John Gaines, age 53


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Lost to gun violence on March 13, 2018 in Washington, District of Columbia.

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  • Nickname:
    1 Johnny G
    1 Touche
  • Number of children:
    1 Three
  • Personality:
    1 Funny
    1 Loving
    1 Family Oriented
  • Occupation:
    1 Public Works.
  • Workplace:
    1 District Govt.
  • Schools attended:
  • Comments:
    1 Sleep in the Arms of Our Lord
    1 Dancing with the Angels in HEAVEN.
    1 Grand Baby Lashun Miss you! She looks at your picture
    1 All we have now are special memories love you always and forever
    1 Miss your smile,laugh and jokes
    1 miss you cousin love you. Say hello to our love ones who is already in heaven.
    1 My Brother Johnny G Love you so so much miss you all the time Love Little Brother Dan
    1 Miss your laughter fam😥😥😥
    2 Babes I miss you and you will always be in my Heart love fiancee angie
    1 Sleep in peace "G" love you man your main apple scrapple kev
    1 Miss seeimg you drive by in your truck screaming hey girl love always Tish
    1 seeing👆
    1 My O.G. Johnny G 👆👆👆
    1 John my HEART CRIES FOR YOU each day. REST I’ll see you ONE SWEET DAY LOVE PEACHES❤️❤️❤️
    1 Hello Babes part of me is gone i miss you soo much and still cry love you always angie
    1 Sending you my kisses along with Boosie we miss papa
    1 Babes you are truely be miss by the way you are my everything love you soooooo much
    1 Hey Babes Gn love always yes I know I'm funnie
    1 Hey Babes Thanks for showing us love and you will forever be in my Heart love angie
    1 Hey Brother, your Spirit still LIVES. God has you, he knows BEST! Love Peaches❤️❤️❤️
    1 Babes sitting here thinking about you like always i miss you soo much love Angie.
    1 Hugs kisses belong to you John Gaines
    1 Brother John, Sleep Peacefully. REST ON!!! Love Peaches❤️❤️❤️
    1 Babes me and Shorty laugh about things you said I know you looking down we miss you.
    1 But i know you are in God hands now and now you are free love you angie
    1 I ❤🚶
    1 Rest in peace God father
    1 Love Zian
    1 Hey Babes its a good feeling when you know your love one is present with our Lord in which you are
    1 Babes its a good feeling when you know your love when is Present with the Lord angie
    1 when your love one is with our Lord and savior where you are
    1 Babes i was Truely Happy and the memories will last forever 👄
    1 MEMORIAL DAY. In MEMORY OF YOU. Love Peaches❤️❤️❤️
    1 yes peaches his memories will last forever
    1 Hey Babes missing you my love.
    1 Thoughts of You, Missing You. Love Peaches❤️❤️❤️
    1 Hey gm John was thinking about our last Valentine's day we dance and had a awesome time my Love
    1 John you are my Heart❤
    1 john you flying high and looking down my Angel l
    1 Boosie send her kisses and she will know all the love you gave her papa
    1 John is dancing with the Angels. DANCE ON BROTHER. Love Peaches❤️❤️❤️
    1 Hey johnny G love you Angie my Love
    1 Hey saw papa granddaughter yesterday. she is talking now a little bit. love you.
    1 Babes you are truely miss by many love you always Angie
    1 johnny G you are in the hands with the Almighty Father love Angie
    1 Johnny G you showing the crew you 2 steps pimp lol
    1 John john john my 💘my love one that i miss truely
    1 Brother I’m wearing my in memory of you t shirt today Love Peaches❤️❤️❤️
    1 Babes i think about you all the times i Miss you soo soo much
    1 thought we was growing old together my love
    1 👀❤ you john gaines
    1 Hey Brother Thinking of you. Miss you Love Peaches❤️❤️❤️
    1 Hey Babes I check on peaches cause i worry about her we are going through it love angie
    1 we miss you soo much but w💑e will meet again
    1 Hey Babes you are truely miss
    1 👀❤ you John always my Heart
    1 Hey gm Babes saw Boosie she talking when i see her i see you love
    1 ❤👄💖💓❤💗❤💖
    1 Hey Brother missing you. Taking it one day at a time. Love Peaches❤️❤️❤️
    1 Hey Brother Your Spirit is shining like a bright candle. Love Peaches❤️❤️❤️
    1 I can hear your laugh
    1 I know you are saying YOU OUGHT TO QUIT IT. Love Peaches❤️❤️❤️
    1 Hey Babes you are part of my mine every day in minute i miss you soo sooo much
    1 Have your granddaughter and when i look at her i see you 💖
    1 I wonder this that and what if but one thing for certain part of me is gone
    1 Twiggy you will always be in my Heart yes. 💑
    1 Hey gm love you my Heart so your moms yesterday took her some food.
    1 saw moms yesterday took her some food when i see her i see you missing you 💓
    1 Babes this keep me going your Spirit is with us all love you 💓
    1 Hey gm johnny G Miss and love you and i know you are keeping them laughing up there love ❤
    1 Hey gm need a little extra strength miss and love you my Angel💗
    1 Babes i think of you more than i think of my self❤
    1 My Brother, Today’s date is exactly 3 months without you. Missing You. Love Peaches❤️❤️❤️
    1 Hey john Thanks for the extra strength on yesterday 3 months without you Babes
    1 John on the 13 of ever month its going to be hard
    1 Hey gm Babes me and mousey was talking about you last night saying how much love we have
    1 yes the love and the love will always be in my Heart 💑 miss you Babes
    1 Hey john as you can see im going through it again the Pain
    1 yes the pain i need strength and comfort Babes.
