    1 mom don't cry for me I'm free not where I want to be but
    1 thank God I'm free not where I want to be mom now you don't have to look
    1 after me because I'm free I'll save a place for you,the family so we can
    1 finish where we left off mom don't cry for me thank God I'm free
    1 if I was still here I had 1 biggest fear you all don't want to hear back but let me speak clear
    1 family get together God is coming will you be ready to reunite with me
    2 Sista 2 great minds 💭 alike ya I’m ready one for sure 2 for
    2 Certain we can’t hide behind a rock ❤️Tracy
    2 Well said I he’s coming nah he already came pray and make him
    2 Proud God is real angry 😠😠😠😠😠😠
    1 hey family if God came for you today would you be ready
    1 to go would you be with DreQuan? what are the things that stop's
    1 you from going to heaven think about it before you respond
    1 well no I'm trying to see in be with my nephew I'm going to make it to heaven
    1 I will promise you that that who else can say that prove it
    1 make things right
    1 not only God watching but so is DreQuan 😭
    1 🍀
    2 DreQuan all haeven do is ask to see you and say your name and dance to your song ❤️ ~Nette
    2 Why it had to be you it wasn’t your time ~Nette
    2 You wasn’t ready to go you had dreams and ambitions ~Nette
    2 All this stuff that’s going on in this messed up world ~Nette
    2 And you had to be the one this world not fair ~Nette
    2 You didn’t deserve to go the way you did ~Nette
    2 I’ll never understand it ~Nette
    2 Save me a stop up there until I see you again ❤️ ~Nette
    2 I’m tired of lighting candles you need to be here ~Nette
    2 You deserve to be here ~Nette
    2 I love you cousin always and forever ❤️ ~Nette
    1 I don't post on here for likes that day when I received that call I lost it all
    1 imy heart skipped a beat praying to God that was not true my God when I found out it was you
    1 my God I didn't know what to do
    1 still praying it was really not you but it was true wtf did he do
    1 you didn't deserve to die like you did
    1 my God this seemed unreal
    1 but this is the deal my heart is 💔
    1 my family is too let me tell you what I'm go do in a few
    1 my Nina Gena soon to be will set everything free just trust in watch me
    1 nephew I got you I can't bring you back that's a fact you'll here did my aunt do that
    1 they might think I'm wack in fact don't have my back that sh.t is wack
    1 I feel this way wack, every day I pray I don't want to feel this way each, every day
    1 Nephew 389 🕯 it’s 5:05 a.m. another restless night but o well I’m up
    1 love you nephew miss you so much aunt chanda
    1 ✍️ on ur wall it’s not like I want too but I have too u r my
    1 Nephew and I hav too show u ❤️sad you’re not on🌍
    1 Physically but u r in our ❤️’s and heavy on our minds
    1 what goes around comes around 💯
    1 Remember nephew we ❤️and here 4 u ur family always and 4 eva
    1 can't sleep I hear that b.t.h a.. nigger heart beat that sh.. is weak who can't defeat
    1 I will shock the 🌍
    1 🤦‍♀️✌️😘we ur family ❤️and miss u Tracy SIH angel 👼
    2 I'll be on here later love you
    2 We love and miss u DeeQuan Mee
    2 Mee and I kiss ur picture everyday and night it’s still so hard to believe this happened to u
    2 Keep watching over us until we meet again son
    2 Sorry DreQuan
    2 I love and miss you DreQuan ❤️ leslie
    2 I love you cousin you gone forever live through me ❤️ ~Nette
    1 Gm nephew 4:20 a.m. 🤔 and missing u 😘 not a day go by I and we
    1 ur family don’t think abt u so unfair I wish u were
    1 here things wud b different but in reality ikn ure with God
    1 God ikn u wanted my nephew but we wanted Dre’Quan more 😢 no more
    1 Pain or sorrow all smiles with u now ❤️u aunt Tracy
    1 love you nephew your mom misses you dearly not a day that goes by that she think about you
    1 she would do anything to bring you back you already know
    1 my sister know you had plans it all got stripped away too soon
    1 she knows God got you 💯but it doesn't make her no better because
    1 she wants her child back nothing or no one will ever take your place
    1 always and forever you're her child her first born
    1 DreQuan we all love you trice circle 22 not 21
    1 that's stamped on everything 👌💯
    1 you will be greatly missed xoxo
    1 🕊️💨🍀
    1 💨 DRACoWorld 🌍 forever 💕
    1 slide today ğŸŽ§ğŸ”¥
    1 Well nephew we still ❤️u and u r heavy on our ❤️’s and mind
    1 I wish heaven had a phone 📱 so I could call u
    1 I wish heaven had a phone 📱 so I can call u to say
