Anthony Carter, age 51

Lost to gun violence on October 26, 2017 in Lexington, Kentucky.

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  • Number of children:
  • Personality:
    66 Had a Joking Personallity,
    62 He helped and loved everyone
    57 He was a loving person, loved children and helped anyone who would ask
    55 a giver and hard worker who helped everyone and was loved by us all
    54 funny,always smiling and good hearted
    52 kind,gentleman and love to make you laugh
    51 warm hearted ,great friend
    53 love to make you laugh
    52 kind hearted,generous and loved to laugh
    53 I miss you Anthony more than words could ever say. I Love you!
  • Occupation:
    46 owner of Carter's home inprovememt.
  • Workplace:
    24 Home Repair
    11 contractor
  • Schools attended:
    11 connersville Indiana
  • Comments:
    55 Anthony was loved by me,he was a loving and caring brother,
    51 I love him DEARLY and MISS him EVERY moment of everyday
    52 I love you miss you,until we meet again
    48 you loved YOUR family and friend's,God created man In his image and that was YOU
    48 you are missed
    48 the world l8zt a 0erson who made a difference in everyone's life he met Your Loved and MISSED
    48 your smile was warming, a kind person
    52 you cared for your mom and loved her dearly and she loves you DEARLY and JEHOVAH has you now
    49 you are in our hearts and never forgotten
    50 This world lost a great person
    48 a loving son and brother you are missed every moment of everyday
    47 Our family lost a loving,considerate and gentle BROTHER
    45 We love you and miss all the family times
    47 Your in our hearts and we will see you again.I miss your smile,your laughter and the hugs
    50 Your kindness had no end,your giving had no boundaries,your heart was always giving
    48 This world lost a person who made a difference,who was cherished by all
    46 missing your laughter and hugs
    45 we miss you every moment of everyday
    45 your thoughtfulness and kindness had no end
    45 missing you every moment of everyday
    48 you made a difference in everyone's life,we love you
    47 TIME passes but the pain still LINGERS, a LOVING person and GREAT FRIEND has been TAKEN
    46 time passes but the pain of losing you lingers to no end,I love my SWEET DEAR BROTHER
    48 You are loved to no end,missed by everyone
    45 day comes and night passes but there's no end to our agony.Missing you!
    46 Our hope is to see you again through Jehovah GOD Almighty
    47 The grieving never ends,remembering all you did,the kindness, love you gave to us all
    46 You are admired for your kindness,loving heart,generosity and thoughtfulness YOU ARE DEARLY MISSED
    46 Your B'day has come and gone,we are suffering without you
    47 Such great senseless loss of a friend,brother and son
    45 loved sports ,UK,wrestled,martial arts and working out A GREAT GIVER OF LOVE
    49 My life is empty without you
    45 Our family is SUFFERING you were sweet,kind generous,loving,sensitive and giving WE MISS YOU
    47 What do we do without YOU
    44 You come to my thoughts everyday and you your your in my heart every moment,lost without you
    43 I miss your hugs your smiles your LOVE, I LOVE YOU
    43 Uou are the light in our lives, the jokester who kept us laughing
    41 The pain never goes away,the horrific loss of you is UNBEARABLE
    40 Grief is the pain of the heart beating but slows down,anguished by not seeing my brother
    43 I'm MISSING you
    42 My heart aches for the loss of you,we miss your presence,laughter,LOVE
    43 I LOVE YOU ANTHONY our accepting your gone is UNBEARABLE
    39 You are a loving Uncle, took me to the Fair, a ride in the Mustang and I looked up to you
    30 You are missed
    24 not a day goes by that you are being missed and grieved for
    24 A killer took a loving, kind and generous person
    25 Grieving over your loss,missing your smile and hugs
    25 Anthony was a loving brother,he had a heart of gold help anyone,
    24 I can't believe your gone,the pain never goes away
    24 anthony was my uncle,he was a wonderful person taught me everything about drywall/ repairs drywall,
    21 anthony was my uncle,he was a wonderful person loving and caring
    23 Anthony was my brother,I loved him very much,
    22 Anthony was more like a son,than a brother,
    22 Anthony was a master's in home improvement and repairs,
    21 Anthony was a wonderful person loving and caring,
    20 anthony would always hug u and kiss u on the cheek, he had a wonderful smile,
    20 Your life MATTERED
    19 Anthony i love u,
    19 Anthony there's isn't a minute that go by that I am always thinking of u
