DreQuan X. Trice, age 18

Lost to gun violence on August 26, 2019 in Richmond, Virginia.

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  • Nickname:
    4 BIG 6
    6 Dre
    5 draco
    7 Draco6x
    2 Draco1x
    2 Draco2x
    11 DreQuan
    2 DRE
    1 draco.6x
  • Number of children:
    1 0
  • Personality:
    9 Great friend and was always there when you needed him. I love you Draco
    6 Will miss your goofy personality
    6 make you laugh about anything
    3 You were Goofy Drequan Always Funny Youre Always Be Remembered
    2 Nephew u were a beautiful person always was willing to give ur all❤️
    1 even if u didn’t have it u was determined to work hard play harder to get it
    1 U were tht young man filled with a lot of dreams and was a
    1 Very uplifting to others and was always trying to make someone day
    1 Even when u were down but always smiling holding back ur pain😢💔❤️ God bless u
  • Occupation:
    4 He was going to the Army😢
  • Workplace:
    4 He would of started his job 8-26-19 but he was murdered on the same day😢😡
  • Schools attended:
    2 He was Graduating this year😢
  • Comments:
    6 rest up bro
    11 I ❤️ u Nephew you’re definitely missed here on earth.😥
    5 Great friend and was always there when you needed him. I love you Draco.
    17 Love and miss u son u will forever live through me
    5 I’m sending my love all the way to heaven to heaven telling u tht I ❤️ u.
    3 I love you baby boy💙💙
    5 I love you ❤️ our memories will never grow old 💪🏽 Still got the jacket you gave me ❤️
    5 nephew I love you so much so so sorry you had to go threw this gone but never forgotten
    9 i will never forget you
    3 i know you were in the car with me 1 morning keep on coming nephew love you
    10 you earned your wings
    4 i love u dre!! yo name stayn solid, we all outchea missing u mane. shit wronng asab. 😒 ily cuhh❤️
    2 for ever in my heart
    6 that song hitting nephew 💯💪👏 we go slide today they got a slide challenge
    3 Hey nephew I’m back just was thinking about u and wat u told me Friday,Saturday, and Sunday
    3 You we really miss and love you Drequan things is really not the same I miss from seeing you
    9 DreQuan I love and miss you son. I’ll see you again when I get there❤️❤️
    1 gone but never forgotten love you nephew
    7 your papa said he loves you,he also said he going threw it unbelievable 💔
    3 your grandma love you she's really messed up behind this 💔😢😡
    1 not a day that goes by we think about you,miss you
    2 Lord never in a million years I thought this would be you 😭💔
    3 you had your whole life ahead of you why take him this is so fucking unfair
    3 😭💔
    3 love you,miss you I'm 💔
    2 today you on my mind heavy
    1 why why why why 1 way or another I promise you nephew the pain is
    1 when I get threw working on the building I'm coming up to heaven to get my reward 💔😭🙏
    3 DreQuan DreQuan Lord why ? all this 💔😢 what do we do DreQuan I love in miss you nephew
    1 keep showing signs nephew 💔 I be know you are alright 💯 but you are missed on Earth
    1 nephew 💔
    1 Love you DRE forever
    5 DreQuan
    5 your mom going threw it nephew 💔 she'll never be the same ever
    4 you had big dreams gone way to soon
    2 gotchu big cuzzo💔💔💔
    3 ❤️ u nephew missing from u running to my car smiling
    3 And saying hey aunt Tracy smh sorry tht this happened to u
    4 Rip nephew our family is falling apart 😢😡🙏🏾 i wish this was a dream