    1 I ❤️u ur family ❤️u and I’ll wait for u to say it back
    1 I didn’t say hang up because i didn’t want the call to end
    1 😭😘❤️u aunt Tracy and the rest of our family
    2 I miss you so much 💔 I wish you were here with us right now and this was all a dream ~Nette
    1 Gn nephew ❤️u 😘
    1 ❤️u aunt Tracy
    1 nephew love you
    1 so fucking unfair
    1 love you Drequan
    1 love you forever nephew💯
    1 Genuine,funny,well dressed, a real friend and loved by many
    2 I ask myself how could anyone wanna hurt u son we love and miss u
    2 Give him back 💔 ~Nette
    1 Nephew u mean u gonna slide today u sure did rght
    1 On Daviii pic I was proud of u at least ikn ure watching
    2 Ova her and ur family at first I t 💭
    1 I was trippin because all I do is think 💭 abt u and I said nah
    1 It couldn’t b but shyd ya it’s u nephew I sent it too
    1 Ur mom and she definitely said thts my son 😭👼danc
    1 er I wasn’t gonna write on this wall but had too share I wish
    2 I can post it but ❤️u keep watching over ur family aunt Tracy😘
    2 Nephew if I had 1 wish it wud b to bring u back too
    2 Ur family u shud of neva left us from the start God said
    2 there shouldn’t b no imposters of him but I guess
    2 We were wrong 😭but we all we have. A chance too meet u
    2 Again and wen we do we will rejoice slide today and muc
    2 Muc more ❤️🤦‍♀️💭😢😡but God got us and so do u
    2 Gn❤️aunt Tracy and ur Family 😭
    1 Drequan I love ,miss you so much I get real emotional I pray to God everyday for us to have you back
    1 this is a cold ğŸŒŽ we live in
    1 the pain is unbarbale my God of all people Drequan
    1 Lord give us the stregnth we need
    1 death is no joke all the pain, sleepless nights wishing things were different
    1 but when you know it's real as real can be ğŸ˜žğŸ˜­
    1 💕💔
    1 knowing we never go hear your🗣
    1 well love you nephew writing on here makes my skin crawl never thought this
    1 in a million year's
    1 this would be you 💔🙏
    1 love you we'll talk later
    1 my God Tracy when Tarsha sent it to me I teared up I said that's him then she said you see his eye's
    1 I said my God yes that's him first I said did she draw that then I looked again that's my nephew
    1 you knew he looked to take pictures
    1 but it was definitely him I looked it it over in over Drequan keep looking in on us
    1 we know you miss, love all of us as we do you too more then you would ever know
    1 you earned your wing's for sure I'll see you when I get there save me a place
    1 love you nephew I'll be back later
    1 hey nephew I'm back wanted to tell you I love you
    1 Well nephew I’m ✍️ on the wall or a lil bit just saying
    1 I ❤️u I 😭 4u i our family misses u etc by ✍️ on here
    1 Won’t bring u bac but it shows people u were really
    1 Missed and 💝 and have a big I didn’t say had I no God got
    1 U ğŸŽ¤ dancing 🕺 or everybody in heaven showing off
    1 Ur talent wat u couldn’t get a chance on🌍 to do
    1 🤦‍♀️ ❤️u nephew aunt Tracy😢😘
    1 O ya I forgot a lot of words tht wat it makes me do wen I write
    1 On this wall but fuk it people can read between the lines
    1 gone too soon 😭
    1 love you Drequan haeven loves your song he bounces left, right he say that quan
    1 keep wanting to hear it over and over
    1 we all love, miss you
    1 dam dam dam smmfh
    1 all the kid's know your song
    1 that shit was 🔥you never let us hear that it sounds good good you could blow
    1 talented in so many ways
    1 🙌🙏🙌
    1 💔💕
    1 love you so much nephew
    1 Nephew it’s 5:33 a.m. another restless day as the days go by
    1 The more you’re missed smdh it’s really not fair
    1 to u too us if the right choices were made nephew u
    2 Still wud b here here with ur🥰 family in spite of it all sad
    2 Wen u were called and wen u get to the spot tht u were the ☝️ 🤦‍♀️
    2 and knew u were the☝️ but God takes care of it all
    2 Wat goes up must come down what goes around
    2 Comes back around wat goes on in the night comes to the 💡 u c idc wat I mean
    2 Luv aunt Tracy 🤦‍♀️ Lord how MERCY 😭
    3 We love and miss u son keep watching over us
    2 I love you ❤️ Nothing will ever be the same 💔 ~Nette
    1 love you always,forever
    1 longlivemynephew💕
    1 Drequan I'm so sorry this happened to you word's can't express how I feel gone but never forgotten
    1 always, forever my nephew🙌🙏
    1 I'll talk to you later love you so very much nephew
    2 Nephew I ❤️and miss u the more I look at ur pic the
    2 More we look alike u would cut up if u wud here me say tht
    2 But thts ok 👋 kiddo u r a handsome young teenager/man I’m so