    18 now I know exactly what u was talking about,
    20 I love u Anthony,
    18 Anthony was so sweet,a Wounderfull person,
    18 Anthony was my baby brother,he was a wonderful person loving and caring
    17 Anthony there isn't a minute that go by that I am always thinking of u 24/7 I love u
    17 today and ever day is hard knowing that u are not with me,I love u Anthony
    18 Anthony there's isn't a minute that go by that I cry because someone taken you're life,I love u
    17 When I think of you I SMILE
    18 Anthony was my uncle,he was a wonderful person loving and caring
    17 u are always on my mind,u was a wonderful person loving and caring brother, vc
    16 I love you
    13 there are so many wonderful things that I could tell u about Anthony
    15 Anthony was a loving and caring brother,
    15 I am still in shock I can't believe this,
    15 Anthony was loved,
    14 it's been seven months the hardest seven months,everyday still in pain
    13 still thinking of u,Anthony I love u
    12 to me passes but the pain of your murder is unbearable I'm missing YOU
    12 Anthony u will never be for gotten,
    13 thinking of u everyday
    10 there will be no justice for anthony till they get all that's was involved let no one get away
    11 Anthony would do the same for me,that's how he was a loving person,
    10 there will not be any justice if the helper are not charged,
    10 Anthony would help u and no matter who u are and ask no question's
    9 accessory / accomplice
    9 accessory/accomplice to a murder
    9 anthony I haven't forgotten about u,I think of u everyday 24/7 even minute of the day,I love u,
    8 anthony u don't know how much that I love u and miss u,
    8 anthony was my baby brother,I loved him very much,it has been a difficulty time for me,
    8 anthony was my uncle he was always there for me,we grow up together he was more like a brother,
    8 anthony was my uncle,I loved him like brother,
    8 THE pain will never go away it's with u for life,
    8 he was a good brother,a loving and caring brother
    8 everyday is very difficult,
    7 love u Anthony,I Wil not gave up,I will flight to get justice FOR u
    6 there isn't a minute that go by that I am always thinking of Anthony,
    6 it very difficult for me I cry ever day I loved anthony so much,,
    6 anthony was my brother more like a son, he was a loving and caring brother
    6 every day is a bad day for me,because I no longer have my brother,
    6 the pain is still there ,feels the same the evening it happens,
    6 even day is same nothing has changed,
    6 since my brother was murdered shots killed in front of his residence,
    6 the pain is always with u,
    6 I am grateful to be able to write about my brother
    6 this site help u because of u are not the only one
    6 that's has lost a love one,
    6 it's very difficult to lose a siblings,because they was shot killed murdered,
    6 I loved anthony dearly I have a hard time dealing with his death
    6 as the days go by its is still very difficult for the lost's of my brother
    6 I love and miss you, everyday gets harder to be WITHOUT YOU
    6 There won't be any justice until the rest of the people that was involved charged
    5 anthony was shot on a thursday October 26-17 he passed away Friday october 27-17
    5 every day is very difficult,
    4 today is very difficult for me,June 21-18 12:21 pm thursday,
    4 June 22-18 Friday I miss u Anthony and loved u dearly
    3 June 24-18 5:35 pm Sunday I try to write something every day,
    3 but there are a day or two that I do miss,
    3 because I can't I loved anthony dearly and this pain is with u ever day
    3 I keep telling myself it not him, than I see him on here,
    3 and than I break down, it's is very difficult,
    3 my heart is broken and i will never be the same,
    3 I no that's I miss spells some words but I did try to go back and spells them right,
    3 some times when I write this about Anthony I started crying,so it's hard to see,I loved him so much,
    3 and it's is very difficult for me,
    3 he was such a wonderful brother,
    3 a wonderful person ,brother and friend we want JUSTICE
    3 time goes by BUT changes nothing the agonizing loss is unbearable
    3 it's has been very difficult for me,I think of Anthony every day,there
    3 isn't a minute or second 24/7 that I am always thinking
    2 of Anthony he was a loving and caring brother,
    3 he is always in my prayers,he was a great man kind and a gentleman,
    3 Anthony with Jehovah's I hope that one day,
    3 he will be with us again, I don't have to worry about him,because Jehovah has him,
