Kaleb Giles, age 19

Lost to gun violence on December 16, 2018 in Kinston, Alabama.

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  • Nickname:
    4 Lil Gee and G Baby
    24 Green Machine
    50 lil Gee
    82 G Baby
    59 Styles Giles
    10 KG
    21 Kaleb-boy
  • Number of children:
  • Personality:
    11 Caring, Very Lovable, Funny, outgoing
    47 always smiled, fun to be around
    26 sweet, always laughing, very caring
    49 always been a great friend to have around
    64 biggest smile and heart. always so sweet 💙
    68 heart of gold and a smile you couldn't forget!!
    44 loved animals, loyal friend, trustworthy
    64 missing you with every breath i take
    50 always looked for the good in people
    39 fun, caring, respectful, love w/ his whole heart, LOYAL
    51 Loyal, Respectful and Trustworthy
    34 funny always see the light in a dark situation
    50 The boy loved to eat!!
    41 hard worker
    37 Heart of gold face of an angel
    29 he would always put others needs first very caring and understanding
    25 just wanted the world to be happy
    23 so silly at times, just to ease up the mood. loved laughter
    18 as respectful as they get❤
    12 loved his family always concerned for others
  • Occupation:
    18 lineman, carpenter
    3 part time rapper
  • Workplace:
    52 Asplundh
    52 TNC Custom Trim
    1 in the studio
  • Schools attended:
    49 Harvest Christian
    19 G.W. Long
    7 Red Level
    2 Kinston
  • Comments:
    57 we love you so much we will see you get justice love you always until we meet again
    64 justice will be served 💯
    32 you are greatly missed! was loved more than you'll ever know. R.I.H my friend
    37 rest in peace Kaleb! praying for your whole family ♥️
    21 hold on baby. this mama gonna fight for u just like I do with Dylan 💯
    24 and you know I do t play when it comes to my babies!! I got you!!!
    67 you are my strength son!
    54 I love you son and I miss you so much.
    23 you just never knew just how loved you were! we miss you so
    62 we're not gonna stop until they're in prison or , Daddy loves you buddy
    40 life will never be the same you took a piece of me
    60 with you, til i see you again, fly high my baby boy
    40 you are so missed down here and many people are miserable without you, we love you
    50 I miss you my lil buddy, my best friend and my world we had so much more to do, Daddy
    57 ill be missing you with every breath i take, seek justice 4 U til my last
    8 R I.H. I love
    52 miss your laugh miss you smile miss YOU
    48 We all miss you SO much Kaleb "G-Baby" 😣💚
    13 me again. I think about u daily friend. miss you 😘
    41 life is just so different without you in it? wake me up from this nightmare.
    52 lighting your candle. god only knows how much youre missed!
    40 we miss you Kaleb so much.