    2 Proud to say u r my nephew but also😢 to say I really miss u it’s a cold ğŸŒŽ out here
    2 But hey wat can I say besides you’re surrounded by the best family
    2 In the ğŸŒŽ and ukn how all of us feel about our family smdh a bond
    2 tht shouldn’t have been broken a page tht shouldn’t
    2 Been turn a ❤️tht shouldn’t been broken a piece of a
    2 🧩 tht shouldn’t been taken apart imma 🛑 right here I’m tearing up 🤦‍♀️😢😡
    2 ❤️aunt Tracy and our family GM by the way😘
    2 Almost 3 months no texts phone calls or me hearing ur voice or seeing ur face
    2 We love and miss u DreQuan still can’t believe u were taken away from me
    2 Son I love u forever and miss u more thn anyone could imagine I’ll c u wen I get there
    1 love you nephew gone but never forgotten
    1 everyone misses you so much keep looking in on us we see all the signs
    1 we love it keep it coming
    1 Going to your burial is unbelievable, unfair to know you was to love you life is so short
    1 I know if you could come back you would want to ask your killer why me you didn't get a chance
    1 🙌🙏🙏🙌
    1 love you nephew I'll talk to you later💔
    1 Lord I come to u as humble as I can b ikn we
    1 Shouldn’t ? U but I wanted to kno why my nephew
    2 had to go through so muc pain, hurt for someone to
    2 Kill him like tht wat were they thinking not knowing
    2 My nephew was a soild we even talked about it thurs-sun
    2 No his response was I can’t wait with a tear coming from his right eye
    2 But to kill my nephew in cold 🩸 lord why he was a young
    2 Intelligent man 👨 not a 🐭 and was very soild
    2 Y’all knew tht just to kno nephew u didn’t die alone so did
    2 a part of me and our family (God ) why 😭 choices
    2 Take the X out to think don’t react c we all in pain
    2 Pain hurt unanswered ?s😭😭😭😭heart broken
    2 ❤️ aunt tracy and ur family
    1 love you nephew I want you to know that
    1 I'm 💔 I'm confused no one too my God help please
    1 this is like a dream who would have thought😭
    1 I'll talk to you later nephew love you🙌🙏🙏🙌
    1 3 months tho💔
    1 My God 💔
    1 love you nephew love you🙌
    1 🙌🙌🙌🙌
    1 😭🙏
    1 😯
    2 U just letting us kno u was up 🤦‍♀️ unbelievable but ukn
    2 U was surrounded by ur family and friend nephew keep showing signs ❤️🥰aunt Tracy and our family
    2 Nephew this aunt Tracy wat r u trying to tell us ikn u don’t want us to
    2 Worry but fuk tht u keep coming to us to let us kno wat do
    2 U want us to kno or wat do u want us to do we trying our best to make it right
    2 Just hold on a little while longer everything is going to fall in place ❤️our family
    2 I already kno u aren’t at ease ikn u can’t believe it ur self and
    2 I just don’t kno where to start or begin speechless hurt
    1 Lord I wish you could talk
    1 love you nephew love you
    1 I'll talk to you tomorrow
    1 Happy Thanksgiving Nephew
    1 this is awkward mom don't have to make you a fat plate saying I'm not giving you alot
    1 of macaroni because Drequan gotta eat its a big pan
    1 my God help us all we need it
    1 Drequan you're truly missed this shot hurts the family gotta go thru this here we 💔
    1 talk to you later love you so very much nephew
    1 love you 😭💔
    1 💕💕💕
    1 Good ğŸŒž nephew I want to say Happy Thanksgiving i❤️u imma eat for u and me both
    1 It do sad to say tht u aren’t here for the holiday it’s just so unfair tht u
    1 had to go just like that life is so unfair well imma lev
    1 for now but imma hit u back in a min ❤️ aunt Tracy
    1 and our family 😭😭😭😭
    1 But rest a sure u were here not in the flesh but in our ❤️s
    1 Nephew u are truly missed by ur family we r hurting so dearly because
    1 Ure not with us celebrating this Thanksgiving 😭we luv u aunt tracy
    1 And my daughter’s I can’t lev them out GN I and our Family ❤️u😘
    1 I’m still lost without you ❤️ I hate knowing that you aren’t here. Leslie 😘
    1 Hey nephew love, miss you thing's is not right
    1 love you always,forever you will be in my heart
    1 miss you💔
    1 🗣I'll never forget you in will always love you
    1 💔🙌🙏
    1 🆗🤘🤘
    1 love you nephew💔
    2 It’ll never be uh Happy Thanksgiving when you not here 💔 ~Nette
    2 I love you baby boy ❤️ Happy Thanksgiving to you 🙏🏽 I miss you cousin 😘 ~Nette
    2 Your forever with me cousin 🙏🏽 ~Nette
    2 Your world ❤️ ~Nette
    1 love you always,forever nephew
    1 DracoWorld
    1 love, miss you nephew keep watching over us this is so messed up
    1 what went wrong you let us wasn't supposed to be this way Lord help us we need you