    2 But in reality ikn it’s not we’re hurting so bad and really can’t ur death as well as u cant
    2 Except
    4 Lord continue to bless our family to keep us strong and cover us in ur blood ❤️ u Drequan
    1 ❤️and miss u nephew forever love aunt Tracy😡
    1 nephew we miss you,love you but God loves you more until we meet again
    2 DreQuan come down in make us whole again Lord knows we need it this tore us apart 💔😭
    2 we took a hard hit Lord the pain is unbearable fix it Jesus fix it Jesus
    1 If I had magic powers I would bring my nephew back home way to soon
    1 Gone🙏🏾❤️😡
    2 At least u were love because a lot of our cousins and sum people trying to learn ur song and dance
    2 We ❤️u nephew u will never b forgotten 💔🙏🏾 😘 ❤️Aunt Tracy
    4 DreQuan we love you and miss u like crazy son this seems like a nightmare y take u from me
    1 DreQuan love you,miss your goofy tale Sip nephew 💔😢😡 gone too soon
    1 Lord how mercy Idk where to begin or start it’s so unreal u gone
    1 No more running to my car smiling asking me u leaving or where u going 😢💔😡
    1 Nephew this shyt hurt us so bad we were always whole but for someone to take
    1 Ur life from us they don’t kno the hurt we r going through they took a big part of our family
    1 We neva experience anything like this because we all r a whole and our immediately family as that
    1 I’m not saying u were my nephew u r my nephew always and forever long live Dre’Quan 💔❤️u nephew
    2 Not a day go bye I don’t think about u rest up we luv u 🙏🏾😘😡💔luv aunt Tracy
    2 the pain never ends DreQuan DreQuan 😭💔
    2 coming on here lighting candles unbelievable someone wake us up 💔💔💔
    1 DreQuan love you nephew love you can't shake the pain
    1 God never leave or forsake you nephew 😭💔
    2 DreQuan 💔
    1 candles can't bring you back
    1 nothing will nothing will 💔
    2 we go slide today 💕
    3 hard pill to swallow
    2 light skin friend
    2 stayed sharp
    2 loyal ❤️
    3 people person
    2 clean cut
    2 foolie
    2 loved his family
    2 fun and handsome
    1 over protieve
    2 gone to soon young heart🙏🙏🙏🙏
    2 RIH💔🙏
    1 over protective
    1 😭🙏🙏🙏🙏😭
    2 rest up 💔
    3 🙏🏾💔😡😘❤️ Nephew this is Aunt Tracy all I want too kno y u of all people smdh 😢💔😡
    1 Tracy say it a 100 more time's 😭💔
    1 all this pain why why why why why 😭💔
    1 blessed young man
    1 fun to be around
    1 crazy in a good way sexy cool
    1 Lord knows 💔
    1 fly high baby boy
    1 Gm nephew just letting ukn tht ur fav bday 2day if u were ere to turn up the
    1 Here u wud say lets celebrate a real n bday 😂💔🙏🏾❤️😢smdh l❤️u😡
    1 I’m so mad 😡 I couldn’t even put my words together to say wat I really want to say😢💔❤️😡
    1 For real nephew I’m so tired 😓 of writing on this wall to say all this good stuff abt u tht
    1 If u still was alive things could of a lot easier to say ikn I can’t say wat I really want
    1 but fuk it wen u hurt u say wat u feel SMDH don’t make no sense
    1 💔😡😢and still praying for u and our family 💔😡❤️aunt Tracy
    2 Son we love and miss u so much ur brothers and sisters are going through it to we can’t believe this
    1 Nephew I wish tht I can turn back the hands of time so we can see u one more x😢😡
    1 Nephew I wish tht there was something I cud of said or done to save u
    1 So u cud still live life is just so unfair I hate wen people say ikn how u feel
    1 the only way they kno unless they r feeling our hurt and pain please put the guns dwn.