    54 Daddy misses you son and I love you I wish you were here more than you know
    59 Love you ALWAYS, forget you NEVER! Til we meet again ik Stay Strong
    16 our group just aint the same since you been gone😪 miss u
    7 Happy Valentine's day in heaven friend!
    48 You are SO MISSED! Life will never be the same
    34 My red bird, Kaleb, visits everyday. I think that keeps me going
    57 give me patience kaleb you know i have little
    48 we will continue to fight for justice son! til our last breath, promise you
    34 praying for all and that justice will be served
    4 I talk to you everyday going back
    46 The world isn't the same without your smile and laugh. Rest In Peace Kalub💓
    53 It get harder each day. I miss you so much
    52 I love you kaleb and we have not stopped fighting for you and we won't
    57 We miss you so much Son and you will get the JUSTICE you deserve!
    46 It s hard today. Miss you so much Kaleb-boy
    22 God only takes the BEST!!!!!
    37 Oh just to see that sweet smile again. You are missed
    23 Think of you daily. praying for justice
    56 Heaven is blessed daily with your smile
    19 I hope you are enjoying it up there I love you son
    51 still so hard to believe you're gone. we love you and miss u daily
    56 Heaven is so much sweeter with you there but im lost w/out you here, just not right! Mom🖤
    9 😘showin some love. miss you
    49 All days are hard some so much harder. Just don't understand
    35 Kaleb, ask the Lord to show his vengeance! Justice you will get!
    1 😘
    49 if only you would walk in the door, smiling i cooked your fav 2nite miss you
    21 Victory is Yours my sweet kaleb-boy. Justice is on the way
    19 We're getting there son just a little bit longer
    33 You are so loved kaleb, you had no idea how many lives you touched
    40 I miss you so much. You had the most heart warming smile why was it taken away
    27 Vengeance is mine said the lord. Justice will be served whether now or later
    18 hold on little buddy it's only a matter of time
    1 praying for justice
    12 Your brother said you are making an impact on him. He loves you
    35 you brought so much happiness to our lives i miss you so! just dont understand why
    14 The big dogs are in the hunt. Lead them to victory
    4 we made a promise and we will keep that promise, love you
    30 Miss you more and more. Everyday is harder than day before
    30 My guardian angel. I love you so much
    33 Gets so hard somedays...help me hold on
    5 miss you!
    32 I just want you to know that it's not over and u will c JUSTICE
    31 you have no idea how much this has affected some of us
    23 you were loved more than you will ever know
    23 I would do anything to get you back here, I mean anything i luv u
    19 I love you and would do anything to have you here with us
    29 I never knew I had so many tears inside and daily more shed
    39 So sad what is happening here beacuse of your senseless murder!
    33 please give me the strength to stay in control it's so hard
    17 Every day for the last 3 months I have shed tears for you
    25 please come see me I'm having a very hard time right now
    19 miss you bunches. so much good times and smiles
    38 Miss you so, this is still unbelievable why?? help me grasp reality
    14 going to have a get together soon for all of your friends to visit you
    22 Your on my mind strong today and in my heart every day
    26 Will we ever know why. Send us answers please. Always will be a void in my life
    1 Heather
    19 it's just not the same but we have to be strong and see this to The End which isn't very far away
    30 You touched more life's than you knew. So many people are praying for justice
    20 I keep expecting you to come by. Where is our Justice for this kind young man?
    12 I slept none last night. You were so strong on my mind and in my heart
    4 Speak UP for those who cannot speak for themselves. Prov 31-8 NIV
    22 only gets harder because nothing is being done and we all are waiting
    20 it's coming and you will get your JUSTICE I can Promise you that
    8 our circle was broken the day you left earth. miss you friend
    17 he's slipping bad he doesn't even know it either I smell p__y
    3 grand jury met this past Tuesday but your investigation is ongoing so dk if they did yours
    10 It's in the works. Justice is on the way. Love you
    21 i felt you, i know what you did its so hardw/out you wish u wouldve let me go too
    10 So damn hard headed, Why?
    9 well you have a song wrote about you now, you have to tell us something
    19 No matter what I miss you and each day gets harder don't know how much lngr I can go on
    24 The only thing keeps me alive is knowing you are in a better place than this sinful earth
    16 My heart can't take much more. Miss you so much
    3 I will be with you soon can't do this down here anymore I love you
    6 I wish I were stronger but I'm not I can't help them anyway cya soon
    5 you were the rock that kept us together and without you there isn't going to be a Us looks like so?
    19 I am so sad. Life will never be the same.
    15 I had 4 Redbirds at one time. Are you trying tell me something. Oh how I miss my kaleb boy!
    26 Son you are my purpose now, show out boy show em what they need to see. Get em all
    7 we'll honor your life the 13th fill the room with your spirit! come join us
    5 See you later Bud, not a good bye ever.
    21 Your life was important. It will be told over and over
    2 I know you need me to stay calm cause I'm no good to you all pissed off I gotcha
    3 just got the best of me coming to your space running that mouth, love ya boy
    17 we will get that JUSTICE we're seeking and when we do we'll have a big party just 4 u