    1 we need you Lord we need you in Jesus name
    1 the pain haven't went no where this seems too unreal
    1 Drequan auntie love you baby this hit different Lord why why why?
    1 Then taking you away bought me anger 💔
    1 Who would’ve ever thought it was going to be you
    1 I miss you and love you cousin
    1 Keep coming by to see me 😘
    1 I know that was you beeping my horn lol. Cousin Leslie ❤️
    1 Drequan we love you ,you left us we need you here so our family can be complete your death broke us
    1 we can't handle it we try but no success my mind roaming no good thoughts
    1 you should be here enjoying life instead you dead
    1 heavenly father give us the strength to carry on this is a tuff situation I can't bare
    1 please Lord hear my prayer you know what it is lord you know
    1 I pray daily but what I prayed for I had no success it hurt my so sad I lost a piece of my mind
    1 well nephew I'll talk to you later in remember we love you with all out heart's we will always be 💔
    1 love you nephew💕
    2 🤘🤘🤘
    2 🙌🙌🙌
    1 🗣🙌
    1 😘😘😘
    1 you didn't die natural causes that ..... ... took you away from us who made him God
    1 this tour the 👪 up badly we have only 1 God I recall then alot of perpaters
    1 aunt chanda 💘 you nephew
    1 never in a million years Drequan
    1 this here this here😭💔
    1 to know you is to love you
    1 why are we ✍ on here we shouldn't be life is so unfair
    2 Lord I wish there were something I could do or say to bring my nephew
    2 back. But the only thing I do is 🙏🏼 🙏🏼 for better days
    2 Smh that’s all I can do my nerves is so fukd up by the death of u nephew
    2 Lord I wish if there was no killing and dying wen someone takes a ❤️
    2 One that is blood u look at life and people differently ikn I do
    2 😭😡🙏🏼 for better days ❤️ aunt Tracy and our Family
    1 each, every day missing you never in life I missed someone like that💔😭
    1 I want you to know I love so so much
    1 I'll talk to you later nephew 😭💔🙏
    2 I love you cousin 😘 ~Nette
    1 Love you nephew every day
    1 Love you so much
    1 not a day that goes by you on my mind
    1 GM nephew love, miss you
    1 miss you
    2 Nephew once again u playing with Leslie music she can listen to another station lol everyx she
    1 Play that song it’s like u trying to tell us something we always
    2 Play and listen to ur song but I just had to make that known I ❤️ and we miss u
    2 Aunt Tracy 😘smh who wud ever 💭 that I or our family wud b writing ✍️ on this
    2 FUCKING wall 😢 just so fukn 😢 😡😭
    1 God we want our nephew back asap my family is not complete without him💔
    1 hey nephew I'm back had you on my mind heavy I love you man
    1 I miss you more than you ever no
    1 I love you Drequan I love you
    1 Love you I'll talk to you tomorrow😭💔
    1 Nephew u still playing around but that’s ok we like it Ikn wat I’m talking about
    1 Ukn 😘🙏🏼🤦‍♀️😭😡❤️u aunt Tracy
    2 Whatchu doing up there cousin ❤️ ~Nette
    1 GM it's 5:00am I'm up can't sleep you on my mind
    1 Drequan I love you boi I hope you know that
    1 let me tell you how much we love, miss you
    1 our heart is broken badly seem like it's no place to turn
    1 not even to God
    1 we want you here on ğŸŒŽ
    1 life is so unfair
    1 911 f... y'all
    1 💕😘
    1 🗣 911 what's your emergency umm fu.. y'all that's it
    1 😰😰😰
    1 Draco🌍
    1 I was pleased to🤝you Drequan💯
    1 auntie talk to you later love you
    1 I'm back dam dam dam😭
    1 hey nephew I love you so much can't sleep💔
    1 Gym nephew it’s 4:47 a.m. once again another restless night still can’t believe tht
    1 U aren’t here I do wish that this was all a dream
    1 But in reality ikn it’s real no more running to my 🚘 no more asking for a 📱 charger miss from
    1 Seeing ur big 😃 miss from u saying something out the way to me just miss from seeing u in general
    1 🤦‍♀️ lord why so much pain 😢but yet instead I still 🙏🏼👌💭❤️Aunt Tracy
    1 Drequan love you
    1 miss you so much the holiday is around the corner this is not right😭
    1 I'm back love you baby
    2 Hey cousin I bet you up there rapping right now ❤️ ~Nette
    2 I can see you laughing saying God listen to this ~Nette
    1 Love you nephew
    1 good morning nephew 5am I can't sleep love and miss you dearly
    1 my heart is 💔💔
    1 the pain is still here like it just happened yesterday😭😭Lord see us threw this 1 here
    1 In Jesus Name Amen
    1 not a day goes by with you on my mind heavy