    2 They r destroying our generation and our ❤️ ones please stop the violence 😢💔
    2 Every time I write on this wall I get so emotional and 💔 let us 🙏🏾together for better days
    2 ❤️ aunt Tracy and our family smdh please just let us live 🙏🏾😡💔😢
    2 Drequan ur a angel and God has u under his wings and continue to watch over our family 💔❤️u😢
    1 Nephew u had a big ❤️ I wish u were still here to make us whole again 😢❤️
    1 Lord I know the saying is you won't put anything on someone they can't bare
    1 right now I'm not feeling that this crushed our family for ever some times we didn't see eye to eye
    1 but he was our loved 1 who didn't deserve what happened to him this sickness my heart ,his mom heart
    1 we not supposed to hate o well I fucking hate that nigga who pulled the trigger you coward punk
    1 every day I seems to get worse 😭💔 this is your aunt chanda DreQuan I love you, miss you
    1 dearly SIp nephew love you always kiddo DRACoWorld 💕
    1 I have to see you only by looking at dirt 😭💔🙏help us God
    1 we need it we're broken badly 😭😭
    1 Lord 💔
    1 18
    1 this is very sad my heart hurts ache badly love you always and forever love Aunt chanda
    1 DreQuan DreQuan Lord DreQuan
    2 hate is a strong word trigger m I hate you punk you don't know how much pain you caused
    2 sleepless nights nephew if you only know this hit hard😭😭😭
    1 🙏🙏🙏🙏💔😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏
    2 Long Live DRACO💔
    1 your smile will never fade nephew 💔
    1 until we meet again nephew save a place for me
    1 talented young man could fix a phone in a heart beat, could work on anything
    1 that million dollar smile priceless
    1 million dollar smile
    1 DreQuan you had a heart of gold you would take the shirt off your back for anyone
    1 eye opener your death prove to me I have no real friends your aunt chanda
    2 well said sis Justice for Dre’Quan we all ❤️u 💔😢🙏🏾😡
    1 lost for words I wish I could change the hand of time
    1 Lord help us I'm crying out you are able to put us threw
    1 show your place,hunt them nephew let your death eat them up guaranteed
    1 😭😭😭😭😭
    1 I miss you so much
    1 his eyes is on the sparrow and I know he watches me
    1 always smiling,a jokester
    1 laid back kind of kid
    1 that smile tho
    1 he was a momma boy gone too too soon
    1 RIH DreQuan 💔
    1 Lord ikn u heal all wounds but this 1 here we can’t
    1 Seem to shake the pain so much hurt I want my nephew back
    1 Lord my sis want her son ikn we r on borrowed x but y so soon
    1 Dre’Quan haven’t even experienced life yet I wish tht there was no killing no sorrow or pain
    1 Lord ikn u don’t make no mistakes but ty for the x u gave my nephew to spend wit us💔😢🙏🏾❤️
    1 Gn ❤️Aunt Tracy forever in our ❤️’s 😡💔😢🙏🏾 u r really ❤️d and missed
    1 Hey cousin it’s Davi I love uu and miss uu so much
    1 gm nephew I love you
    1 if I could have 1 wish you already know
    1 Sip nephew
    1 a heart of gold and you take people under be your wing smmfh
    1 gunmememorial really DreQuan
    1 I remember when you were very small you was very boleggit
    1 no kids nephew you got robbed of everything trigger man all this pain you cost
    1 nephew
    1 😭😭😭😭
    2 💔💔💔💔
    1 your name DreQuan will never die long live DreQuan long live Draco
    1 Draco we go slide today
    1 I love u son and miss you ur brothers and sisters miss u too
    1 DreQuan love you
    1 DreQuan this is so arkward can't believe none of this life is not fair all this 💔
    1 sleepless nights can't shake this 1 kiddo
    1 Hey cuz I love you you gone FOREVER live thru me ❤️ ~Net
    1 angel of mine
    1 💕❤️
    1 get up nephew you strong this makes me sick to my stomach
    1 💔🙏
    1 U not a day go 👋 we don’t 💭 abt u or miss still 💔😡🙏🏾Rih
    1 a chance to meet us his family a very loving family
    1 Wud of gave u the shirts off our back the same as our Drequan wud of
    1 Drequan was ful of ❤️and always was willing to meet and make friends everyw he went
    1 Salk cried out lost 💔broken u think abt all the above 🙏🏾💔😡luv aunt Tracy
    1 Smh don’t make no sense 🙏🏾💔😡😢
    1 DreQuan I couldn't sleep
    1 another day 💔
    1 everything will fall in place I promise you that aunt chanda
    1 🙏🙏
    1 💔
    1 people don't believe what I say ok
    1 👌💔🙏
    1 gm❤️u, miss you
    1 🙏🏾💔😡but we. Still trying to hold it together nephew but I can’t keep pretending like nothing is
    1 Wrong or the hurt, or pain, have gone away because it hasn’t
    1 Our💔is so big it fill like it has been pulled apart from our body wen will b