    3 I love my brother dearly,it been the hardest eight months,I can't believe that he gone,
    2 7-2-18 Monday 1:13 PM JUSTICE FOR ANTHONY
    2 7-2-18 1:17 PM Monday
    2 I hope that the truth will come out about who helped the killer murdered???
    2 everyday it's get's harder because my brother isn't with us,
    2 because he was shot killed murdered on Jeffrey ct in front of his residence on october
    2 he was shot killed murdered in front of his own residence,
    2 october 26-17 thursday passed away october 27-17 friday morning,
    2 Anthony is missed by his family,he was LOVED
    2 Anthony was a good person,he was a loveing son,
    2 Anthony was loved by his family, I loved him dearly,
    2 there's isn't a day that go by,he is always on my mind,
    2 as time goes by its getting ready hard,knowing that my brother is no longer with us,
    1 July 8-18 sunday 4:17 pm,
    2 i am still having a difficult time with my brother death,
    1 and the only once's that knows how we feel,
    1 is the family that has lost's a love one,
    1 the pain is so bad that some day's it very difficult to try to deal with,
    1 I am thankful for this site's,
    1 I wanted justice for my brother,
    1 there won't be any justice for Anthony till all the players are charged,
    1 Anthony was LOVED by us all
    1 Missing a GREAT FRIEND
    1 anthony should never be on here,in fact no one should,
    1 be life is so precious,no one should ever take another person's life,
    1 anthony was a wonderful son,a loving and caring son,
    2 anthony was a wonderful brother and a loving and caring brother,
    2 this is so heartbreaking,I still can't believe that my brother was murders,
    1 Justice For Anthony
    1 this is very difficult to have your brother killed / murders,
    2 this is something that u will never get over it's with u for the rest of my life,
    2 anthony was very loved by his family,
    2 we the Carter's family hope that Anthony will get justice,that saying all of the players,
    1 my brother was shot in Oct 26-17 on Jeffrey ct in Lexington,ky
    1 right in front of his own residence,he passed away due to his inqiuries,on Oct 27-17
    1 it will be nine months the 26 of July,
    2 but seems like it was just yesterday ,as the days go by,I always
    1 think of Anthony there isn't a minute or second go's by with
    1 out me thinking of Anthony,the pain is with u everyday,
    2 and ever minted 24/7 days a week nonstop,
    1 only one that know's how u feel is the onces,that has had someone
    2 in there family's has had someone killer murders,they are the,
    2 only one that understands,
    1 it's is 12:05 am thinking about my brother Anthony,it hard to go to sleep thinking about anthony ,
    1 July 11-18 Wednesday it is 12:07 am,
    1 Justice for Anthony,
    1 get all the players,
    1 that was involved,
    1 u will never be forgotten u will always be will us,
    2 my brother Anthony will always be in my heart,
    2 July 12-18 thursday 9:38 pm
    2 when my brother Anthony died,are life charges we the Carter's family will never be the same,
    1 Grieving NEVER ENDS
    2 it will be nine months on July 26-18 it was just like yesterday,the pain is
    1 is still with me,something that u Wil never get over,
    1 how much I loved my brother Anthony Carter
    2 when someone is taken away like this by being killed murder,is very devastating,
    3 I light a candle and write something every day,
    1 July 16-18 monday having a hard time myself trying to deal with his death
    2 he was such a good brother Anthony was loved by me,
    2 after midnight July 16-18 thinking about my brother Anthony death,
    2 it is very difficult to try to deal with,
    1 7-16-18 monday evening 6:12 pm it will be nine months this coming date 7-26-18
    2 7-17-18 11:36 am Tuesday,I hope that anthony will get justice,
    1 from the once's that was involved with the killing,
    2 and murder Anthony the people that was involved if not,
    2 than there isn't any justice for Anthony till all the players that was involved put behind bars,
    2 my brother Anthony shouldn't be dead he should be will us,
    2 because of this person and his girlfriend and his helpers to killer murder Anthony,
    2 my brother was a hard working person,he worked for a living???
    1 this person taken my brother Anthony life,
    2 I believe that this person life should be behind bars for the rest of his life,life without parole,
    2 for the killing murder of Anthony Carter
    2 that's go's for anyone that has murder or killed someone should be behind bars,
    2 for the rest of there's life's,
    2 killing these's people's that to good for them,let them suffer,
    2 let them prison's work for there kept in prison,
    2 so the taxpayers won't have to pay for there keep, like the old days,
    2 my brother Anthony Carter was a wonderful person a loving and caring person,
    2 please take a moment to say a prayer for these love ones that has
    2 lost there love one's by the hands of someone else,
    2 he had a good heart,not a bad bone in him,
    2 7-17-18 tuesday 2:10 pm today is not a good day for me,
    2 7-18-18 5:41 pm Wednesday Anthony I promise that we will make
    2 sure that all the players are charges in the
    2 the killer/ murder
    2 they do have the killer/ murder behind bars,but they are people
    2 that is involved,the killer/ murder had help,
    2 because they will not be any justice,
    2 till they have all the players,
    2 I love my brother Anthony dearly,
    1 Anthony you are inspiration and a true man who was brave and stood fast

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