    18 Totally out of hand. Pain for more families if something not done soon. Love you
    7 Your service is going to be beautiful. Spread your spirit all around let us feel your smile
    5 Your already on the move we all feel it just tell us what we need to know.
    3 Today is your day kaleb-boy. Show up-show out. Send your spirit. Feel the love
    8 Your service was beautiful did you have a good time popping balloons
    24 its been so hard letting go, my heart aches so much help me hold on
    24 memories, so many. Thank you for each one and all the love you gave to this world!💞
    11 Lead us in right direction. Show us what we need to know. It's not over
    1 U saying who was right
    14 U had a beautiful service
    3 Gonna step it up
    15 I love you and you made life so much easier please don't give up on us we won't quit
    2 One has quit. Your biggest support
    1 sorry your main supporter quit
    6 well you get to go ride again Sunday, take care of Ryan out there
    17 I really miss you bad and still haven't been able to make it 24hrs w/out crying luv u
    1 Sunday is Easter and you will be able to get some fresh air and fly hi doin what u luv
    5 getting to be set free and let you fly through the air in the wind I hope u r okay with that
    4 just hold on buddy it's going to happen we just have to let them do their job, Love you
    23 always my saviour from start to finish please save me now
    24 Missing you Always Fat Daddy ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    15 Having a hard day today. I just want to see you again. Loved you so much.
    3 come by everyday to light your candle. you are missed dearly
    12 You are so strong on my mind this week. Is something going to happen? Miss you every minute
    1 Your brother has come to visit. Keep him strong.
    14 we're not going to let them forget son! we're waiting for that day!
    23 we didnt tell you often enough what a blessing you were to us! Dad
    18 it's just so hard we never thought this might happen to you
    9 it's getting closer and tables are turning, just have to wait don't protect her Kaleb
    5 I'm tired of waiting and know that you would have already took care of it if it were flipped
    11 we love you so much and our lives and our family have forever changed
    3 miss you
    19 I question why everyday. I just dont understand. You were so loving and caring. MISS YOU!!!
    14 We are hurting so much. I want to sit and talk again
    24 Send me strength son, its so hard without you my heart beats differently now😢
    7 Love you kaleb boy. Granny is loosing it. Give me strength
    3 Going a different route and we hope it does more than is being done now
    16 You know that we will never give up and it's become a mission now
    4 I wish I wouldn't have been so set on making you tuff this is the result
    15 So many things we would do different or not do to begin with we were all cheated
    5 every day is 1more day closer to them being taken to jail or hell one, It is coming
    18 i never couldve imagined this kind of pain. you were our world. miss you so much son!
    3 you know what I go through here it's so much harder with you gone but I won't abondon it
    17 love you dude just keep an eye on her she ain't doing good at all
    6 You deserve more than what you are getting and the one thing you wanted will never be. So sad
    12 U c what's going on, it's driving some completely crazy! help us please
    8 U have got to be so much happier where you are, I wish I could be with you away from here
    8 I am and I don't have to be with the hate and anger that is there
    15 Hard today. I just cant understand. Gets harder not easier. Something has got to be done soon.
    4 I don't know what kind of test this is or what but I am about to fail
    1 in other words the test is over pass fail I ain't taking it sick world
    19 Help me son, i never imagined life w/o U, you were always there 4 me
    16 Who gave them the right to take your life. You are missed so much
    17 I hope they rot in hell!!!
    17 I miss you son, i was so blessed to be ur mother! i Love You
    18 Give us all strength to get thru this day.
    13 hurts w/o you here today, not fair! At least u dont have to be with that controlling shedemon
    5 sweet boy praying for you
    15 momma misses her baby boy! i miss your crazy ass! help me put a smile back on my face son
    3 The mothers of the people that murdered me did y'all have good mothers day
    8 Mine didn't they cried all day. Where is my justice
    10 I keep expecting you to walk in and then I remember. Why did the do it
    7 5 months today. Going to be hard. Miss you my Kaleb Boy!!!
    13 I remember you telling me you saw angels and now you are one
    13 I miss you kaleb no one can imagine how much
    12 Miss him so much. GBABY ON THE TRACK! forever n always❤
    5 Step one starts this week. Just hold on. It is in progress. Love you boy
    14 I just cry and cry and cry. I miss you
    5 Your spirit brother is graduating tonight. Walk the aisle with him
    6 What was you trying tell me. I couldn't understand. Don't give up. The fight has just begun!
    3 It's in the making and will be made to stick
    5 I found the letter. We knew it had to exist. Turning it over.
    12 the depth of pain w/o you is my depth of love 4 u it never stops plz help me
    14 Oh how I wish you would walk in so I can se you smile again. Miss you
    6 Memorial Day is everyday for me for you. You were special. Love you squirt
    10 my heart pure aches 4u my greatest memory
    3 happy memorial day son you will always be our greatest memory
    9 The 4th is getting closer and being a adult changes a lot of things surprise surprise
    5 going to be some unhappy birthdays bak2bak and a short live adulthood for a cpl that's my present 🚔
    8 another day of missing you so deep within my soul.