    1 alright because we’re not ok from experience I think we’re making it this TRAGIC has affected our
    1 daily lives and to u y’all tht took my nephew from us I pray 4u
    1 🙏🏾😢💔😡SMDH Lord how mercy
    1 Nephew the more I 👀 at ur pictures u do look like me same lips and nose💔😢😡but we still ❤️u
    1 If u were here to hear me say tht u b like nah aunt Tracy
    1 I 👀 like my mama but handsome tho wit tht big grin on ur face😀🙏🏾😢💔❤️u
    1 Nephew I feel ur passion ikn wat ur passion was to do for others as u would want them to do for u
    2 Pain
    1 They say I wouldn’t make it they I wouldn’t b here today but God
    1 Say
    1 But God told me to lead the way I’m still holding to God hand
    1 Once again my words r all tied up but fuk it if ure reading this u kno wat I mean
    1 Smdh gone way too soon nephew ❤️aunt Tracy an fam
    1 I was ova ur fav yesterday ur Grandma is so broken dwn and tired
    1 I talk to ur mother too I hear an c the hurt in her voice and eyes I wish tht
    1 there was something I cud do or say to make it better or go away I just can’t
    1 Sand o ya your siblings r so hurt behind this too they miss u so dearly along wit the rest💔😢😡🙏🏾
    1 DreQuan everyday I question God like why you of all people
    1 the pain won't leave it's still there like day 1 we can't put this behind us
    1 this is something you can sweep under a rug
    1 trouble don't last always but the pain will 💔😭🙏
    1 correction something you can't sweep under the rug
    1 DreQuan love you always and forever uncle chanda
    1 aunt chanda💔😭🙏
    1 my God is a awesome God even thru this I know you good nephew I Know God never leave or forsake us
    2 love you nephew
    1 ♥️DreQuan I love and miss u son❤️💔💔💔😭😭😭
    1 Nephew if I knew life was going to b this bad fuk it
    1 Y not join u it wouldn’t b no sorrow or pai where u at I’m sorry so sorry
    1 I cry 4 u more than myself life fuk life wat is tht wen ur good is not good enough
    1 Nephew I’m tired so tired and idkn how much not I can take
    1 I’m like a ticking bomb waiting to explode lord please help me aunt Traci😢💔🙏🏾😡I ❤️u nephew
    1 I have migraines every day and night constantly I pray every night
    1 The more I pray the more it hurt please lord help me Idk wat else to do ❤️u nephew aunt Tracy
    1 Pain praying and initially needing u lord in Jesus name Amen
    1 Nephew u neva kno wen I miss someone until u don’t c them
    1 Well I miss u sorry i❤️u and I really tried to save u I wish it was me instead of u
    1 I’ll do anything for u to live again lord u o my God y fuk man 😡😡😢
    1 every day I light a candle in see these comments makes
    1 me want to wil out my God you know how I feel about it
    1 I never hurt no 1 a day in my life but these thoughts that going thru my head
    1 I need help my nephew didn't deserve that no way shape or form 😭😭 😭💔
    1 my family is in so much pain
    1 why why why I need answers not lies I feel like shit constantly I hate this feeling
    1 👌 DreQuan was the realist young man I knew
    1 so kind hearted can't believe this not Draco 💔
    1 😭😭
    1 Nephew you got a new home save a place for me
    1 everyone loves,miss you dearly
    1 Sip nephew look down on your mom she really really really needs that😭💔🙏
    1 your death hit different your mom in so much rage I think she has gone insane 😡😠
    1 please look down over her I begg you nephew please
    1 love you every breath in me
    1 my nephew was the most humble person I know we're lost for words 💔
    1 laid back
    1 always smiling
    1 low key kind a kid
    1 goofy tale
    1 very out spoken
    1 🙏
    1 gone but never forgotten always in my heart,on my mind not a day goes bye
    1 love you kiddo
    1 this is bull.... why you leave us nephew 😭 we loved you so much I know God loves you more but why
    1 can't shake this
    1 Lord give my nephew back please Lord please
    1 we want him back our arms are open please Lord 🙏🙏
    1 heavenly father in the name of Jesus I 🙏
    1 for my nephew return please Lord 🙌🙏
    1 DreQuan love you I ask God to let us have you back we won't finish with you here on Earth
    1 you had goals
    1 graduate, going to the army this year my God
    1 God tell my nephew we miss,love him so much thanks in advance 😭
    1 can we may we have him back now
    1 so much pain why 💔
    1 good night love aunt chanda
    1 fuuny, loveable
    1 life of the party
    1 can't sleep I got to be at work at 6 am you on my mind heavy
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