    1 Lord give us what we need please Lord I'm crying out
    1 never in a million I thought this🙌🙏🙏🙌
    1 I'll never forget you as long as I'm living💯I'll always remember DracoWorld🌍as they say
    1 Love you so much nephew love you💕💯
    1 hey I'm back love you so much Drequan💕
    1 hey nephew love you
    1 miss you so much this thing here tore us up I adjust to this sh.. here
    1 give us strength Lord as we go thru all this unbelievable pain 🙌🙏🙌🙏
    1 I'm crying out help me Lord wow so much pain😭💔
    1 Nephew ikn u r watching ova our family ty ❤️u
    1 It’s so ğŸ˜ž that U r not here to spend x wit ur family 4 the holidays
    1 I 💭 its a dam shame how u got robbed out ur life, etc I’m
    1 So ❤️ broken behind the 💀 of u nephew 🙏🏼😡😢❤️u aunt Tracy
    2 Missing you cousin 💔💔 ~Nette
    1 heavenly father help us
    1 missing you nephew didn't see you everyday it might have been months but I love you💔
    1 this 🌍 we live in a dam shame
    1 the pain remain the same
    1 Lord who to blame our family is messed up mane
    1 love you DreQuan you'll never be forgotten💯
    1 Nephew i❤️u nothing have change I’m still 😢❤️broken
    1 Speechless and 🤷‍♀️ but God know he wanted u way too soon
    1 But our family wanted u more well with that being said gm it’s 3:41 and I’m 😴 talk to u later
    1 ❤️ur aunt Tracy and ur family 🤦‍♀️
    1 GM nephew I love you so much
    1 🙏💔
    1 🤘🤗
    1 🤔my God
    1 🗣Love you💕
    2 The kids and I love and miss u son I swear Usenet u left everything went down hill
    2 When u left everything went down hill God I wish I could erase that day
    2 It’s unfair son u already knw keep watching over us until we see each other again
    1 hey good morning nephew I miss you not a day goes by I don't have you on my mine
    1 everyone feels the same life is so unfair
    1 we love and miss you words can't express how we feel right now it makes no sense at all
    1 I question God daily I get no response I'm waiting for the answer
    1 you're not her to defend yourself so now I wait for God to tell me
    1 but what I been feeling I know the facts ima ride this thing out til the wheel falls off
    1 too too many signs too many
    1 well I love you nephew I'll be back later today keep 👀 over us
    1 remember family over everything always
    1 💕💕
    1 🗣🤔💔
    1 🤗
    1 Draco🌍💯
    1 🙌🤘
    1 🗣💔
    1 🗣😭
    1 love,miss you nephew still can't believe you not here with us 😭🤔💔🙏
    1 love you nephew last couple days had you ok n my mine heavy think my blood pressure
    1 been up as well it's still painful I can't believe any of it
    1 well about to go to bed now love you always,forever
    1 always in forever my nephew I'll never never will forget that 💯🤘🤗
    1 Forever My Drequan Aka Draco🌍
    1 hey nephew I never thought you wouldn't be here with us in them circumstances my God💔
    1 it's so unfair you didn't deserve that in fact no 1 do life is so unfair
    1 the pain is still here everyday your'e on my mind more than I worry about myself
    1 I pray daily I don't know who to cope with well nothing like this ever happened
    1 to our immediate family 🙏😭💔
    1 I ask God to see us thru this each,everyday
    1 this here fucked my head up mane why
    1 I can't say what I really want it wouldn't be. nice holding this shit in
    1 is eating my up like he'll I never bite my tongue for anyone
    1 Lord knows I don't so it's hard on me 4 months of silence 🗣somebody help me no God help me out
    1 this 1 Lord I really need help I
    1 Nephew I went through wat u went
    1 Through trying to succeed make friends trying to b
    1 Popular fuk thtvb u u get more respect Bering u
    1 Don’t b something urecneva accomplished I neva
    1 Wanted to b nobody besides myself u live
    1 To learn and cherish wat u have
    1 hey nephew I love you so much
    1 Drequan Aka Draco🌍 always and forever
    1 I miss you more than you’ll ever know cousin❤️ Leslie
    1 Nephew just kno that I ❤️u and won’t ever forget u U always will b my nephew
    1 🤦‍♀️❤️🙏🏼😡😢💭ain’t Tracy
    1 I'm back like always you'll always live on thru me. stamp💯
    1 wish I would have seen you more when you were here fuck this shit got me on all bullshit
    1 it shouldn't be this way I can't take it no way to 🚷 Lord help me
    1 I feel so hurt you're gone Drequan if I could change it I would no question asked
    1 Death is no joke it's painful you should be here I say that loud and clear
    1 Lord help is please