    1 tomar is father day we all are hurting my love.
    1 no you was not my father but you was a awesome Person who i love Dearly
    1 you are in the Hand of our lord Jesus Christ you have no more worries
    1 i quess i can go on and on but it hurt like Hell my Angel
    1 im stoping here cause the water is running down my face love
    1 👀💗you John
    1 Hey gm Babes Happy Father day my love hugs and kisses love u❤
    1 Hey gm Happy father Day my love💗
    1 Hey Brother, Happy Father’s Day. Love Peaches❤️❤️❤️
    1 Hey Babes love you ima take sinyaa to the circus my love
    1 Hey Gm Babes my Angel i am trying John but i know one day i learn how to deal with this
    1 But i do feel your Spirit here and i know you are a Angel love angie 💓
    1 Hey Babes our love is unconditional nobody else will ever have that our love is forever
    1 I miss you soo soo much me and shorty talk about you yesterday and laugh you funny
    1 Oh him and peewee had a talk to that man took it hard
    1 Babes you touch a lot of people Heart you was a OG you go boy lol.
    1 ❤❤❤❤❤👄👄👄👄👄👄💑
    1 Hey gm Babes love you.
    1 Walking with a Heavy Heart. Miss You My Brother. Love Peaches❤️❤️❤️
    1 Hey gm Babes thinking of you always my love.❤
    1 By the way my Prayer going to by answer i receive the conformation the other day Thanks.
    1 john i saw your moms we had a talk about you stop at the church and got her food
    1 of course shorty came in the house but could not stay long all of us is still hurting Baby. 💗
    1 and Thanks for looking out for all of us my Angel 👄
    1 Hey Babes miss you and Thanks for letting me in your life my life will never be the same.
    1 what keep me going is the strength from God and our great times together 💖
    1 Hey my love yes if its not one thing its another love
    1 I miss you saying it going to okay and i got you you was my push Baby
    1 I know it will but not having you here is what get me i try
    1 👄👄👄👄👄👄💖❤💗💓💑
    1 Hey gm Babes yes i know you a little up set but i got you.
    1 Hey i know God going to make a way and i Trust him he knows miss you my love.
    1 Shine on Brother!! Love Peaches❤️❤️❤️
    1 Hey Babes things are not the same without you my love.
    1 john keeping the faith and stay Praying I love you Babes.
    1 Hey Babes i was laughing at that time over makia house my stomach was in pain you fu
    1 you are a funnie person right now its a lot of sadness my love.
    1 Beloved Brother, Days are hard, but I’ll get through. Love You Peaches❤️❤️❤️
    1 Hey gm my love
    1 Babes i never throught you be gone i miss you soo much
    1 Gm my love went through it last night miss you part of me will never be the same
    1 Gm me and mousey said yesterday we cannot believe you are gone my love
    1 talking about you i think thats what keep me going the memories i miss you soo much love
    1 Gm my love
    1 Hey gm my love Thanks for yesterday.
    1 Hey gm my love yes their will never be another like you i miss you soo much.
    1 Hey Babes my Angel i know but you saw i apologize i will not let the devil enter. love you much
    1 Hey gm Babes love much
    1 Hey Babes my thoughts is still cloudy missing you love
    1 Hey Gm my love Thanks for watching over us much love
    1 My brother, today was a close call. God’s Grace
    1 Hey gm my love im trying but God is Awesome he will see me through love.
    1 Hey gm saw Boosi yesterday she is getting bad but i told her im going to tier her butt up
    1 she started crying but when i said Papa she was looking all around. we miss you
    1 Brother, thinking ok you I’m ok. Rest On!! Love Peaches❤️❤️❤️
    1 Hey gm love you you flying high and shinning bright love
    1 Hey people really donot understand how it feel they can only imagine love you
    1 My Shining Star⭐️ Love Peaches❤️❤️❤️
    1 Hey gm my love things is not the same you not here my love.
    1 Hey took sinyaa out with zian to pump it up they had fun missing you Dearly
    1 Brother, Very hard to believe that you’re gone. Missing you So Bad. Love Peaches❤️❤️❤️
    1 Hey gm yesterday was not a good day mine was wondering this and that i miss you soo much
    1 Baby you will always be in my Heart I love you
    1 Brother I’m getting up the strength to visit you. Love Peaches❤️❤️❤️
    1 Hey there my Angel i think about you all the time 💗
    1 Hey there my love im trying to get back in order but its hard missing you.
    1 My Brother, Every Storm has got to PASS. The Sun will SHINE again. Be at Peace! Love Peaches❤️❤️❤️
    1 Hey gm Babes love you Thanks for being a Angel it hurt.
    1 Hey Babes its getting a little better trying to get back normal miss you soo much love.
    1 Hey Babes Thanks for being part of my life miss you oh by the way i check on your moms.
    1 Brother, having some hard days. Miss you so bad. Love Peaches❤️❤️❤️
    1 Hey gm missing you not like it was but i know it will never be the same love.
    1 Hey gm Babes Thanks for being a Angel i miss you things have change its hard to believe you gone.
    1 5 months today since you’ve been gone. Feels like just yesterday. REST!!! Love Peaches❤️❤️❤️
    1 Hey Babes gn love always
    1 Hey gm Thanks for loving me and our love will always be with me i miss you soo much
    1 Hey gm my love Thanks again my Angel
    1 Hey gm love yes its one of them days going to Church i miss you soo much love
    1 I know you walking around Heaven all day ❤💑👄

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