    7 Your favorite policeman came by telling us how much he liked and missed you. Concerned!
    5 Your addiction got you killed and I'm not talking drugs
    7 Can't believe what just found out. Haunt him!
    13 SO hard
    9 Don't let them get a minutes sleep over there!
    8 just hold on just a little bit longer cause it's coming one way or another!!
    7 it's going to be a interesting week in Kinston Alabama time to shake it up
    10 we got your back bro always have always will
    9 bet that up and you know that he would have yours
    10 I'm getting antsy and impatient going to surprise a lot of people for sure
    8 I miss you calling me late at night to come get you we love you so much and miss you RIH baby boy
    1 well we learned a lil bit 2day
    6 Good job u did what people have tried 2 do 4 yrs by exposing what you did 👍🏿
    9 Thank you 4 being you, 4 19yrs of great memories. 4 being the worlds best son!❤
    4 Memories are not enough. Revenge will be better
    9 oh how I wish I could hear your voice kaleb
    1 Dylan fixing to leave again and your not here to help me through it like last year
    8 I wish just one more time you would come busting though my door!! I would give anything
    9 Someone took you and left us only memories. Who gave them right?
    6 I miss you so much today. Your spirit is so stong
    3 Heard some disturbing news today. More to this than we knew
    6 Help paw paw. He misses you. He's loosing it
    1 I am as suicidal as ever been. Can't take anymore love you
    8 this s**t is destroying us plz it a stop 2 it! get all their asses locked down 4 good!
    5 u came to c us didnt u you wanted that cig. sure put a smile on our faces miss u buddy
    6 well look at you the Front page 6mos you still shining luv ya
    7 so hard but us 2 finally getting stronger 4 U
    4 loyal to the wrong 1's because u c how loyal they were 2 u fkd up it iz
    6 thnx 4 the cards son I know ur here ur watchn
    1 u c who had
    3 Phase 2 got mailed out today wait on phase3
    4 I don't know who is deleting my stuff but I wish I did wouldn't do it anymore!
    3 tomorrow going to take you out for some fresh air and you will enjoy it, love you
    3 Sweetest child. Mixed up wrong crowd. Sad situation
    5 Surprising what learned since questions asked in paper. Passing it all on
    5 Keep working in people's heart to help us get you justice. Miss you
    4 He will never have a Father's Day. Just not fair
    6 missing you son, we WILL get justice whatever it takes, u know how we roll
    4 Granny is mad, you know what that means!! Don't get in her way.
    4 so hard today son keep me strong send more signs this is ridiculous they should burn in hell!
    2 Kaleb-boy your granny misses u so much. Just a smile and hug one more time please
    4 Do they know how many lives they destroyed that fatal day. Do they care
    3 God I miss our talks, your laugh, your insight u taught me so much! 💓U
    3 Haunt their asses don't let them sleep a wink
    2 life is so crazy you were my anchor I feel like I'm drowning in heartache missing you
    2 I love you Kaleb and think of you every day. we will find justice. love your 2nd mama
    2 Happy 4th I miss you so much and us having firework wars some things are irreplaceable
    1 she took ur life
    1 my 💔 is shattered beyond repair! you kept us 2gether now I feel no love I hope I c u soon!
    1 I will see you soon but I need you with me when it goes down
    1 Saw a friend of yours. Her church is praying for your justice.
    1 I cried so hard last night. You were so loved and are so missed. I talk to u daily
    1 She wants peace? Haunt her forever. We want peace too and because of her we don't have it.
    1 Your friend are all having a hard time coping. Reach down and let them feel your presence.
    1 this has been an extra hard week. I miss you and worry about those left here.

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