    1 love you nephew I'll talk to you later
    1 Gm 5:37 a.m. nephew wake up ikn ure not 😴 u have shyt to do
    1 Don’t 💭 all of this for nothing ur Job is to prove ur innocence I mean u did
    1 So wait and then slide today on their asses because at
    1 The end of the day it is wat it is ikn u r
    1 THINKING 🤔 Dam why me Ya I said
    1 the same thing God don’t make no mistake but God
    1 didn’t do this to us to us his imposter did
    1 thts the rght thing to do at least that wat I Thought
    1 ❤️🥰aunt Tracy and ur FAMILY 😭💔
    1 I c wen it rain ☔️it pours and it really ğŸ˜ž LORD how MERCY
    1 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😭
    1 hey nephew I'm back miss you Drequan I think about you daily
    1 everything in life is unfair
    1 love you so very much keep watching down over us
    1 your mom loves you so very much you already know
    1 I'll be back later much love nephew💕
    2 LORD ikn we shouldn’t ? U but ikn u gave ur SON so we could LIVE
    2 U also gave my sista a SON DRE’QUAN
    2 so also should live in so 🤷‍♀️ his life got taken away
    2 from us on August 26,2019 ikn we have a death date
    2 and birth date but it wasn’t from natural cause or 🤧
    2 It was Murder I’m starting to think 🤔 🤦‍♀️ ikn😢😡💔
    2 ❤️ aunt Tracy 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 for better days now and as the days go by
    2 For my family and other families that lost a ❤️
    2 One due to GUN VIOLENCE not lost but got kILLED by
    2 a individual or individuals 😭😢🤦‍♀️💔🤔😡🙏🏼
    2 I think about you, I end up crying on my best days 💔 leslie
    2 I wish I was there for you more 😭 I only wanted the best for you cousin ❤️
    2 I’m going to make you proud I promise ğŸ¤žğŸ½
    2 Not a day goes by I don’t think about you cousin ❤️ ~Nette
    2 Your with me forever ❤️ ~Nette
    2 And continue to live thru me cousin ❤️ ~Nette
    2 Gm nephew I❤️u keep smiling but ikn u were hurting so am I
    2 We love and miss u son keep watching over us❤️😭👼🏽❤️
    1 even if I didn't get a chance to tell you I'm sorry if I could take your place I would
    1 last but not least you already know what it is II tell you everyday, every night that's a promise
    1 love you nephew I'll talk to you tomorrow keep 👀 over us
    1 There’s no TRAGEDY in LIFE besides the DEATH of a CHILD my nephew
    1 It hurts me so bad to keep saying ur name Lord how mercy
    1 I wish it was another way 💔😭🙏🏼 ain’t Tracy
    2 I love you cousin ❤️ ~Nette
    1 I'm here nephew like always love you so much
    1 GM nephew love you always and forever💯
    1 know in day's you can't trust a soul
    1 family over everything💯
    1 🤗💕
    1 I'll be back later love you
    1 Nephew i❤️u and won’t ever forget u I promise ❤️aunt Tracy 😡😭🙏🏼
    1 💔💔💔💔💔💔😢😢😢😢😢😢
    1 hey nephew love you talk to you tomorrow😭💔
    1 man that's terrible when you wish he would call or text you no mom I mean no
    1 mom should have to go thru this sis I pray for you each
    1 and everyday I don't know your pain because you're Drequan mom
    1 I can't imagine but I pray for better day's in know this
    1 you're not in this alone I'm here always in we will see this thing thru💯
    1 Draco🌍always it shouldn't been💔
    1 Drequan we all love you so much your death fucked us up in so many ways
    1 I just want to tell you we all love you from the bottom of our hearts
    1 love you I'll be back later keep watching over us
    1 I'm back dam I can't get you off my mine
    1 Lord I wish this was a dream they killed my nephew
    1 yes they deep down in my soul I know
    1 in God knows with that being said love you nephew
    2 I miss you more than you will ever know cousin ❤️ ~Nette
    1 Drequan love you nephew
    2 Wish I can bring you back you always wit me cousin ❤️ ~Nette
    2 We locked in for life longliveyou 💙 ~Nette
    1 Lord have mercy💔
    1 love you always
    1 Lord Lord Lord
    1 🙏😭💔
    1 GM nephew love you
    1 I’ve been listening to nba youngboy a lot now. I remember you used to always play his songs
    1 I miss and love you cousin 😘 leslie
    1 my God help me Lord please give my nephew back
    1 the pain is here it don't seem to go anywhere😭💔
    1 Lord I know my nephew is in good hands...its just we want him here
    1 we didn't get a chance to say goodbye...natural wasn't the thing
    1 that's the hard part that breaks our 💔
    1 Lord let my nephew know we love him so very much
    1 love you nephew I'll talk to you tomorrow keep 👀 over us thanks
    2 God please give my cousin back 💔 ~Nette
    1 hey nephew I love you so much the family talked about you yesterday
    1 laughing real hard talking about the saying you always say
    1 we looked at the collage Donna made of yours I was
    1 tripping off that pumpkin outfit your aunt Tracy bought you when
    1 You were a baby for Halloween
    1 You know I cut up when I saw that picture you know I'm a fool
    1 I love you with all my heart I'll be back later
    1 I'll never let your name die never💯
    1 love you talk to you tomorrow
    2 I cry every time I watch videos of you 💔 ~Nette
    2 Merry Christmas cousin 😘 I love you ~Nette
    1 Christmas huh? nothing for me to celebrate I look at my sister
    1 in see all the pain you are her 1st born in not here to celebrate
    1 with your mom this have got her so fucked up she can't think straight
    1 it's so unfair to us our holiday will never be the same you know I'm here
    1 for your mom I love y'all with all my ❤
    1 Merry X-mas nephew I ❤️and miss u
    2 With that being said IğŸ¤žu were here to celebrate ğŸŽŠ this special moment
    2 With our family it’s a shame we have to write on this wall to our❤️1
    2 Instead of telling u face to face 🤦‍♀️ it’s so unreal and so unfair ❤️💔🙏🏼 ain’t Tracy
    2 Aunt Tracy😢😘but in advance We thank God 4 all the days he gave u to us
    2 So we could have ✌️ on 🌍 wat peace not a day go by our
    2 Family at peace pain ğŸ˜ž sorrow etc... Lord
    2 Why so much pain nephew since the deaf of u
    2 All my celebrating 🥳 left wen u got killed so
    2 With that being said wake up and ğŸŽ¤ ğŸŽ¶ ğŸŽµ ur songs to y’all 👼 and God
    2 👀 on the bright side ure in heaven its no✌️here on 🌍a Tracy
    2 Just lit another candle for you cousin ❤️ ~Nette
    1 love you nephew it wasn't a Merry Christmas seeing your mom like that he is ❤
    1 I hate feeling like. that we all do😭
    1 love you so very much I'll talk to you tomorrow keep watching over us
    1 morning love you nephew, miss you very much
    1 keep 👀 over us
    1 ❤😭💔
    1 GM love you nephew
    2 Good morning cuzzo 😘❤️ love you ~Nette
    1 hey nephew love you so much
    1 Gm nephew just letting ukn I ❤️and miss u aunt Tracy
    1 Once again nephew ikn ure not excepting ur deaf neither do I all the
    1 Signs u keep making 🛑s nephew I wish tht it was a way I really do I can only
    1 love you in always thinking about 💔
    1 hello Drequan love you
    1 DreQuan we love and miss you so very much
    1 can't you tell I'm on here 2-3 times a day it's all in lo
    1 love
    1 💔😭 but still all in love
    1 ill be back later love you
    1 3 words- koo ass dude!!
    1 Deemed to be very successful in life we lost a beautiful soul
    1 love you nephew I miss you so very much
    1 love you I'll be back later
    2 Happy New Year son we love and miss u like crazy DWN here
    2 Going into the new year without you 💔 this just crazy ~Nette
    2 I miss you cousin ❤️ love you 😘 ~Nette
    2 Happy new year to you 💕 ~Nette
    1 Happy New Year nephew love and miss you so much
    1 Well nephew u remember at at 12 I told u we did it
    1 Yup we turned a page to a New Chapter 2020 although ure not here
    1 On 🌍 but wen I turn this page I made sure u did too so
    1 Thanks in advance for joining your family ❤️aunt Tracy 🥰
    1 So believe it or not thts y I didn’t say Happy New Year ğŸŽ†ğŸŽŠ because in reality ur page got turned
    1 On August 26, 2019 🤦‍♀️😭💔🙏🏼 💝
    1 💝🥰👼❤️ ain’t Tracy and ur family
    1 Gm 2020 nephew ❤️u miss u ikn this was going to b the best
    1 Year for u because u always was saying I can’t wait with a 😊
    1 Ikn for ur big dream to become something or shall I stay step up and
    1 To make ur DREAMS come True but thts ok
    1 Ur family gonna keep sliding today and to continue with ur ğŸŽ¶ ğŸŽ¼ ğŸŽµ
    1 👌 ❤️aunt Tracy and ur Family 😢🤦‍♀️
    1 GM nephew love you with all my heart
    1 there's not a day that goes bye please Lord please💔
    1 😭💔🙏
    1 Heartbreaking
    1 DreQuan 🌍 Forever💯
    1 I'm back nephew love you
    1 I'm tired of feeling this way lord give him back
    1 ğŸ‘¼ğŸ˜žğŸ˜­ğŸ’”
    2 I miss you everyday and I love you ❤️ ~Nette
    2 I cried for weeks when I lost you cousin 😓💔 ~Nette
    2 This pain and hurt will never go away 😔 ~Nette
    2 I love you DreQuan and I wish I could bring you back ❤️ ~Nette
    1 GM nephew I love you and miss you keep looking in on us
    2 😭💔🙏🏼🥰 aunt Tracy
    2 Gm nephew it’s 4:56 a.m. just🛑 in to tell u I ❤️and miss u aunt Tracy😢🥰
    1 love you each and every day this saddens my heart 😭
    1 you always on my mine I can't stop thinking about you 🙌
    1 I love you nephew 😭
    1 I'll talk to you later
    1 I❤️u and miss u for ever and ever 😭 aunt Tracy
    1 good morning nephew love you
    1 ğŸ‘¼â¤ğŸ˜žğŸ’”
    1 you were a family man we all miss your goofy self
    1 love you always and forever
    2 Gm nephew ❤️u I was 🤔 abt u last night and I woke up and ure still on my mind
    2 🤦‍♀️ idk wen this grieving going to ease up because it’sğŸ˜ž and it’s not a good feeling
    2 Ukn a person don’t realize wat ❤️is until u lose someone blood close to u😭💔❤️aunt Tracy
    2 Lord give my family strength to keep on keeping on 😢
    1 GM nephew love you you're the most solid person I've ever met in life
    1 I love you 😭💔
    1 ğŸ‘¼ğŸ˜žğŸ™
    1 🕊🍀
    1 😘🤗❤
    1 mane I wish heaven had a phone I miss you nephew ğŸ’”ğŸ˜ž
    1 Gm nephew missing u like 😜 but ikn Ma and Dad watching u although u
    1 Nva met them u r surrounded by 2 great loving people 😢❤️ aunt Tracy
    1 ❤️and miss u nephew ❤️aunt Tracy
    1 Not a day go 👋 nephew I don’t 🤔 about u it’s a shame
    1 love you nephew and miss you
    1 🕊🙌
    1 🕊👼
    1 gone but never forgotten 💔😭🕊👼🙌🙏
    1 hey nephew I love you
    1 🤟😘🥰
    1 miss you DreQuan love you
    1 Lord give me strength
    1 watch over us lord we need it
    2 Hey son loving and missing u like crazy ❤️😭💔❤️
    1 Hey cousin I love you 😘 ~Nette
    2 Gm Nephew u will neva die along as I keep ur memory and hope alive
    2 I miss and ❤️u LONG LIVE DRACO aunt Tracy
    1 love you each and every day
    2 Gm nephew I really wish there was a way to bring u back to our family
    2 A way tht u could have a second chance to live to b ❤️
    2 Experience Life to watch ur siblings grow up or even so
    2 Ur own family 🤦‍♀️ Lord I swear I wish there was a way I really do
    2 I cry and pour my 💔to u the day my nephew got killed and
    2 Was hoping all this was a dream a hoax or something but shyt this
    2 Is real nephew the only thing I can say is I’m sorry and I wish there was something
    2 I said or do to bring u back to our family the pain hurt
    2 Grieving don’t go away it gets worst Lord how mercy ❤️ aunt Tracy😢
    1 love you nephew the dream last night woke me out my sleep it seemed so real I got a migraine
    2 We love and miss u dearly son I can’t even begin to explain this hurt💔💔💔💔
    1 when do the pain go away so fucking💔 I tell you
    1 gm nephew love you so much you always on my mine
    1 I❤️👉u nephew 🥰🙏🏼💔🤦‍♀️😭 ain’t Tracy
    1 Aunt
    2 Good morning son we all love and miss u
    1 Gm nephew not a day go by we don’t 🤔about u it really ğŸ˜ž not seeing
    1 U around anym so unreal still in disbelief why yhu how could they do I like like
    1 Do u like tht but ukn wat Karma is a bitch to kill u like u were nobody for nothing u were something
    1 My mufkn nephew It don’t make no earthly since but God takes care it all
    1 We ❤️ and miss u ❤️aunt Tracy💔😭🙏🏼
    1 Tracy sis everything will be ok 1 way or another that's on God love you nephew aunt chanda
    1 the pain I went threw
    1 I'll talk to you later love you nephew
    1 love you DreQuan always and forever 😘👌
    1 🍀🕊
    1 🤗👼
    1 Gm nephew we can go back and forth it’ll b ok wen JUSTICE will b serve ğŸ¤¦â€â™€ï¸ğŸ˜žâ¤ï¸aunt Tr💔cy
    2 Good morning son we love and miss u it’s not a day that goes by
    2 That I don’t miss ur smile,love,willingness,ambition,funniness,jokes, and everything about u
    2 Keep watching over us love mom and your brothers and sisters ❤️❤️❤️
    1 gm nephew love you so very much
    1 lord give me strength
    1 there here has been tough on the family no 1 should go threw this here
    1 love you I'll be back later
    2 ❤️u nephew u r truly missed here on 🌍 it’s so hard to believe
    2 tht ure not here nva comin bac nva nothing ğŸ¤¦â€â™€ï¸ğŸ’”ğŸ˜žğŸ¥°â¤ï¸aunt Tracy
    1 love you every day
    1 I'm broken 💔 every day
    1 good morning nephew love you every minute to the hour my God I wish this was a dream
    1 love you baby 😭💔
    1 I'll be back later
    1 Love you cousin ill always miss you💔😢😭💓
    2 Gm nephew I 🙏🏼I miss I ❤️U 😭💔🤦‍♀️ I’m releasing my ğŸŽˆ ğŸŽˆ 4u 💜💛💚🖤❤️aunt Tracy
    1 ğŸ˜­ğŸ˜­ğŸ˜­ğŸ˜­ğŸ˜­ğŸ˜­ğŸ˜­ğŸ˜­ğŸ˜­ğŸ˜­ğŸ˜­ğŸ˜­ğŸ˜žğŸ¤¦â€â™€ï¸
    1 love you nephew always
    1 love you DreQuan
    1 🙏🙌🙏

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